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An award-winning podcast for learners of English, presented by teacher and comedian Luke Thompson. Listen, have fun and pick up authentic British English.

An award-winning podcast for learners of English, presented by teacher and comedian Luke Thompson. Listen, have fun and pick up authentic British English.
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An award-winning podcast for learners of English, presented by teacher and comedian Luke Thompson. Listen, have fun and pick up authentic British English.




534. Sugar Sammy Interview (Part 2) Language & Comedy

534. Sugar Sammy Interview (Part 2) Language & Comedy Part 2 of my chat with Canadian stand-up comedian Sugar Sammy, talking about his 4 languages, TV shows from our childhood, copying Indian accents, language-related controversy in Quebec, Sammy’s crowd-work skills, stories of difficult gigs in the UK, and our thoughts on recent Star Wars films. At the end of the episode you can hear my spoiler-free review of “Solo: A Star Wars Story”. Transcriptions and notes available. Episode page...


533. Sugar Sammy Interview (Part 1) Multilingual Comedian

Sugar Sammy is a very popular and famous comedian from Canada. He's often described as Montreal's #1 stand up comedian. He speaks 4 languages, he has performed comedy in lots of countries. He might be coming to your country soon to make you laugh. Ladies and gentlemen - meet the wonderful Sugar Sammy! Episode page italki offer


532. A History of The World Cup

This episode is a history of The World Cup. You’ll see that it’s very long! I didn’t expect it to be this long. I hope you enjoy it! I covers all the World Cups we’ve had since 1930, focusing on the key events with a few dodgy jokes along the way. You can read 99% of the transcript on the page for this episode. Episode page


531. Crime Vocabulary Quiz (with Moz)

Test yourself and learn various verbs and nouns related to crime. Features some amusing chat and anecdotes with Moz from the Murder Mile True Crime Podcast. Transcripts and vocabulary available. Episode page italki offer


530. More Murder Stories (with Moz)

My friend Moz (Michael J. Buchanan-Dunne) from the Murder Mile True Crime Podcast tells us some more true stories about murders from London's past. Contains some gruesome details and explicit descriptions, and some fascinating and unbelievable true stories! Intro and outtro transcripts available. *Adults Only: This episode contains gory details and explicit violent descriptions* Spoken offer Episode page


529. The "M" Word (with Andy Johnson)

Friend of the podcast Andy Johnson returns to give us some news and tell some stories all related to things that begin with the letter "M". Intro & outtro transcripts available. Episode page italki offer


528. The Royal Wedding (with Mum)

528. The Royal Wedding (with Mum) Talking to my mum about the royal wedding between Prince Harry & Meghan Markle. Describing the ceremony, the guests and the dress, and discussing the place of the monarchy in modern British life. Some transcriptions and vocabulary available. Episode page italki offer Image linked via


527. Can Paul Taylor Pass The UK Citizenship Test?

527. Can Paul Taylor Pass The UK Citizenship Test? Testing Paul Taylor's knowledge of British life, history and culture and discussing the "Life in the UK" citizenship test. Practise listening to British English natural speech, learn facts about the UK and have a laugh as Paul gets angry about this test for people who want to become UK citizens. Will Paul actually pass the test? Listen to find out what happens. Take the same test Episode page...


526. Being a Tourist (with Paul Taylor) Audio version

[Audio version] Catching up with Paul Taylor and talking about his recent trips to Japan & Barcelona, the pros and cons of being a tourist and some recommendations for people visiting London and Paris as tourists. Video available on the website and in the LEP app. For LEP App users - find the video in the Videos category. Episode page italki offer VOTE FOR LEP in the British Podcast Awards...


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525. Ninja August / Podcast Corrections / Useful Japanese Cat (Listener Comments & Questions)

525. Ninja August / Podcast Corrections / Useful Japanese Cat (Listener Comments & Questions) Responding to more comments and questions from listeners, including some rambling about public holidays in France, why May is like 'ninja August', some corrections to what I said about bats and Stephen Hawking on the podcast and the story of an amazing useful cat from Japan. Vote for LEP in the British Podcast Awards Episode page...


523. Tips for Learning English with Films & TV Shows (with Cara Leopold)

Talking to fellow English teacher Cara Leopold about advice for using TV shows and films to learn English, both with and without subtitles. Episode page italki offer


522. Learning English at Summer School in the UK (A Rambling Chat with Raphael Miller)

Talking to my ex-colleague Raphael Miller about his new summer school for teenagers + rambling about British social and communication culture, growing up in Liverpool, studying at Oxford University, the famous Star Wars actor Raphael knows and remembering some of the old-fashioned ways we used to describe computers and the internet. Transcripts and links below. 👨‍🎓🌞🇬🇧 Episode page italki offer


521. Talking about Pets (with James)

Usually when I talk to my brother on the podcast we talk about fairly obscure topics, like cult films, musical subcultures or skateboarding, but this time we chose a universal topic; pets. Listen to this conversation to hear James and me remembering the pets we had as children and discussing some issues related to keeping animals as pets. Transcript for the introduction and ending available on the website. Episode page italki offer


A New Episode is Now Available in the LEP App

Check out the new episode in the LEP App to learn some really useful prepositional phrases & have some common doubts answered, like "on time vs in time vs at the beginning vs in the beginning vs at the end vs in the end" & more. Get the LEP App for your phone  iPhone/iPad – APPLE APP STORE 📱ANDROID – GOOGLE PLAY STORE Episode page


520. Idioms Game & Chat Part 2 (with Andy Johnson) + 18 More Idioms & Vocab Items Explained

The second part of my chat with Andy Johnson. Listen out for 18 more idioms which will be explained later. Topics include: Twitter abuse, the other Andy Johnson, training for the London Marathon + more. Transcripts and vocabulary definitions available. Episode page: italki offer:


519. Idioms Game & Chat (with Andy Johnson) + 25 Idioms Explained

A conversation with Andy Johnson including loads of idiomatic expressions and their explanations. First you can listen to a rambling chat with Andy and then I'll explain 25 idioms that came up during the conversation. Part 2 coming soon... Transcriptions, Vocabulary list & Definitions available. Episode page italki offer


[App] 518b Grammar Questions (Part 2) Hope vs Wish / Relative Clauses / On vs At / Have vs Get vs Have Got

[App-only Episode] 518b Grammar Questions (Part 2) Here are the things I'll be talking about in this episode: Hope vs WishRelative Clauses (an overview)Prepositions: On Campus vs At xxx CampusGet vs Have vs Have Got Hope vs Wish How to use hope / wish. What's the correct negative form of "hope"? Do we really use "wish" to talk about the future? Let's start with "hope" and then go on to "wish" afterwards. Sasha from Moscow Luke, could you spend a minute in your next podcast to...


518. Grammar Questions (Part 1) Present Perfect Continuous / Future Continuous / Language of Newspaper Headlines

Answering grammar questions from listeners, with details about verb tenses (including present continuous vs present perfect continuous & future continuous vs going to) and the language of newspaper headlines. Includes references to The Queen, The Legend of Zelda and a lot of pizza. Transcriptions & grammar notes available. Episode page italki offer


517. Professor Stephen Hawking

I woke up this morning to the news that Stephen Hawking had died and I thought - I really must talk about this. He was a British scientist who must be considered one of the most significant people of recent years - a brilliant mind who contributed so much to our understanding of the nature of reality itself while also struggling against some extreme personal difficulties and for those reasons he’s a great inspiration to many people around the world. In this episode I’m just going to talk...