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Ep 123 - Summer Wines - Albariño

This week we continue our summer wine series with one of our favorite white wines for summer, Albariño. We covered Albariño way back in episode 15 which was published June 15, 2016, so click here if you want to listed to learn more about this region and it's wine. Here are this week's wine recommendations - the first two wines were sent to us by Rias Baixas Albariño as press samples. Serra da Estrela 2017 - priced around $16. Paco & Lola 2017 - priced around $20. You can purchase...


Ep 122 - Summer Wines - Canned Wines

We continue our summer wines series. Since it’s well into summer, we thought it was a good time to take about the new trend of canned wines. When picking wine to sample for this episode, we only purchased canned wine that was strictly wine. We decided to just stick with straight wine so we could make a fair comparison to other wines. Wine Recommendations Tangent Sauvignon Blanc 2016 You can purchase this wine here Alloy Everyday Rose NV You can purchase a four pack of wine...


Ep 121 - Summer Wines - White Blends

This week we continue our summer wine series with white blends. A blend is really a wine containing two or more grapes which means there is an unlimited amount of options. Some regions are famous for their white blends and we’ve covered quite a few of them in previous episodes. Ep 068 – Soave Ep 044 – Winter Whites From Southern Rhone Ep 014 – Any Day is Special when you’re Drinking Cava! Wine Recommendations Anne Amie Vineyards 2015 Cuvee Amrita - priced $15. You can purchase this...


Ep 120 - Summer Wines - Riesling

This week we continue of series on our favorite types of wine for summer with Riesling. Riesling is a white grape variety which originated in the Rhine region of Germany but it's grown all over the world. We covered Riesling way back in March 2016 in episode four. Click here if you want to take a trip down memory lane. Wine Recommendations 2016 Hogue Late Harvest Riesling - priced around $10. Schlink Haus 2017 Riesling Kabinett Nahe - prcied around $12. Boundary Breaks...


Ep 119 - Summer Wines - Vinho Verde

We are start a new series talking about our favorite wines for the summertime. These next few episodes are going to be like our four wines episode but instead of four random wines, we're going to talk about wines from one specific place or grape and why we love to drink in the summer. We start the series with Vinho Verde. Way back 100 episodes ago we talk at length about Vinho Verde so feel free to check that episode out if you want to learn more. Check out our episode on Vinho...


Ep 118 - Wine in the News June 2018 Edition

Time for another Wine in the News! Below are the articles we reference in this episode and links if you want to read more. ARGENTINE WINERY LAUNCHES WINE-BASED CRYPTOCURRENCYThe Rebellious French Village Making Wine Banned by the E.U. Everyday Wines: The Most Important Bottles You Will DrinkRosé: Wave hits Wall? The wine bots are coming


Ep 117 - Toro

This week we wrap up our series on lesser known Spanish wine regions with the Toro DO. Toro is a Spanish DO for wines in the province of Zamora, which is in the northwest of Castilla y Léon. If you are looking at a map of Spain this area is in the west central part of Spain. The DO is named after an ancient settlement called Toro which is 40 miles east of the Portuguese border. Toro means bull in Spanish, although no one really knows why the town was named Toro. The area of Toro DO is...


Ep 116 - Valencia

This is week three of our Spanish wine series and this week we are talking about the Valencia DO. The City of Valencia is Spain’s largest port and third largest city, located in the center of the Spain's east coast. It's also the name of one of five DOs located in the region of Valencia, which is the DO we are focusing for this episode. The Valencia D.O. was established in 1957 and is one of the largest in the Valencia region with around 45,000 acres of vines. In this week's episode, we...


Ep 115 - Cariñena

This is week two of our Spanish wine series where we take a journey to learn about lesser known regions. This week we are talking about Cariñena a Spanish DOP located in the Ebro Valley in Spain’s northeast region of Aragón, In this episode, we discuss: Wine Recommendations El Jamon Garnacha 2015 - priced around $10. You can purchase this wine here La Fea Blanco 2016 - priced around $10. You can purchase this wine here Sources Cariñena DO Wikipedia Cariñena, Spain’s Hottest...


Ep 114 - Ribera del Duero

This week starts a new series on Spanish wine regions. A couple of summers ago we did a series on Spanish wines which we really enjoyed. We love Spanish wine and wanted an excuse to drink more and learn about lesser known regions within Spain. So this week we are kicking things off with Ribera del Duero. On this week's episode we discuss: Wine Recommendations Convento Oreja Crianza 2014 - priced around $25. This wine has aromas of black cherry, spice, vanilla and a hint of tobacco....


Ep 113 - Four Wines May 2018

It’s time for another four wines. Every couple of months we dedicate an episode to talking about four wines that we’ve enjoyed recently and want to share with our listeners. So let’s get into it… Joseph Drouhin Mâcon-Villages 2016 - priced around $15. This white wine from Burgundy has aromas of lemon, wet rock, and white flowers. It’s dry with a medium plus acidity and flavors of lemon curd, white peach, white flowers and a hint of grass on the finish. This wine is light, crisp, very...


Ep 112- Ryan Frederickson of ArT Wine Preserve

We have been using the ArT Wine Preserver since October 2017 and it's our go to wine preserving method . So when we had the opportunity to interview the founder of this product Ryan Frederickson, we jumped at the chance. Thank you to Ryan for sharing his knowledge of oxidation and wine preservation. You can learn more about the ArT Wine Preserver here You can purchase the Art Wine Preserver here The Amazon link is affiliate link so we’ll get a few cents if you buy something but Amazon...


Ep 111 - Wine in the News April 2018 Edition

Every couple of months we talk recent wine news. Below are the new stories feature in this episode so click on the title if you want to learn more. California's Cabernet Cult Keeps Growing Wine Industry Under Attack in Napa Battle for Napa Valley’s future: Proposed curb on vineyards divides county How environment changes the taste of wine Total Wine & More Sharpens Focus on Winery Direct New Polls Shows Broad Support for Laws to Protect Against Misleading Wine Labels


Ep 110 - Oregon Wine Country Stories: Decoding the Grape

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with Ken Friedenreich the author of the new book, “Oregon Wine Country Stories, Decoding the Grape.” Before I interviewed Ken, I had a chance to read his book and I loved it. No matter where you are in your wine journey, it's a great read and I highly recommend it. You can learn more about the book here Ready to buy the book? Click here to order from Amazon and you won't even have to leave your house.


Ep 109 - New South Wales and Tasmania

This is our last week of our Australian wine series. In this episode we brief cover two regions, New South Wales and Tasmania. In this episode we discuss: Wine Recommendations - Finding wine for these regions in the Twin Cities was a challenge. Most of the New South Wales wine was bulk wines and Tasmania is such a niche area, I was only able to find wine thanks to a wine buyer from a local shop. Brokenwood Wines The Bunkhouse Semillon 2017 - priced around $20. This wine has a nose...


Ep 108 - Western Australia

This episode we are talking about a wine area unknown to most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, Western Australia. In this episode, we discuss: Wine Recommendations Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay 2016 - priced around $25. This 100% Chardonnay wine has aromas of spice, stonefruit, pineapple, yeast and lemon curd. It has medium plus acidity, it’s dry with flavors of strong lemon and a hint of vanilla. Such a great balance between fruit and oak - the oak is there but not a buttery style...


Ep 107- South Australia

This marks week three of our Australian Wine series and for this episode we focus on the state of South Australia. South Australia produces more than half of all Australian wine and some of the most prominent wine regions in the country. In this episode, we'll discuss: Wine Recommendations D’Arenberg The Hermit Crab 2016 - priced around $15. Lovely white blend of Viognier and Marsanne with aromas of chalky minerality, grapefruit pith, flowers and stone fruit. This wine is dry with...


Ep 106 - Victoria, Australia

Welcome to week two of our Australian wine series. This week we are discovering wines from the state of Victoria. In this episode we discuss: Wine Recommendation (yes we didn't talk about Shiraz, don't hate on me) Frisk Prickly Riesling 2017 - priced around $12. This actually a blend of 85% Riesling, 10% Muscat Gordo, and 5% Gewurztraminer. This wine has aromas of pear, white lilies, lemon and wax or lanolin. It's slightly fizzy, off dry with medium acidity and flavors are more...


Ep 105 - Introduction to Australian Wines

This week starts a series of episodes on Australian wines and wine regions. We haven’t talked about Australian wines on this podcast yet so this topics is a long time coming. This week is going to be an introduction to Australia and it’s wine and over the next few weeks we will talk about different geographic areas and showcase some Australian wines from those larger regions. Australia doesn’t have a very long history in terms of wine but there is a lot of learning to unpack. This...


Ep 104 - Ice Wine

This is our last wine of our dessert wine series. This week we focus our attention on ice wines. Ice wines are risky, time intensive and expensive to produce but the results are delicious. In this episode, we discuss: Wine Recommendations Heidmann’s-Bergweiler 2016 Polar Bear Eiswein - priced around $38 for 375ml bottle. This wine is made with Riesling grapes from the Rheinhessin area of Germany. It has a medium lemon color with medium intense aromas and flavors of lemon, slate or...