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Nostalghia - Purpose, Authenticity, & Life in Slow Motion - EP088

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast. My guest this week is Nostalghia. Nostalghia is an American Singer, Songwriter, Musician, and Poet. In 2014, she released her first full length album, Chrysalis, and from there she’s started to take the music world by storm. Her music was featured in both John Wick movies and she appears on stage performing in the second installment of the movie. Her following has been growing massively over the last few years and all this on an independent label. When we...


Alistair Rogers - Finding the Lead Domino, Making the Best Better & Getting to Know Thyself - EP087

Alistair is originally from Port Talbot, Wales but has been living in New Zealand for 20 years. He talks about his journey in the world of Rugby, from playing to video analysis work to coaching. He explains how his video analysis work got picked up by the New Zealand senior team very quickly and this lead him to an amazing adventure that spanned 3 world cups, 2 of which New Zealand won. Alistair’s desire to become a full coach became a reality when he took over as the defensive coach for the...


BiPolar Barbie - Finding the Balance & Building a Life after the War! - EP086

The 1% Better Podcast – Bipolar Barbie – Finding the Balance & Building a life after the war – EP86 Bipolar Barbie is a mental health advocate. She tells her story through her writing, art, and rapping, and uses social media as a platform for this. She has built up a very large following on Instagram and recently has started to build up a following on other platforms. During the interview, Bipolar Barbie talks very openly about this disorder, how it’s had a huge impact on your life, how...


Aodan Enright - The Importance of Thinking Things Through - EP085

Aodan Enright – 1% Better Welcome to Episode 85 of the 1% Better Podcast. I’m very much delighted to introduce Aodan Enright as my guest for this episode. Aodan is someone I’ve taken inspiration from, admired and enjoyed getting to know over the last couple of years and was someone I’ve wanted to have on to the show from the very start. Now it's a reality. We both share a fascination for human performance and this conversation certainly lived up to my hopes and expectations. Aodan is the...


Melissa McCarty - The Making of a Crime Report - EP084

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast. In this episode, I talk with Melissa McCarty. Melissa McCarty is a multi-talented television host, national crime correspondent, and author known for her excellent ad-lib and live broadcast skills. She’s been broadcasting live for fifteen years. She's recently released her Memoir, The Making of a Crime Reporter, which tells her incredible story. During our conversation, Melissa talks about her career, the inspiration for the book, her relationship with her...


Larry G Maguire - The Artist's Manifesto, Why We Hate Work, and Managing Perfectionism - EP083

Hi all, This is a special edition 1% Better podcast. I recorded this with Larry on Sunday 7th October as a live show to be streamed out over video also. We couldn't get it to work but will be posting the video afterwards. This is the audio version and it came out very well. Larry is an artist, a writer, a podcaster, an amateur psychologist, and a very interesting guy. He is working on his book called 'The Artist's Manifesto' and we talk about this also. During this episode we talk about...


David Hennessey - Resilience, Thomas Edison, and The WONDER Technique - EP082

David Hennessey 1% Better Podcast – The WONDER Technique Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast episode 82. My guest today is David Hennessey. David is a professional speaker and workshop leader on resilience and success in the work place. He developed the W.O.N.D.E.R Technique which is a unique tool box of techniques and tools people can use to improve their lives. David has lived through a lot of difficult times and uses what he teaches. He has travelled to 23 countries and lived in 3 full time....


1% Better Live Solo Show & Updates - EP081

Quick check in podcast of what's coming up with some questions answered and what's going on with the show and RoboftheGreen in General


Alex Packham, CEO & Founder of ContentCal on Strategy, Early Starts, Intuition, & Learning from Mistakes – EP080

I was connected with Alex back in April via Samantha Kelly (thanks again Samantha) and we recorded this episode. As you’ll hear, he’s a very focused, driven, and ambitious entrepreneur that has a clear vision for the future. Here’s a breakdown of the conversation with high-level topics discussed: 1min – All about Content Cal – Strategy & Offerings and what’s it’s all about 2min – Licensing of the tool to other businesses across the globe – they can use this internally. 31/2 years in...


Meagan Duhamel - Sacrifices, Flow States, and Focusing on the Task, not the Result - EP079

1% Better with Meagan Duhamel Quote: 'That part of my life is definitely complete' — Meagan Duhamel retires with 3 Olympic medals, 2 world titles Meaghan is a 2 time world champ, 2018 Olympic Gold & Bronze Medallist, 7 time national champion, Vegan and so much more! One of the stand out parts from this interview was her mantra ‘What can I do today, to be better tomorrow?’ – this is what the 1% Better podcast is all about! During the individual pairs free skate at the 2018 Olympics, Duhamel...


1% Better Live with Tofe Evans - EP078

Tofe Evans is a Thought Leader, Endurance Athlete, & Limit Pusher.


Eben Alexander & Karen Newell - Near Death Experiences & Living in a Mindful Universe - EP077

Eben Alexander & Karen Newell - Near Death Experiences & Living in a Mindful Universe - EP21 S2 Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast. This is another show of many firsts. It’s my first with two guests on the other side of the mic/studio (virtual studio via skype). It's my first interview with a #1 New York Times Best Selling Author in Eben Alexander. I believe it's my first with someone who experienced a Near Death Experience (NDE) so vivid and long in duration (he was in a coma for 7 days where...


Davidji - Journeying, Finding Greater Grace & Stillness, and 21 Day Challenges - EP076

Davidji is an internationally recognized stress-management expert, corporate trainer, meditation teacher, and author of a number of critically acclaimed and Bestselling books In December 2015, Davidji was named a Trailblazer in Yoga & Ayurveda by Spirituality & Health Magazine ( Early this year, I discovered Davidji through a meditation app and was instantly take by his voice, which has been dubbed the ‘velvet voice of stillness’. I’ve been...


1% Better Live - Solo Random Show - EP075

In this live show, I discuss a wide range of topics including: * The story behind the Rosanna Arquette Episode * International Podcast Day * Upcoming show with Davidji * Podcast listening Apps & Stats * One Minute Monday * Blogging * Coaching * and lots more!! Check it out


1% Better Live with Maryam Henein - Vanishing of the Bees - EP074

Maryam Henein is a filmmaker and writer and owner of Honey Colony. You may of seen Maryam’s documentary, Vanishing of the Bees (narrated by Ellen Page) that came out a few years ago. She is also owner of the Honey Colony which is a company that aims to put honesty back in the food supply. Check out this live episode of the 1% Better Podcast. More details in the show notes after we go live.


Paula 'Paz' Tooths - Practising Positivity, Social Media Influencing, & Human Rights Missions - EP073

Welcome to the show! Paula has had quite a varied and fascinating career so far. From journalism, TV Production, Event Management, Human Rights Research, Life and Business Coaching, Authoring books developing Wellness and Social Media Influencing. She is also a Mother. She is originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but her career so far has brought her far and wide. I connected with Paula earlier this year as I was interested in learning more about her career as well as her experience in the area...


Live Show with Jeff Bogaczyk of the Mind for Life Podcast - EP072

Live show with Guest Jeff Bogaczyk Check out Jeff's site -


Colin O'Brady - 7 Summits, 2 Poles, 1 Goal & 2 World Records (rebroadcast) - EP071

Hi all, Welcome to another episode of the 1% Better Podcast. I have the full show notes with all links to Colin on the episode page on my site here - Thanks for listening, Rob


John Murray - Duchenne Smiles, Self-Acceptance Gaps, & Selfie Psychology – EP070

Welcome to the 1% Better Podcast. This week’s guest is John Murray. John is, primarily, a Headshot Photographer. But as you’ll hear from this conversation, he has many other strings to his bow. He’s been adding new skills and competencies over the years and is clearly a lifelong learner that has a passion for what he does. John talks about the neuroscience and psychology of photography, how we read images, how we read each other, Duchenne smiles v squinch, what is the self-acceptance gap,...


Live Show & Q&A - EP069

Sharing updates, answering questions, maybe even a skype call? We'll see how it goes!