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09 - Measuring college readiness, the open road opens doors, & how beer goggles effect may be wrong

In this episode, hear one man’s mission to change the standard measurement for college readiness, as well as one woman’s professional triumph, and why the beer goggles effect may have it all wrong.


08 - There's more to students and student success, than grades

If you take away athletic trophies and the honor roll, are there other ways to define a successful student? You bet there are, and here’s why it’s time to break away from the usual measures. Also, hear about a college course that takes experiential learning to new heights. And holistic admissions: what is it exactly and how big of a trend is it becoming?


07 - Getting more minorities into college, and the link between what you study vs what you can earn

In this episode, we hear from a man once recognized by TIME magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. Dr. Freeman Hrabowski shares his view on getting more minorities into college. Also, a story of a boy who had to bus over a mountain to get to a better school. Now the man that boy became, talks of his struggles with racism, ostracization back home and his relentless pursuit for a better life. Finally, a fascinating look at the correlation between what you study in...


06 - Get inspired for back to school, college perks, and changing the face of college admissions

In this episode, get inspired by motivational speaker Arel Moodie, plus hear what lengths colleges go to, to win over students. If you’ve ever wondered if our business leaders could have a more solid moral standing when making all those big decisions, then you’ll want to hear about this course designed just for that. And finally, submit a video over a traditional application for college admissions? It’s happening.


05 - Timely text messages, the economics of love and lust, and the quest for diversity on campus

In this episode, we hear how well-timed text messages may be the key to preserving college-bound intentions. And why there is still work ahead for true diversity on campus. Plus, the surprising link between volunteering in your community and learning. Lastly, a college course on the economics of love and sex.


Episode 4: Making college possible, the role of emotions in learning, and Kanye West vs everybody

In this episode, we hear how emotions influence learning, and why there’s a college course centered around Kanye West. Plus - one man’s hardship is another man’s inspiration. Here how one man is making college possible for those who never thought it could be. And a look at why gap years work, and why one woman dedicated her academic research to the mysterious popularity of online cat videos.


Episode 3: Role-playing in the classroom, difficult transitions, and nervous teachers

In this episode: what it means to be truly prepared for college. Many students struggle with the transition out of high school, but the reasons why not be what you think. Also, once in college - should students be doing more to ready themselves for life after school? You’ll hear why one expert feels students need to be doing more, sooner, or risk losing out. Plus, a story about how the introduction of role-playing in a literature class changed everything for student engagement. This is...


Episode 2: Personal questions on college applications, thinking critically, and a zombie apocalypse

In today’s episode of Upgraded by Hobsons, we ask questions about what belongs on a college admissions form and what does not. Also, it has never been more critical than now, to be a critical thinker. But how, exactly, do we do it? And how do we teach our kids to do it? Finally, what better way to learn and understand human behaviour in a catastrophe, than through a college course on a zombie apocalypse. This is Upgraded by Hobsons.


Episode 1: First Class

In this inaugural episode of Upgraded by Hobsons, we explore a whole new take on higher ed. Imagine a university without lectures, without traditional classrooms, without walls... Plus, we take a trip to Texas to a school that unlocks a meaningful connection between learning and living. Also, in the show you’ll hear the do’s and don’ts of emailing your professor. And we hear how failure could be the secret to success. Grab your headphones. It’s time to get Upgraded.


Listen to a preview of Upgraded: Launching March 1

Coming soon... A podcast that connects learning to life. Upgraded is a brand new podcast by Hobsons that will feature a wide range of stories related to education. This monthly series launches March 1, 2016. Subscribe now.