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Joseph Hogue – Let’s Talk Money

Joseph Hogue worked in private wealth management and venture capital for more than a decade before creating his online business. He has self-published 10 books on personal finance and investing. He also runs multiple websites and a popular YouTube channel with over 17K subscribers. Joseph Hogue Vroom Veer Stories What was your experience growing up in Iowa? Jeff grew up in rural northern Michigan What did you get out of serving in the Marine Corps? Went to college at IOWA and went...


Best of VVV – Loretta Breuning Making Peace with the Animal Inside

Loretta and I became friendly while I still lived in the Los Angeles area, and she is even MORE awesome in person. Meeting Loretta and understanding her concepts and ideas was the one of the most life changing encounters from doing this podcast. Her ideas fundamentally changed the way I think about stress, sadness, loneliness and just the ups and downs of life. If this is your first time hearing Loretta, please don't let it be the last, check out her website, meet her in person, read her...


Jonathan Gillham – Using Block Chain Tech to Fix Broken Online Ad Space

Jonathan Gillham co-founded a successful digital asset acquisition firm. Owns over 6000 websites generating 6 figures month. Former Exxon Mobile Engineer. Jonathan Gillham Vroom Veer Stories Woke up one morning to negative six figure day - learned a valuable lesson in risk and vulnerability in business (and life) How to explain Block Chain tech to a 5 year old; or even Jeff Smith - I think I finally get it Grew up in Collingwood, Onatrio and was very into outdoor adventures like downhill...


Best of VVV – Brad Szollose Inspiring a Multigenerational Workforce

So, it turns out having a job is alot of work! Good news for you if you missed Brad show back in 2015! This was a fun show, and if you listen closely you will hear birds chirping in the background because Brad was calling in from his backyard! Enjoy another Best of VVV! :D Has anyone noticed that there is a generational divide these days? Today we have 4 very defined Generations working side-by-side. Generation Y are also called Millennials or Digital Natives and working with Baby Boomers...


Best of VVV – Dan Erickson – Hipdiggs & Simple Living

Dan Erickson's was a guest twice on my show, you should check out both, but if you missed the first one, you are in for a treat! This is one of my favorites and clearly a best of show. Dan Erickson is a minimalist. He spent most of his life trying to simplify. He rejects the ways of consumption and waste and prefer to produce and renew. He is an author of several books and a single Dad. Dan Erickson Vroom Veer Stories Living in a cult as a slave boy. How did that happen? Transitioning from...


Johnny FD – Scuba, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Entrepreneur

Johnny FD says: I'm Johnny and my goal is to document and share my journey as a location independent entrepreneur with my friends and family. In 2008 I quit my well paid corporate job in California to move to Thailand to follow my passions and work as a Scuba Diver around the world. It was in Thailand that I spent the next 3 years training professionally as a Muay Thai Fighter and fighting professionally. In 2013 I started my first online business through publishing a book on Amazon Kindle,...


Tony Carlston – Best Day of My Life

Tony Carlston, born and raised in the pacific northwest, is an entrepreneur who founded Cutco Closing Gifts which has done over 100M in sales, founded Branding Tools INC which is an engraving company that employs 50 people in Vancouver, WA, and is the owner and CEO of Best Day of My Life INC. Tony loves to travel and lives a big life. His interests include parenting his 8 children, exotic cars and motorcycles, helping entrepreneurs solve seen and unseen weak points in their businesses, real...


Joseph Snyder – Lannister Holdings Using Blockchain Tech to Secure Transactions

Joseph Snyder is a serial entrepreneur for over fifteen years. In his early twenties, he started his career in real estate, then began working in risk management, where he built an agency into 32 states that serves thousands of clients. That was just the beginning of his business success. Now, Joseph is the CEO of the publicly traded, revolutionary blockchain development company Lannister Holdings, based out of Phoenix, Arizona. He looks not only to bring Arizona into a wave of tech...


Philip Williams – Anti Corporate Goal Setting that works

Philip Williams is a 3-time Inc 5000 CEO who bootstrapped a 17 year old cash strapped company and grew it at 50% per year for 5 straight years. That resulted in simultaneous acquisition offers from two multi-national corporations. Today, he helps business owners build companies with what he calls an anti-corporate goal setting approach. His business education started at the family dinner table when he was about 8 years old. He was raised by a Barber Shop and Auto Salvage Yard owner then...


Dr. James Kelley – The Crucible’s Gift

Dr. James Kelley, author of The Crucible’s Gift: 5 Lessons from Authentic Leaders Who Thrive in Adversity, brings a fresh perspective to leadership coaching and keynotes. His journey from a humble home in Portland, Oregon to earning his PhD and living near Dubai with his wife and four children is full of adversity. James also has a keen interest in the adversity that shapes great leaders around the world. Whether it’s on his podcast Executives Afer Hours or giving a keynote speech at a...


Best of VVV – Daniel Hayes – Improv your Life

Daniel Hayes reminds me not to judge a book by it's cover. Before speaking with Daniel, I thought, "Whoa, am I going to like this guy? A boxer, athletic dude? Me, I'm a fat, bald, nerd, will we be able to connect?" Then Daniel was sweet, funny and curious...made me want to work out more. This is one of my favorite shows, so in case you missed him the first time...enjoy. :D Daniel Hayes is a top ranked middleweight boxing prospect and Trinidad & Tobago’s boxing ambassador. Daniel Hayes...


Best of VVV Jen Briney – Congressional Dish Podcast

Hey! Yes another re-run! Look, we all need time off, so while I'm basking in summer glory in Michigan and Wisconsin hanging out with family and friends you can check out this re-run (best of). This is one of my favorite shows, so in case you missed it the first time...enjoy :D. Jen Briney says... Hi. I’m Jen Briney. I’m the host of Congressional Dish. My husband and I currently live in Walnut Creek, CA but I was raised and went to school in Southern California. I have a degree in...


Best of VVV – David Frees Success Technologies

Ah summer! The kids (not my kids, we don't have kids) are out of school, the sun is out, and I got a new job! Whoop! Time for a re-run or three (I'm mean a best-of). David Frees and I had a very fun convo back in the day, in case you missed, enjoy! :D David Frees' life, academic work and careers have taken him across the globe and exposed him to leaders, master communicators, persuaders, influencers and negotiators in hundreds of nations and across many cultures. He now uses his experience...


Michelle Gomez – Own Your Brilliance

Michelle Gomez is an accomplished business executive, with nearly 2 decades worth of experience in the male-dominated transportation and logistics industry. She has been a strong advocate for women in the workforce; mentoring dozens of women to personal and professional success. A self-proclaimed reformed Corporate Burnout, Michelle managed to find a slower pace of career that allowed her time and space to address the Impostor Syndrome in her own life. Michelle then turned her attention to...


Jonathan Greene – Embracing Change, Meditation; Turning off the Ego

 Jonathan Greene is a Father, writer, podcast host, guest expert, unwitting polymath. Creator of Redoubtable & Uncalendared. Purveyor of wit. Advocate of sarcasm. Believer in zen. Jonathan Greene Vroom Veer Stories Currently writing everyday on medium working up steam to write a novel; he already wrote to screenplays which was really cathartic Test questions that are looking for the "best answer" vs. the right answer drive both of us a little bit crazy Born and raised in Brooklyn Heights...


Amani Roberts – How Learning to DJ can Unlock your Creativity

Amani Roberts is a DJ, Producer, Professor and Podcaster who loves to help people unlock their creativity by teaching people how to DJ. In my free time I love soccer, reading and perfecting my salsa skills. A Washington DC-native who now lives close to the beach right outside of Los Angeles. Amani Roberts Vroom Veer Stories Being an entrepreneur is a very lonely life; you need to find a tribe of folks you can meet with and talk with otherwise; I need to find a meetup Jeff is ready to hit the...


Chris Parker – How a Simple Website born in 2000 now Pays his Bills

Chris Parker is the founder of WhatIsMyIPaddress.com, the number one IP address lookup website. Chris started the website in January 2000 and for the first five years his revenue didn't even cover his internet bill. In 2014, Chris was laid off from his corporate job and was faced with the scary opportunity to make his website a full-time business. Chris Parker Vroom Veer Stories Grew up in Tustin California and has lived within a 10 mile radius of home his whole life Went to Cal State...


Vin Clancy – Ace the Game; Growth Hacks, getting off Welfare; Burnout

Vin Clancy is an infamous growth hacker that went from being on social welfare in the UK to winning best speaker at SXSW V2V for his growth hacking talk, finishing a 100-date world tour, and earning six figures on his debut growth hacking book. Vin created one of the biggest marketing communities on Facebook, and moved to L.A., where he teaches companies how to rapidly grow their audiences and businesses. Vin is on a mission to speak truth to the many lies some internet marketers tell. He’s...


Madeleine Lambert – How World Travel changes you; your Life and Business

Madeleine Lambert is the driving force behind the business management and growth of Content Refined. As a young entrepreneur, she is always looking for different ways to improve the business for her clients and for her employees. She has a Bachelor’s Degree with combined Honours in Legal Studies & Human Rights from Carleton University. After university, she traveled solo across the globe, and lived in Asia for a year. She and her partner are happily settled in their first home in Collingwood...


Monica Shah – Healing our Relationships with Money

Monica Shah is a seven-figure business coach who helps entrepreneurs build businesses that support their ideal lifestyles. After receiving her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and working in marketing for L'Oreal Paris, Monica left corporate to start her first company – and then her second company, Revenue Breakthrough. Today, she takes her clients step by step through building, growing and expanding their businesses. She combines her business acumen with her intuition and healing...