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Episode 42 - Permission To Parent

Disney is unsure if they want to keep James Gunn fired, JLo beats Missy, Lebron opens a school, Lawrence isn't coming back for Insecure Season 3, Dak is a happy slave and IG Doula talks about the woes of parenting.


Episode 41 - Persmission To Admit It

Stevie J marries Faith Evans who gives us ALL tmi. Charlemagne raped his wife? 50 Cent and Floyd are sissy fighting again. R. Kelly Admits it.. Kind of Mel talks Iran KO rants about how awful "How it Ends" really is.


Episode 40 - Permission To Have Some Sense Mixdown

Papa Johns was "Pressured" to say "Nigga", Boosie has no sense, Mel talks US-Russia History, KO watches Jurassic World, DA listens to Jay Rock


Episode 37 - Permission To Go With The Flow

Episode 37 - Permission To Go With The Flow by No Permission Needed Podcast


Episode 39 - Permission To Make It Make Sense

Social Media Roundup: Steve Harvey Divorce Rumors, Britany Allgood loses her life to senseless violence, and Brandy is in her feelings Honorable Mention: FUCK SCOTUS, and the Drake/Kanye/Pusha beef has more layers Story of the Week: Charlemagne Exposed History: History of Presidential Pardons Film: HBO's Sharp Objects


Episode 38 - Permission To Cut It Short

Episode 38 - Permission To Cut It Short by No Permission Needed Podcast


Episode 36 - Permission To RIP

A little bit of everything.


Episode 35 - Permission To Stop Being Played

Social Media Roundup: Man punches the elderly at Walmart, Twitter CEO becomes a PR Pussy, IHob has lost their pancake ass mind Story of the week: Did Kim K actually help Alice Johnson? Or is Grandma Johnson just a reality show ploy? History Corner: America and its allies. How Tump may be getting Played.


Episode 34 - Permission To Wing It

From $50 dates to 45 being butt hurt about the Philadelphia Eagles - We talk about it all on this episode! Special mentions: Pusha Tea and Drake beef, Future scamming scammers and the question of the week - Should you feel bad about not wanting to date a person with kids if you have a kid? Film Review: Game Night Music Review: Ye by Kanye


Episode 33 - Permission To Air Out Dirty Laundry Mixdown

Social Media Round Up: What's with Kendrick's support for XXXTentacion, Morgan Freeman allegations, what ARE Pre-Dates? Honorable Mention: Roseanne is Cancelled, ICE is losing immigrant children Story of the Week: Rhymefest puts Kanye on blast and Kim defends him. IS Kanye in the wrong? History: Forced Patriotism and the NFL protests Film: 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Music: Pusha T's "Daytona" (Including Drake Beef and that Album Cover) Itunes: Google...


Episode 32 - Permission To Say No

Social Media Round Up: T.I. is racially profiled, The Royal Wedding has everyone giving hot takes, and DNA tests are the topic of twitter Story of the week: Yet another school shooting, yet another set of awful hot takes History Corner: It is officially time to reclaim MLK Itunes: Google Play & Blubrry: No Permission Needed Follow us on Twitter: @NoPermission901 Mel: @LisKis93 KO: @FRYSmalls DA: @_DeeAye_ NoPermissionNeededPod.Wordpress.Com


Episode 31 - Permission To Take Your Ls In Silence

Social Media Round Up: The Incel problem, Rihanna V Drake, Twitter doesn't need to know all your business even IF you're a married "pen pal" Story of the Week: Azealia Banks continues to attack women History: Iran, the Iran Deal and everything in between Film: Poetic Justice Music: "Dirty Computer" x Janelle Monet Itunes: Google Play & Blubrry: No Permission Needed Follow us on Twitter: @NoPermission901 Mel: @LisKis93 KO: @FRYSmalls DA: @_DeeAye_...


Episode 30 - Permission To Call The Cops (Or Not)

Social Media Round Up: Blac Chyna's Mom gives us TMI, Who is the daddy of Kylie Jenner's baby?, Donald Glover gives us genius visuals, Washington Post exposes the depth of the R. Kelly cover up Honorable Mention: Met Gala Story of the Week: Yall HAVE to stop calling the cops every time you see a black person. It's tiring. History: Haitian Revolution Film: Dear White People Season 2 Music: Royce 5'9's "The Book of Ryan" Itunes: Google Play & Blubrry:...


Episode 28 - Permission To Throw The Whole Damn State Away

We are sick of Tennessee's Bullshit! Social Media Roundup: Fab & Emily back on?, Tammy says Waka's cheating is a "spiritual battle", Masika hates on degreed women, and we are TIRED of Tennessee legislatures wasting our goddamn funds and time Story of the week: Mass shooting in Antioch leaves a LOT of questions History: Mel explains to East Tennessee why they're wrong about confederate history Film: K.O. talks "Westworld" Music: DA talks Cardi B Itunes:...


Episode 27 - Permission To Be Clear On Justice

Social Media Round Up: Tristan Thompson is still allergic to the 3rd trimester, Should we really boycott Starbucks?, and a young man faces "durag discrimination" Honorable Mentions: Mariah Carey comes forward with her bipolar diagnosis, Mark Zuckerburg and Cambridge Atlantica Story of the Week: We're tired of Robert Kelly History Corner: How did Syria get here? And what does the US have to do with it? Film Corner: Let's talk BEYChella Music Corner: Is Cardi's debut album "Good" or...


Episode 25 - Permission To Walk Away Mixdown

Happy Tuesday! Social Media Roundup: Channing Tatum is getting divorced, Blac Chyna fights at Six Flags, Do men really marry for convenience? Honorable Mention: We aint here for Rosanne Story of the Week: Fabulous arrested for domestic violence History Corner: Lynching and Death Penalty in Memphis Film Corner: Jumanji Reviewed Music Corner: Rich The Kid's "The World is Your's" Soundcloud: Itunes: Google Play...


Episode 24 - Permission To Fall Out Of Love Mixdown

We're back! Social Media Roundup: Killer Mike tap dances for the NRA, Offset creates more drama, March for our Lives gets all the media attention Honorable Mention: Blac Chyna's boyfriend has to be home when the street lights come on. Story of the Week: Logic falls out of love in two years Film Corner: Season 1 of The Chi is over. How dope was it? Keep Up With Us: Soundcloud: Itunes: Google Play & Blubrry: No...


Episode 23 - Permission To Be Afraid

Dj Envy takes on Desus and Mero, Penny Hardaway comes to the the Tigers, Vivica Fox is writing a new book Honorable Mentions: Yall gotta leave Yara and Tiffany alone, Raleigh's new community center, RIP Craig Mac, Snoop's new gospel album Story of the Week: Bombings in Austin Film Corner: A Wrinkle in Time Music Review: The Pharcyde x Labcabinclifornia


Episode 22 - Permission To BS

We highkey have nothing planned for tonight. So we're gonna bullshit and speak what comes to mind for an hour. You're welcome.


Episode 21 - Permission To Love Wakanda

Our Black Panther Episode! Social Media Roundup: Viola Davis Knows her worth, Chris Rock says men aren't valued and Black Chyna gets caught on tape Story of the Week: BLACK PANTHER. Our thoughts, the social media debates, and more. IS Kilmongerer the real hero? Is Ryan Coogler relying on Micheal B Jordan too much? Is the movie "dangerous" (per hoteps)? Is M'Baku a Que or an Alpha? History Corner: Mansa Musa and Mali. The real Wakanda Film Review: Black Panther, from a critical perspective...