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Using the science of the mind, brain and relationships, two Austin therapists and their guest experts bring practical wisdom to understanding yourself and others in an entertaining format.

Using the science of the mind, brain and relationships, two Austin therapists and their guest experts bring practical wisdom to understanding yourself and others in an entertaining format.
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Using the science of the mind, brain and relationships, two Austin therapists and their guest experts bring practical wisdom to understanding yourself and others in an entertaining format.






TU 87: Treating Complex Trauma and Attachment with Guest Dr. Daniel Brown

This episode is packed with cool content! Learn about complex trauma, debunk myths of false memories from an expert witness of child sexual abuse, and of course revisit the 3 Pillars Model of effective treatment for attachment disturbances!


86: Mentalization and Regression, Responding to Listener's Questions with Sue Marriott

Co-host Sue Marriott ends the year by addressing in depth 2 questions from our audience. These focus on mentalization, the attachment spectrum and regression. We look at how we can lose the capacity to mentalize when we are in a dismissing state of mind and what happens when we regress into early modes of functioning.


TU85: Attachment in the Classroom with Guest Linno Rhodes

Using the science of attachment in the classroom. A look at the take-aways from a tour of relational science experts, guest Linno Rhodes joins co-host Dr. Ann Kelley as they look at applying the skills learned in one's life and the workplace.


TU 84: Why Do We Over (or Under) React? The Neurobiological Underpinnings of Attachment Categories

Neurobiological differences can be detected between secure and insecure relating, and even between the two organized insecure patterns of attachment (Dismissing and Preoccupied)! This is cool because we can understand it and begin to gain mastery over our primitive reactions.


TU83: Establishing Neurological Safety through Relationships with Guest Bonnie Badenoch

The natural neurobiology of co-regulation and it's capacity to engage safety and heal trauma. In addition, the myth of self-regulation and how to re-engage interpersonal relationships. Using interpersonal neurobiology (ipnb) and polyvagal theory to establish safety and security in therapy and in relationships.


TU82: The Paradox of Masculinity with Guest Esther Perel

Can we find a way for men to be BOTH Relational and Masculine? It couldn't be a more important time for thoughtful, honest, and provocative discussion on what it means to be a man in today's culture. Perel makes a case that men are both harmed by the existing power structures and perpetuate harm by the codes imposed on them by all of us. In 2018 there are many contentious ideas about masculinity and “the male code” including confusion by men about how to hold themselves out as safe and...


TU81: How Good Boundaries Actually Bring Us Closer, with Guest Juliane Taylor Shore

Interpersonal co-regulation requires boundary setting. Most of us haven't been lucky enough to learn to be good at boundary setting naturally, by good examples, so we have to literally be taught how to do this important skill. Well today we are in luck! Jello will be your friend. :)


TU:80 Nervous Systems in the News: Dr. Blasey Ford, Sexual Trauma Stories and the Power of Patriarchy

We also touch on the science of memory, implicit and explicit, mirror neurons, stress hormones and threat responses and most importantly the power of patriarchy to harm both women and men, both political parties and our democracy as we know it.


TU79: Attachment Spectrum and the Nervous System, Quick Review with Updates

A review of using the attachment spectrum to improve secure relating and to improve your understanding of yourself and others in your day to day lives. Today we review what we've discussed so far on the podcast about the attachment spectrum and add more detail about the nervous system. The spectrum uses the research in a way that makes it more accessible and clinically useful so that more people can gain from all this good data! If interested in more tune in to Episodes 5, 59, 60, 61 and 66.


TU78: The Stress Response System (Attachment) Across the Lifespan - (Replay)

Neuroscience continues to document our ability to change and grow throughout our life. This episode takes a wide-angle look at attachment throughout one’s life, discusses how one’s environment affects their system’s involuntary response to stress, and how that stress response system impacts us from infancy to the autumn years. Learn how to adjust set stress “pathways” and move towards more secure relating in adult relationships, and also unravel the parallels that exist between attachment in...


TU77: Understanding the Mind with Guest Dr. Dan Siegel (Replay)

Deep discussion on how the current political, international and climate crises could be viewed as a chance to transform human connection rather than be seen from a place of doom. Dr. Siegel called for us all to become pervasive leaders - a great inspiration.


TU76: Behind the Scenes with Ann and Sue, Reflections and a Look Ahead

Sue Marriott and Ann Kelley walk the walk by bringing authenticity and vulnerability to their listeners and seeking connection, engagement and feedback. They also request listener feedback and input to help them co-create an exciting and high quality Season 3 of Therapist Uncensored.


TU 74: Mentalizing: A Critical Component For Secure Relating With Tina Adkins (replay)

The coolest thing about mentalizing is that it is teachable and can interrupt the transmission of insecure attachment with very low level interventions compared to years of psychotherapy.


TU73: Building Grit Through Self Compassion with Dr Kristin Neff (replay)

Self compassion includes fierce accountability and is essential to psychological health… who knew? Most of us think of it as being soft on yourself, but in this episode our guest will reveal the surprising power and science of self compassion.


TU72: Attachment Parenting Vs. Attachment Science, Clearing up Misconsceptions

Finding the middle ground between constantly attending to your child versus letting them learn to self-soothe is a challenge that all parents must face. In this episode, Dr. Ann Kelley and Sue Marriott LCSW, CGP, break down the difference between "Attachment Parenting" and the science of actual theory.


TU71: Speakably Sexy – Communicating to Make Sex Hotter and Relationships More Alive

What makes the ins and outs of sexuality so hard to talk aboout? It turns out, if couples do talk about sex, the conversation is often mostly about frequency. However, what is missing are the zillion of other thoughts and feelings we have about intimacy (or lack there of), desire (or lack thereof), fantasies (or lack thereof), pleasure (or lack therefo) and, oh yeah, the mechanics of sex as well. But don't sweat it, in this episode Therapist Uncensored co-host Dr. Ann Kelley joins guest Dr....


TU70: Challenge Your “Busy” Identity – Gain Consciousness Over Your Pace

Do you use a to-do list as a way to justify the need to be busy rather then the other way around? Idleness can breed discomfort and busyness seems to help to fill in the gap. Learn how conscious busyness and idleness can generate cognitive health and happiness, while unconscious busyness and passivity just adds to the stress trap.


Exploring Intersecting Genders: What We Can All Learn with Guest Li Brookens

Walk through the discovery experience of coming to understand yourself as transgender, and see how coming to truly discover and embrace yourself relates to everyone, not just those who identify as non-binary. Personal and delightful story of transgender identity discovery, and catch up with what you should know about gender identity. Example - what's the difference between transgender and butch lesbian, sex, gender and sexual orientation, tomboy and trans... and what's the deal with the...


TU68: Separation at the Border – Compounding Trauma and Insecurity

"Security" at the border? Relational science professionals have a lot to offer to understand the human rights event that is unfolding on the US-Mexico border. This podcast has been all about promoting security in ourselves and our loved ones, and a primary component to this is access to your caregiver when you are young. It effects our biology, or persistent sense of ourselves and our view of the world. But it works both ways... Stress and fear that is ongoing also has the same persistent...


A Practical Technique to Calm and Confidence with Guest Richard Hill

Unlock natural problem solving and calm the chaos of your mind using Hill and Rossi's treatment tips. The Mirroring Hand technique teaches you to use your natural problem solving to manage stress and anxiety.