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Episode 20: The deaf ear on social

Have you ever taken the time to communicate with a brand and they've just ignored you? This is what I'm calling the deaf ear on social - brands that don't acknowledge your question, comment or concern. This isn't always a negative comment that you've made, I feel the same way if someone ignores me when I take a moment to recognise something positive - but it (ignoring people) has a lasting effect, and often and avoidably negative one. I have a chat with Nicola about her thoughts and we both...


Episode 19: What do you love about what you do?

Nicola wanted to talk about what motivates you - drives you and makes you do what you do. This is an essential part of your brand and therefore your marketing. It can sometimes be hard to drill down and articulate what that is, so Nic and I talk about what we love about our businesses - and, what we don't. What is it that makes you feel really excited about what you do? Is there anything that you don't?


Episode 18: When brands get it wrong

What kind of mistakes do brands make? How do you deal with these types of errors - are there different levels of mistake? I'm chatting to Nic about what happens when brands mess up. We all make mistakes - so we're chatting about dealing with the little slip-ups and sharing some horror stories about brands that have got it really wrong!


Episode 17: Hate the player not the game

Have you ever heard someone blame a tool for the behaviour of the user? I hear it all the time and I wanted to have a chat with Nicola about this - so this week we're talking about the "Hate the player not the game" mentality - we're chatting about where the blame actually lies for mistakes being made. For example, is Facebook at fault that you spend so much time on it? Is Instagram to blame for the #TroutPout? Are we in control of our own actions? Accountable for them? Nic and I get into it...


Episode 16: Evergreen Content

This week Nic and I are chatting about evergreen content - what it is, how you use, why you should care about it. It is (or at least, should be) an integral part of your online marketing strategy - it can save you time and ensures that your message is getting to more people and in an effective way. As always, you're welcome to join the conversation at where each episode has it's own conversation/comments section where we'd love you to get involved!


Episode 15: The fear of the unknown

This week Nicola and I are chatting about the fear of the unknown. What stops people from clicking around, experimenting, exploring and seeing what's out there. Is it a fear of breaking 'it' - would we worry about this concern if we weren't talking about a digital topic? This came from the nature of questions we get as trainers that there's a lot about platforms that folks don't know about, so we started chatting about whether learning about that stuff is our job as trainers, or whether...


Episode 14: Social Media Etiquette

This week I'm talking to Nic about the etiquette of social media. What are you expected to do, what can you choose to do and what must you never ever do. Realistically, do you have to follow everyone who follows you on Twitter or Instagram? How are you going about starting genuine conversations without spamming. Do people really respond to to the hard sell? All this and more in this week's episode...


Episode 13: What the fudge!

This week we're I'm chatting to Nicola about how far you can push your brand - where are the boundaries, the lines not to cross - why are they important and indeed, are they as important as we think? We're chatting about how important is what you wear, how you portray yourself and in part, whether you can swear. Have a listen and come chat to us as


Episode 12: Facebook Pages joining Facebook Groups

You can now join a Facebook Group as your Facebook Business Page! This week we're talking about this potentially massive change that Facebook have rolled/are rolling out. Nicola and I discuss whether we think it's a good idea, how it *could* be used and the implications of joining a Facebook Group as a Facebook Page.


Episode 11: What is your why?

This week we're talking about your motivation - your 'why'. Understanding what this is - what drives you - forms an integral part of your branding, your marketing and your overall story-telling. This 'why' should echo through your narrative in your digital promotion - and so Nicola and I chat about what it is that drives us to do what we do.


Episode 10: The value of having a social media plan

This week we're talking about the importance of having a plan - being focussed in your aims and your strategy. We're chatting about some of the things we do to plan, so of the stuff that works and of course some of the stuff that doesn't!


Episode 9: Twitter has not died

This week we're talking Twitter! "Twitter has died"..."Twitter is different"..."Twitter isn't useful anymore". We're chatting about whether Twitter is still relevant - whether it has a place in the digital marketing world and whether you should be paying more attention to it.


Episode 8: Your LinkedIn profile

This week we're talking about LinkedIn - the giant professional social network. We discuss people's perceptions of the platform, what it's used - what's supposed to be used for - and how it fits into your brand narrative (the story you tell about your business).


Episode 7: Stop monkeying around with your emails

This week we're talking about email marketing, newsletters and mailing lists. We chat about why it's so important to have that data in a system that you have control over (so it can't disappear on you should anything happen to your account/that platform). We also discuss the different styles that Nicola (created) and I (curated) use for the newsletters/emails that we send out.


Episode 6: Branded email accounts

This week we're talking about the importance of using a branded email account - the effect it has on your marketing and branding and a few tips you may want to consider when choosing and using your own email address. It's not as simple as you might think!


Episode 5: Facebook's organic reach

This week we're talking about Facebook's organic (free) reach - what affects it, what doesn't. We explore what you can do at no cost on this mammoth platform!


Episode 4: Tops tips to increase engagement

This week we're talking about some top tips for what you can do to increase the engagement on your content. Which engagagement can help you more, and how you can get your audience more involved.


Episode 3: Getting the basics right

Episode 3: Getting the basics right by James Lane and Nicola Jayne Little


Episode 2: Getting rid of platforms you don't use

Episode 2: Getting rid of platforms you don't use by James Lane and Nicola Jayne Little


Where should you be online?

Where should you be online? by James Lane and Nicola Jayne Little