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The Audible App is AOTD 8

the Audible app is this AOTD Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only 0:25, the service that we talked about today has been around since 1995, and I’ve been using them for at least 15 years. 0:48, before we get into it though, the link problem I’ve mentioned over the past couple of episodes I’m pretty sure has been resolved. Simple little oversight on my part. Audible, an app that some haven’t heard of 1:04, you’re introduced to...


Robinhood is todays AOTD7

Robinhood allows you to dip your fingers in investing Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Starting it out with house keeping’ 0:08, ask Someone who does if you don’t. 0:22, what’s going on, i explain that i’m not sure the problem but am looking into it and hope it’ll be fixed soon. 0:53, Welcome to the diversified method of podcasting… Yep, my dream of podcast network is finally coming to life! You can subscribe to the app of the...


Instacart on the Oregon Coast, todays AOTD6

Did you know, Instacart is on the Oregon coast? If you didn’t, you do now. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Starting it out with house keeping’ 00:20, we start today’s episode by me telling you that I kind of messed yesterdays link up Everything is working correctly though, so you can check out yesterday’s episode at aotd5 Let me tell you a story 00:42, you’ll hear a story I share with you regarding instacart, and the first...


Overcast App, todays AOTD 5

Overcast is AOTD 5 Thanks for returning to todays podcast episode. After a long weekend, you’ll hear the new format we have for the podcast. Hint, makes it a lot eassier to pre-record podcast content, and drop the podcast content after edited into the podcast. and, gives you a lot faster and streamlined path to get the information your coming for. Today, that is the Overcast app download and learn more about overcast now A powerful yet simple podcast player, with Smart Speed, Voice...


Youtube is the 4th AOTD

Youtube The Youtube Logo Today’s application is one i assumed everyone has used, however, we all know what they say about assuming… Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Todays episode is thanks to your support threw Convertkit Check out todays episode to learn about Convertkit and feel free to share your feedback regarding the automations feature directly with Convertkit or on any of my posts as i’ll ensure that they get it. For...


BlindSquare, todays AOTD 3

Get to know your surroundings. If you don’t, i’ll introduce you and today’s AOTD post to an app that will help you become familiar with your surroundings. In addition, you’ll hear stories about how i’ve used this app when working at FCR. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Todays AOTD is thanks to Convert-kit You choosing to use the convertkit service makes this podcast episode possible. For using Convertkit when you click on a...


google wifi app is todays AOTD

google wifi app is todays AOTD NOTE: This podcast/blog post is only about the Google Wifi App, and in order to get the most use from this app you must own google wifi points or be part of someone’s network who’s using the google wifi points. Pick a 3 pack from amazon now So you’ve returned to listen to this AOTD, thanks! it’s time to learn more about the google wifi app. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply []Subscribe to AOTD only Todays AOTD is thanks...


AOTD 1 - Drafts

AOTD 1 - Drafts Looking for the best app for writing a book? This is the Second take of the official first episode of “App of the day”. Want to subscribe to just this section of the podcast? If so, simply add this feed to your podcast app of choice It’s been entireally way two long! Thanks to Convertkit for the 30% I get if you choose to pay them after clicking a link from one of my websites. In this episode, You’ll learn that whenever an idea comes to me it starts in my favorite IOS...


Drafts - AOTW1

AOTW 1 - Drafts The Drafts Logo Happy new year… And happy starts to new branch of the podcast… AOTW OR App Of The Week What’s this app of the week? This weeks application is one that we originally discussed in DM6 - 2017 cool tools for MacOS and IOS If your an iPhone user or someone who spends any time using that new iPad you may have gotten for Christmas, then you need drafts. If you got someone an iPhone or iPad, then you should gift them Drafts. They won’t be sorry. Why do I need...


New Jobs and tools in DM31

DM31: Merry Christmas written in styalized text We are back this week, and we want to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We take some time to talk about what our kids are getting for Christmas this year, and how we the adults are excited. Me and Michael both are really excited about my kids getting powered cars to ride! Michael thinks I’ll be chasing them around now, which he’s probably right. I won’t say what their getting at Michael’s house, just in case they actually read this😏 Did...


Revenge porn, and autonomous vehicles

DM 30: Globe showing Australia We’re coming to you from Down under this week🇦🇺 OK… so we didn’t actually leave the country, but our two main topics are about things going on in Australia. First we share our thoughts about the announcement of Facebook’s efforts to put a stop to revenge porn. They’re running a trial of the idea in Australia, though perhaps they should have tried it internally first. Michael and I both think their position on Revenge Porn is correct, but their plans for...


Michael's wild Hare in DM29

DM29: A Wild Hare YOP Network Logo Damashe and Michael are back this week to talk all about Michael’s recent changes to some of his course offerings. Michael recently made his WordPress from a blind users perspective course a free for feedback offering. Michael explains: We get pretty deep in to the reasons for Michael to make this change, and also how joining Michael’s email list can yield some interesting announcements. Also on the agenda is an interesting conversation about the value...


DM28_ Git does not equal GitHub

DM28: Git does not equal GitHub Terminal Screenshot Hey… those two guys are back with a new episode! So what have wee been up to lately? Damashe is going to share his experience and experiment on his journey to graduate from WordPress implementation specialist to true developer. This is a really fun episode, because we get back to just having good conversations about the technologies we're using. We start this show talking about Damashe's domain habit and why it's Michael's fault😉 But...


3 ways podcasting has had an impact on business

3 ways podcasting has had an impact on business and starting my own podcast helped me build confidence, create relationships, and make money all at the same time. Hey, everyone. My name is Michael Babcock, and I am the host of the Your Own Pay podcast, a podcast started to motivate, inspire and educate entrepreneurs around the world. Since I started this podcast, in October of 2015, a lot of things have changed in my life and in my business. I’ve been changing my business model and the way...


Transmitting ducks, today on DM 27

OK, so it’s michael ✍️ todays show notes… and it’s my fault this episode was as delayed as it was… The Your Own Pay Logo on a black background, a blue Microphone shows at the top, with white letters that say, “”, @payown showing on the bottom We’ve had it ⏺ for a couple of weeks now, i’ve just not got the work done with a lot going on in my life… More about that in a future cast… However, todays cast is all about transmiting 🦆’s Ready? before we get into it Don’t forget that...


social media automation

DM26: Crowdfire, Meet Edgar, the Power of Social Media Automation CrowdFire and Meet Edgar This week, we are revisiting a topic discussed in DM4, social media automation. Automating your social media publishing is important for anyone using these channels for marketing purposes, but you can’t lose sight of the key, which is engagement. This week, Michael is going to tell us all about some new tools that can help you level up with your engagement and promotion. The main reason you want to...


Setting your Can-Spam, Name, and reply email up in convertkit

Setting your Can Spam, Name, and Reply email up in Convertkit If you enjoy todays posting, try convertkit for your first month free. visit this link to try convertkit free for a month We’re going to fill out the important key information for your convertkit account. I am still on that page that told us that there was one more step and I continued reading down that page. Noticing that there actually are a few more steps let’s go ahead and fill out this form real quick and you can substitute...


LaunchBar Super Powers - DM 25

DM25: LaunchBar Super Powers Screenshot of the LaunchBar Wikipedia Search Alright, we’re finally doing the show on LaunchBar! Marlin LaunchBar is one of my must have apps on any Mac I use. If I don’t have LaunchBar installed, or for some reason it quits, my Mac feels broken. I literally have to stop and figure out what is going on. (But we both feel the same) You will hear some people refer to LaunchBar as an application launcher, which it can be. Some may refer to it as a clipboard...


Creating a convert kit free trial

How to get a free convertkit account How to get a free convertkit account, screenshot of the trial page linked to in this article In todays content, I’m going to show you how you can get started with convertkit and a 30-day trial. How to get a free trial of convertkit this is not publicly available so click on this link and follow the directions, I think it’s important that you realize that you can have a one-month trial with this plan, after that it is $29 a month. (I get $8.70 a month of...


what is email marketing and how does it work

Download this episode what is email marketing and how does it work In todays post i hope to answer for you, Damashe and I the other day recorded a podcast episode it was the email marketing automation examples – DM5. in that podcast we talked about ways you can automate your email marketing services using tools like Convertkit. Typically people enter their name and email address into a web form for an incentive, often the generic incentive is given, Side note, No one wants your...