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Episode 12: The E.L. Experience

Inclusion is a phrase kicked around often in education. We as podcasters will attack this topic in a future episode. Today's episode addresses a different side of inclusion. One that is essential as well. Ryan Brown, an ELL teacher from Harlem Middle School, joins us to address the tangible ways that we MUST include these English Language learning students in our own class and use their strengths rather than dwelling on their deficiencies. For More information on Basic Interpersonal...


Episode 11: BreakoutEDU

On this weeks episode we are joined by another substitute podcaster. This week it is Adam Jensen from Pilgrim Park Middle School. Adam works as a TLS in the building mostly centered on being an instructional coach as well as the many hats that he wears. One of his prime areas of expertise is BreakoutEDU. He is a frequent recipient of grants centered on this gamified world of education. He shares some entry-level strategies to take the daunting fell out of trying this in your own classroom.


Episode 9: Are They Asking the Right Questions?

On this episode we investigate simple ways to help guide our students towards asking better questions. In today’s world students are bombarded with information at their fingertips and have lost the desire to inquire. We have solutions to reignite that desire in your classroom. Inquiry is not just asking questions. Is driving investigation through questioning to reach a deeper understanding. This type of framework can be found in C3 and NGSS. For example in NGSS It is Asking Questions and...


Episode 8: What Do They Know?

In all teaching, assessing prior knowledge is a essential. Most often the "pre-test" lacks authenticity and is cumbersome. It frequently assesses what student don't know rather than what they know. In this episode we explore some strategies to escape the monotony of multiple choice pre-assessments that might evaluate how well they guess rather than what they truly know. We discuss a strategy called "Brain Dump" as a way to both assess prior knowledge, but activate it too. As a S/O to...


Episode 7: Project-Based Learning

Luke is gone this week tending to his responsibility as a basketball coach. The first ¨substitute¨ podcaster is Cathy Holway from Combs Elementary in the Ferguson-Florissant School District of Missouri. She joins us and share her knowledge and an example of Project-Based Learning. Her example is an amazing creation based on 4th grade math standards answering the question: How can we as entrepreneurs develop a pizza company within a specified budget?


Episode 6: Empathy in Interaction

Valuable relationships are difficult to establish as is with students. They become even more difficult with challenging or struggling students. These are the students that we often do not know need us more than anyone. On this episode we will discuss methods to maintain and build this important relationship.


Episode 5: Building Relationships

Rigor and Relationship are the two things for which we strive. It doesn't matter what you teach if there is no relationship with the student. In this episode we explore how to get to know your students from the beginning of the year to help build and establish that needed relationship. Resources:Name Placard - Used to initiate conversation with students on the first days. Sustained Rapport Checklist Activity - Used to monitor relationships and knowledge of students. A great staff...


Episode 4: Tech Roulette

In today's classroom, tech is all around us. Many schools have moved toward 1:1 models and put personal technology in the hands of their students. We've even seen schools make-up snow days with "Virtual Learning Days." The existence of technology does not improve educator effectiveness. For that we must strive to redefine our classroom with the technology we use. In this episode we review Dr. Puentedura's SAMR model as a guide to transform our classroom with technology....


Episode 3: Intro to Inquiry

Calling this intro to inquiry was essential as a lesson on inquiry could be a week long class and we only have 10 minutes. On this episode we will share some great entry-level ways to affirm or add to what you already do in your class with inquiry. Resources:Question Formulation Technique - Right Question InstituteSocial Stuidies Inquiry -


Episode 2: Hooks

Much like episode 1, the lead or hook to a lesson can mean everything. In this episode we share ideas on how to quickly make changes to your beginnings of you lessons to draw the students in immediately. Resources:Managing the Madness by Jack Berckemeyer -


Episode 1: Teacher 2.0

On today's episode we begin the year where we always do, the first day. The first day of school can be a struggle for students (and teachers) because it takes on the same format year after year and class after class. We discuss ways including a lesson called Teacher 2.0 to mix it up on the first day and make it more meaningful for everyone. Resources:Teacher 2.0 LessonSeating Chart Ideas from Rick Wormeli