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Ep 133 - Croatia

This week we dive into Croatia and Croatian wines. This area of the world has a long wine history so we give you a short introduction as well as some awesome wine recommendations. We hope you enjoy this episode! Wine Recommendations Vina Skaramuča Plavac 2016 - priced around $17. You can purchase this wine here Piližota Plavina 2016 - priced around $16. You can purchase this wine here Zlatan Plavac Šibenik 2011 - priced around $22. You can purchase this wine...


Ep 132 - Burgenland, Austria

This week we are talking about the Burgenland wine region in Austria. We have talked about Austria in the past in episode 67 when we explored Grüner Veltliner. In this week's episode we discuss: we talked about Saint Laurent in depth back in episode 77 Wine Recommendations Umathum Rosa Rose 2016 - priced around $22. Y Markus Altenburger Blaufrankisch 2015 - priced around $22. You can learn more about this wine here You can purchase this wine here


Ep 131 - Four Wines September 2018 Edition

it’s time for another four wines. Every couple of months we dedicate an episode to talk about four wines that we’ve really enjoyed recently that don’t fit in our upcoming episodes. In this episode, we highlighted a couple of listeners as a way of saying thanks for all the support. Follow wine4fridays and uncoakingenglish on Instagram. They are awesome! Wine Recommendations Marques de Gelida Brut Gran Reserva Cava 2009 - priced around $20. Nose: toast, marigold flowers, pear and...


Ep 130 – Markus Niggli of Markus Wine Co Edit

This week we're featuring our interview with Markus Niggli of Markus Wines out of Lodi, CA as well as some of his amazing wines. We met Markus back in 2016 when the Wine Bloggers Conference was in Lodi, California, where he was involved with the the pre-conference excursion we went on which was titled “ Old Vines and experimental wines”. Markus was indeed sharing fresh wines with higher acidity, made with grapes you wouldn't expect in a place many people believe is too hot to do so - wines...


Ep 129 - Piquepoul

This week we are talking about the lesser known and grown Piquepoul grape and the area it predominantly comes from. Wine Recommendations Richemer Piquepoul Cotes de Thau 2016 - priced around $6. Félines Jourdan 2016 - priced around $13. You can find information on where to purchase this wine here Domaine Condamine l'Evêque La Dent 2015 - priced around $13. ou can find information on where to purchase this wine here Sources: WikipediaPicpoul de Pinet AOC Wine...


Ep 128 - Slovenia

This week we are going to talk about Slovenian wine. There are some amazing and interesting wines coming out of this country. Since we are talking about a country instead a wine region, we are going to do a brief over but in the future we hope to circle back someday and cover specific regions from this up and coming wine country. Wine Recommendations - all of these wines are from the Drava wine region! Kobal Ptuj Sauvignon Blanc 2015 - priced around $18. We purchase this wine from...


Ep 127 - Savoie

This week we are talking about the region of Savoie. Savoie is a wine region in eastern France and it’s to the east of the region of Bugey which we covered in last week’s episode. It’s in the mountainous areas just south of Lake Geneva and it borders Switzerland. It's a small wine region has around 5,000 acres of vines translating into about 16 million bottles of wine a per year. The wine of Savoie are little known outside the area making up only 0.5% of French wines exported. Check out this...


Ep 126 - Bugey

Bugey is a wine region in east central part of France just east of Beaujolais. It’s small in size and production with only a little over 1200 acres of vines and about 4 million bottles of wine produced each year. In this episode, we dive a little deeper into our French wine knowledge, exploring Bugey and it's wines. Wine Recommendations Bernard & Marjorie Rondeau Bugey Cerdon - priced around $22. you can purchase this wine by clicking here La Cueille Bugey Cerdon - priced around...


Ep 125 - Wine in the News July 2018 Edition

Time for another Wine in the News episode! Below are links to the articles feature in this episode. Napa's Measure C Is Dead; the War Over Hillside Vineyards Has Just Begun French winemakers say warning labels will ruin ‘the soul of France’ How rosé became the most obnoxious drink in America MILLIONS OF BOTTLES OF SPANISH ROSÉ SOLD AS FRENCH Here’s why wine makers are ageing their bottles under the sea


Ep 124 - Alto Adige - Südtirol

This week we are talking about the region Alto Adige - Südtirol, Italy’s northernmost wine region. The idea for this episode is thanks to the Alto Adige - Sudtirol region and Teuwen Communications, a PR and marketing company we have worked with in the past. They reached out to us asking if we were interested in exploring a selection of this region’s signature grapes. We enjoy learning about wines from lesser known wine regions so we thought this would be a great opportunity to talk about it...


Ep 123 - Summer Wines - Albariño

This week we continue our summer wine series with one of our favorite white wines for summer, Albariño. We covered Albariño way back in episode 15 which was published June 15, 2016, so click here if you want to listed to learn more about this region and it's wine. Here are this week's wine recommendations - the first two wines were sent to us by Rias Baixas Albariño as press samples. Serra da Estrela 2017 - priced around $16. Paco & Lola 2017 - priced around $20. You can purchase...


Ep 122 - Summer Wines - Canned Wines

We continue our summer wines series. Since it’s well into summer, we thought it was a good time to take about the new trend of canned wines. When picking wine to sample for this episode, we only purchased canned wine that was strictly wine. We decided to just stick with straight wine so we could make a fair comparison to other wines. Wine Recommendations Tangent Sauvignon Blanc 2016 You can purchase this wine here Alloy Everyday Rose NV You can purchase a four pack of wine...


Ep 121 - Summer Wines - White Blends

This week we continue our summer wine series with white blends. A blend is really a wine containing two or more grapes which means there is an unlimited amount of options. Some regions are famous for their white blends and we’ve covered quite a few of them in previous episodes. Ep 068 – Soave Ep 044 – Winter Whites From Southern Rhone Ep 014 – Any Day is Special when you’re Drinking Cava! Wine Recommendations Anne Amie Vineyards 2015 Cuvee Amrita - priced $15. You can purchase this wine...


Ep 120 - Summer Wines - Riesling

This week we continue of series on our favorite types of wine for summer with Riesling. Riesling is a white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region of Germany but it's grown all over the world. We covered Riesling way back in March 2016 in episode four. Click here if you want to take a trip down memory lane. Wine Recommendations 2016 Hogue Late Harvest Riesling - priced around $10. Schlink Haus 2017 Riesling Kabinett Nahe - prcied around $12. Boundary Breaks Vineyard...


Ep 119 - Summer Wines - Vinho Verde

We are start a new series talking about our favorite wines for the summertime. These next few episodes are going to be like our four wines episode but instead of four random wines, we're going to talk about wines from one specific place or grape and why we love to drink in the summer. We start the series with Vinho Verde. Way back 100 episodes ago we talk at length about Vinho Verde so feel free to check that episode out if you want to learn more. Check out our episode on Vinho...


Ep 118 - Wine in the News June 2018 Edition

Time for another Wine in the News! Below are the articles we reference in this episode and links if you want to read more. ARGENTINE WINERY LAUNCHES WINE-BASED CRYPTOCURRENCYThe Rebellious French Village Making Wine Banned by the E.U. Everyday Wines: The Most Important Bottles You Will DrinkRosé: Wave hits Wall? The wine bots are coming


Ep 117 - Toro

This week we wrap up our series on lesser known Spanish wine regions with the Toro DO. Toro is a Spanish DO for wines in the province of Zamora, which is in the northwest of Castilla y Léon. If you are looking at a map of Spain this area is in the west central part of Spain. The DO is named after an ancient settlement called Toro which is 40 miles east of the Portuguese border. Toro means bull in Spanish, although no one really knows why the town was named Toro. The area of Toro DO is about...


Ep 116 - Valencia

This is week three of our Spanish wine series and this week we are talking about the Valencia DO. The City of Valencia is Spain’s largest port and third largest city, located in the center of the Spain's east coast. It's also the name of one of five DOs located in the region of Valencia, which is the DO we are focusing for this episode. The Valencia D.O. was established in 1957 and is one of the largest in the Valencia region with around 45,000 acres of vines. In this week's episode, we...


Ep 115 - Cariñena

This is week two of our Spanish wine series where we take a journey to learn about lesser known regions. This week we are talking about Cariñena a Spanish DOP located in the Ebro Valley in Spain’s northeast region of Aragón, In this episode, we discuss: Wine Recommendations El Jamon Garnacha 2015 - priced around $10. You can purchase this wine here La Fea Blanco 2016 - priced around $10. You can purchase this wine here Sources Cariñena DO Wikipedia Cariñena, Spain’s Hottest...


Ep 114 - Ribera del Duero

This week starts a new series on Spanish wine regions. A couple of summers ago we did a series on Spanish wines which we really enjoyed. We love Spanish wine and wanted an excuse to drink more and learn about lesser known regions within Spain. So this week we are kicking things off with Ribera del Duero. On this week's episode we discuss: Wine Recommendations Convento Oreja Crianza 2014 - priced around $25. This wine has aromas of black cherry, spice, vanilla and a hint of tobacco....