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Audio and video covering a variety of library activities and topics presented by The Nebraska Library Commission's staff and guests.

Audio and video covering a variety of library activities and topics presented by The Nebraska Library Commission's staff and guests.
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Audio and video covering a variety of library activities and topics presented by The Nebraska Library Commission's staff and guests.






Episode 339: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Wreck the Library: How to Host

System in South Florida, will share a recent program called "Wreck the Library" where teens were invited to take apart computers, VCRs, modems, and more. Leanne will discuss the planning and implementation of this program, as well as information about the Martin County's digital media center: the idea lab. Leanne earned her MLS from Indiana University and currently works as the Digital Literacy Librarian for the Martin County Library System. Her background is in media production and she is...


Episode 338: Explore Wearable Technologies and Book Connections for Youth

In 2015 the hottest accessory for young and old is wearable technology and e-textiles. Wearable technology refers to devices that can be worn by users, taking the form of an accessory such as jewelry, sunglasses, a backpack, or even actual items of clothing like shoes or a jacket. A benefit of wearable technology is that it can conveniently integrate tools, devices, power needs, and connectivity within a user’s everyday life and movements. This NCompass Live focuses on "wearable tech"...


Episode 336: Every Hero Has A Story: Summer Reading Program 2015

Sally Snyder, Coordinator of Children and Young Adult Library Services at the Nebraska Library Commission, will give brief book talks of new titles pertaining to the 2015 Summer Reading Program themes: Every Hero Has A Story (children's theme) and Unmask! (teen theme). Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare) Links (Delicious)


Episode 335: Passports from your Library

Since 2009 we have been accepting US Passport Applications at our library. Would share what is involved to start and the demands on staff time. Also the rewards, both monetary and in publicity and community building.


Episode 333: Reaching Out: Fighting back against a bad public image

Join me as I talk you through some of the ways that we have begun to fight back and work hard to bring the community back to a library it once loved through programs, interactive library board meetings, welcome packets and even a community garden with a club and classes. Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare)


Episode 332: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Alexa, what’s an Amazon Echo?

In this month’s Tech Talk Michael Sauers, the NLC’s Technology Innovation Librarian, will be performing a live demonstration of the Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled personal assistant, radio, and information device. Michael will also use the Echo as a jumping off point for a discussion of other current and future voice-controlled technology. Video (YouTube) Links (Delicious)


Episode 330: Hack the OPAC: How to Create a Free Online Library Catalog

Library cataloging software generally comes in two categories: affordable but quirky or robust but expensive. Finding a good library catalog is essential to efficient cataloging and user accessibility. This workshop presents a ‘hack’ or shortcut to creating a free online public access catalog (OPAC) using Google Drive and Google Sites. With moderate technical knowledge, librarians can catalog books in an online spreadsheet and make their holdings searchable to the public. Video (YouTube)...


Episode 329: The Little Library that Could (and did!)

What does it mean when we say libraries are the cornerstone of democracy? Can we claim that without being fully engaged in the communities we serve? Find out what happened when one small library looked beyond the boundaries of space and mission to forge partnerships in order to act as a central agent of change. Red Hook Public Library redefined its goals as a small rural library by seeking partnerships in the community – including the one it forged with Bard College. Learn how the...


Episode 328: Getting More $$ from Your Book Sales OR Is This Old Book Valua

Cecelia Lawrence, Director of the North Platte Public Library, will show and discuss how libraries can generate additional funds for their book sales through finding rare and valuable books in their donations, even their withdrawn items. We will explore the impact of scarcity, author, edition (how to know if you have a first edition), condition, age, aesthetics, and association on these older books. Once we have this information, she will then show you how to best utilize online resources...


Episode 237: Bethany Book Talk

Bethany BooksTalks welcomes everyone for a morning of good books. For the past six years, speakers have presented a group of books, sometimes with a theme and sometimes not. These informal presentations allow for good conversation as well. The Bethany BooksTalk group meets every Friday morning, beginning at 10:30 A.M., unless otherwise noted. Approximately 10-20 regular attendees. This Book Talk features Commission staff Michael and Mary Sauers.


Episode 326: Thirteen Things You Might Not Know About National Library of M

Where are you going to look? The answer should be the National Library of Medicine...for topics such as human anatomy, animal disease, health organizations, doctors, drugs, low-cost care and medicine, diagnostic tests and more. Marty Magee, from the University of Nebraska Medical Center’s McGoogan Library of Medicine, looks at reference and consumer resources beyond, that are freely accessible for patrons and libraries everywhere. Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare)...


Episode 325: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Adding True SMS Service to an I

Many Libraries use SMS service to allow patrons to send call numbers from the Library’s integrated library system (ILS) to their mobile phones. The problem is that libraries use email to SMS gateways. Patrons are required to enter their carrier, which is cumbersome. Some carriers may not be listed. A better implementation would be to have patrons just enter their mobile number. This session will show librarians how to implement a true SMS gateway using Google Voice or any other SMS service...


Episode 324: Anatomy of an Ad Campaign

Heather Imhoff, Head of Public Information Services at Des Plaines (IL) Public Library, will share how the library used state per capita grant funds to plan and launch a multi-channel consumer advertising campaign promoting the eResources available for free with a library card. Includes the who, what, when, where and why as well as real costs, examples of the campaign, and tips for launching a campaign of your own. Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare) Links (Delicious)


Episode 323: Fun with Friends: Integrating Programming for Adults with Spec

This presentation will highlight what we have learned from our experiences planning and implementing a monthly educational and social program for adults with special needs at Sump Memorial Library. This includes finding sources for additional funding; forming relationships with organizations currently serving these adults; the development of our program; and suggestions of other innovative program ideas to meet the needs of our patron base. Presenters: Amy Wenzl, Omaha (NE) Public Library;...


Episode 322: Strategic Planning in a Nutshell

Do you have a plan? The new Nebraska Guidelines for Public Library Accreditation require that a library have an up-to-date strategic plan in place. The new guidelines are community-based, so libraries need to know what their communities’ needs are in order to provide appropriate library services that meet those unique needs. That’s where planning comes in. Richard Miller, NLC’s Library Development Director, will guide you through Strategic Planning for your library. Public Library...


Episode 321: Youth Coding Resources - Programs and Resources for Youth in Y

Currently Youth Coding and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs are highlighted in schools and communities all across the country. Did you know that there are already a number of these types of programs based in Nebraska and available to be hosted in your community library? Today’s webinar will be a coding example based on the Walt Disney movie Frozen using modules that you can complete during the demonstration. The webinar will also highlight current...


Episode 320: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: CES & Libraries 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest technology trade shows of its kind, featuring new product releases, updates, and a chance to experience the latest and greatest technologies from companies big and small. Join Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project who attends the show to spread the word about libraries to the exhibitors at CES, securing partnerships on behalf of libraries so that libraries may have more opportunities to innovate and bring new technology in for their...


Episode 319: Guys Read: Men of the NLC Talk Books

The staff at the Nebraska Library Commission are readers. And we enjoy talking about what we've read. Join Michael Sauers and Sam Shaw, from the Library Commission, as they share some of their favorite books. You'll be sure to find a few good additions for your library's collection. Video (YouTube) Presentation Links (Delicious)


Episode 318: The Accidental Cataloger: Tips & Tools to Help You Use the Rul

Have you found yourself responsible for cataloging with no previous experience? Is "cataloger" only one of many hats you wear at your library? Attend this session to learn about free tools to innovate your cataloging process, make your life easier, and get your library's materials cataloged and in the hands of your patrons. Presenter: Emily Nimsakont, Cataloging Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission. Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare) Links (Delicious)


Episode 317: Extreme Customer Service @ Your Library

While providing innovative services and programming helps draw new library patrons, excellence in customer service is what keeps them coming back. Kearney Public Library has recently embraced a more patron-focused approach to library policies, which has included changing many policies to create a more positive experience for patrons. Staff members will discuss their new "Extreme Customer Service" model, and how it has changed many of their library practices over the past year. This session...