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Bob Andelman Interviews 2008-2012


This is an archive of Mr. Media Interviews from 2008-2012. Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics!

This is an archive of Mr. Media Interviews from 2008-2012. Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics!
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This is an archive of Mr. Media Interviews from 2008-2012. Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics!






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1046 Amy Rose, country singer, "One More Sleep" (live Christmas performances with Marty Beecroft)

Amy Rose may be the greatest country music singer on the planet. I can’t prove that beyond a reasonable doubt, but I love the way she sings and right this minute, my opinion is more important than anyone else’s. So yeah, Amy Rose is the greatest country singer in the world! AMY ROSE podcast excerpt: "'One More Sleep' was a Christmas song I heard five or six years. But it was originally done by Leona Lewis, who won 'The X factor' UK in 2006. It's relatable; how many times do you tell your...


1045 Bobby Friss, lead singer, guitarist, Bobby Friss Band

I last interviewed rock guitarist Bobby Friss in 1988. Something his father told him and he shared with me that day about being a professional has always stated with me: “On time, in tune, and with clean hair.” Such a simple, elegant approach to guiding a career and yet so many people – especially in the world of music – don’t get it and don’t do it. Bobby Friss podcast excerpt: "Rock 'n' roll has been a great ride. I've had the ride of a lifetime. And I'm having more fun than I've ever had"...


1044 Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, author, "DC Comics Before Superman"

Whatever you think you know about the 1930s origins of comic books, be prepared to learn a lot more. In her new book, "DC Comics Before Superman: Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson’s Pulp Comics," my guest today, Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, takes comics fans on a deep dive into the earliest days of the company we now know as DC Comics, but that started life in February 1935 as National Allied Publications. National Allied was founded by Nicky’s grandfather, Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, whose...


1043 Christine Hallquist, 2018 Dem. Party nominee for Vermont governor, transgender, "Denial" documentary

Derek Hallquist grew up the son of a man who believed fervently in the importance of modernizing and protecting America’s energy grid. As a child and teen, Derek followed his dad to energy-producing plants, learning about turbines, kilowatt hours and renewable sources of energy, a particular obsession of his father David’s. They even lived in a house adjacent to a hydroelectric dam. When Derek became a filmmaker, he began a passion project: documenting his father’s commitment to clean energy...


1042 Jeff Morris, a.k.a., R.W. Marcus, fantasy novelist, "The Fate of Tomorrow: Tales of the Annigan Cycle"

You think you know a guy! For as long as I have lived in St. Petersburg, Florida, I have been friends with Jeff Morris, the proprietor of my favorite local used bookstore and comics shop, Wilson’s Bookworld. It’s a business that was started by his mother and which he successfully continued, after her, for decades. JEFF MORRIS/R.W. MARCUS podcast excerpt: "Anybody that does role-playgames (RPG) or has been a gamester knows you put an incredible amount of backstory and biography in. In an RPG,...


1041 Roger Nygard, director, "The Truth About Marriage," editor, "Veep," "Who Is America?"

There is something special about Roger Nygard. He leads two very different lives in Hollywood: by day, he’s been a video editor on top comedy series such as “Curb Your Enthusiasm” with Larry David, “Veep” with Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and most recently, he was part of Sacha Baron Cohen’s team on the politically explosive Showtime series, “Who Is America?” He also worked on “Crashing” with Pete Holmes, “The League,” “The Office” and “The Bernie Mac Show.” Roger Nygard podcast excerpt: "In 'The...


1040 Mark Malkoff, host, "The Carson Podcast"

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Mark Malkoff is probably the most and best prepared podcast host in the world. If you’ve ever listened to his show, “The Carson Podcast,” you know what I’m talking about. Rarely will you hear Malkoff say, “I didn’t know that,” in reference to something his guest says. More likely, as comedian Bob Saget did, Mark will be reminding them about something from their lives that they either forgot or didn’t think anyone knew about them. With its singular...


1039 Michael Stahl-David, Daniella Alonso, actors, "My Generation"

(Note to listeners: We make every effort to post celebrity interviews in a timely manner. Unfortunately, ABC canceled its freshman drama, My Generation, after just two weeks. But rather than shelve this conversation with two of its stars, we're posting it anyway because they seemed like genuinely nice kids.) If you’re a network executive or a TV producer and you’re looking for dramatic concepts that could reach the widest possible audiences, you might consider common touchstones that bring...


1038 Cristina Alger, novelist, "The Banker's Wife," "The Darlings"

Book titles are a bit deceiving. I received Cristina Alger’s third novel, The Banker’s Wife, and figured it would literally be a thriller about a banker’s wife. And it is – to a point. But I came away from it excited about the story of a female journalist, Marina Tourneau, who is far more interesting and pivotal than the title character. I want to go on ride-alongs with that reporter, who was Maggie Haberman, Andrea Mitchell and Nicolle Wallace all rolled up in one. This is a terrific work...


1037 Jeff Kreisler, author, "Get Rich Cheating"

I’m not a big advocate of cheating to get ahead in life. But let’s face it, these are not normal times. So I’m willing to consider options that were previously anathema to a good two-shoes like myself. Enter Jeff Kreisler, an old friend of the Mr. Media Radio show and the author of the new book, Get Rich Cheating: The Crooked Path to Easy Street. In this manual to the easy life, Jeff kicks ethics to the curb and puts readers on the fast track to mastering scams, frauds, steroids and public...


1036 Ashanti, singer

Here are two pop culture references I never thought I’d make in the same sentence: ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and Grammy Award winner Ashanti. But this Sunday, the delicate, carefully crafted singer will be a special guest star alongside the sometimes shrill Ty Pennington as “Extreme Makeover.” Sounds crazy, right? ASHANTI podcast excerpt: "Delores Powell has such a power about her, a strength. For me to be able to do something positive for her, it was a blessing... Who can...


1035 Brad Phillips, a.k.a., Mr. Media Training (2011)

If you’re going to come on this show and talk to Mr. Media, you probably couldn’t be hurt by spending a little time reading the blog of a guy who calls himself “Mr. Media Training.” We may sound alike in name, but Brad Phillips and I really serve two completely different purposes – and we’ve got the individually trademarked names to prove it. BRAD PHILLIPS podcast excerpt: "During the run of the presidential campaign, candidates are lucky to get three or four hours of sleep. As a result,...


1034 Constance Zimmer, actress, "Entourage," "Love Bites"

Name me one female character on TV who can dish out abuse as well as "Entourage" character Dana Gordon and still look really, really hot. No, I can't think of anyone else, either. CONSTANCE ZIMMER podcast excerpt: "Dana would marry E., f--- Vince and kill Ari. But she would want to do it to get ahead." As the former randy girlfriend of super-agent Ari Gold and now his frequent nemesis on the HBO comedy, Dana Gordon's scenes on the show are always funny. Sure, the writers get credit for some...


1033 Matt Bomer, actor, "White Collar," "Chuck"

Who’s the mark? I don’t think it’s me, although I may have gotten White Collar star Matt Bomer here under a false premise – that I wanted to only talk to “Bonds. James Bonds” about his current show on USA Network. MATT BOMER podcast excerpt: "I think Bryce Larkin would have a lot to say about (Chuck and Sarah getting married). But I think, ultimately, he'd understand." The truth? If you’re listening to this show, you already know; I’m a huge fan of NBC’s “Chuck,” the show where Bomer first...


1032 Bradley James, actor, "Merlin"

Merlin exists to protect Prince Arthur, the young Pendragon, until he becomes king and magic is returned to the realm. Life in the days before Camelot were complicated that way. BRADLEY JAMES podcast excerpt: "Anthony Head and I play father and son. And it seems to be that dynamic off-set as well in that I seem to annoy him in a son-like way. He feigns annoyance but I think he appreciates it." Today I’m joined by Bradley James, the young man who plays Arthur, the future king of the realm, on...


1031 Harvey Frommer, author, "Remembering Fenway Park"

As a Tampa Bay Rays fan, I wish we had a stadium as beautiful and legendary as Boston’s Fenway Park. But I take solace in knowing that just 13 years into its life as home of the Red Sox, even Fenway had its faults, right? Like Frommer’s previous book – Remembering Yankee Stadium – Remembering Fenway Park: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Boston Red Sox captures all the pageantry, successes and humiliation that make a ballpark a home for legions and generations of fans. HARVEY...


1030 Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, author, "The Courage to Survive"

Dennis Kucinich is a brave man. Whatever else you may think of the five-term Congressman from Ohio’s 10th district, only a fool would deny his courage in running for Cleveland City Council before he was 21, running and being elected mayor of that city when he was 31, and is perhaps best known nationally for taking a crack at running for president in the Democratic primaries this past year and running well. Kucinich didn’t win a lot of votes, but he made an impression with his passion and...


1029 Shawn Ashmore, actor, "X-Men" movies (Iceman), "Frozen"

When Billy Bob Thornton was on this show a few years ago, I figured I was one Kevin Bacon degree removed from my first X-Man—Halle Berry. When today is done, I’ll still be one degree of separation away from Storm, but I’ll have interviewed my first real X-Man, Shawn Ashmore, who played “Iceman” in all three X-Men films. SHAWN ASHMORE podcast excerpt: "My first day was that first scene with Anna Paquin on the bench. I was so nervous. Before the first take, it felt huge. My knees were...


1028 Brandon Quinn, actor, "Kill Speed"

The hours on film sets can be long and, on indie films, the pay isn’t exactly going to leave even a star set for life. But the magic of movie making does create opportunities to do things that might never occur in real life, like flying really cool planes at high speeds and pulling off some crazy stunts. BRANDON QUINN podcast excerpt: "Oh, man! I remember coming home once, halfway through shooting. I looked at my wife and said, 'I don't want this one to end.' I had such a good time working...


1027 Pete Williams, sportswriter, author, "Core Performance"

If you’re a pro or college football fan and you haven’t yet read Pete Williams’ landmark investigation of the NFL draft—simply titled, The Draft—you’re not quite the fan you think you are. Williams went behind the scenes not just of draft day but of the entire process, interviewing pro scouts, coaches and GMs as well as college coaches, highly touted players and their agents to produce an incredibly revealing portrait of how things really work in the land of million-dollar bonus babies. PETE...