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John Wall (part 1) on growing up, attention to safety and 4 key interview tips! - EP26

In this two parter, I talk with John Wall. John describes himself as a moderately successful entrepreneur but he’s being quite modest. He's had very interesting career and we go into this during the course of our conversation. This was one of the first shows I recorded and still one of the most captivating conversations I’ve done. I’ve know John for a few years and asked him to speak at a PMI event about his career last year. That night, I had to cut him short (to the audience and my own...


Veda Lady on Performing, Diversity, the Recession, Turning Points & Moonstruck! - EP 23

Veda Lady is a stunt queen, a drag queen, a club promoter, and a performer for the last 20 years. Working in Drag for most of this time. Veda has been performing a show called ‘Witchy Wednesday’ in the George in Dublin for the last 18 years and still loves doing it. We talk about being a wife/husband/domestic goodness and discuss how Veda has found a very good work life balance. During the show, we talk about growing up, finding a passion for dressing up and pretending to be Sheena Easton...


Declan Fahy on Journalism, Authoring a book, Serendipity, and the Longford Leader! - EP 22

** Full show notes on the episode page for this show here - www.robofthegreen.ie/episodes/ep22-declanfahy So another week, another episode. This one is with Declan Fahy who is a Journalist that has worked for the Irish Times, the Daily Mirror & the Longford Leader. He is now a professor in DCU in Communications & Journalism, and a published Author with the book 'The New Celebrity Scientists: Out of the Lab and Into the Limelight'. He’s also a friend that I grew up with in Longford, which...


Bobby Tambling on Scoring Goals, Playing against George Best and never giving up! EP21

It’s not every day I get to interview a guest that would be considered a legend in Football circles. And if you have an interest in football, you’ll love this episode. Even if you don't, you'll still love hearing Bobby talk about his life story. Bobby’s career included scoring goals. In the FA cup final and for England at Wembley. He narrowly missed out on the England team for the 1966 world cup and also played against George Best during his career. Bobby scored 202 goals for Chelsea and...


John Carey, CEO UFirstCoaching, on performance, freedom through commitment & core values! - EP19

In this episode, I interview John Carey, of UFirstCoaching (www.ufirstcoaching.com), which is a Performance coaching and success company. He set up it up in 2002 and has been focusing on humans and teams working better. This has become John’s life work since then! This is one where we get deep into performance coaching. Team Coaching. How to make marginal improvement that have a big impact. John bring a wealth of experience to this area and from the very start of this one, we get into...


Nanci Creedon, Dog Behavourist, on Doggie Day Care, Dog Psychology & Always learning! Ep 18

In this episode, I talk with Nanci Creedon who is Irelands leading dog behaviour expert. She is a regular contributor to the RTÉ Today show, radio and print media and an award winning entrepreneur. We recorded the show in her Doggie Day Care center just outside Cork City and, as you’ll hear, it’s quite a busy place! The barking in the background adds great atmosphere to the show however! Nanci has always been crazy about dogs but didn't see a possible career in this in her early years....


Eoin Tynan, from St.Mel's Brewing Company, on Craft Beers, Growing a Business & Raisins! - Ep 17

In this episode, I talk with Eoin Tynan, who is the MD of St. Mel’s Brewing Company. Who, along with his co-founder, Liam Hanlon, set up the Company. St. Mel’s Brewing company produce Craft beers and very tasty ones at that. Liam is a brew master by training and brought his biotech skills and Eoin brought this business skills to the table. They set up in October 2013 and started to produce May 2014 and with first sales June 2014. When Liam provided liquid refreshments at Eoin’s wedding,...


David Saunders on Beating Cancer, Resilience and Amputee Football! - EP 16

In this episode, I talk with David Saunders. David is from Kerry, teaches in Cork and is a member of the Irish Amputee Football Team. He also is starting to give motivational talks on his journey, resilience and mental health. In our conversation, David talks about his life growing up in Kerry and his interest in all sports as young boy. At the age of 11, he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his ankle which lead to an amputation. Only a year later, the cancer returned in the lower leg and...


Helfi Star on being a Clairaudient, 3 tips to live by, and a visit from George Michael! - EP 14

This is an episode of firsts for the 1% Better Podcast. It's the first conversation I've recorded with a Psychic Medium and Clairaudient. It's the first show I've recorded over Skype as Helfi is based in LA (sound quality is pretty good which is great as it opens up a whole new world of guests). It's a first for interviewing a guest as a result of an Instagram follow and, last but not least, it's the first time I've talked to anyone that talked with George Michael (while he's been living...


Lisa Fallon on Football Analysis, Making Decisions, and 1500 VHS Tapes! - Ep 13

In this episode, I have an awesome conversation with Lisa Fallon. Lisa is the first team analyst for Cork City Football Club & the Northern Ireland National Team. She is also the Business Development Manager for Cork City FC and she also creates motivational videos for both sides in her 'spare time’! I joke with Lisa at the start of the show that her twitter account can’t fit in all the roles she’s playing in her professional life. It’s true. She is one busy lady that is very passionate...


The 1% Better Nashville VoxPop - Show #1 (and maybe the last) :) - Ep 12

Hi all & happy Friday\Weekend!! In this new spin off/pilot show of the 1% Better Podcast, I’ve decided to hit the streets of cities I visit and ask the locals what their 1% Better tip or advice would be to make you, the listeners, at least 1% Better. Over the coming week/months, when I visit a new city, I hope to capture the responses from the local folks to see if there are common trends and patterns that emerge and have a lot of fun while doing it. In this first edition of the VoxPoP...


Pat Lucey (CEO of ASPIRA) on Business, Project Management and the Berlin Wall! - Episode 09

In this show, I talk with Pat Lucey, CEO of ASPIRA and Vice President of PMI Ireland Chapter. I’ve known Pat for a few years via the PMI Ireland Chapter and I targeted him early as I knew he'd have a great story. I was right. :) During the conversation, Pat shares his story that started in Patricks Well in Limerick, where he worked in his father’s petrol\gas station, before moving to University to study electrical engineering, after having to give up on his dream of being an astronaut when...


Pat Rodgers on Endurance Racing, Kayaking around Ireland(literally) & The Spine Race! - Episode 08

Pat Rodgers is an ultra runner and endurance athlete. In this podcast, we talked about his many adventures over his career (so far) in the world of extreme physical challenges. This includes rock climbing expeditions while in College in France, to taking on the challenge of a solo kayak around the entire island of Ireland, attempting to climb Aconcagua in South America, to completing the Kerry Way 120 Mile run, the UTMB (which I learned during the podcast is the Ultra Trail Mount Blanc),...


Andrew McLaughlin, Programme Director IMI, on Human Potential, Mindfulness & NLP! - Episode 07

In this episode of the 1% Better podcast, I have a fascinating conversation with Andrew McLaughlin. Andrew is a Programme Director at the Irish Management Institute (IMI) for Diplomas in Organisational Behaviour and in Executive Coaching. He is a hugely experienced executive coach and has worked with national and multi-national companies including Revenue Commissioners, Departments of Industry and Commerce and Defence, OECD and EU. Andrew is a Master Practitioner and certified trainer/...


John Dennehy, CEO of Zartis, on Entrepreneurship, Productivity & Work-life Balance! - Episode 06

During this episode, I chat with John about his very successful and interesting career so far. We talk about his early days growing up in Cork, moving to Dublin for University, time spent in South Africa and Scotland, all providing him with great life experiences. John talks about setting up Zartis.com in 1997 and how it was acquired very quickly in a multi-million dollar deal. He gives his perspective of how he dealt with the challenges that followed with the .com bubble bursting, how he...


Oliver Kirwan on Event Management, Risk Taking, Decision Making & Sleep! - Episode 05

In this episode, I chat with Oliver Kirwan, who runs (with his business partner Catriona O’Callaghan and team) Elite Event Management from their offices in Killarney. He is responsible for the Quest Adventure Series and Run Killarney to name just two in their stable. We talk about how the company started, how it's grown, and plans for the future. We also talk about about ChiChung, work-life balance, sleep, good and bad habits, decision making processes, empowerment, intuition, advice,...


Andrew Mangan on Blogging, Podcasting & Arsenal - Episode 02

In this episode, I have a great conversation with Andrew Mangan. So, Andrew is one of the reasons I started down the road of putting a podcast together. He has been running the Arsecast Podcast for 10 years (which currently has over 1 million downloads per month) and has been writing the Arseblog for over 15 years. We touch on a lot during the hour long conversation. I hope you enjoy the hour conversation and please check out Andrew at andrewmangan.net or at the arseblog.com


Introduction Show with Rob O'Donohue - Episode 01

Welcome to the first episode of the 1% better podcast. In this short episode, I share a bit of information about where the idea for RoboftheGreen and the 1% better podcast came from, I provide a short overview of me (not self-indulgently I assure you), my interest in learning and podcasts, what to expect in upcoming shows, and how to get in touch with me.


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