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The Review Zoo - EP 15 - Little Pig, Little Pig!

This is The Review Zoo with Andrew and Sam. This week we talked about... - Guardians of The Galaxy vol 3 Officially Put On Hold - 0:00 - Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Play a Marvel Villain - 15:15 - Batwoman Cast for CW - 22:10 - Tyler Hoechlin's Superman Will Appear in All Three Arrowverse Crossover Episodes with Lois Lane - DC next crisis event tackles school shooting - Heroes in Crisis - 32:09 - A new app will let you read comics on the Nintendo Switch - Inky Pen - 51:50 - Tekken 7 The Walking...


The Review Zoo - EP 14 - Gunns Fired

On this episode of Rapture.Press Presents...The Review Zoo. The Review Zoo Eps 14 - James Gunn fired From GOTG - 0:00 - Comcast Gives Up. Disney Clear to Buy Fox Properties. - 04:45 - Marvel’s Iron Fist Season 2 Starts September 7th - 08:27 - Marvel Rising Trailer -10:38 - Sony’s Bloodshot opens February 21, 2020 - 16:40 - Netflix Umbrella Academy - 22:37 - Mark Millar Netflix Announcement - 26:23 - Dragon Ball Super Broly Trailer -36:00 - DC Universe App Info - 40:11 - Joaquin Phoenix's...


The Review Zoo EP13 - Adrien Brody is The Pianist

On todays's Review Zoo with Sam and Andrew... 01: The Predator Trailer 02: Silk the movie - 9:00 03: JARED LETO Cast as Sony's MORBIUS, A SPIDER-MAN Spin-Off - 13:30 04: Marvel Powers United VR Get’s Release Date - 20:00 05: Patrick Stewart in talks to return to star Trek - 23:35 06: Marvel and The Sentry Family  07: Disney's Acquisition of Fox Approved, but Must Sell Off 22 Regional Fox Sports Networks - 52:00 08: GameStop to sell comics books? - 43:16 09: DC UNIVERSE's Schedule & Comics...


The Review Zoo EP12 - That's Not Winning An Oscar.

How to Train Your Dragon Trailer And The Oscars - 0:00 Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Full Trailer - 08:00 Transformer Bumblebee Trailer - 20:41 Solo Movie - 27:00 The 6 Upcoming Movies the Joker Might Be In - 33:00 Greg Berlanti is the 400 Million Dollar Man - 39:00 Gorillaz / Power Puff Girls Crossover - 44:10 'Daredevil' Showrunner Up For a 'Moon Knight' Series - 48:00 Well that’s a thing... - 55:10


The Review Zoo EP10 - Infinity War, Cults & Stan Lee's Boner

Infinity War Has Come! This Episode Sam and Andrew Discuss All The Things Avengers! But before that they talk Allison Mack and Sex Cults, Stan Lee and his continued woes, WTF the Teen Titans Show, and impressions of the Venom Trailer! Breakdown Below! Intro and Japanese Commercials 0:00 - 6:54 Allison Mack out on Bail 6:55 - 12:40 Stan Lee Sex Scandal 12:40 - 19:30 WTF Starfire? Teen Titans TV 19:30 - 25:20 Venom Trailer 25:20 - 32:40 Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and MAJOR SPOILERS...


The Review Zoo EP09 - Long Long Mannnnnn

That was a hell of a hiatus. Funny story, we recorded an episode at the end of January and it was shit. We rented a Breather space and it was big empty and echoey. We got it edited and it still sounded terrible. Its now April and we are back. Once more we have a space, but we still need a perfect one dammit. On this show, Andrew and Sam talk: The Epicness of Long Long Man and Japanese Commercials In General TimeStamp: 0:00 - 5:30 I saw Black Panther! Thoughts! Hopes, Dreams and Complaints....


The Review Zoo EP08 - Disney Owns Your Childhood, New Trailers and The Tick

Welcome to another new episode of Rapture.Press Presents...The Review Zoo with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald. This week Sam and Andrew talk about the recent Disney Acquisition of Fox and what it can mean for the next few upcoming Marvel films. They also touch on two new movie trailers for Spider-Man - Into The Spiderverse and Jessica Jones Season 2. Last but not least, Sam and Andrew talk The Tick on Amazon Prime, as AMAZON HAS FINALLY RELEASED AN APPLE TV APP.


The Review Zoo EP07 - Infinity War, Fake Asians & Anime, and Very Good Dogs

Welcome to another episode of Rapture Press Presents...The Review Zoo with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald. This week we talk about the Avengers: Infinity War trailer making its debut, a Brooklyn Nine Nine Actress who wants to make her Marvel movie debut, Teen Titans the tv show gave us a first look, and Marvel Editors Who Pretend to Be Asian while probably watching the Batman Anime trailer. This is The Review Zoo.


The Review Zoo EP06 - Thanksgiving and Black Friday Dilemma

An extra episode filled over the Black Friday weekend in the US! Audio is finally cleaned up so up it goes. Justice League And Rotten Tomatoes, Black Friday Sales, Loki as Sorcerer Supreme, Johnathan Goodman, Aquaman = The Crow, Shady Disney Practices and Games and More... Happy Holidays (Albeit late with this episode.)


The Review Zoo EP 05 - Thor and TMNT Make Us Giddy

Welcome to another episode of Rapture.Press Presents... The Review Zoo with Sam Harper and Andrew McDonald. On today's episode, we talk... 0:00 - Intro 2:41 - Injustice 2 Announces The Coolest DLC Characters Ever 7:18 - Fox and Disney Nearly Make A Deal? Or Will Make A Deal? Or The Deal is Dead? 11:57 - J.K. Simmons Willing to Play J. Jonah Jameson Again In Spider-Man 14:25 - Everyone is Sexually Harassing Everyone and Why Is Chloe From Smallville Running a Sex Cult 22:35 - Brian Bendis...


The Review Zoo EP04 - Butt Chugging Alcohol

Episode 04??? What happened to Episode 03? Well, thats a very long story. Perhaps some day we'll get to the bottom of it. In the meantime, we talk comics, The kingpin of crime, Girl Meets World and Maitland Ward, Jean Claude Van Johnson. Also does Batman really have a no killing code? Cause if he does he sure racks up quite the body count in all his films. This and more with Sam and Andrew on The Review Zoo.


The Review Zoo EP02 - Inhumans Sucks, The Orville is ok, and Marvel's Spider-Man

So I was wrong, The Inhuman's suck. So why was it made? The Orville may be the Star Trek we deserve cause Star Trek Discovery isn't allowed to be talked about. Marvel's Spider-Man Cartoon is going to be lousy with Spider People very fast. And comics be comics. Rapture.Press presents The Review Zoo with Andrew and Sam. Follow thereviewzoo on Twitter.


The Review Zoo EP01 - Marvel's Secret Empire, Joker Movies, & Captain Simian?

We talk the ending of Secret Empire, The Inhumans is released in theaters! Batman, Wonder Woman and Justice League movie talk. Also have you heard of Captain Simian and Zoobilee Zoo? And is anyone else already annoyed at the new Star Trek? Pop Culture, fun, and friends, this is The Review Zoo with Andrew McDonald and Sam Harper. Find reviews. videos and more at our newly relaunched website, www.rapture.press