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David Tomen

David Tomen has been researching nootropics and brain optimization for over 10 years. When he's not writing about nootropics, he's travelling the world (45 countries so far), sailing, diving, studying neuroscience or sitting under an umbrella on Miami Beach. David Tomen Vroom Vroom Veer Stories David Tomen’s journey with nootropic supplements began when he was diagnosed with Adult ADD.After years of buying self-help books, being passed over for promotions, and even suffering depression over...


Best of VVV Janice Chanka

Happy New Year! In keeping with the theme of introverts... Janice is awesome!! Enjoy another Best of VVV. Janice Chaka is a self-confessed introvert and an accomplished entrepreneur with over 8 years of international HR experience. She has cross cultural and international experiences working with companies both large and small. Janice provides a unique perspective on applying human resources and career coaching for introverts. Janice Chaka Vroom Veer Stories Grew up travelling all over the...


Best of VVV – Cat Rose

Happy Holiday if you choose to celebrate holidays! OK, I admit that I consider myself an extrovert. So, when an introvert asked me to be a guest, I was afraid that she wouldn't talk! Of course, turns out that FEAR was completely unfounded in reality and Cat was amazing! Please enjoy a Best of VVV!! Cat Rose helps creative introverts reach their goals through coaching, online programs, step-by-step guides and my online membership community the League of Creative Introverts. Cat Rose Vroom...


Travis Jones – Business, Meditation, Gratitude and Finding Meaning

Travis Jones is a serial entrepreneur and risk taker. He is the Founder & CEO of RBT Gyms, Keystone Health & Fitness, Think Tank Australia and Attain Digital Agency. Travis Jones Vroom Veer Stories Result Based Training is fundamentally different than most gym memberships; you are signing up to work with group who will hold you accountable to accomplish your fitness goals How did you find clients? Talked to 100 people per week with a free offer with about 20% sign up rate; worked to flip...


Phil Newton – UnHustle: The Art of Doing Less While Earning More

Phil Newton takes that overworked, underpaid person and helps them to move to a stage of being unHustled. Phil works with clients to free up their time, focus their offer, fnd their most fabulous clients and facilitate a world-class experience for their clients. In essence, he helps people earn more while working less. As the owner of an investment company, Phil knows what it means to work himself to death, and why it’s so important to find a way to work smarter and enjoy life more. He’s put...


Oscar Trimboli – Deep Listening: Impact Beyond Words

Oscar Trimboli is the author of Deep Listening: Impact beyond words, The 125/400 Rule: The Art and Science of Listening and Breakthroughs: How to confront your assumptions. Working with boards and executive teams, Oscar has experienced first-hand the transformational impact leaders can have when they listen beyond the words. Oscar Trimboli Vroom Vroom Veer Stories What is the 125/400 Rule? How can we use this rule to listen better? Talk about how there is an Art and Science to listening What...


Joseph Romm – How to Go Viral and Reach Millions

Joseph Romm was named one of “The 100 People Who Are Changing America” by Rolling Stone magazine. CNN host Van Jones calls Romm “the communicator’s communicator.” Time magazine named Romm one of the “Heroes of the Environment (2009)” calling him “The Web’s most influential climate change blogger.” Joseph Romm Vroom Veer Stories How do we use figures of speech in headlines? Alliterations and metaphors are pretty common ideas. Peter Parker, Louis Lane, Clark Kent, J. Jonah Jameson - the comic...


John Hinkle – Shift: Moving from Where you are to the Life you Want

After a successful career as a global corporate leader responsible for building some of the world’s most notable brands, John Hinkle began his own SHIFT journey. It began when his career was unexpectedly upended through a corporate merger. The event became a pivotal time of questioning and reflection, which led to the discovery of five core principles he developed to master his own life and career change. John Hinkle Vroom Veer Stories What are the four life shifts that everyone has to...


Frank Allgäuer – Juice, Bounce and Balance

After years of struggling with medical issues such as fatigue, anxiety, depression, and severe food allergies, Frank Allgäuer set out on a quest to reset and regain the energy he once had. He developed the Juice Bounce Balance method after years of exploring nutrition and exercise and solving his own health problems. Frank became the first ever qualified natural juice therapist in Germany. Through his coaching and implementation programs, Frank now helps others so they can stop struggling...


Kala Philo – How one Gen X’er is Defining Slow Travel

Kala Philo is an online marketer, entrepreneur, and founder of the slow travel and cultural exploration blog, La Vida with Wings. After spending 15 years as a marketing video consultant and producer for small businesses and nonprofits in Austin and Northern California, Kala left the nest really empty after her youngest daughter graduated from high school. She sold or donated anything that didn’t fit in her car, gave up her lease, and spent the next 18 months traveling solo across the US,...


Diane Gardner – New Tax Laws: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Diane Gardner is a Certified Tax Coach and best-selling author whose proactive planning approach helps clients dodge the tax bullet. Her tax coaching sessions have resulted in a combined savings of over $1,767,928 to-date. Diane has authored several books including, Stop Overpaying Your Taxes! Diane Gardner Vroom Veer Stories GOOD: Changes to the Alternative Minimum Tax Mixed: Changes to the Itemized deductions Good: Some States are trying to work out a charitable contribution credit for the...


Thane Marcus Ringler

Thane Marcus Ringler is an L.A. based speaker, writer, entrepreneur, and collaborator, as well as the host of The Up & Comers Show: a podcast all about learning how to live a good life. Before Thane's current endeavors began, he competed his whole life in golf including a 3+ year stint as a professional golfer. Thane Marcus Ringler Vroom Veer Stories What was it like growing up in Huchinson, KS? When did you start playing golf? Were your parents crazy about it? Did you go to College? Was...


Joseph Hogue – Let’s Talk Money

Joseph Hogue worked in private wealth management and venture capital for more than a decade before creating his online business. He has self-published 10 books on personal finance and investing. He also runs multiple websites and a popular YouTube channel with over 17K subscribers. Joseph Hogue Vroom Veer Stories What was your experience growing up in Iowa? Jeff grew up in rural northern Michigan What did you get out of serving in the Marine Corps? Went to college at IOWA and went...


Best of VVV – Loretta Breuning Making Peace with the Animal Inside

Loretta and I became friendly while I still lived in the Los Angeles area, and she is even MORE awesome in person. Meeting Loretta and understanding her concepts and ideas was the one of the most life changing encounters from doing this podcast. Her ideas fundamentally changed the way I think about stress, sadness, loneliness and just the ups and downs of life. If this is your first time hearing Loretta, please don't let it be the last, check out her website, meet her in person, read her...


Jonathan Gillham – Using Block Chain Tech to Fix Broken Online Ad Space

Jonathan Gillham co-founded a successful digital asset acquisition firm. Owns over 6000 websites generating 6 figures month. Former Exxon Mobile Engineer. Jonathan Gillham Vroom Veer Stories Woke up one morning to negative six figure day - learned a valuable lesson in risk and vulnerability in business (and life) How to explain Block Chain tech to a 5 year old; or even Jeff Smith - I think I finally get it Grew up in Collingwood, Onatrio and was very into outdoor adventures like downhill...


Best of VVV – Brad Szollose Inspiring a Multigenerational Workforce

So, it turns out having a job is alot of work! Good news for you if you missed Brad show back in 2015! This was a fun show, and if you listen closely you will hear birds chirping in the background because Brad was calling in from his backyard! Enjoy another Best of VVV! :D Has anyone noticed that there is a generational divide these days? Today we have 4 very defined Generations working side-by-side. Generation Y are also called Millennials or Digital Natives and working with Baby Boomers...


Best of VVV – Dan Erickson – Hipdiggs & Simple Living

Dan Erickson's was a guest twice on my show, you should check out both, but if you missed the first one, you are in for a treat! This is one of my favorites and clearly a best of show. Dan Erickson is a minimalist. He spent most of his life trying to simplify. He rejects the ways of consumption and waste and prefer to produce and renew. He is an author of several books and a single Dad. Dan Erickson Vroom Veer Stories Living in a cult as a slave boy. How did that happen? Transitioning from...


Johnny FD – Scuba, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Entrepreneur

Johnny FD says: I'm Johnny and my goal is to document and share my journey as a location independent entrepreneur with my friends and family. In 2008 I quit my well paid corporate job in California to move to Thailand to follow my passions and work as a Scuba Diver around the world. It was in Thailand that I spent the next 3 years training professionally as a Muay Thai Fighter and fighting professionally. In 2013 I started my first online business through publishing a book on Amazon Kindle,...


Tony Carlston – Best Day of My Life

Tony Carlston, born and raised in the pacific northwest, is an entrepreneur who founded Cutco Closing Gifts which has done over 100M in sales, founded Branding Tools INC which is an engraving company that employs 50 people in Vancouver, WA, and is the owner and CEO of Best Day of My Life INC. Tony loves to travel and lives a big life. His interests include parenting his 8 children, exotic cars and motorcycles, helping entrepreneurs solve seen and unseen weak points in their businesses, real...


Joseph Snyder – Lannister Holdings Using Blockchain Tech to Secure Transactions

Joseph Snyder is a serial entrepreneur for over fifteen years. In his early twenties, he started his career in real estate, then began working in risk management, where he built an agency into 32 states that serves thousands of clients. That was just the beginning of his business success. Now, Joseph is the CEO of the publicly traded, revolutionary blockchain development company Lannister Holdings, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He looks not only to bring Arizona into a wave of tech...