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Sweatin’ The Small Stuff #015 - Copenhagen

This time, I’m with special guest, Yi-Lin Eli Chung, who has asked me to discuss the science behind the play, Copenhagen. We talk about the two-slit experiment, the ethics of science, and more.


Musings of a Geek #100 - See How Much Better We’ve Gotten?

Recorded 9/11 - Musings of a Geek celebrates 100 episodes of podcasting with a look not back…but FORWARD to more geek news! This week we discuss: Dan’s volume over time, 100 episodes!, More Patriot hate, Musings of Weather, Jon Snow taking over the North, Ronda Rousey in Road House, Man from UNCLE, Des as our Tarentino. Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood, Des’ anger with Black X-Wing Fighters, Star Wars post credit sequences, Rupert Murdoch and his ownership of Nat Geo, DC wanting more Batman,...


Musings of a Geek #087 - Batman Suffers For Your Sins

Des wins the episode title this week as the boys discuss how they are all old and tired, the new partnership with Danger Entertainment, new board games, Game of Thrones, NFL taxes and the draft, Awards Shows, the snafus at the Avengers press junkets, Avatar 5, Ex-Machina, AMC’s MCU Marathon, Michael Fassbender’s Assassin’s Creed movie, the Men In Black/21 Jump Street crossover, Ghostbusters 2, female driven movies, Joss Whedon’s deal with Marvel, Will Smith as Deadshot, Movies you can...


Musings of a Geek #085 - DanCon!

We threatened two shows in one week and here we are! This show, recorded on 4/10/15, is chock full of awesomeness! We discuss: Musings of Dan’s Backyard, Des’ travels to Rose City Comic Con, GTA V players are crazy, Dan explains his philosophy on playing board games, the Gremlins remake, True Detective 2, Ballast Point microbrews, Orange is the New Black, the fact that we all have too many shows to watch, the Bollywood Game of Thrones and whether or not anyone cares about the books...


Musings of a Geek #083 - Dan Fails

This week Dan completely fails to put together a show so the boys wing it. Hilarity (or not) ensues!


Musings of a Geek #082 - Shatner is a Kooky Dude

We record inside this week for Musings of a Geek where we discuss: Sincerously, U.S. military dogs, rain in San Diego, congressional snowballs, the color of a dress, net neutrality, lawyers, Sarah Palin vs. Scott Walker, Leonard Nimoy, Des rants about a game, Supergirl casting, DC team-up show, the Oscars, Power/Rangers, and a review of the board game Age of War!


Musings of a Geek #080 -Musings with Rhianna

Hello all! This week, instead of a usual Musings, Dan sits down and discusses life and art with his wonderful wife, Rhianna! We talk about: Whether Rhianna is a Geek or not, her first impressions of Dan, her first Comic-Con, Mrs Winterbourne, Brendan Fraser’s acting choices, School Ties, Rhianna’s college education, The Last Five Years, Doctor Who, the Ghostbusters reboot, International Disney, Annie, Fantastic Four, Video Games, Viagra commercials, 90’s fashion, Pride and Prejudice,...


Sweatin’ The Small Stuff #008 - Inside An Enigma

Brian takes a look at The Imitation Game and Cryptography in General for this new episode of Sweatin’ the Small Stuff. As always, check out the show noteshere!


Musings of a Geek #079 - Who Names A Shark Bruce?

We here at Musings headquarters finally get our act together and release a show recorded before SUPER BOWL! It was definitely worth the wait as we discuss: Will’s, Des’, and Brian’s new offices, the Pitbull/Dachshund combo, Dan’s old computer class woes, Will’s birthday, Brian pulling the wrong dice, the female Ghostbusters cast, Jupiter Ascending, Jaws, Rush Hour and X-Men TV shows, David Tennant being the Purple Man, GRRM not finishing his novels, Marriott’s WiFi woes, and we touch on...


Sweatin The Small Stuff #007 - Approaching Infinity

For this episode, Brian takes us on a journey into the known and unknown as he puts his math degree to the test and discusses INFINITY! As Always, the notes areherefor your reference! Check out the math!


Pilots #029 - SAMCRO, A Look at Sons of Anarchy

On this very special edition of Pilots, Des goes it alone for an in-depth look at a show we covered in episode #028, Sons of Anarchy. If you liked the show and were interested in it as a thematic piece of art…or just thought Charlie Hunnam was dreamy, this is a special episode for you!

Musings of a Geek #076 - Why Are Mommy and Daddy Fighting?

Musings of a Geek is back for one more week of fun! This week we start off with a review of the Monthly Mystery Box from Geek Fuel! After that, it’s on to the topics! We discuss the Suicide Squad, Cumberbatch in the MCU, Hobbit movie woes, Joaquin Phoenix movies, Krysten Ritter as Jessica Jones, the CIA Torture report, the collapse of The Pirate Bay, Star Wars trailers, Peter Pan on NBC, and as always Questions From The Universe!


Musings of a Geek #074 - A Veggie Tray From Albertsons

We finally get this week’s episode posted, but trust us…it was worth the wait. This week, Brian joins us as we discuss: Not discussing Des’ clothes, Thanksgiving, Les Miserables at San Diego State University, Musings of a Geek Fantasy Football, Justice League Dark, Pacific Rim 2, Interstellar and a review of the movie by #JustWill, the return of Sierra Entertainment, Leisure Suit Larry, Zombie Hierarchies, Organ Trail….the video game, Old Video Game Remakes, DC vs Marvel…the weekly review,...


Sweatin’ The Small Stuff #006 - On Acting, Methodically and Otherwise

Sweatin’ The Small Stuff takes a turn for the theatrical this month when Brian welcomes his first Special Guest, Karina Montgomery, to discuss theater in general and acting specifically. Listen in as Brian, Dan, and Karina go over some of their favorite moments in their careers, talk method acting, argue about main characters in plays, and analyze Script Analysis! If you ever wanted to know how actors do what they do, don’t miss this month’s show!


Musings of a Geek #073 - We Landed On A Comet

This week Dan, Des, and Will are joined by Regular Special Guest and host of Sweatin’ the Small Stuff Brian and our good friend Karina! This week we discuss: Beards, gifts from Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks, Logos, WE LANDED ON A COMET!, Kim K’s ass, Bruce Campbell’s return to S-Mart, the 90’s as TV genre, Batman ‘ 66 on DVD, Catwomans, Marvel’s #1’s, the ending of Season 8 of Doctor Who, Doctor Doom and his evil….blog, and a TON of questions from the Universe!


Musings of a Geek #072 - Dan Hacks Up A Lung

Musings comes back with a Dan who is still sick from his time in Ohio. Never one to let that deter him, he carries on with the show! This week we discuss: Lebron James, the upholding of Marriage Equality bans by the 6th Circuit Court, Dan goes way Democrat while discussing the Mid-terms, two Phantom of the Opera shows, the cast of the Hateful Eight, Keanu Reeves and John Wick, San Diego Comic-Con Pre-Reg and Economic Analysis, Star Wars titles, Hate Watching TV, and various local San Diego...


Musings of a Geek #068 - William Hates EVERYTHING

The boys are back from their Vegas extravaganza and they bring two special guests in with them this week; Brian from Sweatin’ The Small Stuff and Matt from Arrow of Time. This week we discuss: William’s abuse of inanimate objects in Vegas, 11/22/63, Plot Holes in Groundhog Day, William hates the Daleks, Stephen King movies, William hates Tusk, Windows 10, William hates Microsoft, Internet Explorer, Tetris Movie, Taken 3, William hates Blacklist, Fall TV, Crouching Tiger 2, Shatner in Star...


Sweatin’ The Small Stuff #005 - Chasing Rainbows

A listener once asked about where rainbows came from and this week, Brian answers. More importantly, he takes a look at the nature of light and how we get color as we know it. As usual, check out the show noteshereand get your color on!


Musings of a Geek #067 - Abusive Alcoholic Puppy; or Dildo Economics

What started as a great story of the origins of Musings of a Geek eventually devolved into one of our oddest Questions of the Universe segments. Listen as we talk about how Dan met Des, how we met Will, where the podcast came from, how the network started, and how Kevin Smith features in all of this. Then go with us as we move away from the feels and into questions which include music, sex toys, and the Moon. We go all out for our yearly Vegas trip and have way too much fun!


Arkham Social Hour #028 - Josh Brolin? ​

The Gang is back where they review a new Kick starter game Dragon Slayer by Travis. Also the game talks about Brandon’s career history, Fine Dining, Starbucks License stores, Box Office Operations, Gwen drives, Specialty News, IKEA Swedish Meat Balls, Sin City 2, Gwen not knowing who Josh Brolin is, and Technology Over dependence.