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Audio and video covering a variety of library activities and topics presented by The Nebraska Library Commission's staff and guests.

Audio and video covering a variety of library activities and topics presented by The Nebraska Library Commission's staff and guests.
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Audio and video covering a variety of library activities and topics presented by The Nebraska Library Commission's staff and guests.






Episode 321: Youth Coding Resources - Programs and Resources for Youth in Y

Currently Youth Coding and S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) programs are highlighted in schools and communities all across the country. Did you know that there are already a number of these types of programs based in Nebraska and available to be hosted in your community library? Today’s webinar will be a coding example based on the Walt Disney movie Frozen using modules that you can complete during the demonstration. The webinar will also highlight current...


Episode 320: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: CES & Libraries 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest technology trade shows of its kind, featuring new product releases, updates, and a chance to experience the latest and greatest technologies from companies big and small. Join Brian Pichman of the Evolve Project who attends the show to spread the word about libraries to the exhibitors at CES, securing partnerships on behalf of libraries so that libraries may have more opportunities to innovate and bring new technology in for their...


Episode 319: Guys Read: Men of the NLC Talk Books

The staff at the Nebraska Library Commission are readers. And we enjoy talking about what we've read. Join Michael Sauers and Sam Shaw, from the Library Commission, as they share some of their favorite books. You'll be sure to find a few good additions for your library's collection. Video (YouTube) Presentation Links (Delicious)


Episode 318: The Accidental Cataloger: Tips & Tools to Help You Use the Rul

Have you found yourself responsible for cataloging with no previous experience? Is "cataloger" only one of many hats you wear at your library? Attend this session to learn about free tools to innovate your cataloging process, make your life easier, and get your library's materials cataloged and in the hands of your patrons. Presenter: Emily Nimsakont, Cataloging Librarian, Nebraska Library Commission. Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare) Links (Delicious)


Episode 317: Extreme Customer Service @ Your Library

While providing innovative services and programming helps draw new library patrons, excellence in customer service is what keeps them coming back. Kearney Public Library has recently embraced a more patron-focused approach to library policies, which has included changing many policies to create a more positive experience for patrons. Staff members will discuss their new "Extreme Customer Service" model, and how it has changed many of their library practices over the past year. This session...


Episode 316: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: WordPress and SEO/SMO

JD Thomas, a white-hat SEO and WordPress consultant, will discuss how to improve the appearance of WordPress posts and pages in search engine results and when shared on social media. He will be focusing on the features built into Yoast's WordPress SEO and the metadata that it adds to your website that lets you control exactly how your content looks when shared on Facebook and Twitter. In this monthly feature of NCompass Live, the NLC’s Technology Innovation Librarian, Michael Sauers, will...


Episode 315: Installing and Using the OverDrive App: A Day-Before-Christmas

'Tis the day before Christmas and all through the land, librarians brace for the upcoming influx of patrons with new tablets wanting to know how to access OverDrive.... Sound familiar or prescient? If so, join us for this December 24 edition of NCompass Live for a refresher/review of how to install the OverDrive app on a tablet and start checking out and downloading eBooks and audiobooks from your library. (We'll be using an iPad, but the app works similarly on Android devices .) We'll also...


Episode 314: Nebraska Memories

Join Beth Goble, Allana Novotny and Devra Dragos to see what is happening with Nebraska Memories, our cooperative project to digitize Nebraska-related historical and cultural heritage materials. Nebraska Memories has a new interface, several newer collections, and a new policy on the donation of materials from individuals. Video (YouTube) Links (Delicious)


Episode 313: Best New Youth Books of 2014

Sally Snyder, Coordinator of Children and Young Adult Library Services at the NLC, will give brief book talks of new titles that could be good additions to your library’s collection. Titles for preschool through older teens will be highlighted. Video (YouTube) Presentation (SlideShare) Handouts


Episode 312: Addressing the Legal Information Needs of Immigrants and Non N

Northlake (IL) Public Library District has seen a dramatic demographic shift over the last twenty years. More than half of the service community speaks Spanish at home and as many as one third are foreign born. To address the changing needs of their community, Northlake Public Library District has hired bilingual staff and added many bilingual programs. One pressing issue that directly affects this community is the U.S. immigration policy and getting accurate information on these policies....


Episode 311: Tech Talk with Michael Sauers: Using the Arduino to Develop Co

In this talk, John LeMasney will discuss the trials, tribulations, and successes of creating and teaching classes on Arduino as programming at several New Jersey libraries across the state. Arduino is an open source hardware platform for learning about and making electronics prototypes to scratch your own itch. It is a well-supported, low-threshold-of-entry approach of inviting those new to electronics to create their own working circuits at a low monetary cost and little existing knowledge....


Episode 310: Books and Water Don't Mix or How We Survived the Water Disaste

Are you prepared for a disaster in your library? If you think it can't happen to you or if you think 'My library is only a few years old - it's in good shape'--think again. Denise Lawver at the Wahoo (NE) Public Library will share her experiences after a 3" water pipe burst in the ceiling of the meeting room--in a library only 7 years old! Video (YouTube) Links (Delicious)


Episode 309: Cool Tools for You and Your Library

New internet tools, technologies and websites appear every day that you can integrate into your personal and professional life. Librarians can harness the full potential of these tools to provide innovative library services and programming, stay organized, be creative and improve productivity. Christa Burns, from the Nebraska Library Commission, will introduce you to new and emerging online tools that will motivate you to accomplish great things at your library. Video (YouTube) Presentation...


Episode 308: STEM Programs for All Ages

Join Amanda Roberson, Youth Coordinator - Children and Teen Services at Harford County (MD) Library, to learn about Harford County's innovative STEM programs for early learners and school age learners: LEAP: Science is Fun! Program that was launched in 2007 by Harford County Library, targeted toward third to eighth grade children. Little Leapers, pre- and early-literacy kits that focus on fostering and developing pre- and early literacy skills through STEM (science, technology, engineering...


Episode 307: 2014 One Book One Nebraska: Once Upon a Town

In this tenth year of One Book One Nebraska, Nebraska libraries and other literary and cultural organizations continue to plan activities and events to encourage all Nebraskans to read and discuss the same book. Join us to hear more about this statewide reading promotion activity, sponsored by the Nebraska Library Commission and the Nebraska Center for the Book.Our special guest, Rosalie Lippincott, will also share memories of her time volunteering at the North Platte Canteen. Join Mary Jo...


Episode 306: Teen Theater Groups: Creating Communities of Empowered Teens

Learn how theater group participation can bring diverse groups of teens together to express themselves creatively, gain leadership and collaborative skills, and engage with the larger community. A wide range of programs will be discussed - including year-round clubs, summer programs, readers' theater and murder mysteries - for all levels of experience, sizes of libraries, and budgets. Take away tips and resources to kickstart your own production. Presenters: Jennifer Cottrill, Midlothian...


Episode 304: How to Lead a Book Group With No Discussion Questions Provided

Many times your book club members select a title that doesn’t come with discussion questions or someone selects a book that you anticipate will be challenging or difficult to discuss. How can you prepare and what are some tips and tricks for making the group run smoothly and the discussion meaningful? Join Vicki Wood, Youth Services Supervisor at Lincoln City Libraries and Lisa Kelly – Nebraska Library Commission - as they present lessons learned from leading book groups. Video (YouTube)...


Episode 303: Mobile Beacon

In this month’s Tech Talk, Michael will be speaking with Laura Marlane, the Executive Director of the Providence (RI) Community Library, and Katherine Messier, the Managing Director of Mobile Beacon, about how libraries can provide mobile WiFi hotspots to their patrons. Laura Marlane is the Executive Director of Providence Community Library, a non-profit organization that was formed in 2009 to save the nine former branches of the PPL. Laura has 28 years of experience working in academic,...


Episode 302: Broadband and Mobile Broadband Coverage in Nebraska

As part of a federal grant, the Nebraska Public Service Commission has been working over the last 4 years to determine where broadband has been deployed throughout the state. Through bi-annual data submissions by providers, the PSC has developed a website targeted to consumers to determine where broadband has been deployed in Nebraska. The website has several functions to allow users to investigate broadband anywhere in the state. The PSC has also been working to verify mobile broadband...


Episode 301: een Tech Time: Remix Fun with Mozilla Webmaker Tools!

In this session, Melissa Techman, School Librarian, Broadus Wood Elem School, Earlysville, VA, shares her easy-to-duplicate public library events, in which teens explore coding, writing, and remixing. Starting with 2 templates made with Mozilla’s Thimble, a free online html edit-and-create, participants can tinker and customize according to their interests. In the process, they learn a little coding and explore connected and creative learning and writing. Video (YouTube) Presentation...