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Bob Andelman Interviews 2008-2012


This is an archive of Mr. Media Interviews from 2008-2012. Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics!

This is an archive of Mr. Media Interviews from 2008-2012. Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics!
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This is an archive of Mr. Media Interviews from 2008-2012. Exclusive Hollywood, celebrity, pop culture podcast interviews by Mr. Media, a.k.a., Bob Andelman, with newsmakers in TV, radio, movies, music, magazines, newspapers, books, websites, social media, politics, sports, graphic novels, and comics!






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1035 Ashanti, singer

Here are two pop culture references I never thought I’d make in the same sentence: ABC-TV’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and Grammy Award winner Ashanti. But this Sunday, the delicate, carefully crafted singer will be a special guest star alongside the sometimes shrill Ty Pennington as “Extreme Makeover.” Sounds crazy, right? ASHANTI podcast excerpt: "Delores Powell has such a power about her, a strength. For me to be able to do something positive for her, it was a blessing... Who can...


1034 Brad Phillips, a.k.a., Mr. Media Training (2011)

If you’re going to come on this show and talk to Mr. Media, you probably couldn’t be hurt by spending a little time reading the blog of a guy who calls himself “Mr. Media Training.” We may sound alike in name, but Brad Phillips and I really serve two completely different purposes – and we’ve got the individually trademarked names to prove it. BRAD PHILLIPS podcast excerpt: "During the run of the presidential campaign, candidates are lucky to get three or four hours of sleep. As a result,...


1033 Constance Zimmer, actress, "Entourage," "Love Bites"

Name me one female character on TV who can dish out abuse as well as "Entourage" character Dana Gordon and still look really, really hot. No, I can't think of anyone else, either. CONSTANCE ZIMMER podcast excerpt: "Dana would marry E., f--- Vince and kill Ari. But she would want to do it to get ahead." As the former randy girlfriend of super-agent Ari Gold and now his frequent nemesis on the HBO comedy, Dana Gordon's scenes on the show are always funny. Sure, the writers get credit for...


1032 Matt Bomer, actor, "White Collar," "Chuck"

Who’s the mark? I don’t think it’s me, although I may have gotten White Collar star Matt Bomer here under a false premise – that I wanted to only talk to “Bonds. James Bonds” about his current show on USA Network. MATT BOMER podcast excerpt: "I think Bryce Larkin would have a lot to say about (Chuck and Sarah getting married). But I think, ultimately, he'd understand." The truth? If you’re listening to this show, you already know; I’m a huge fan of NBC’s “Chuck,” the show where Bomer first...


1031 Bradley James, actor, "Merlin"

Merlin exists to protect Prince Arthur, the young Pendragon, until he becomes king and magic is returned to the realm. Life in the days before Camelot were complicated that way. BRADLEY JAMES podcast excerpt: "Anthony Head and I play father and son. And it seems to be that dynamic off-set as well in that I seem to annoy him in a son-like way. He feigns annoyance but I think he appreciates it." Today I’m joined by Bradley James, the young man who plays Arthur, the future king of the realm,...


1030 Harvey Frommer, author, "Remembering Fenway Park"

As a Tampa Bay Rays fan, I wish we had a stadium as beautiful and legendary as Boston’s Fenway Park. But I take solace in knowing that just 13 years into its life as home of the Red Sox, even Fenway had its faults, right? Like Frommer’s previous book – Remembering Yankee Stadium – Remembering Fenway Park: An Oral and Narrative History of the Home of the Boston Red Sox captures all the pageantry, successes and humiliation that make a ballpark a home for legions and generations of fans....


1029 Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich, author, "The Courage to Survive"

Dennis Kucinich is a brave man. Whatever else you may think of the five-term Congressman from Ohio’s 10th district, only a fool would deny his courage in running for Cleveland City Council before he was 21, running and being elected mayor of that city when he was 31, and is perhaps best known nationally for taking a crack at running for president in the Democratic primaries this past year and running well. Kucinich didn’t win a lot of votes, but he made an impression with his passion and...


1028 Shawn Ashmore, actor, "X-Men" movies (Iceman), "Frozen"

When Billy Bob Thornton was on this show a few years ago, I figured I was one Kevin Bacon degree removed from my first X-Man—Halle Berry. When today is done, I’ll still be one degree of separation away from Storm, but I’ll have interviewed my first real X-Man, Shawn Ashmore, who played “Iceman” in all three X-Men films. SHAWN ASHMORE podcast excerpt: "My first day was that first scene with Anna Paquin on the bench. I was so nervous. Before the first take, it felt huge. My knees were...


1027 Brandon Quinn, actor, "Kill Speed"

The hours on film sets can be long and, on indie films, the pay isn’t exactly going to leave even a star set for life. But the magic of movie making does create opportunities to do things that might never occur in real life, like flying really cool planes at high speeds and pulling off some crazy stunts. BRANDON QUINN podcast excerpt: "Oh, man! I remember coming home once, halfway through shooting. I looked at my wife and said, 'I don't want this one to end.' I had such a good time working...


1026 Pete Williams, sportswriter, author, "Core Performance"

If you’re a pro or college football fan and you haven’t yet read Pete Williams’ landmark investigation of the NFL draft—simply titled, The Draft—you’re not quite the fan you think you are. Williams went behind the scenes not just of draft day but of the entire process, interviewing pro scouts, coaches and GMs as well as college coaches, highly touted players and their agents to produce an incredibly revealing portrait of how things really work in the land of million-dollar bonus babies. PETE...


1025 Pete Williams, sportswriter, author, "Paddle Fit"

I live very close to Tampa Bay and every day brings at least two or three opportunities to experience it via Coffee Pot Bayou near downtown St. Petersburg. I can see a lot of wildlife if I periodically glance out to the beautiful blue waters of the bay – manatees, dolphins, sea birds of every kind, kayakers, canoe enthusiasts, pleasure boaters and lately, stand-up paddle boarders. Pete Williams podcast excerpt: "In standup paddleboarding, you're challenging your body from a core standpoint...


1024 Reggie Lee, actor, "Grimm" (2011)

Once you know actor Reggie Lee’s face and name, you’re going to think he’s everywhere. Seriously, after he appeared on Mr. Media a year ago to talk about his role on the summer series “Persons Unknown,” it seemed like a week didn’t go by without seeing him pop up in a movie or TV show I was watching. REGGIE LEE podcast excerpt: "My character in Grimm, Sgt. Wu, is a very, very dry, sardonic guy, which I love to play. I'm excited for people to see that." Earlier this week, in fact, before...


1023 Reggie Lee, actor, "Persons Unknown," "Drag Me to Hell" (2010)

I have to admit I was a little surprised at all the films and TV shows where actor Reggie Lee has appeared. REGGIE LEE podcast excerpt: "The trailer for Drag Me to Hell shows it as a creepy, scary film. Don't let it scare you. There's so much humor involved. If you know Sam Raimi's work, there's so much grossness with the horror and humor--it's like a whole 'nother genre." Before his current run in the limited NBC Saturday night series “Persons Unknown,” the Philippines-born Lee was a...


1022 Sara Zarr, YA novelist, "Once Was Lost," "Sweethearts," "Story of a Girl"

The life of young adult novelist Sara Zarr has changed dramatically in the last three years, following publication of her first book, Story of a Girl. That book led her to be a finalist for the 2007 National Book Award for Young People’s Literature. She didn’t win, but as I told her in our first interview, the morning after the awards, she might have been better off without that first book pressure. And she never did hit a sophomore jinx: her second work, Sweethearts, was every bit as good...


1021 Jane Velez-Mitchell, author, "Addict Nation"

I had no idea how messed up HLN “Issues” host Jane Velez-Mitchell once was. This is not news to readers of her last book, iWant, but I somehow missed that revealing tome, only to get a version of the story in the early going of her new work, Addict Nation: An Intervention for America. JANE VELEZ-MITCHELL podcast excerpt: "We are trying to consume our way to happiness. And its making us miserable. Back when I was drinking, I would have a rough day, I thought alcohol was my solution. Turned...


1020 Donald Glover, actor, "Community"

On the NBC freshman sitcom hit “Community,” Donald Glover plays “Troy,” a self-involved, former high school football star trying to find a place for himself in a junior college setting where his athletic accomplishments don’t mean much. On the other hand, the pretty young girl in his study group, Annie—played by Alison Brie—thinks Troy can do anything. Anything with her, that is. DONALD GLOVER Interview Excerpt: "When I was writing at '30 Rock,' sometimes Tracy Morgan couldn't make it and...


1019 Laura Vandervoort, actress, "Smallville," "V"

Okay, fanboys today’s your lucky day—if you don’t mind living vicariously through me. My guest is Laura Vandervoort, one of the most stunning young women with a virtually unpronounceable name since Paulina Porizkova. LAURA VANDERVOORT podcast excerpt: "I'm wearing pink sweatpants and a black tank top. Not that exciting. I wish I could say, like, my Supergirl outfit or something." She plays Lisa, a recruiter for the Visitors on ABC’s new edition of the sci-fi series, “V,” alongside some of...


1018 Jonah Keri, sportswriter, "The Extra 2 Percent"

I was a little nervous about the publication of Jonah Keri’s new book, The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First. Why? Because up until today, the book most often associated with the former Tampa Bay Devil Rays was my own first book, Stadium For Rent: Tampa Bay’s Quest for Major League Baseball. It was published in 1993. Going forward, I think Keri’s book will be the one that captures the renamed Tampa Bay Rays franchise and will be...


1017 Wayne Kramer, guitarist, The MC5, author, "The Hard Stuff"

Everybody knows at least one MC5 song – and that would be “Kick Out the Jams,” mofo. Know more? Points to you, my friend. In 1969, the year when “Kick Out the Jams” was released, there was a lot of competition for attention in rock ‘n’ roll: • David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was released, as was the first album by The Stooges. • Creedence Clearwater Revival released “Proud Mary,” “Bad Moon Rising” and “Fortunate Son.” • Elvis Presley returned to the stage and had huge hits with “In the Ghetto”...


1016 Jane Friedman, editor, Writer's Digest

I was a little nervous when I received an email from Jane Friedman, the publisher of Writer’s Digest magazine and books. She was responding to my interview with one of her authors, Mike Sacks, the author of And Here’s the Kicker: Conversations with 21 Top Humor Writers on Their Craft. Sacks was unhappy with a number of things about the way Writer's Digest published his book and wasn’t shy abut discussing it. I thought Friedman was going to give me an earful about what a sack Sacks was and...