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GoFire Presents 'Denver Daze', A Special Denver-focused Miniseries: Legalization Five Years On (Trailer)

The Denver Miniseries is brought to you by GoFire. Host Joe Dolce travels to Denver to bring you some of the greatest content we've had to date. Stay tuned to subsequent episodes to hear what's coming. As always, we encourage you to support us for as little as $1/mo via As a special promotion, listeners to the Brave New Weed podcast are eligible for a special $200 pre-order discount on the GoFire inhaler. Use the code: BRAVE. Learn more at One of the...


Episode 45 - Why “K2” and “Spice” Are So Much Scarier than Real Cannabis. Plus 3 Crucial Things You Must Know Before Buying CBD

Interview content begins at 20:58. Greg Gerdeman, PhD was one of the first people to make me aware that the runner’s high is not the result of endorphins, but is in fact, brought on by endocannabinoids -- the molecules produced by our own bodies that mimic the effects of THC and CBD found in the plant. Since then, Greg, a former tenured professor at Eckerd College and now Chief Science officer at 3 Boys Farm, an organic greenhouse-based cannabis provider in Florida, has become a trusted...


Bonus - The (Complicated) Future of Cannabis Media - A Panel Discussion in Two Acts

Originally recorded at the Denver Press Club on January 24, 2019, the Grasslands team ( presented a compelling conversation on the future of cannabis journalism, spanning the influential microcosm of Instagram influencers to the important role of the mainstream media. Featuring The Denver Post Editor-in-Chief Lee Ann Colacioppo, Marijuana Business Daily Founding Editor Chris Walsh, Denver Business Journal Associate Editor Jonathan Rose, Associated Press cannabis...


Episode 44 - Profits For The People…Not Just Corporations

Christine De La Rosa is a serial entrepreneur whose company, The People’s Dispensary, proves that the cannabis industry can do more than just churn money for corporations. It can give back to disadvantaged communities, enable mom and pops to flourish, and still turn a healthy profit. As corporations flush with cash rush into the cannabis space it’s time we ask, ‘Is this the only way forward?’ Do these companies, that are destined to turn vast profits from an industry projected to worth $500...


Bonus - Bryon Adinoff (on his response to the NY Times Op-Ed written by Alex Berenson)

Bryon Adinoff is a board member for Doctors For Cannabis Regulation and the co-author of a letter to the editor published by the New York Times in response to the Op-Ed written by Alex Berenson. The DFCR states "Alex Berenson’s Op-Ed offers hyperbolic assertions and a biased interpretation of scientific literature." Read the original Op-Ed here:


Episode 43 - The Four Reasons That Medical Cannabis Isn't as Popular as Aspirin -- I'm on the Hot Seat in this Episode

There are four reasons why medical cannabis is not being used to its full potential, especially for chronic conditions like pain, anxiety and insomnia. The first two reasons are easily understood, high prices and limited access. Most patients can’t afford the hundreds of dollars per month costs that cannabis meds incur and many medical states make access difficult by limiting the conditions it can be used for. Fortunately, the horse is already out of the gate: broader legalization will...


Episode 42 - Ask Me Anything, Featuring One of the World's Great Cannabinologists

You asked: 'How do I talk about weed to the kids?' What’s up with Bobbi Brown’s CBD makeup line?' 'How do I dial back THC if I take too much?'... & more. One of the world's leading cannabinologists, Dr. Sunil Aggarwal, provides the answers! Interview begins at 15:30. One of the privileges of hosting this podcast is the feedback we get from you, our growing and glorious community of listeners. As a group, you are engaged, thoughtful, opinionated and not at all shy about expressing those...


Episode 41 - The Hippie Speedball A/K/A How to Using Cannabis to Bring our Minds and Bodies into Flow States

If you listen to this podcast you know that I am fascinated with the notion of flow and how to use cannabis (and other substances and practices to get into the zone). The term “flow” was first coined in 1975 and is defined as a high state of functioning in which you lose sense of self, time and effort. It’s that state when you feel as though you’re being carried along by a water current or as if you’re skiing a course of moguls, every move, every turn flawlessly executed without thought....


Episode 40 - How to Access Your Brain’s Personal Stash of Pleasure Chemicals

This interview with Dr. Julie Holland marks the 40th podcast in the Brave New Weed series and it’s one of our best yet. As a podcaster I can often map out the route a discussion will take, but this conversation with Julie ebbed and flowed in the most delightfully surprising ways. I never knew where it was leading. What I did know was that every turn it took was more interesting than the last. In this episode, we discuss: Tune in and share it widely. As cannabis becomes more mainstream...


Episode 38 - "To deny cannabis to people because some bureaucrat wants to scare voters, that’s really wicked."

News: Guest: William Weld, former gov of Mass, on the board of Acreage Holdings, outspoken cannaibs advocate since 1991 and ran as Gary Johnson's VP on the Libertarian ticket in 2016.


Episode 36 - Two Important Questions: How much is too much...and what are the real risks of using while pregnant?

News: Link hereArticle here Guest: Dr. Stacy Kerr, family physician and Medical Advisor to Hawaiian Ethos, medical cannabis on Hawai’i Island.


Episode 34 - The Importance of Awe

News Stories: Guest:


Episode 32 - Cannabis and the V-word (Not That V-word)

News Stories: Guest:


Episode 29 - How Can Cannabinoids Disrupt the Opioid Crisis?

News: - Canada has finally legalizes marijuana - NYC changes it's enforcement rules Guest: - Dr. Dustin Sulak, Founder and Medical Director of