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5: Provocative Unzip

We eschew our structured format for an extravaganza of urinal-related topics, including: * Selection * Where to look * Jokes * Headphones * Interesting layouts If you have a question or anecdote for a future episode, tweet with #DeuceDrop ( Visit us on the web at ( and follow us on Twitter ( or Facebook ( Music by...


4: Exhaust Note

After a brief update on the ongoing public urination situation in Paris, we have a lengthy discussion of flatulence, which leads to defining the Shart Protocol. We answer questions about sharing the restroom with your partner, and what you should do if you accentially find yourself having used the wrong restroom. If you have a question or anecdote for a future episode, tweet with #DeuceDrop ( Visit us on the web at


3: Pack It Out

Pieter and Justin are joined by guest Arisa Johnsey. We follow up on the developing Paris urinal situation (, and Arisa teaches the guys a new thought technology. We revisit pooping at work to discuss stall selection and deploying scents in the restroom. Pieter recounts TWO exciting stories: the most awkward mirror encounter and the stall ninja. We answer questions about how long to stay on the can, and how to deal...


2: Traditional Twinkie™-Yellow

This fortnight, we start with a discussion of Paris's new open-air urinals ( We then begin our pooping at work series with a discussion of Pieter's pre-dump checklist. We address listener questions about non-handwashing sink usage in the workplace, particularly as pertains to toothbrushing and foot washing. If you have a question or anecdote for a future episode, tweet with #DeuceDrop...


1: Little Origami Tip Jar

After a brief origin story of the show, we discuss appropriate restroom footwear. Our main topic for the week is talking. When is it okay to chat in the restroom? When isn't it? When (if ever) is it required? Along the way, we contemplate adding Altoids to our everyday carry and invent a new gig economy service. We also dig into a couple questions from friends: What does one do about a consistently loud coworker? What should you do if someone doesn't wash their hands? If you have a question...