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Are you ready to make the most out of your oil and gas mineral rights and royalty interests? Welcome to The Mineral Rights Podcast! Get the knowledge and resources you need to manage your minerals and royalties!

Are you ready to make the most out of your oil and gas mineral rights and royalty interests? Welcome to The Mineral Rights Podcast! Get the knowledge and resources you need to manage your minerals and royalties!
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Are you ready to make the most out of your oil and gas mineral rights and royalty interests? Welcome to The Mineral Rights Podcast! Get the knowledge and resources you need to manage your minerals and royalties!






MRP 27: Mineral Rights News June 2019

Supreme Court sides with property owners; companies have no right to get natural gas without permission | North Dakota tribe defends its rights to minerals from state | Navajo Allottees Defend Mineral Rights And Cultural Heritage In Opposition To Exclusionary Zone Near Chaco Canyon


MRP 26: Investing in Mineral Rights and Royalties

Today we’re talking about investing in oil and gas mineral rights and royalties. We cover the pros and cons of this type of investment, and the different ways to invest as well as some of the potential requirements for these investments.


MRP 25: Mineral Rights News May 2019

In this month's Mineral Rights Podcast news episode: Deep-sea mining could provide access to a wealth of valuable minerals |Bullock signs bill clarifying fossils are part of property surface rights in Montana | Occidental Wins Battle for Anadarko as Chevron Exits Bidding | What Chevron stands to lose if Occidental wins bidding war for Anadarko And remember to leave a rating and review on iTunes or wherever you are listening to this show and send a screenshot of your review to:...


MRP 24: Automating How you Track and Analyze Royalties with Phil Sherwood, CEO of SherWare and Host of the We're Still Here Podcast

Today we have Phil Sherwood, CEO of SherWare, Inc., an oil and gas accounting software company, has been in the industry for 25 years. He is the host of the We're Still Here podcast where he has taken his amazement at the tenacity, fortitude and rebound ability the people who keep the oil & gas industry running have had to survive, no matter what the market conditions looked like and created a show about it! His company has several products, including WellProfits, which automates how you...


MRP 23: How to Negotiate a Surface Use Agreement

Listen to this episode to learn how to negotiate a Surface Use Agreement (SUA). A Surface Use Agreement (SUA) is a contract between the surface owner and the lessee (usually oil & gas company) to an oil and gas lease. This contract outlines the rights, duties, and obligations by both the landowner and operator including things like the size of the surface disturbance that will be allowed when constructing well pads and roads, compensation for any property damage that might be done by the...


MRP 22: Who is Justin Williams?

You have heard his voice on many of the Mineral Rights Podcast episodes and now it is time to find out just who Justin Williams is. Listen in as Matt interviews Justin!


MRP 21: Mineral Rights News April 2019

In this month's Mineral Rights Podcast news episode: Colorado Senate Bill 19-181, the oil and gas regulations bill, gets final approval and is headed to governor’s desk | House approves measure to protect mineral rights owners from governmental takings, sends to Senate | EPIC study finds landowner revenue, industry output would increase with open auctions


MRP 20: Taxes on Mineral Rights and Royalties

Today we talk about taxes on mineral rights and royalties. Learn how royalties and lease bonus proceeds are taxed. Get tips on common deductions and credits to make sure you know the questions to ask your CPA when it comes time to file your taxes. We also cover a little known fact on why it makes sense to determine the cost basis for mineral rights that you inherit even if you don't plan on selling.


MRP 19: Mineral Rights News Mar 2019

In this month's Mineral Rights Podcast news episode: Industry groups, politicians seek to delay Colorado oil and gas bill | North Dakota energy bill criticized as 'flat-out taking' of private property rights | Suit on forced pooling of mineral rights remains in background. To ask us a question to be featured on an upcoming episode, please leave a comment at or send an email to


MRP 18: What is the Difference Between a Net Mineral Acre and a Net Royalty Acre?

In this episode, Justin Williams and I cover the basics around the Net Royalty Acre. We talk about the difference between the Net Royalty Acre (NRA) and Net Mineral Acre (NMA) units of measure and when to use each one. Plus we cover how to calculate how many Net Royalty Acres you have.


MRP 17: Mineral Rights News Feb 2019

This is the first episode that we will be doing monthly where we cover the latest news relating to mineral rights. We'll also chime in to tell you our thoughts on each article. I hope this is useful - let us know if you want to hear more content like this!


MRP 16: What You Need to Know About Oil and Gas Division Orders

In this episode, we talk about what you need to know about Oil & Gas Division Orders, from what it is, what information is included, and things to consider if you get one in the mail. We also cover a few special cases and some common questions that Matt answers at the end of the show.


MRP 15: They are Going to Drill on my Land - How Long Before I Start Getting Paid Royalties

In this episode, Justin Williams joins me again to provide the individual mineral owner's perspective. We discuss the typical lifecycle of an oil and gas well and how long it takes from when they start breaking ground until you start getting paid royalties. We also talk about Texas statutes that exist to protect royalty owners and provide certain timeframes for operators to respond to written requests. Be sure to stay tuned until the end because I also answer some common questions that...


MRP 14: MineralTracker President Jeff Kummer

Today we have Jeff Kummer with Mineral Tracker on the show to talk about the products and services they offer to mineral owners. MineralTracker focuses on a wide range of mineral owners from those who own smaller interests from just a few wells to those who have interests in thousands of wells. MineralTracker uses proprietary algorithms to allow you to understand predicted royalty income both historically and into the future.


MRP 13: Royalty Audits and Litigation with Attorney Spencer Cox

Today we have Spencer Cox, an attorney with Burns Charest. He's going to help us dive deeper into the world of royalty audits and when litigation might be an option for mineral owners to pursue.


MRP 12: Interview with MineralSoft CEO Gabe Wilcox

Today we have Gabe Wilcox the CEO of MineralSoft. He's going to tell us how they got started and some of the solutions they offer to mineral owners to help make sure they are making the most out of their assets. I met some of the MineralSoft team a few months ago here in Denver and got to see their software first hand. I thought it would be great for them to come on the show and talk about how they can help mineral owners manage the often complex business of making heads or tails of your...


MRP 11: Oil and Gas Title Issues and Curative Measures

In this episode, we interview expert Clint Goos on the subject of Oil and Gas title issues and curative measures. Clint is an experienced attorney, landman, and project manager with NorthStar Energy Company based in Denver, Colorado. This episode is full of useful information for mineral owners who need to know their options for correcting gaps in the chain of title or other common title defects.


MRP 10: How to Perform a Title Search

In this Episode of The Mineral Rights Podcast, we cover how to perform a basic title search on your own, what document types to look for, and several free online resources that can help you run title. Show notes:


MRP 9: Royalty Leasing Scams - Beware!

In this episode, we talk about a potentially deceptive practice that we’ve come across and want to make other mineral owners aware of. It is not very common but can have significant unintended consequences if you fall into this trap. Specifically, we are talking about a royalty lease which is being presented as if it were a mineral lease (especially a top lease). Listen to hear more about how to protect yourself against this potential scam.


MRP 8: Forced Pooling - What Are Your Options?

In Episode 8, we talk about forced pooling and expand on the concept of non-operated Working Interests as covered in Episode 7. We highlight the typical options that a mineral owner is faced with when they receive a forced pooling notice and election letter in the mail. This includes: - Participating in the well (covered in more detail in Episode 7) - Leasing - Making an affirmative election to "non-consent" to the well - Getting Forced Pooled Examples discussed are specific to Colorado...