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Episode 61: Classing up our Languages?

In this episode we talk about the history of education in Europe, from classical Greece to the 19th century, covering the origins of many education-related words. Then we turn to the history of second-language teaching of Latin, from Roman Egypt to today’s Living Latin movement. DSM (channel about language and etymology) Sound Education Classic Cocktail Education video Learning Latin and Greek from Antiquity to Present, chapters on teaching Latin to Greek speakers (Dickey) & Latin in...


Episode 60: What We Did on Our Summer Vacation

We report on our trips to EduCon, VidCon, Iceland, & England. Lots of museums and historical places, and check out the web page for pictures of some of our favourite artifacts and images. Sound Education podcasting conference We Create Edu community Travelling Etymologies: Names in Iceland and England Golden Circle Tour Volcano House Westman Island Eruption Penis Museum Vagina Museum Rodin and the Art of Ancient Greece Earliest English Word video Episode with James Andean Sator...


Quick Announcement

The view from our hotel room at VidCon in Anaheim, CA Just a note to explain our plans for the summer.


Episode 59: From the Sublime to the Romantic

The etymology of 'sublime' takes us through a discussion of the Gothic, Neo-Classical, and Romantic periods, the origins of the Romance languages, the roots of romantic love, and more. The Sublime Moment Cocktail Mats Malm “On the Technique of the Sublime”, Comparative Literature, Vol. 52, No. 1 (Winter, 2000), pp. 1-10. Sarah Bond on Polychromy in Ancient Statues Alex Potts, Flesh and the Ideal: Winckelmann and the Origins of Art History Our Patreon page iTunes link Stitcher...


Episode 58: Symposium!

Columella's Mead Paul Matt, Vicky, Conor, & Kevin Alison, Melanie, & Melissa Mary, Peter, & Amber Rachel Mazzara, Chiara Graf, Drew Davis, Matthew Watton, & Jesse Hill This episode, we travel to Calgary, Alberta for a conference, and try some very questionable "ancient" potables! Aven takes a microphone on the road, and chats with a bunch of classicists about Roman beer, barley water, Homeric kykeon, conference papers, social media, and more! Matt Gibbs' article in The...


Episode 57: Freebooting, Piracy, & Copyright

We sail the high seas and surf the interwebs for this episode all about the etymology of pirate-related words and the coinage of a new term for stealing videos. We also cover the development of copyright law, the reasons pirates say "Arrrr!", and what Julius Caesar did to his kidnappers. Show Notes Bumbo cocktail recipe "Freebooting" video The Maritime History podcast The Academic Podcast by Sam McLean "CAESAR AND THE PIRATES: OR HOW TO MAKE (AND BREAK) AN ANCIENT LIFE", JOSIAH OSGOOD,...


Episode 56: Linguistic Discrimination, with The Vocal Fries

We have the great pleasure to be joined by Megan & Carrie from the Vocal Fries podcast to talk about linguistic discrimination: what is it, why is it bad, what is its history, and how can we combat it? Show Notes The Vocal Fries Podcast Our Patreon page iTunes link Stitcher link Google Play Music link This podcast episode on YouTube This podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License The Endless Knot RSS Subscribe Sign up with your...


Episode 55: Our Pet Topic (part two, with cats)

In part two of our miniseries on pets, we cover cats, monkeys, birds, and more. Find out the surprising origins of the word for parrot, what medieval people named their cats, and what bird was symbolic of the Virgin Mary. Show Notes @AllEndlessKnot on Twitter Medieval Pets by Kathleen Walker-Meikle "Greek and Roman Household Pets", Francis D. Lazenby Animals for Show and Pleasure in Ancient Rome, George Dennison Companion Animals and Us: Exploring the Relationships Between People and...


Episode 54: Our Pet Topic (part one)

The Lady and the Unicorn, Desire (Musée de Cluny Federico II Gonzaga by Titian What makes an animal a pet? Who kept pets in the ancient and medieval worlds? What kinds of animals were they? And why are all the words for pets in English of (mostly) unknown origin?! We start a mini two-part series with a general discussion of ancient and medieval pets, and then some great stories about some Very Good Dogs. Show Notes @AllEndlessKnot on Twitter Medieval Pets by Kathleen...


Episode 53: Tiki or Not Tiki?

We head back to the Endless Knot Cocktail Bar to talk about the history of the Mai Tai, the Tiki craze, Polynesian mythology, cultural appropriation, and World's Fairs. And then we turn to Rome's relationship to Greece, and discuss whether Horace wrote the Exotica music of the ancient world! Show Notes Mai Tai Video @AllEndlessKnot on Twitter Mai Tai Recipe Hei-tiki Polynesian Lexicon Project Online Wallace-Hadrill, A. “To Be Roman, Go Greek Thoughts on Hellenization at Rome.”...


Episode 52: Race & Racism in Ancient & Medieval Studies, Part Two: Responses

Author Don Hitchcock In part two of our discussion about racism, we talk about ways to respond to the problems in the field, in teaching, scholarship, and more. Thank you to Katherine Blouin, Damian Fleming, Usama Ali Gad, Rebecca Futo Kennedy, Asa Mittman, Dimitri Nakassis, Helen Young, and Donna Zuckerberg for their generous contributions of time and thoughtful discussion of these difficult subjects. Please join in the conversation with your thoughts and ideas about how to move the fields...


Episode 51: Race & Racism in Ancient & Medieval Studies, Part One: the Problem

The Beowulf Manuscript; Marvels of the East; Beowulf; Judith (Cotton MC Vitellius) What are the problems surrounding race and racism in the fields of Classics and Medieval Studies today? Where did these fields come from, and how does that affect the way we think about the past, and how we construct the present? For this episode (and the next) we interviewed eight scholars and put it together into an exploration of these unfortunately timely topics. Thank you to Katherine Blouin, Damian...


Episode 50: Translating the Odyssey, with Emily Wilson

We interview Emily Wilson, whose new translation of the Odyssey for Norton was published in November to great acclaim and critical praise. She tells us about some of her choices in the areas of metre, vocabulary, register, and more, and we discuss the very concept of 'choice' in translation, the notion of a 'faithful' translation, the complicated question of heroic women, and 70's blaxpoitation films! Show Notes The Odyssey, translated by Emily Wilson Our Patreon page iTunes...


Episode 49: Stocking Stuffers & Christmas Treats

This year's holiday podcast looks back at last year's Christmas video, Stocking, and we talk about the Christmas treats our families enjoy, their history, and their etymology. All you could ever want to know about plum pudding and tourtiere, along with the story of St Nick himself. (PS: since the recording, I've seen indications that the 'mincepie ban' by the Puritans may be a myth, but Christmas celebrations in general definitely were banned, and mincepies and plum puddings were strongly...


Episode 48: Talking Teaching with Mythtake!

Alison & Darrin from MythTake Podcast dropped by Sudbury -- and sat down with us for a chat about teaching myth, literature, and more. Make sure you check out their podcast for great discussions about myth and Greek literature. Show Notes Mythtake Podcast Bakkhai at Stratford Introduction to Mythology from Oxford UP Eaters of the Dead by Michael Crichton Our Patreon page iTunes link Stitcher link Google Play Music link This podcast episode on YouTube The Endless Knot RSS...


Episode 47: Why Bob Dylan Matters, with Richard Thomas

We talk to Prof. Richard Thomas about his new book about Bob Dylan and the Classics, discussing Latin poetry, intertextuality in music and literature, Dylan's similarities to Catullus and use of Virgil and Ovid, and the unexpected connections between Classical scholarship and research into folk music archives. Show Notes Why Bob Dylan Matters Monday, Dec. 4, 2017 at Newtonville Books in Boston, MA Wednesday, Dec. 6, 2017 at the University of Tulsa, in Tulsa, OK Our Patreon page iTunes...


Episode 46: Mike Duncan & The Storm before the Storm

We talk to podcaster and author Mike Duncan about his book, podcasting, Roman history, and more. Thanks to Mike for joining us -- and everyone, go get his book, it's great! Show Notes The History of Rome Podcast Revolutions Podcast The Storm before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic Our Patreon page iTunes link Stitcher link Google Play Music link This podcast episode on YouTube The Endless Knot RSS Subscribe Sign up with your email address to be notified...


Episode 45: Costumes & the Language of Fashion

Our Hallowe'en themed episode this year is about costumes -- and etymologies and origin stories of a whole bunch of iconic items of clothing. We talk about the semiotics of fashion, the many varieties of the toga, and hats that caused fainting fits, and finish off with a couple of spooky Roman stories! Also, check out this year's Hallowe'en video, on words for Ghost. Show Notes #2PodsADay Werewolf Cocktail recipe "Costume" video "Jack o'Lantern" video Ep 22: Jack o'Lantern podcast The...


Episode 44: "Us" & "Them" in the Ancient & Anglo-Saxon Worlds

What words did the Greeks, Romans, and Anglo-Saxons use to talk about different groups of people? What differences did they think were important? How do those compare to modern conceptions of ethnicity, national identity, or race? We try to give some basic background on this complicated question, starting with the etymology of the vocabulary and addressing some of the ways differences were conceptualized. Show Notes #2PodsADay Video on the Anglo-Saxon Invasion, collaboration with...


Episode 43: Hercules the Much-Filmed

Time to talk about the greatest hero of them all! Why are there so many movies about Hercules? Why do they all have lions and snakes in them, but no journeys to the underworld, and only a sprinkling of family murder? Who's the most Herculean Hercules, and how did Mr. Universe do in the role? And, most importantly, how much virtue is in every part of the mighty Hercules??? Show Notes The Atlas Cocktail Movies discussed: Hercules, 1957, Steve Reeves Hercules in New York, 1969, Arnold...