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Episode 14: The Stripping Away of Civil Rights (ft. Laura Waters)

In this episode, we sit down with our friend and colleague Laura Waters to discuss the role of the federal government in regulating public schools as well as Laura's recent article about Betsy DeVos's failure to protect disabled students from civil rights violations. We discuss Laura's perspective on these issues, both as an education writer and the mother of a child with disabilities. Full show notes and links at http://educationpost.org/conversation/podcast/


Episode 13: Choosing a Good School for Your Kid

In this episode, we discuss the metrics that parents can use to make an informed decision about school choice. Then you will hear a story of public education done right. This is the story of Sandra and her young son Aurelius, and their journey to find a school that could provide the support that Aurelius needs to shine. Eventually, Sandra chose KIPP Jacksonville for her children, and couldn't be more pleased. You'll hear about how Aurelius's difficulties manifested in a typical public...


Episode 12: Why Youth Mentoring Increases Opportunities for Kids

In this episode, we interview Torie Weiston-Serdan, educator and founder of the Youth Mentoring Action Network, a non-profit organization that provides mentoring services to young people to help them become college, career, and life ready. We discuss the benefits of mentoring programs and why increasing opportunities for kids to be mentored is so important. We talk about the future and potential of mentoring as well as how schools can provide better support for marginalized groups. Full...


Episode 11: We Take a Trip to Denver! (ft. Susana Cordova)

In this episode, Lane and Ikhlas speak with Susana Cordova, deputy superintendent of Denver Public Schools. She started working in Denver over 20 years ago as a bilingual language arts teacher. We discuss the current state of education in Denver, what it's like to push for reform in your hometown, and what makes a quality school. Full show notes and links at http://educationpost.org/conversation/podcast/


Episode 10: First Generation College Students

In this episode, we explore the experiences and struggles of first-generation college students. First, we hear from our colleague Valentina, Education Post’s chief of staff, about her experience as a first-generation college student. Then, we speak with a current first-generation student, Leticia, and a staff member from the OneGoal organization, Melissa. OneGoal is a coalition of teachers, students, school leaders, and education advocates that work to close the college degree divide...


Episode 9: Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of MLK's Assassination

In this episode, Ikhlas and Lane are joined by the founder of Campaign for School Equity, Mendell Grinter, to commemorate the date of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination 50 years ago. They discuss why Dr. King’s dream is still relevant today and what needs to be done to see it completely realized in the future.


08 The Best and Worst Moments of 2017

On our last episode of 2017, we talk about the best and worst moments of the year. From politics to #metoo, from wonderful moments inside classrooms and outside, 2017 was a big year. We want to thank all of the guests we’ve had on the podcast so far and are looking forward to a great 2018.


Episode 7: Millennials in Education

In this episode, Ikhlas visited a Panel on Millennials in Education Reform, hosted by the Fordham Institute in Washington DC. She spoke with three panelists on how Millennials are involved in education and reform. Mendell Grinter, Founder and Executive Director of Campaign for School Equity. Lea Crusey, founder of Allies for Educational Equity Dakarai Aarons, Vice President of Strategic Communications for the Data Quality Campaign. Ikhlas’s main interview is with Alyssa Schwenk, the...


Episode 6: Lane Took a Trip to Qatar and Then Found KIPP (ft. Mike Feinberg)

Lane attends the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) in Doha, Qatar, and interviews some of the unique voices at the summit. First, we hear from two students at the English Modern School in Doha, Satine Dosdos, and Matthew El Chalouhi. They explain how their school works in Qatar and what makes a great teacher. Lane interviews Zainab Mohamed, an educator who has worked for Teach for Qatar and talks about the issues facing Qatari schools and families when it comes to teachers,...


Episode 5: A Trip to Planet Mom (ft. Erika Sanzi and Keri Rodrigues)

Today on the podcast we're talking to two amazing moms of school kids, Erika Sanzi and Keri Rodrigues. How Erika and Keri do it all is beyond us, but in this episode, we dive into everything from advocating for kids to trying to find some down time with three boys running around the house. Erika Sanzi lives in Rhode Island, is a former teacher and school board member, and the mother of three boys. She writes about education issues on her blog Good School Hunting as well as blogging on...


Episode 4: #TeachtheBabies (ft. David Johns and Dr. John King)

We finally got to sit down with David Johns and Dr. John King at The Inaugural National Black Male Educators Convening in Philly last month, hosted by The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice. Last episode we chatted with Sharif El-Mekki and Vincent Cobb II, co-organizers of the Convening, which you can listen to here. First, we speak with David Johns, executive director of the National Black Justice Coalition and a PhD student at Columbia University. We discuss how to...


Episode 3: Black Male Educators

Ikhlas and Lane attended The Inaugural National Black Male Educators Convening in Philly earlier this month hosted by The Fellowship: Black Male Educators for Social Justice. They got to hear from Black male educators from around the country on why they came to the convening and what we can do to get more Black male educators in the classroom. They also talk to organizers of the event, Vincent Cobb II and Sharif El-Mekki, about why they planned the event, how to create a conversation...


Episode 2: What Do Principals Do All Day?

Principals can really make or break a school. Today we’re discussing what principals do, what makes a good or bad principal, and how teachers and principals can work together to improve schools. We're joined by former Minnesota Teacher of the Year Tom Rademacher and former Chicago principal LeeAndra Khan. We also chat with co-hosts of the EdCouple podcast and retired Chicago principals, Nate Pietrini and James Gray. Learn more at educationpost.org


Episode 1: How’d You Get Into Education Anyway?

Welcome to the first episode of Voices4ED, an Education Post podcast where we bring in voices of students, parents and teachers to talk about what’s really happening in our public schools. Hosted by Ikhlas Saleem and Lane Wright of Education Post, they open up this first episode by talking about how each of our hosts got into the field of public education. They chat about their earlier experiences with education in their K-12 years, and why everyone should be invested in good public...