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Pushermania's Playlist Show - April 2, 2018 - Hosted by Matt Sonzala

The Pushermania's Playlist show very literally plays some shit for you that is happening at this very second. If you want to miss the boat go head on then. If you would like to flow down the stream of what is really goin down, stay right here. Boom.


Pushermania's Playlist March 10, 2018 Hosted by Matt Sonzala

A weekend edition of Pushermania's Playlist for the people. Track list on www.pushermania.com


Pushermania's Playlist February 28, 2018

The new music show that isssss... Pushermania's Playlist is back. All new music with no boundaries, hosted by Matt Sonzala. Enjoy the beans. Track list available on www.pushermania.com


Pushermania's Playlist January 30, 2018 with Matt Sonzala

Like staring at a photo of a photo of a photo while contemplating whether or not the new roof might cave in, and if the roof is even new at all, it's the Pushermania's Playlist show back for the 2-0-1-8. New music across the board with nods to Hugh Masekela and Mark E. Smith and then it all just goes into a big mess. Tracklist is up at www.pushermania.com and I would love your feedback and requests for the next one.


Sonic Transmissions 3 Festival Preview on Pushermania's Playlist with Matt Sonzala

Annual preview show for the Sonic Transmissions Festival. We need this. All the time. In Austin. Here we go. Hope to see you ALL WEEKEND! Info below. This year’s three-day festival features first-time musical performances and incredible collaborations, including the Stateside debut performance of cumbia sensation Carmelo Torres y Los Toscos, the Austin debut performance of NYC jazz-punk outfit Rodenticide, first-ever collaborative performances featuring jazz heavy weights Joe McPhee; Ken...


Pushermania's Playlist - July 1, 2017

Non stop new music.


First Damage Control Ever - Zin + JD + Matt - June 13, 2002 - KPFT Houston

This is the first ever Damage Control Radio show on KPFT. I’ve been digging in boxes and boxes of tapes looking for this for over a year, since Zin (Anthony Mills) passed, in January of 2016. OK I haven’t been actively looking for it for a year, but I did look for it last year, in January and in December. When I got the news that JD (Jason Dozier) passed, I was pretty stunned, that was one of my lil brothers, one of my real ones. When I realized that I lost my brother Zin in January and...


Matt Sonzala talks to Fat Tony and Ill Faded Live at Sound on Sound Fest 2016

The Sound on Sound Festival Official Podcast officially went LIVE at the inaugural event on day one in the Sherwood Forest! Host Matt Sonzala sat down with two of Houston's finest MC's Fat Tony and Ill Faded to talk Houston hip hop history, current trends, all kinds of shit. Live and in fool effect! See Fat Tony live at The Mohawk in Austin once again on Wednesday December 14th with Boombaptist!


Damage Control Tribute to Mr. 3-2 Nov. 17, 2016 (RIP 3-2)

Another sad edition of the Damage Control Program on KPFT in Houston. On this night we gave it up to another fallen legend, Mr. 3-2, one of the most DAY ONE REALEST INNOVATIVE MC'S TO EVER COME OUT OF HOUSTON! His influence was infinite and he was literally a part of every era of Houston rap from day one until today. His legacy lives on forever. On this show you will hear classic songs, and lots of real talk about the man himself. The Wicked Buddha Baby, The Governor, Fatt Domino, Lord...


Pushermania's Playlist Sound on Sound Fest Preview Special!

Matt Sonzala has compiled a special Pushermania's Playlist Sound on Sound Fest preview show! The festival happens this weekend November 4-5-6 in the Sherwood Forest just east of Austin! Track list will be up on www.pushermania.com soon. Get tickets to Sound on Sound Fest NOW! www.soundonsoundfest.com


Pushermania's Playlist Oct. 28, 2016 - Hosted by Matt Sonzala

Pushermania Matt Sonzala goes 3 hours deep into the new music jams.


Pushermania's Playlist March 15, 2016

Matt Sonzala is back on the innernet airwaves with the new music show that issss... Pushermania's Playlist.


A Christmas Selfie in the Night by Matt Sonzala

Matt Sonzala aka Pushermania is back with a fresh set of jams for the Holidaze! It's really goin' down. If you know Matt's history as the greatest Christmas Music DJ evAr you know this is not to be missed. Some new ones mixed with some classics over a bottle of whiskey and some ginger ale. And possibly some shishi. ANYWAY tune in and enjoy yourself I know the holidaze tend to stress people out and shit so I do what I can to ease the pain and bring us all on to the magical level that the...


Pushermania's Podcast - Matt Sonzala interviews music industry legend Fiona Bloom PART 1

Matt Sonzala aka Pushermania sits down with Fiona Bloom, and industry vet of many years who has worn many hats. She breaks down the science behind a lot of what happened with the indie hip hop revolution of the 90's, SXSW, her early days doing hip hop radio in Atlanta, and so much more. We had to end at an hour or so, because you know, attention spans and such, but part 2 is coming soon! Thanks for checking out this highly informative music industry podcast. If you have friends interested...


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