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I will be covering the history of the Ottomans, from their humble beginnings in the late 13th century until their fall in the early 20th century.

I will be covering the history of the Ottomans, from their humble beginnings in the late 13th century until their fall in the early 20th century.
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I will be covering the history of the Ottomans, from their humble beginnings in the late 13th century until their fall in the early 20th century.




The Ottoman Empire Invades Korea

Hey everyone! Long time no see! In this episode, I cover the reasons for the long break between episodes, sorry about that! And then we get into the last stand between Suleiman's sons after his wife was no longer there to keep them civil. We have a ton of action and bling so don't miss out! Episodes will come out more regularly now that your faithful pod-master is a bit more settled!


Suleiman's Greatest Loss

In this episode, we are going over the last years of Sultana Roxelane. We start off with her ambitious foundation in Jerusalem to support the poor and give room and board to pious Muslims who retire to the city to contemplate their faith in the place that Mohammad rose to the heavens meet Allah and learn the proper way to pray. Then we get into her part in the drama over succession between her sons Bayezed and Selim. Lastly, we end the episode on a sad note...


Episode 38: A Long Overdue Peace with the East followed by a Rebellion at Home

So there is one high in the ever-increasing series of lows in Suleiman's later years. Through an uneventful war with the Safavids, both sides decided further hostilities were detrimental and signed a treaty that lasted for decades. A reinforced treaty was also signed with Ferdinand in the West that would outlive Suleiman's reign and the Sultan finally had peace in both the East and the West for the first time during his long reign. But this was a minor high and devastating lows are about to...


Haters to West and Haters to the East all cry out, It’s Just not Fair!

So the string of Ottoman successes keeps going, but warning, in the next episode the Magnificent gets a chink in his armor. But before that he continues wiping the floor with Charles and his brother Ferdinand, delivering their most humiliating concession thus far. When we finish that tale, for now, we jump back to "east side" and the Safavids are causing trouble once again. Not as easy as the Habsburgs, the Safavids give the Ottomans a good back and forth before we wrap up this week's...


And Another One Down, And Another One Down, Another One Bites the Dust!

The Ottoman's run of success keeps on a rolling in this action-packed episode! From a stalemate in the Arabians Sea to a wipeout in Algeria to seizing even more control of Hungry from Charles V and his brother Ferdinand. Suleiman is truly living up to the title of magnificent and the Christian powers of Europe are still left with no solution to Ottoman domination.


The Ottoman’s New Lake

In this episode of the history of the Ottoman Empire, we are back to the Suleiman vs. the West narrative. This time the Ottomans have their focus on Venice, who was supported by the Pope, and our old friend, and the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V, who was aided by his great admiral, Doria. Finally, Suleiman is back to his winning ways, and not the false victories that he has been celebrating for his last few exhibitions, but actual victories that dealt major blows to the west and put the...


Episode Episode 31: Bombs over Baghdad

The first half of this episode is Suleiman's invasion of Persia, trying to steal with the Safavid problem once and for all!! But things go only a little better than his last European adventure.Traveling calamities, uncooperative Emperors, plagued the Ottomans again, but there were still gains made, most notably the city of peace, Baghdad. The second half of this episode can't be spoiled so download and listen to find out what comes next!


Episode 30: Suleiman’s Bumpy Road Continues

Back to the action! Back to Suleiman taking on the west, and kicking behinds! Oh wait, whoops, hold off on the gas for a moment, Suleiman is still stalling a little in his Ghazi campaigns against the west! In this episode we cover Suleiman's bling, his humiliating stalemate in Güns, and his loss of navel outposts in the Mediterranean. But we finish off with his diplomatic defeat of King Ferdinand of Hungry and a peace between the Sultan and the powers of the West so that he can focus on the...


Digging Deeper into the Magnificent

In this episode, we are covering more about all that made Suleiman the Magnificent. It was not only the battlefield that he excelled but was rare, all-purpose leader of his time. Suleiman was a very religious man, but not fanatical about his faith. Taking the best teachings of Islam like the importance put on justice being enforced equally between the elite and the average citizen, and Muslim and all others of the book. We also learn about one of the more influential woman of the empire,...


Episode 28: Suleiman fails to do what your host has done many times, Eat Breakfast in Vienna

After reeling after his recent success, Suleiman was feeling himself and wanted to take on his big bad, Charles V. in Vienna. The Ottomans made it to the walls of Vienna, but as always Charles was nowhere near the hostilities with the Ottomans. Spoiler alert, but Suleiman's winning streak ends this episode.


Episode 26: Süleyman Completes What the Conqueror Could Not.

Süleyman isn't quite magnificent yet, but he is definitely proving himself on the battlefield. In this episode we are covering the Ottoman conquest of the Island of Rhodes, and in doing this Süleyman rectified the losses of his grandfather, Mehmed II.


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Episode 24: Introducing the Magnificent!

Finally, i release another episode! Sorry once again for the delay, carpal tunnel is the worst, please remember to stretch when typing away! So we finally get to Suleiman! One of, if not the greatest Sultans in the line of Osman! This episode gives us an intro into his life and a bit about the world around him, for Suleiman was not the only great leader of his time. I am also going over some of Suleiman's earliest proclamations and a civil war that occurs early in Suleiman reign in his newly...


Episode 23: The Last Years of Selim the Grim

Who knew Selim would earn three episodes with less than 10 years on the thrown, but for such a short reign Selim packed it in! The conquest Selim experienced early in his rule has died down and this episode predominantly details the ramifications of Selim's victories on the Empire, and his build up to war with the Island of Rhodes, which he would never get the chance to fight. Lastly we review the life of Selim and how history, and his contemporaries viewed his reign.


Episode 22: Selim Takes Control of the Muslim World

Hey there everyone. first off I would like to offer my most sincere apologies for the lack of episodes for the last couple months. Life and a case of carpal tunnel have interfered with my regular production. But with the research I have done we should be back on track! So this is an action packed episode about Selim's war with the Mamluks, and although the title is a major spoiler, I'l leave the details for you to discover while listening to the show!


Episode 21: Selim vs. the Islamic World part 1

So in this Episode we find Selim after disposing his father. The first part of the show we shall discuss how the new Sultan dealt with his brothers who after initially reluctantly accepting Salim on the thrown, quickly had a change of thought and felt it as them and not him who should rule the empire. But (spoilers) after defeating his brothers and securing his place as the sole ruler of the Ottoman lands Selim could now focus on the new Islamic Empire to the East, the Safavids. This Shi'i...


Episode 20: Another Bayezid Bites the Dust

So in this episode we are covering the last years of Bayezid II, and you will notice that we are again not talking much about Bayezid himself, but the players around him. This time it's the rise of the Safavid Empire in Iran, and then later the battle for succession to his thrown between the Sultan and his children. Bayezid II was never able to rule with out pressure from the outside forcing him in one direction or the other and ultimately was forced off his thrown by his own son.


Episode 19: The History of the Ottoman Empire has conquered Vienna!

So I am dropping this episode from the great city of Vienna, inside the walls the Ottomans could never break through, luckily theres days you just need to book a plain, train or automobile and you can enjoy all that the Ottomans were never able to. But back to the podcast, we are about 20 years before the first siege of Vienna, this episode is covering Bayezid II's rule after the death of his brother Cem. Since its always conflict back in these days, there are wars with Mamlucks of Egypt,...


Episode 18: Sultan Cem's European Vacation

Hello there, in this episode of The History of the Ottoman Empire we are going to cover Sultan Cem's time in exile in Europe. Although he was treated well in both France and Rome, Cem could not help but feel that he was being held hostage, and would eventually be used at the expense of his people. Sultan Cem's exile also gives us a glimpse into the international diplomacy between various European states, and their interaction with the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Cem's live was intriguing yet...


Episode 17: Civil War Between the Sons of the Conqueror

In this episode of The History of the Ottoman Empire we are covering the Civil War between the sons of Mehmed II. We have Jem on one side and Bayezid II on the other. Although the Conqueror pushed the Ottomans from an up and coming state in Anatolia to an Eastern Empire that the west could no longer ignore, he accomplished this by ruling with an iron fist, and exhausting his forces and resources. The Ottoman elite and military were eager for a change of pace and thus put support behind...