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Josh and Joel love podcasts, but finding a great one amongst the junk can be a trying experience. Every week, we review a different show and give you the verdict so you can just get to enjoying great content.

Josh and Joel love podcasts, but finding a great one amongst the junk can be a trying experience. Every week, we review a different show and give you the verdict so you can just get to enjoying great content.
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Josh and Joel love podcasts, but finding a great one amongst the junk can be a trying experience. Every week, we review a different show and give you the verdict so you can just get to enjoying great content.






Google Podcasts, Big Media Earnings Reports, Apple Event -AL409

Podcast News Google Podcasts is coming to the web! But BBC Podcasts are leaving Google Podcasts: Data on those listeners who use the almighty “pause” button: Quarter 1 is ending and earnings reports are in. Cumulus...


Podcasting’s Cold War or Growing Up Comes w/Growing Pains - AL408

Podcast News Shots fired! Shots fired back! Gimlet employees unionize… Nick Quah on CNN: The ever intelligent Tom Webster - Think about the...


2019 Infinite Dial, Apple's Money Tree and Podfest 2019 - AL407

Followup Podfest 2019 recap Podcast News Infographic for 2019 Infinite Dial: The 2019 Infinite Dial Report (free to download at Follow Jay on Twitter at @therealpodvader or Facebook at and Joel at @therogueslife on Twitter or for everything else at Find us online anytime at...


Where is Podcasting Growing? - AL406

Followup Ad insertion in the middle of a sentence. It'll be fixed from now on. My apologies. Podcast News Apple’s Scary Email and what you should or should not do about it! Chartable on the “Golden Age of Podcasting” - essentially repurposed Edison Research Share of Ear report (which a new one is coming on March 5th). But want to address this specifically:“Many of these listeners are new to podcasts. In other words, Spotify didn't “steal” listeners who were already listening to podcasts on...


Is This Big Podcasting? - AL405

Podcast News Year one of Paid Listens from Radio Public: Tom Webster is a very very very smart man: Trivial Warfare crew up for Trivia Hall of Fame - want to discuss podcasts looking for validation in their niche instead of just among their podcast peers. Vote for the TWA crew:...


Live Shows, Spotify Predictions and iHeart Recommendations - AL404

Followup Joel talks about the New Orleans MBMBaM Live show and supporting podcasters through live shows period. Podcast News Predictions for Gimlet/Spotify/Anchor fallout: iHeartRadio recommendation engine review… the writer’s premise is flawed if he ignores the initial recommendations…...


Gimlet AND Anchor are Bought by Spotify!!!! More to come? - AL403

Jay and Joel hold an emergency podcast to discuss the titanic news that broke this morning. Spotify has aquired BOTH Gimlet Media AND Anchor. What does it mean for podcasting? Well, that’s what this episode is about. Followup You know that thing we were talking about yesterday? -


Gimlet Gets Bought?! - AL402

Followup Sound issues - Joel was experimenting w/video, should be better from here on out. Good lesson not to put the cart before the horse. Podcast News Spotify to buy Gimlet: from Spotify courtesy Todd Cochrane (trying to license No Agenda): In theory, this is 100% correct. What...


A Whole New Show: Welcome PodVader, Anchor's New Ad from Apple, Is Apple Watch Real? and Indie Podcasts on the Rise? - AL401

We meet our new host and discuss the new format, argue the merits of Apple featuring Anchor in new advertising, talk about the top 20 shows, and debate whether Apple Watch stats are real or really inflated for now. Intro & Explanation Who we are, how we know each other and what the show is about to become The story of PodVader: Podcast News & commentary on the same OCCASIONAL interviews/conversations with guests from the...


Always Listening to Cameron Reilly, Australian Podcast Pioneer

*Explicit Language Warning* Cam has a colorful manner of speaking and I don't edit it down for this episode. Watch the little ears!* Cameron Reilly, cohost of The Bullshit Filter, Life of Caesar and more, joins Joel to talk about his life in podcasting, and independent media which started in 2004. With claims to "fame" as the first Australian podcaster and the first person to use a recorded Skype call for a podcast in the world. Cam is a straight shooter who spends most of his days shooting...


Always Listening to Jay “Pod Vader” Soderberg

Joel’s podcasting hero, Jay Pod Vader Soderberg, joins the podcast to talk about his career in media, radio, podcating and in and out of companies like ESPN, Blog Talk Radio, Spreaker and more. "Podcasts don't have a "middle" ... radio is nothing but "middle"." Pod Vader was the backbone of ESPN’s launch into podcasting producing dozens of shows at once and featuring in many of them on-air as well as behind the scenes. At the top of his field and working for the biggest player in the space,...


Picking up Hope at the Airport, my Podcast Movement 2018 Story and Thank You’s

Joel Sharpton, Chief Editing Officer for Pro Podcasting Services details his trip to and from Podcast Movement 2018 with the “point” coming in at around 15:00, so feel free to jump to the mushy part. We’re all more alike than we are different and travel has shown that to this country boy. Thankful and mis-quoting Mark Twain, Joel “rambles on” to the point about Podcast Movement, airport hours and antiseptic eventually. Stick with this kid, he’s going places. If you’d like to get a taste of...


Always Listening to Cocaine and Rhinestones with Tyler Mahan Coe

It's not often that this show has guests. It's not often that Joel turns into a bit of a fanboy, but both of those things happen in this episode as Tyler Mahan Coe, creator and host of Cocaine and Rhinestones: The History of Country Music, joins Joel to talk about the creation of that show, it's future and how not to get sued (or thrown out of the family barbecue). To hear more from Tyler, visit and don't forget to tell him we sent you.


Always Watching Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story with Josh AND Joel

Josh is back in the studio for this one, as the boys discuss Gamertag Radio: A Podcast Story, a new documentary available on Twitch and YouTube about the podcast, Gamertag Radio. The podcast is celebrating 13 years of production from Danny, Pete and Parris. Find the show at and watch the new documentary right here:


Always Listening to Let Them Eat Cheescake: A Golden Girls Podcast

Sometimes, having a successful show isn’t enough fuel for the fire you need to keep burning the midnight oil and creating your “main” show at a high level. Sometimes, you just need a “friend” to help reignite that passion. That’s what happened to the Fabulous Fineran's, the Magnificent Beth Brown and songster extraordinare, Danny Rockett.


Always Listening to Create Something Awesome Today by Roberto Blake

Season Three starts with something different. Joel is on his own talking about community connections and the weird places you end up learning something new from. Roberto Blake is the host of the Create Something Awesome Today Podcast, helping podcasters, bloggers and video creators up their game, while inspiring career professionals to create awesome in their own jobs. Find everything from Roberto at Also, hear what’s next for Always Listening.


Always Listening to The Dollop featuring Matt McKenney

Matt McKenney is the guest host for this episode of Always Listening as we cover The Dollop from Gareth Reynolds and Dave Anthony. Find out more about the show (as well as Dave and Gareth) at Find Matt McKenney and The Roadhouse Show on Facebook: And don’t forget if you’d like to order an Always Listening Nixon T-shirt for just $15, get that order in today right here:


Always Listening to The Blood Drawn Chronicles (Patreon Review Special)

Josh is back in the studio with Joel to record this special Patreon-requested review of The Blood Drawn Chronicles. The boys cover this narrative audio drama podcast with a spoiler-free discussion before breaking a few parts of the first season's narrative down in a spoiler-light discussion (clearly noted in audio so as to not spoil you!) Find more about the show at


Always Listening to Timesuck with Dan Cummins (Guest host Pod Vader)

Jay Soderbergh, aka Pod Vader, joins Joel to discuss and review Timesuck with Dan Cummins. You can find the show and more about Dan at Pod Vader is the award-winning producer behind the beginnings of ESPN's Podcenter and is currently the Head of Content for Blog Talk Radio. He's also the host of The Next Fan Up Podcast featuring super-fans from every NFL team. Join Always Listening on Facebook at and support the...


Always Listening at Podfest 2017 and ANNOUNCEMENTS

Always Listening just got back from Orlando, Florida and Joel shares some of his experience with the class as well as announcing some big changes to Always Listening. Support the show and get every episode of Always Listening at