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Brave New Weed Episode 60: Seattle HempFest RIP???

It’s been 7 years since Washington legalized, but Hempfest, Seattle’s largest and oldest cannabis celebration is under attack from state and local governments. Hempfest co-founder, Vivian McPeak, joins us to talk about how he’s fighting back. Twenty eight years ago a few hundred folks gathered in downtown Seattle to celebrate the publication of Jack Herer’s seminal book, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. In the same way that Burning Man morphed from a local gathering into an international...


Episode 59 - Jordan Klepper, a Celebrity Who Is Doing More For Cannabis than Just Launching Another Product

Jordan Klepper, ex Daily Show comedian has a new documentary series, Klepper, in which he immerses himself into the issues dividing the country. His episode “The New Weed War” takes on a topic that few others can. This episode is supported by The Trichome Institute. Visit and use promote code Brave for 10% off their online "Interpeneing" course. Like many in his generation, Jordan Klepper was indifferent to weed, both the plant and the politics. He had...


Episode 58 - The Return of Thai Stick

In the next 5 years cannabinoids stand to become the new vanilla. That's a very scary scenario. Listen in to find out exactly what that means. Have you ever wondered how vanilla, which costs about $10,000/kilo to harvest and process, can cost just $15 per bottle in the store? How a product that is only grown in a handful of regions in the world is found in so many kitchens? I didn’t either until I spoke to Jim Plamondon, who is the VP of Marketing of the Thai Cannabis Corporation, an...


Episode 57 - Pastor Gone To Pot!

Pastor Craig Gross is bucking the tide of the conservative churches by urging his flock to embrace cannabis. That's going to be a long, lonely struggle. Onward Christian Soldier! This episode of the Brave New Weed podcast is brought to you by It's Great to Suck At Something, author Karen Rinaldi's new book on "the unexpected joy of wiping out and what it can teach us about patience, resilience and the stuff that really matters." Would Jesus love porn addicts? “Absolutely!” says Pastor Craig...


Episode 56 - Cannabis For People With Vaginas (and For the People Without Vaginas Who Love Them)

If you’ve ever suffered from “puffy taco,” you should probably listen to this episode on cannabis and women’s health. If you don’t know what puffy taco is, you should download it right now! This episode is presented by Firefly - Firefly is offering our very special audience a very special promotion of 20% off the new device. Head over to and use the code BRAVE to grab your discount. Hurry—this deal expires on June 20, 2019. Aliza Sherman is the founder of Ellementa, a network...


Bonus - Alki David: Unleashed or Unhinged?

The Coca Cola bottling billionaire was arrested for smuggling 5,000 CBD hemp seedlings into St. Kitts on his private jet (the press called the CBD “cannabis” – silly reporters). In this exclusive interview, Alki unloads about the arrest, his plan to turn the Caribbean into a hemp growing mecca, and why he thinks Trump is a hero. And that's just for starters... “Alki” (Alkiviades) David is no stranger to controversy. He seems to crave it, in fact. He once offered $1M to anyone who would strip...


Episode 55 - The Nerdery of Puffery

Mark Williams, co-founder of Firefly Vaporizers, explains the folly of fat clouds, why vape pens suck, and why the new Firefly 2+ is so much more effective—and cost effective—than smoking. Well-designed technology is satisfying. Well-designed technology that also gets you deliciously high is sublime. You heard it here first: the new Firefly 2+ is a mini masterpiece. Less expensive than the original Firefly, easier on the draw (it sucks more!) and designed to maximize the flavor expression of...


Episode 54 - Integrating Medical Cannabis Into Elder Care

Modern medicine knows how to prolong life but rarely addresses the quality of that life. this episode explores another way of growing older -- in which our symptoms are not controlling our lives – with the help of medical cannabis. This episode is supported by Medical Cannabis Mentor: The finest evidenced-based cannabis education courses for healthcare professionals, dispensary personnel and patients. One of the turning points for my understanding the power of medical cannabis occurred in an...


Episode 53 - High Return, Low Risk: A Great Cannabis Investment For The 99%

We’re bringing you this episode featuring Seke Ballard and his investor-funded lending institution, Good Tree Capital. Good Tree is disrupting the banking industry by providing loans to smaller, vetted, credit worthy operators in cannabis. It raises money from individual investors like you and me, offering a healthy, low-risk return of 28.7% over three years. That’s a great deal. This episode is supported by Medical Cannabis Mentor: The finest evidenced-based cannabis education courses for...


Episode 52 - The ABCs of CBD

In the last two years interest in CBD outpaced THC and has yet to peak. The world is awash in CBD, but because the market is unregulated, it’s difficult to know what you’re buying. Confusion abounds. This episode is supported by Medical Cannabis Mentor: The finest evidenced-based cannabis education courses for healthcare professionals, dispensary personnel and patients. Ask about special pricing for listeners of the this podcast! A few months ago I heard a rumor that CBD was getting more...


Episode 51 - Double episode: Can Corporations Get Legal Cannabis Right?

Advocates fume that these new cannabis companies are pulling in billions without supporting orgs that have done the hard work for the last 60 years. That’s the question this episode obliquely addresses with two insightful men: Kris Krane, activist turned co-founder of 4Front, an investment and multistate dispensary firm, and Bruce Barcott, Deputy Editor at Leafly, who asks if corporate insensitivity and greed killed NY’s failed legalization effort. This episode is supported by Atlas Growers....


Episode 50 - Interpening: The art and science of becoming a ganja sommelier

Max Montrose, founder of The Trichome Institute, trains students to become ganja sommeliers. His “interpening” course guides you how “read” and predict a flower’s effects by smell and taste. This is Next Level Cannabis. This episode is sponsored by Mission Dispensaries. Followers of this podcast know that strain names are largely bullshit and not reliably indicative of what will happen after inhalation. The more accurate determinants of a high are the terpenes, those powerful smell molecules...


Episode 49 - How to Invest in Cannabis (A guide for regular people without millions in the bank)

Richard Batenburg, CEO & Founder of Cliintel Capital Management, talks about how to see through the smoke and mirrors of cannabis investing. This episode is brought to you by If you're interested in trying one out, there’s a special introductory promotion for the Brave New Weed podcast community: You can get $200 off the Gofire’s $499 retail price by going to and using the code BRAVE! Cliintel Capital Management Group is a venture capital firm that provides funding to...


Episode 48 - Can a Vaporizer Save Your Life?

In Peter Calfee’s case it did. And it kickstarted his very cool WeedTech business to boot! If medical cannabis is ever going to get the respect it deserves as a medicine, it’s going to have to do better than “Go home a pack a bowl.” It’s sort of hard to imagine a doctor or any healthcare provider ever saying, “Take a few hits and call me in the morning.” That’s one of the reasons I’m excited about the GoFire metered dose inhalers, which are due to hit the market in the next few months. Not...


Episode 47 - The Science of Candy (and the Promise of Edibles) with CannAmerica CEO, Dan Anglin

From Colorado OG to owner of one of the largest edible manufacturers in the US and beyond. In this very sweet interview, Dan gives us the inside scoop on edibles, candy and who likes what. Here are just a few tidbits of what you’re going to hear. Adult men like gummies until they pass 50; then they like hard mints (just like grandpa used to like!) Chocolate is loved by women over 32; and by men over 40. Adults, not kids, like the texture of “chewy." Interestingly, “chewy" is liked by less...


Episode 46 - Meet @Izzy_Blazee & @Sunnny.Daze, Denver's two hottest social media influencers

Welcome to the first episode of our special 4-part series "Denver: Five Years After Legalization," presented by GoFire. As a special promotion, listeners to the Brave New Weed podcast are eligible for a special $200 pre-order discount on the GoFire inhaler. Use the code: BRAVE. As the rest of the country inches toward legalization we thought it would be useful to head to Colorado, the first state to legalize, to see firsthand what the effects have been. We spent a few days in Denver, "the...


GoFire Presents 'Denver Daze', A Special Denver-focused Miniseries: Legalization Five Years On (Trailer)

The Denver Miniseries is brought to you by GoFire. Host Joe Dolce and Alan Seales travel to Denver to bring you some of the greatest content we've had to date. Stay tuned to subsequent episodes to hear what's coming. As always, we encourage you to support us for as little as $1/mo via As a special promotion, listeners to the Brave New Weed podcast are eligible for a special $200 pre-order discount on the GoFire inhaler. Use the code: BRAVE. Learn more at...


Episode 45 - Why “K2” and “Spice” Are So Much Scarier than Real Cannabis. Plus 3 Crucial Things You Must Know Before Buying CBD

Neuroscientist Dr. Greg Gerdeman makes the scientific case for legalization and regulation. Interview content begins at 20:58. Greg Gerdeman, PhD was one of the first people to make me aware that the runner’s high is not the result of endorphins, but is in fact, brought on by endocannabinoids -- the molecules produced by our own bodies that mimic the effects of THC and CBD found in the plant. Since then, Greg, a former tenured professor at Eckerd College and now Chief Science officer at 3...


Bonus - The (Complicated) Future of Cannabis Media - A Panel Discussion in Two Acts

Originally recorded at the Denver Press Club on January 24, 2019, the Grasslands team ( presented a compelling conversation on the future of cannabis journalism, spanning the influential microcosm of Instagram influencers to the important role of the mainstream media. Featuring The Denver Post Editor-in-Chief Lee Ann Colacioppo, Marijuana Business Daily Founding Editor Chris Walsh, Denver Business Journal Associate Editor Jonathan Rose, Associated Press cannabis...


Episode 44 - Profits For The People…Not Just Corporations

Christine De La Rosa is a serial entrepreneur whose company, The People’s Dispensary, proves that the cannabis industry can do more than just churn money for corporations. It can give back to disadvantaged communities, enable mom and pops to flourish, and still turn a healthy profit. As corporations flush with cash rush into the cannabis space it’s time we ask, ‘Is this the only way forward?’ Do these companies, that are destined to turn vast profits from an industry projected to worth $500...