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Episode 16: Confederate Monuments

This month we are talking about Confederate Monuments. In this episode you will hear from John Sellars, a former UNC student activist, Mistyre Bonds, a current student activist, and Dr. William Sturkey, a history professor, as they discuss a confederate statue, Silent Sam, on the UNC campus.


Episode 14: Oral History and Environmental Racism in the South (Part I)

This month, Press Record is excited to bring you Part I of our first mini-series on oral history and environmental racism featuring the work of two scholars: Danielle Purifoy and Pavithra Vasudevan. In this episode, you'll meet Danielle and Pavithra and listen to them discuss their projects and the meaning of environmental racism. You'll also hear from some of the people they interviewed explain their firsthand experiences fighting for environmental justice in the South.


Episode 13: New Roots/Nuevas Raíces

This month, Press Record dives into an ongoing project about oral history and immigration in North Carolina. In the following episode, Carol sits down with Maria Ramírez and Laura Villa who both worked on the New Roots/Nuevas Raíces Project. New Roots/ Nuevas Raíces is a bilingual digital archive that contains oral histories from Latin American migrants in North Carolina as well as North Carolinians who have worked closely with migrants in the state. In the following half hour, you'll hear...


Episode 12: Revisiting Backways in Conversation

This month, Press Record revisits questions about silence and rural segregation by taking a look at the Backways project one year later. The structure of this episode is a little different; the following half hour represents the highlights of two conversations with Rachel Cotterman, a field scholar here at the SOHP who is currently working on the Backways project. Rachel talks about silences in the archives, the legacy of Jim Crow in North Carolina, and what it means for her to do a...


Episode 11: Oral History and the ERA

Episode 11: Oral History and the ERA by Southern Oral History Program


Episode 10: Women and Politics in the South

From fighting for the ballot to running for office, Southern women have been on the frontlines of many flash-points in women's political history. Oral histories offer a particularly rich way to understand these histories. In this episode, we'll first hear from field scholar Taylor Livingston about women and the fight for suffrage, including a story about South Carolina suffragist Eulalie Salley involving buttermilk and poision. Next, Carol and Rachel play clips from the SOHP archives that...


Episode 7: Oral History for Movement Building

Press Record is back for the first episode of the school year! The main questions guiding this month’s episode are: how have activists incorporated oral history into their work and how can oral historians take their work outside the academy and begin to mobilize in their communities? The complete answers to these questions, of course, are beyond the scope of 35 minutes. However, in three segments, you will hear an array of responses that will hopefully begin the conversation. First, we...


Episode 6 - "Sweet Emotion"

Our final episode for this summer at the Southern Oral History Program explores the complex world of emotions and oral history. How can we better understand the emotions that surface during life history interviews? What are some ways we can learn to listen for less obvious emotional cues? Why is vulnerability such an important part of doing oral history? Episode 6 tackles these questions and more in three segments. First, Charlotte Eure talks to Taylor Livingston about listening for...


Episode 5 - Pet Sounds

Summer is in full swing here at the SOHP and this month’s episode of Press Record explores a sillier but often overlooked topic: what happens when animals take center stage during an oral history interview? First, Rachel Seidman describes three moments when pets (almost) derailed her interviews and talks about fellow oral historians who reached out on Twitter to share their experiences with pets in the field. Next, Charlotte Eure sits down with former SOHP intern Kadejah Murray and current...


Episode 3 - "Feminism and Oral History"

In honor of Women's History Month, our third episode is all about oral history, feminism, and women's activism. You'll hear from Katherine Turk, a historian of women's history at UNC Chapel Hill, talk about how oral histories illuminate other sides of the women's movement; then, you'll hear Jessica Wilkerson, a historian at the University of Mississippi, discuss a memorable interview with Barb Greene conducted for the SOHP's Long Women's Movement Project; and finally, you'll hear a...

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