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The Honest Guide to Medical School that offers premed students, medical students, and healthcare learners of all kinds a window into what medicine and medical school is really like. Featuring real medical students from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.

The Honest Guide to Medical School that offers premed students, medical students, and healthcare learners of all kinds a window into what medicine and medical school is really like. Featuring real medical students from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.


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The Honest Guide to Medical School that offers premed students, medical students, and healthcare learners of all kinds a window into what medicine and medical school is really like. Featuring real medical students from the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.







Doing stuff outside of your coursework is fantastic…until it isn’t. [Dave was suddenly called home for a family emergency, so no recording this week. Enjoy this rerun, though!] Listener Tasneem Ahmed–a fourth-year medic at London’s King’s College–joins MD/PhD student Aline Sandouk, M4 Holly Conger, and M1s AJ Chowdhury and Alex Belzer on the show. She wrote to us at because she wanted to talk with us about those times when extracurricular activities are too much...


Hitting the Wall, Then Scaling the Heights

* Taking the med ed bull by the horns in a purposeful way will get your through one of the toughest moments. * Given any definition of “success,” a medical student who succeeds in medical school engages “like they paid for it.” * The definition of “success” doesn’t necessarily include honors grades or high scores. If you choose what it means, you will succeed!


Table Rounds: Gamifying Med Ed, ft. Paulius Mui, MD

How Gaming Can Help You Learn Medicine Better TL;DR Dr. Paulius Mui is a first-year family medicine resident in Virginia, and a long-time listener (since before med school!). He wrote to Dave not long ago because he had published a game called Table Rounds. It’s a game he and his friends in med school had made up, and now he’s working to bring it into the world as an actual product. Paulius sent Dave a copy of the game [for free, he’s not a sponsor. –Dave], and M1s AJ Chowdhury, Alex...


The New Medical Student: Tips and Tricks from First-Years

Often a discussion of medicine as a career is discussed in terms of sacrifices made. What sacrifices have our co-hosts made? How did they prepare or study before they started school in the fall? Did they find their people, or did pandemic online medical education get in the way?


Requiem for a Meme: Yahoo! Answers will close

Should Victoria also get a law degree to facilitate a career in health policy? Shea sends feedback on our recent discussion of options for unmatched MD Seniors We practice answering patient questions with a straight face by visiting Yahoo! Answers for what might be the last time! Resources: You deserve to be happy and healthy. If you’re struggling with racism, harassment, hate your mental health, or some other crisis, visit, and send additions to the list to...


Is Your Affective Presence Killing Your Dream?

Affective presence is the lasting and stable impressions your interaction partners get from you. Your scores and grades only get you in the door. It's your personality that makes you a medical student, and later, a doctor. So make sure you're giving off the right vibes! Listener Kalmen reminds us of a paths for some students who don't match. You deserve to be happy and healthy. If you're struggling with racism, harassment, hate, your mental health, or some other crisis, visit...


Seizing The Moment: How COVID Could Change Healthcare, Ft. Shantanu Nundy, Md

COVID stressed healthcare but showed us a better future. TL;DR COVID revealed what’s broken in healthcare, and also offers a glimpse of how it can be fixed Distributed, decentralized and digital isn’t about technology, but about putting patients at the center of healthcare. Read Dr. Nundy’s book Care After Covid: What the Pandemic Revealed Is Broken in Healthcare and How to Reinvent It. Care After COVID…by Shantanu Nundy, MD This episode is sponsored by Panacea Financial, Member FDIC....


Did Match Day Implode?

How did COVID affect the 2021 Match? This week’s sponsor, Panacea Financial (Member FDIC) is giving away $500 to five students participating in the 2021 Match. Check it out! Match Week is huge for senior medical students. It’s the week they find out if they will continue their training (yikes!), and where in the country they will go to complete it…and this year’s match was even more-than-usually anxiety provoking due to COVID. Were our fears–of large numbers of unmatched applicants, programs...


Complimentary Therapy

The Art of Compliments PhotoRoss Dunn Our sponsor, Panacea Financial, is having a giveaway! 5 students in the 2021 Match will get $500 in their Match Day Giveaway, so head on over to find out more! It must have been a bad week for someone, because Dave thought it’d be great to have a compliment festival. Of course, compliments have a huge role in learning, though Dave wasn’t sure there were enough opportunities for getting compliments during the pre-clinical years. So he asked M1s AJ...


How To Fix A Gap: Do It Yourself!

No school, employer, or profession is perfect; and lots of times, you have to step up to fix it. PhotoGeorgie Pauwels This episode’s sponsor, Panacea Financial, is having a Match Day Giveaway! Med students in the 2021 Match can enter to be one of five students who will win $500! Enter at Long time SCP listener and CCOM M4 Austin Kazarian joins us on the show to talk about the personal finance course he proposed and helped create. Wait, isn’t there enough to...


The King of Intestinal Gas

This episode is sponsored by Panacea Financial, a Division of Sonabank, Member FDIC. Panacea is banking for medical students and doctors. Every once in a while, Dave likes to just get to know his med student co-hosts better. This time, in order to accomplish that goal, he invited each of them–M1s Rick Gardner, AJ Chowdhury, Alex Belzer, and M4 Tim Maxwell–to bring some converation starters with them. Is it relevant? Sure, if you squint your ears real hard, jeez, can’t you guys give up on...


Good Advice: Wrong Answers Only

The advice students get from mentors, peers, and advisors isn’t always good. This episode is sponsored by Panacea Financial, a division of Sonabank, member FDIC. Panacea is banking for medical students, built by doctors. Opinions are like a-holes. They’re everywhere. But that doesn’t mean that the advice you’ll get is always useful. On today’s show, Marisa Evers, Rick Gardner, Eric Boeshart, and Nicole Hines discuss the advice that co-hosts have gotten during their journey that didn’t...


In Med School We Trust. or not.

When should med students trust their school…and when should they push back? This episode is sponsored by Panacea Financial, a division of Sonabank, member FDIC. Panacea is banking for medical students, built by doctors. Med students sometimes find it difficult to trust their school will get them through this ordeal of learning medicine. Sometimes you’re taught things that seem less than useful. Sometimes your professors or administrators don’t seem to understand what’s at stake for you....


What Jobs to Med Students Actually Do in their clerksh?

The medical student’s jobs may be less than sexy, but they’re important. PhotoOregon State University Medical students are both learners and an important part of the teaching hospital labor pool. Recently, Dave realized he doesn’t actually know–what are their actual jobs? And how do they find out what they are? In general the job is to both learn medicine and be helpful. There are many tasks that belong to no particular person, and students can take advantage of this by being there to...


Is Medicine A Calling, or a Job?

Which take on medicine is best for patients and provider mental health? Dave and the gang–including M1s AJ Chowdhury and Alex Belzer; M4 Holly Conger; and MD/PhD student Aline Sandouk–take a look at the prevalent idea that medicine is a “calling,” somewhat like religion is for many. That’s an imperfect analogy, but there are parallels. People talk, for instance, about the sacrifices, the altruism, the service, and the requirement that doctors be at all times upstanding and display...


What You Should Tell Your FAmily About Med School

How they can help, support, and understand what you’re doing here. [We livestream our recording sessions most Fridays on our listeners Facebook group, The Short Coat Student Lounge. Join us to add your questions and comments to the show!] Families are a blessing (usually). A source of support, love, and acceptance, they can prop you up in those moments when you need it. Sure, sometimes they goof–well meaning comments, misplaced efforts to help, and untimely visits do happen–but they just...


MD or DO: What is the Difference?

Are you an allopath or an osteopath? Photocogdogblog [Happy New Year! Did you know you can join The Short Coat Student Lounge on Facebook, and help us with the show? We livestream there every time we record, and if you’re there you can help us make sure we get all the angles.] A while back we got a somewhat provocative listener question: do osteopathic medicine students have a disadvantage in entering competitive specialties? Our answer back then was not really. And we weren’t wrong, but...


Recess Rehash: Microaggressions: preparing to experience, witness, and commit them

Good intentions are everywhere. Good behavior...well, that's more complicated. Such is the case with microaggressions, the term coined by Harvard University psychiatrist Chester Pierce in 1970 to describe minor yet hurtful comments. Pierce's original definition encompassed statements aimed at African Americans, but of course one can accidentally or purposefully put down any minority individual--women, LGBTQ+ individuals, non-white ethnicities, and more. Unfortunately, nearly 50 years after...


Recess Rehash: This Student’s Shame is Changing Our Curriculum

[Happy New Year! We are taking a break from recording, and our next new show is out on January 14. In the meantime, enjoy this rerun. This episode was sponsored by Pattern. We hope you’ll check out their disability insurance offerings for docs at] Doctors and medical students often have an identity based on perfection and infallibility. Often it that identity comes from their own expectations of themselves, and sometimes it comes from external...


Vaccine Fever

Happy Holidays! As we recorded this show, vaccine doses were beginning to spread across the world–well, across the rich countries of the world, anyway. The poorer countries were left with the WHO’s risky donation-funded program to distribute doses, causing concern that the program might just collapse because some countries we could mention decided not to contribute. We’re looking at you, United States of America and China. We discuss ‘the right to be forgotten,’ a right which many in the...