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23: "Women supporting Women"

This podcast was started with the goal of helping women make it through some of the daily obstacles we face in the workplace. I also wanted to support new managers by discussing some of the fundamentals necessary to be an effective leader. But at its’ core, it’s about women helping women. But I acknowledge sometimes that can feel overwhelming. So how do we make it actionable and what do we do to those around us that spend time tearing others down versus lifting all of us up? Guest Anne...


22: Fallacy of Being Busy

How many women do you know, have kept themselves so busy and they put their physical or emotional well-being in jeopardy? Why did being busy become associated with being successful? When did life become a competition about who led a busier life or who could function on the least amount of sleep? When does enough become enough and we transition from being busy and start living a fulfilled life? Guest Tammi Leader Fuller joins me for an absolutely amazing and life changing discussion on “The...


21: "Before and After Maternity Leave"

The US is the only “rich” nation in the world that doesn’t require companies to offer their employees paid maternity leave. 40% of US women don’t quality for the Family Medical Leave Act, which grants 12 week of protected job leave, unpaid, at the federal level. 1 in 4 US mothers return to work 10 days after giving birth and while that may seem unimaginable, for many women, it is the reality. Leaving work for maternity leave is a huge transition and for many women, the return to work happens...


20: "Firing vs. Laying Someone Off"

How do you determine if someone is coachable? How do you know when providing feedback to someone isn’t acceptable anymore and it needs to move to something more formal? Firing someone is something nobody wants to have to do, but if it is necessary to do it, do you know how to do it right? And how does the delivery change when you aren’t firing someone, but you have to lay someone off? Guest Kristy McCann Flynn joins me to discuss “Firing vs Laying Someone Off” and the long road to getting to...


19: "Managing versus Leading"

Oftentimes managing and leading are used interchangeably, but, there is a difference between the two. So how are they different? Are the differences that significant and why does it matter? Guest Anne Bentley joins me to discuss the differences between “Managing versus Leading”, why it is important to know the difference, and if you want to make the shift into Leadership, where you should start. For more information about this topic or podcast, visit us at whatwouldshedo.com.


18: "Why a One on One Matters"

There are those of us that feel that the ‘One on One’ with your employee is the Manager’s Meeting. And there are those of us that feel the ‘One on One’ is the Employee’s Meeting. But no matter whose meeting it is, do we all understand or appreciate the importance of the ‘One on One’ or better said, the damage done by not having them? Guest Barbara Palmer joins me to discuss “Why a One on One Matters” and how to run a great touch base with your employees. For more information about this topic...


17: Feeling of the Phonies

Ever have a feeling that you aren’t as smart as everyone around you? Or maybe that you aren’t capable of a job or task despite everything you have accomplished? Most of us have experienced these feelings at one point or another. But did you know that people who tend to be perfectionists, superwomen, the natural genius, or “the expert” could be using those behaviors as a way of dealing with their own feelings of inadequacy? Guest Kira Copperman joins me to break down all facts and myths about...


16: Pains of being the Office Newbie

Starting a new job is exciting and new! But being the new person in an office can make us a bundle of nerves because it’s uncomfortable and we don’t know anyone or anything. We feel like we are an outsider to the office and all of the comforts of our last place are gone. Guest Michelle Pena joins me to discuss accepting the change, how to respect that we don’t know everything, and shares tips on how to survive the “Pains of being the Office Newbie”. For more information about this topic or...


15: The Role of HR Today

Is the role of Human Resources, as we think it should be, impossible? On one hand, they’re tasked with ensuring a healthy work environment for all employees. On the other hand, in many organizations, they are subordinate to leadership and often don’t have the leverage to resolve issues. Guest Kristy McCann Flynn joins me to discuss what we should expect from HR, how we utilize and much more, all on “The Role of HR Today” For more information about this topic or podcast, visit us at...


14: All the Feelings

Many of us dream of being able to deliver a great speech that inspires people to do the unthinkable. But the reality is that often we walk onto a stage or into a presentation a jittery mess, full of nerves and anxiety which of course then causes us to forget every amazing point we were going to make. Guest Brittany Rabena Wolf joins us to discuss what to do when you have All the Feelings at the worst moment and in the worst way (shaky voice, hives, sweating). For more information about this...


13: Feedback Framework

Giving feedback has the opportunity to build someone up but if not done properly, it has the ability to turn someone’s day or week upside down. But with all that we have on our plates, many of us aren’t carving out the time and opportunities to give powerful, meaningful positive or corrective feedback, that can help those around us. And even if we do have the time, do we even know that we are delivering the feedback in a way that will really set someone up for success? This week on What...


12: Intent vs Impact

We’ve all heard the saying “lost in translation” but what about when things get lost in their delivery? How do you make sure that when you have a difficult conversation with someone, your message is delivered and received? On this week’s episode of What Would She Do, we are going to tackle one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned in my career; the difference between intent versus impact and the importance of keeping these two things aligned. For more information about this topic...


11: Can Women Have it All?, volume 1

As young girls, we grew up thinking we were going to get married, have careers where we were a part of the executive team, we were going to have families, be fit, have children, and be happy. It didn’t take long in our 20’s to realize that doing all of this at once, or even at all, may be close to impossible. So, what’s the impact on us and what is the impact to future generations? Guest Christine Fitts comes back to the studio to discuss and debate whether Women Can Have It All. For more...


10: Leadership: Generosity and Courage

No one teaches you to be a leader. You usually get promoted, inherit a team and are left to figure out how to manage others, all on your own. But what makes a good leader? What is the difference between just managing others versus being a leader? Jeannie Gammon Oliver joins me to begin our discussion on traits of effective leaders, beginning with the importance of being generous and when to be courageous. For more information about this topic or podcast, visit us at whatwouldshedo.com.


9: Unchartered Territory

Can you imagine joining a start-up as employee number 17 and then soon after, find out that you are pregnant? Guest AJ Smith joined me to discuss navigating pregnancy in a small start-up and how she mapped out the unchartered territory where there was no parental leave policy. For more information about this topic or podcast, visit us at whatwouldshedo.com


8: Turning the tables during an interview

Most jobs interviews last on average 45 minutes. Of those 45 minutes, the interviewee is given 5 minutes to ask questions of the interviewer. Why isn’t there an opportunity for both sides to ask questions of each other, equally? Given the imbalance, it is critical that you have an arsenal of questions to ask that can give you insight into a company, the boss and/or the environment. In this week’s episode of What Would She Do, I’ll share questions that I like to ask potential employers during...


7: 40 interviews later, everyone asks the same questions

From 1997 - 2017, I’ve done over 23 different job interviews. In addition to that, in the last 10 months I’ve interviewed over 40 times! Not only do I feel like I’ve encountered just about every possible interview question, I’ve spent time talking to HR and recruiting professionals about the reason behind certain interview questions, which in turn, has helped me find tune my answers. In this week’s episode of What Would She Do, I’ll share over a dozen interview questions, insights into why I...


6: Working Across Generations

87% of employees worldwide are dis-engaged and this costs US companies between $450 – $550 billion, per year. One of the major causes of disengagement is due to generational conflict. There are 4 generations in the workplace today. Do you know what makes them tick? Do you know how to manage both a baby boomer as well as a millennial? Guest Kira Copperman joins us to discuss understanding generations in the workplace and the value to being able to work across them. For more information about...


5: Fishing off the Company Pier

No one ever recommends dating at work, but it happens. Guest Brittany Rabena Wolf joins us to discuss whether it's ok to date at work and what you should do if, and when, you find yourself in an office romance. For more information about this topic or podcast, visit us at whatwouldshedo.com


4: The Art and Importance of Staying Relevant

To do your job well requires a mix of skills and know-how needed to do your job, coupled with general industry knowledge. Guest Christine Fitts joins us to discuss the Art and Importance of Staying Relevant in these quickly changing times. For more information about this topic or podcast, visit us at whatwouldshedo.com