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The Why I Network is intended to help young adults 17-25 discover and explore their passions so that they may connect the dots to their destiny. Follow us on all Social Media: @WhyINetwork Soundcloud and itunes Podcast: Why I Network If you love your job and would like to inspire others, email me: whyimpassionate@gmail.com youtu.be/c18CD8Blkek

The Why I Network is intended to help young adults 17-25 discover and explore their passions so that they may connect the dots to their destiny. Follow us on all Social Media: @WhyINetwork Soundcloud and itunes Podcast: Why I Network If you love your job and would like to inspire others, email me: whyimpassionate@gmail.com youtu.be/c18CD8Blkek


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The Why I Network is intended to help young adults 17-25 discover and explore their passions so that they may connect the dots to their destiny. Follow us on all Social Media: @WhyINetwork Soundcloud and itunes Podcast: Why I Network If you love your job and would like to inspire others, email me: whyimpassionate@gmail.com youtu.be/c18CD8Blkek






Why I Became a Therapist with Lauren Cook

Lauren is a therapist who holds a masters degree in marriage and family therapy and is a clinician working with individuals, couples, children, and families. She currently works at the University of San Diego in their counseling center. Lauren speaks around the country and visits universities to provide students with education about mental health and well being. Enjoy! http://thesunnygirl.com/ Social: @thesunnygirl5 http://www.thewhyinetwork.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact:...


Why I Became a Paramedic with Michael Gnitecki

Michael is the real deal and breaks down his 3 years of paramedic experience with us! Enjoy! www.thewhyinetwork.com Social:@WhyINetwork Contact: kojo@thewhyinetwork.com


Why I Became a Small Business Owner with Derek Nazzal

Derek owns two furniture stores in San Francisco California! He gives us no nonsense advice about the ropes of owning your own business including priceless advice about grades, jobs you hate, and the almighty dollar! https://mysofacreation.com/ Social: @mysofacreation http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com


Why I Became an Addiction Recovery Coach with Mike Ahearn

Mike is a certified Addiction Recovery Coach at Mountainside treatment Center. In his current role he helps people struggling with substance use and mental health disorders to find happiness and success in recovery, partnering with them to create wellness plans, develop financial literacy, and recenter school and work. His personal experience overcoming opioid addiction at a young age has fueled his passion for guiding others towards personal growth. We're currently working on the audio...


Why I Became a (Book) Ghostwriter with Catherine Moolenschot

Catherine loves writing and admits that it's a profession that a lot of people tell you is hard to make money from. But she's built a successful business helping CEOs and professionals write their own books. She's 25, wrote her first book at 13, gave a TED talk at 17, and her latest book is the biography of a prominent Australian businessman that sold well across Australia. https://catherinemoolenschot.com.au/ http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact:...


Why I Became a Public Speaker/Writer with Joy Jones

Joy is a Writer and a speaker, two areas of work that have a reputation for starvation and embarrassment. Writers, the quintessential starving artist and nearly everyone has a fear for public speaking. But she hasn't gone hungry nor suffer from fear of the mic. She can speak from several points of view and is here to share what she's learned so that other young people can decide on a practical yet satisfying path that will work for them! Social:...


Why I Became a Judge with Karen Ortiz

For some reason I could not find Karen's bio in my notes. Just know she's dope af and is making a difference in ways that are purely inspirational. She's a Hispanic woman in a field dominated by old white men. Straight BOSS and HUMBLE. I love Karen! Enjoy! http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com Social: @muttsup


Coming to America 2020 with Laura Marenco

Laura Marenco is the founder of Golden Beacon USA, an organization that helps immigrants and refugees to the United States integrate into American Society and thrive socially, economically, and civically. Through educational videos focused on specific U.S. destinations, career coaching, and workshops, new comers learn about life in America and the resources available in their new community to help them succeed and become self sufficient here. https://goldenbeaconusa.com/ Social:...


Why I Created this Podcast

Hope this helps! Enjoy http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Soical: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com


How to Secure the Bag with Denise Liebetrau

Denise is a nationally recognized consultant with inside knowledge of how businesses develop their compensation, benefits, and employee leadership strategies. She holds many certifications including an MBA and has worked directly with fortune 500 companies in doing so. Denise has 25 years of compensation management experience under her belt and she's going to help us answer questions like, why you're still underpaid, how to master the work life balance, how to be seen as a high performer,...


Why I Became a MUA/Hairstylist with Allison Depriestre

Allison has been a Makeup Artist and Hairstylist for the past 11 years. And while she loves her job, she admits that there's a lot more behind it than what people usually think! And she's from Paris!!! Enjoy! http://www.allisondep.com/ Social: @allisondepmuah http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com


Why I Became a Photographer/Dental Assistant with Chelsi McFadden

Chelsi is a couples and weddings photographer based in northern California who has been capturing love for over 10 years. But before taking her photography career full time back in March, she also managed a successful dental practice for over 20 years in which she loved every moment of. Starting her dental practice as a sterile tech, she chose to get her California registered dental assistant license and eventually moved on to managing the front office operations. Photography started as a...


Why I Started an Executive Search Firm with Neill Marshall

Neill Marshall has almost 30 years of experience in Heath Care Search and has been involved in over 600 senior level assignments. He's held leadership roles with major executive search firms and in 2017 helped co found and is currently a partner in HealthSearch Partners, the fifth largest Health Care Search entity in the United States. As usual, Neill has a lot to share with us today and gives great advice on what the job entails....


Why I Became an Interior Designer with Nicole Lashae Ben

When Nicole was in the 9th grade she decided that she wanted to study interior design in college, which would require her to submit a fine arts portfolio along with the college application. The only thing was that she was terrible at fine arts but she was determined to make her dream a reality. She enrolled in every art class, attended a summer college program for high school students, and after much determination and practice, earned her BFA in Interior Design from Syracuse University. From...


Why I Became a Musical Theatre Performer/Physical Therapist with Jenna Kantor

Jenna Kantor has been a professional musical theatre performer for more than 15 years as well as a physical therapist. She says although she loves being a physical therapist, the stage is where she breathes air. She's found a way to combine her passion for the arts and physical therapy by treating performers. Jenna believes that it is important for people to know that not every career needs to be choosing between one thing or another and that you can choose a career path that best suits you!...


Why I Became an Engineer with Mike Hudzik

Mike Hudzik grew up in an economically disadvantaged community. The people in the community did not have college degrees and the children did not dream about attending college. But, Mike was extremely intelligent and excellent at math and science. So, the other kids in the neighborhood looked up to him and would turn to him for answers when they wanted to know how things worked. Mike was always fascinated with learning how things worked and he loved researching the topics that his friends...


Why I Became a Pastor with Dr Andrew Knight

As a pastor Dr. Andrew Knight has always told his congregation that they can go through the fire and walk out not smelling like smoke as a metaphor, but today that quote has a brand new meaning. As Dr. Knight speaks to churches across Florida, many are amazed that he is still alive after a nearly fatal fire burnt 4/5 of his body leaving many doctors to wonder if he would survive let alone preach again. Each year the number of fire deaths in America increases dramatically and Dr. Knight is...


Why I Became a Museum Curator with Mathilde Leduc Grimaldi

Mathilde really gave some gems on what it takes to be a museum curator today. I hope my future curators learned something here today! Social: @LeducGrimaldi http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com


Why I Became a Musician with Mynah Marie

Mynah was just awesome! She has over 20 years of experience being a professional musician and it shows with the caliper of advice she gave today. Enjoy! https://www.earthtoabigail.com/ Social: https://www.instagram.com/mynah_m/ http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com


Why I Started a Non Profit with Diya Chordia

The first 5 minutes of audio were pretty trash but once you get past that it should be fine. Diya blew my socks off today ya'll. One of my favorite interviews so far as well as being my first interview of someone younger than me. Diya is a straight up inspiration! Social Media: @diyachordia Contact: chordiadiya@gmail.com http://whyinetwork.buzzsprout.com/ Social Media: @WhyINetwork Contact: whyimpassionate@gmail.com