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DAS 99: Shawn drives 100 Million + in Product Sales, How he does it. Part 2

Shawn’s tale of rags to richesHow Shawn went from selling hamburgers at McDonalds to having sold 100 Million + in revenue generatedHow to choose a marketHow to brand build productsWhat products to not go forHow to source directly in china?How Shawn deploys strategies for launching new productsHow to use AMS or Amazon Marketing Services and why it’s importantProducts that Shawn goes for, high and low endMistakes and lessons learned from ShawnTrips Shawn take to ChinaAnd all the wisdom I was...


DAS 98: How Jeff’s company helps sell 10M+ yearly in ecommerce

Jeff Lieber is a 30 year old entrepreneur from San Diego. His company, TurnKey Product Management helps companies sell over $10,000,000/year on Amazon. In this episode we discuss Jeff's story, strategies, and insights in how Turnkey Product Management grows and develops companies. TurnKey Product Management helps companies quickly grow their sales on Amazon by offering the following: Full-Service Amazon Channel Management, TurnKey Systems For Amazon Online Training Program, and TurnKey’s...


DAS 97: The David Aladdin Show – with Aaron O’Sullivan – Building Systems of Scale – Part 2

In our part 2 series, we reconnect with Aaron O' Sullivan Aaron is a serial entrepreneur who has been building brands on Amazon since 2013, scoring several million in product sales. He has spent the last 3 years building teams based in the Philippines, helping scale up one team to 45 staff by building all of the Amazon systems and processes to run multiple brands. Aaron has clients doing anywhere from $10k > $500k per month on Amazon / e-Commerce, many of whom have become the bottleneck in...


AS 96: Meny Hoffman – Visionary with 17+ years building brands, dozens of employees, and scaling companies.

In this episode we had Meny Hoffman come on the show. Meny Hoffman is CEO of Ptex Group, an award-winning business solutions agency headquartered in Brooklyn, NY. A lifelong entrepreneur, he is passionate about collaborating with growing businesses to create winning strategies that allow them to lead and flourish. Meny is also the founder of the LTB (Let’s Talk Business) platform, which offers business education to entrepreneurs and business people looking to learn, grow, and lead. He is a...


AS 95: A lot has happened in the last 8 months. And it is just the beginning. (3 years in the trenches)

Since my last podcast, a lot has happened. It’s been literally almost 8 months since I last podcasted. I’ve gotten emails, like yo, david where have you been? Why aren’t you podcasting. So I haven’t been ignoring podcasting, or hating it. I’ve just been so deep into the grind building the empire, owning multiple channels, and scaling this business into something much bigger than myself. In the last 10 months, I’ve yet to tell you what’s been going on. To name a few, I went to China for 3...


AS 94: The best entrepreneurs have better systems than you, with Aaron O’Sullivan

Today I’ve got another invincible king on the, Aaron O’Sullivan. Aaron is a serial entrepreneur who has been building brands on Amazon since 2013, scoring several million in product sales. He has spent the last 3 years building teams based in the Philippines, helping scale up one team to 45 staff by building all of the Amazon systems and processes to run multiple brands. Aaron has clients doing anywhere from $10k > $500k per month on Amazon / e-Commerce, many of whom have become the...


AS 93: Pivoting to 1 Million Dollar Paydays with Murray Priestley

Today I’ve got another invincible king on the, Murray Priestley. Murray is a partner at Global Private Partners, a private equity investment firm based in Asia and the author of the book The $1M Pay Day. Murray has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Computer Science from Monash University. He has lived and worked in over 9 countries, and through his journey has been the executive And this is the Show, episode 93! Before we jump in quick announcement. I will be in China on...


AS 92: Build the brand, 180k/month sales on Amazon and Shopify with Dr. Travis Zigler

Today I've got Dr. Travis Zigler, who graduated in 2010 from The Ohio State University College of Optometry with Magna Cum Laude honors. He is the co-founder of Eye Love,, whose mission is to end preventable blindness. Dr. Travis and his wife, Dr. Jenna Zigler, use the profits from Eye Love to fund free and low cost clinics in South Carolina and Jamaica. They also started a charity called the Eye Love Cares Foundation,, which provides exams, glasses and...


AS 91: Expanding at 60 Million in combined sales with Jamie

Today I’ve got Jamie Davison on on the show, Jamie and his co-founders Jason and Brad combine to sell over $60 million per year on Amazon. He is the co-founder of AMZ Insiders, a coaching program focused on helping new sellers create their own successful Amazon business and provide insights and tips to existing sellers. Selling on Amazon How to build an Amazon business How Jamie and his partners business scaled very fast Jamies path to getting where is today How he quit his job and why...


AS 90: How to save more on taxes as an Amazon FBA Seller with Josh, Founder of CPAonFire

Today’s I’ve got on the show, who is a CPA and the founder of CPA On Fire, a tax and accounting firm specializing in working with online entrepreneurs. Over the last few years he has been working very closely with Amazon FBA and other eCommerce sellers to help them with the challenging aspects of accounting and taxes specific to eCommerce sellers. What you'll learn: Can you take us to the beginning before you started your accounting firm, where did your journey begin?What’s the story of how...


AS 89: Inside Nejc operation, 140K Euros/Month – Learning from mistakes

Today I’ve got Nedjc Voraic on the show, Nejc is an entrepreneur who started learning selling on Amazon about 1,5 years ago. With help of the knowledge of his mentors, mastermind group and a lot of trial and error, he managed to build a serious business. The beauty of his philosophy is that he does not put much focus on conversion, ranking and listing optimization. He has now scaled to over 140.000 € a month, mostly from selling in Europe. In this episode you'll learn: Mistakes Nedjc made...


AS 88: Inside the mind of Kevin King who’s pulled 3 Million so far selling on Amazon FBA

Kevin has been an entrepreneur his entire life. It's been 30 years since he last received a paycheck from someone else. He has created, developed and guided hundreds of products from inception to market. In 2015, he started five private label brands on Amazon. Together those brands have grossed more than $3,000,000.00. His goal is to reach $4,000,000.00 per year on Amazon alone by the end of 2017. In this episode, you'll learn: How Kevin pulls 3 Million+ sales a year How Kevin picks his...


AS 87: How I will save $40,000+/year by automating my customer service on Amazon, ebay, Walmart Jet and beyond.

How I will save 40,000, by automating my customer service on Amazon, ebay, Walmart Jet and beyond. What’s up guys, today’s episode, episode 87, is on How I will save $40,000+ by automating the customer Service in my Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Jet, and website support tickets. Today’s episode brings a huge golden nugget so stay in. One of the hardest parts of running an e-commerce business is the customer support side. It’s not just a lot of work providing the best customer service possible, it...


AS 86: How to Outsource Better – John Jonas uses 17 Virtual Assistants to Grow His Kingdom – CEO of

Today we're going learn how to outsource our businesses so we can take it to the next level. I’ve got John Jonas on the show, He’s the CEO of, the largest website for finding Filipino virtual workers, with over 250,000 Filipino resumes and over 100,000 employers from around the world using it. He works about 17 hours per week, choosing to spend his time with his family rather than working. What you'll learn: How to outsource tedious, repetitive tasks How John Jonas build his...


AS 85: These CEOs are disrupting Amazon PPC by Fully Automating it – Prestozon

Forget excel sheets! Ben, Chris, and Dana are Amazon sellers from San Francisco who got frustrated managing PPC by hand and set out to automate the whole process with Prestozon. The founders met at our last company which was a supply chain finance and einvoicing company targeting large enterprises. As the company grew we decided we wanted to be on a smaller team again and set out to sell on Amazon and use our software and data backgrounds to automate the process where possible. We launched...


AS 84: This Former IBM Employee Now Pulls 8 Figures Annually In E-Commerce – Bernie Thompson CEO of Plugable

Bernie built an 8-figure electronics business, wrote the book "Flywheels and Feedback Loops: A Guide to Success for Amazon Private-Label Sellers", and released the tools he used to automate the building of his own brand on Amazon. These tools are available at In this episode, you'll learn: How Bernie grew his team When to add team members to your growing amazon business When to buy and puchase more inventory Critical decisions that led Bernie to where he is today Payroll,...


AS 83: The Battle for Dominance – Amazon vs Shopify vs FB – Interview w/ Jonathan Foltz

Jonathan Foltz shared tons of golden nuggets. This is a definite listen for those who want to explode their business off the Amazon channel and diversify their business. He leverages the Facebook Advertising platform and pulls millions. I will probably be re-watching this a few times. He is a digital entrepreneur that has started 16 companies and does not intend on stopping. He has built a couple million dollar companies and his marketing agency, Digital Age Business, runs 4 separate Shopify...


AS 82: Selling Your Amazon FBA Business for Millions with MindBay

Today I’ve got two invincible kings on the show – Wilson who is the founder of Mindbay, a specialized Amazon brokerage firm who has handled over 50 transactions in the last 3 years. Wilson has been an online entrepreneur for over 20 years and has operated an Amazon shop himself. Hameed Hemmat, also a partner in Mindbay, has a background in App development specifically with iOS apps. He sold his app business recently that he was running for 5 years. He also operates a successful eComm store...


AS 81: How Ed Kohler built a 7 Figure Amazon Wholesale Business

Today I’ve got an invincible king on the show, coming live is Ed Kohler, who’s 43 years old has been selling on Amazon for 3 years and is now doing 7 digit sales for more than a year. What you'll learn: How Ed built his 7 figure amazon business Channels he uses including one big golden nugget How he expanded into office space Multi-Channel Fulfilment Wholesale strategies Wholesale problems Ed faces Predictions and analysis of Amazon landscape Amazon wholesale strategies And much more! DAVID...


AS 80: How Brandon built two 6 figure monthly businesses, in under 2 years

Coming live from StarBucks his name is Brandon Young, who has not one, but two amazon businesses that pull over a million dollars yearly. He does cross platform, and is international. In advanced, our audio had some background noise and was not 100% perfect, but the amount of golden nuggets and insights in this episode is invaluable to all amazon sellers and e-commerce sellers. In this episode, you'll learn: How to build brands into the future How to scale your amazon business How Brandon...