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Are you an advanced learner of English? These podcasts from Saarland University offer challenging listening opportunities and fascinating topics to do with the English language and culture. Get your new enhanced five-minute episode once every two weeks.

Are you an advanced learner of English? These podcasts from Saarland University offer challenging listening opportunities and fascinating topics to do with the English language and culture. Get your new enhanced five-minute episode once every two weeks.
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Are you an advanced learner of English? These podcasts from Saarland University offer challenging listening opportunities and fascinating topics to do with the English language and culture. Get your new enhanced five-minute episode once every two weeks.




120. Studying gender

Heike is back with Roger for a more detailed look into gender studies. They are discussing what this particular field of social sciences is about, who does and who maybe should study it, and what aspects there are in terms of research topics and interdisciplinary facets. The UdS Gender Studies Certificate If you want to read up on Saarland University's gender study course, follow this link for more information.


91. Illegally good

We are back with the next batch of our Christmas book recommendations. Sylke Loew is in the studio to share her expertise on today's genre: Crime stories. Have a look at her recommendations: Alexander McCall Smith: The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency A middle-aged lady in Botswana opens a detective agency and helps people deal with their problems. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles Sherlock Holmes has to solve a mysterious case involving a gigantic dog. E.C. Diskin: The...


X14 - Why Trump won and what it means

It really does feel like the BrExit vote all over again - For the second time in a year, the decision of voters has led to a more than surprising and unsettling result. Peter and his special guest David Nott from Iowa discuss how Donald Trump was able to be elected the 45th US president - and what this may mean for the future of "God's Own Country". RoPeCast Special #X10 Our review of the BrExit vote on "The day after".


X13 - 'Cause of the caucus

Have you also wondered how the American people came to choose between two presidential candidates who are both rather unpopular? Who voted for them in the first place? In this episode you get an inside view on how the system of the American primaries works. 26. Vote till you drop - the U.S. electoral system Listen also to this episode if you want to learn more about the presidential elections in general, before hearing about the primaries.


X12 - Ropey-Leaks

A candid(ate) special! Listen in to the plans we have for our podcast in the coming months. To fully appreciate the contents of this episode you may want to watch it on YouTube.


89. Veritably charitable vegetables

In this third and last instalment of our mini-series on English gardens, Roger and his guest Peter bring their account of English gardening history to the modern day. Apart from learning about new interesting gardens, "gardeners" and concepts, three important societies are presented, that care for public gardens in the United Kingdom. In other words: three starting points for finding gardens to visit on your trip to Britain. Gertrude Jekyll An article about the influential "arts & crafts"...


84. Of almshouses and slave traders

Today Roger is joined by a guest from Bristol to talk about the history of that famous port city at the west coast of England. Bristol This Wikipedia article about the city has detailed information about its history and the involvement in the slave trade. History of Slavery If you want to read up on how slavery has affected the world, have a look at this article.


83. Talking guns

A meadow turned over by wild boars triggers a chain of association that - via hunting - leads to Roger and Peter discussing gun "culture" in the U.S. and the different approaches in the U.K. and Germany in comparison. "The Gunning of America" A book by historian Pamela Haag that looks into how the American weapons' industry "implanted" society with its love of guns. Second Amendment to the United States Constitution Wikipedia has detailed information about the constitutional character of...


82. Focus on football

Have you ever wondered why the United Kingdom as one nation has four different national teams competing in international events? - Well Peter has, not only since three of them made it into the current European Championship. Roger fills him in about the reasons, which lie in the history of football (i.e. soccer, asSOCiation football) on the British Isles. [URL following shortly] As a little gimmick for this year's open day at university, we've prepared a multilingual football glossary that...


X11 - There better be no more Troubles!

Roger is back interviewing his brother Neil in the wake of the British EU referendum. Today they're looking into the special case of Northern Ireland and the sneaky influence media have had in the British decision. The Troubles A Wikipedia article on the background of the Northern Irish conflict, to read up on history, as Neil recommended. Debunking years of tabloid claims about Europe The Economist has looked into the propagation of EU-myths in British newspapers.


X10 - The day after

Today Peter has a special guest to discuss the result of the British EU referendum. Neil Charlton, political scientist and British civil servant for many years joins this special episode to give us some highly up-to-date insights into what happened in Britain the other night. How did UK end up voting to leave the European Union? The first of three articles from the Guardian having an even deeper look into the circumstances of the referendum. Nicola Sturgeon says second Scottish referendum...


81. That breax it

Today, we'll have another look at the EU-referendum, which is going to take place next week in the United Kingdom (on June 23rd). Roger has invited Dan back into the show and the two are discussing facets of the general public opinion, and they'll look into the possible consequences of a potential "BrExit". Information on the referendum The BBC has compiled a webpage to inform the public about all aspects of the referendum


80. Britain's EU merry-go-round

Today, Roger has a guest over to discuss the upcoming referendum on the U.K.'s EU-membership. They talk about why the U.K. is going to take this decision now, and what the potential consequences might be. The 2016 referendum Find more information about the upcoming referendum on Wikipedia. The 1975 referendum Read about the first big referendum referred to by Roger in this episode.


X09 - Reloaded

Finally it is done! And yes, this episode's title is quoting the second installment of the Matrix, but it is also meant literally: After LOADs of work in the last months we've managed to shift RoPeCast into a new era. We have RE-upLOADed all existing episodes to YouTube and also to this re-established 'classic' MP3 podcast. In this episode we celebrate the occasion with some guest in the studio, and we are finally back with revamped looks, all new episodes and - of course - entirely new...


79. Last Contact

Ending our series on university austerity policy, we look into what really makes a difference to the success of a student. Is it what the Brits are discussing frequently these days, the so called 'contact hours' with a teacher? We'll let you know ...


78. Class size does matter

Austerity policy at university is the continuing topic of this episode, and the two hosts are discussing its effects. This time they focus on the consequences of increasing class size at university in order to save money. Is this a good approach? - Listen in now ...


77. Austerity policy - Saving university

Austerity is a word that one encounters rather frequently in news and politics these days. In this episode Roger explains the meaning of this word, and both hosts discuss the effects that austerity policy can have on university in general and also how our university is affected by financial cuts imposed by the state government.


76. Thorny paths for the thistle

The thistle is a national symbol of Scotland and a thorny path might lay ahead for the Scots if they separated from the United Kingdom. Roger was somewhat hesistant to state his own opinion about the Scottish referendum at the end of our last episode. But Peter won't let him off the hook just like that. He's asking again, and our two hosts are going to look in detail at motives and possible consequences of the Scottish vote in September 2014. The Scots eventually decided to stay in the UK,...


75. Should I stay or should I go?

A question that The Clash asked in their famous song, but also a question that the Scots are asking themselves when it comes to Scotland being a part of the United Kingdom. Before the 2014 referendum, Roger and Peter were discussing how the referendum came about in the first place and what consequences the Scottish decision might have. Scot Referendum The original site about the referendum as archived in October 2014. Should I stay or should I go? The original song referenced by this...


74. They are not always men, guys

As an extension of our series on affirmative action in the U.S. and the 'women's quota' in Germany (episodes #068 and #069), Peter and his guest Carrie are looking into the linguistic remains of patriarchic structures, and into 'measures' being taken. RoPeCast Ep 68 - Aaand ... action! The first episode in this little series. RoPeCast Ep 69 - Exhausting quota The second episode, preceding this one in out series.