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Viola Davis Gives a Haunting Speech About Her Personal Experience With Sexual Assault

Viola Davis opened up publicly for the first time about one of her own sisters' experience with sexual assault and drug addiction in a harrowing, but hopeful, speech. The How to Get Away With Murder star spoke yesterday in LA at a benefit for Stuart House, a nonprofit that partners with The Rape Foundation to support child victims of sex abuse, and shared her own family's story. "I have a sister, who, when she was 8 years old, put on some rollerskates with her friend, went down to the...


What If the Mockingjay Cast Signed Their Characters Up For Online Dating?

What if Katniss, Peeta, or Alma Coin decided to give online dating a try? We asked the cast of Mockingjay - Part 2 to help fill out their characters' dating profiles - just like we did with the Avengers crew earlier this year - and think it's safe to say the Capitol would never be the same if Finnick was let loose on Tinder.


The Night Before Cast's Holiday Mad Libs Will Make You LOL - or Should We Say Ho Ho Ho?

When you get five of Hollywood's funniest people in one room, at one time, it's best to just let them do their thing. So when we caught up with the cast of The Night Before - Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie, Jillian Bell, Ilana Glazer, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt - we asked them to fill out a holiday-themed mad lib. Watch the hilarious results and catch The Night Before in theaters this weekend.


8 Victoria's Secret Supermodels Get Real About Their Jobs and Reveal Their #AngelProblems

Before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show went down in New York City on Tuesday night, the Angels assembled backstage to have their hair and makeup done - and to talk to the press. There, we caught up with stars of the show like Gigi Hadid, Leomie Anderson, Barbara Fialho, and Devon Windsor to ask one very important question. Sure, the life of an Angel is very glamorous - but what's an #AngelProblem the rest of us don't know about?


Did the GOP Talk Fantasy Football Over Equal Pay?

Republicans only discussed equal pay for two minutes at the third Republican debate. Don't you think they should've maybe focused a bit more on one of the top five issues women voters care about?


5 People (& 1 Thing) Older Than Ted Cruz

We still can't get over Ted Cruz's revelation that he's actually 44. We even dug up five people and one thing that are shockingly older than him, and we're still in awe.


21 People So Over the GOP Debate

These audience members were either too busy yawning or texting to fully pay attention to the Republican debate.


Try Not to Cringe at Bradley Cooper's Most Embarrassing Work Moment Ever

Bradley Cooper stars as a world-class chef in Burnt, and the actor has plenty of his own restaurant experiences, including one especially painful one he shared with us. See what else he and costar Sienna Miller told us about what they cook at home and how they faked - and sometimes didn't at all fake - their way to playing Michelin-starred chefs on screen. Burnt hits theaters on Oct. 30.


Chefs Blush as They Dish on Which Foods Are Better Than Sex

We were on a mission to see if we could get these chefs to blush, so we asked them a tough question - what food do they think is better than sex? Some of their answers just might surprise you.


We Know Michael Fassbender Is Gorgeous, Now His Costars Confirm He's "Brilliant" Too

Michael Fassbender has the daunting task of portraying Steve Jobs in the new film Steve Jobs, from director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. We caught up with Danny, Aaron, and a number of Michael's costars in the film, including Seth Rogen and Jeff Daniels, to ask about how Michael rose to the challenge. The jury is split on whether or not Michael has much in common with the real-life Steve, though both men undeniably bring a great deal of passion to their work. On Allie: Marimekko


6 Reasons Canada's New Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, Is Actually a Hot Hipster

Canada just elected liberal Justin Trudeau as their prime minister, which is cool and all, but what we can't stop obsessing over is the PM's hipster hotness - yes, hipster hotness.


Bradley Cooper Hilariously Confirms His Amy Schumer Engagement

We caught up with Bradley Cooper this week and had to ask: was he willing to confirm or deny Amy Schumer's Saturday Night Live announcement that they're engaged? Yes, it turned out, he was. See his hilarious response and stay tuned for more of our interview with Bradley and his Burnt costar Sienna Miller!


Everyone Has Their First! The Steve Jobs Cast Reflect on Their Initial Apple Purchase

For Jeff Daniels, Seth Rogen, and Katherine Waterston, starring in the new movie Steve Jobs didn't require a background in technology- but their familiarity with Apple products helped! We recently caught up with the stars of the film to find out their memories of their first Apple products. As Jeff says, "Once you go Mac, you don't go back." On Allie: Marimekko


Lily Rabe Opens Up About Her "Amazing Transformation" on American Horror Story: Hotel

Lily Rabe is back on FX in the new season of American Horror Story: Hotel, this time playing Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer. During a visit to POPSUGAR NY's studios recently, Lily opened up about what's to come on the show and what it was like welcoming Lady Gaga to the set. Lily's also front and center in a brand-new film, Pawn Sacrifice, which tells the story of real-life chess ace Bobby Fischer, another project that brought her into contact with an A-List roster of costars.


Kathy Bates on How American Horror Story Fits Into the Horror Genre

Kathy Bates is no stranger to the horror genre. In fact, she notably won the Academy Award for best actress after chilling millions with her portrayal of Annie Wilkes in Stephen King's Misery. We took advantage of her veteran status to ask how the latest iteration of American Horror Story, called Hotel, fits into the horror universe. Plus, we got her favorite scary movie recommendations (yes, she totally streams Netflix) and her favorite moments from the show so far.


Max Greenfield Says Being on American Horror Story Changed Him Forever

Max Greenfield may be a new addition to the cast of American Horror Story but he already feels like a different person. We're good and prepped for the first episodes of season five's Hotel, but we asked Max Greenfield to talk to us about filming the show and working with Lady Gaga. Although he calls Lady Gaga "the best," he refers to his experience on the show as "emotionally terrifying," and we really don't blame him. Watch the clip above, then find out everything we know about the...


The American Horror Story Moments That Scared the Cast Sh*tless

There has been a bevy of shocking moments on American Horror Story, but which ones did the cast find especially traumatic? We caught up with the show's stars at the LA premiere over the weekend, and we asked them to spill on the scenes that scarred them for life. Some of the newer members, like the handsome Matt Bomer, had a particular scene in mind. But veteran cast members like Evan Peters had more than a few to choose from. Find out what they said, and gear up for the season five...


The American Horror Story Cast Can't Stop Gushing Over Lady Gaga

POPSUGAR was on the ground at the Saturday night premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel in LA, and we got the whole cast talking about the show's newest and most exciting member: Lady Gaga! That's right, while Gaga was heating things up with Taylor Kinney, we asked her costars what it's been like working with her on set. Matt Bomer couldn't help but gush during our interview with him, but he wasn't the only one with words of high praise! Watch the clip above to see just how well-loved...


You and Sarah Paulson Were Both Scarred by the Same AHS: Coven Moment

It's almost time for the premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel, and we're expecting the show's most glamorous and gory season yet. Veteran AHS cast member Sarah Paulson has reinvented herself yet again in a cast of colorful characters, but how does she start from scratch year after year? We also asked the star about her favorite horror movie and the moment from the show that scarred her the most. Find out what she said above, and gear up for the Oct. 6 DVD and Blu-ray release of...


The 1 American Horror Story Moment That Still Haunts Matt Bomer's Dreams

To celebrate the upcoming premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel and the Oct. 6 release of Freak Show on DVD and Blu-ray, we chatted with the show's star players about FX's most haunting series. Matt Bomer may be relatively new to the AHS universe, but he's already settled right in with Lady Gaga in the eerie Hotel Cortez. Plus, as a horror fan, he's got plenty of favorite scary picks to share - from A Nightmare on Elm Street to The Babadook - and the one moment from the series that...