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The Review Zoo EP12 - That's Not Winning An Oscar...

How to Train Your Dragon Trailer And The Oscars - 0:00 Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse Full Trailer - 08:00 Transformer Bumblebee Trailer - 20:41 Solo Movie - 27:00 The 6 Upcoming Movies the Joker Might Be In - 33:00 Greg Berlanti is the 400 Million Dollar Man - 39:00 Gorillaz / Power Puff Girls Crossover - 44:10 'Daredevil' Showrunner Up For a 'Moon Knight' Series - 48:00 Well that’s a thing... - 55:10


The Review Zoo EP10 - Infinity War, Cults & Stan Lee's Boner

Infinity War Has Come! This Episode Sam and Andrew Discuss All The Things Avengers! But before that they talk Allison Mack and Sex Cults, Stan Lee and his continued woes, WTF the Teen Titans Show, and impressions of the Venom Trailer! Breakdown Below! Intro and Japanese Commercials 0:00 - 6:54 Allison Mack out on Bail 6:55 - 12:40 Stan Lee Sex Scandal 12:40 - 19:30 WTF Starfire? Teen Titans TV 19:30 - 25:20 Venom Trailer 25:20 - 32:40 Avengers: Infinity War Discussion and MAJOR SPOILERS...


The Review Zoo EP09 - Long Long Mannnnnn

That was a hell of a hiatus. Funny story, we reocorded an episode at the end of Janurary and it was shit. We rented a Breather space and it was big empty and echoey. We got it editted and it still sounded terrible. Its now April and we are back. Once more we have a space, but we still need a perfect one da mmit. On this show, Andrew and Sam talk... The Epicness of Long Long Man and Japanese Commercials In General Time Stamp: 0:00 - 5:30 I saw Black Panther! Thoughts! Hopes, Dreams and...