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Season Finale Christmas Show. Special Guest, Author Sylvia Shults

Hello everyone and welcome to our season finale, our Christmas Show. On this show we will be talking with our friend and author Sylvia Shults who has been a guest on our show many times and will be talking about one of her books 'The Spirits of Christmas, The Dark Side of the Holiday's'. What is even more special about his show is that it will be live from Walt Disney World! This is the end of Season 4 and what better way to end than live from the happiest place on earth and with friends a...


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Actor Bill Housekeeper

Hello everyone. Another great show for you as we will be chatting with actor Bill Housekeeper. Bill has just been cast in Space Lizards in the role of Craig from BAFTA-nominated Director Rob Walker. We cant wait to talk with him and about the many other films that he has been in! As always you never know what we will be talking about on the show after the guest so make sure that you tune in and have some fun with us! You can also check us out online by going to our website at...


Interview with Stevie GB

Stevie GB "Welcome To Lawn Guyland" A One Man Show Part theatre / Part Stand-up comedy "At the age of 14, I was dragged from the streets of Brooklyn and thrown onto a yellow bus" One Long Island comedian's view of this crazy place we call home


Piecing It Together Podcaster David Rosen

Hello everyone!! Tonight we have have the pleasure of talking with the host of 'Piecing It Together' David Rosen. Piecing It Together is a podcast where we take a look at a new movie and try to figure out what other movies may have inspired it.Created by award-winning music composer and film lover David Rosen, the show started as a way for David to talk movies with his friends. Rather than just do a regular movie news or review show, he wanted some kind of angle to approach discussing films...


Brian & Sherri 4.0

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Brian & Sherri 4.0. Tonight we will be chatting about up coming events and shows that we need everyone to know about. Everyone has been asking about what our plans are for our Halloween show, well we are currently working on that and will let everyone know the tid bits on tonight's show. We will also be talking about up coming shows and who is going to be gracing our air waves. So everyone should grab a drink and snack, sit back and enjoy the...


Author Sylvia Shults

Hello everyone, boy do we have another great show show to add to our 'Spooky October' Shows. Author Sylvia Shults is here!! We talk with Sylvia every October to check in and see what she is currently up to, and this year she has a lot going on!. Author of many great books that we have talked about on our show in the past, Fractured Spirits, 44 Years In Darkness and more! You can find more information about Sylvia by visitng her website at You can find Sylvia's...


Psychic Medium Diane Pate

October is here and we are kicking off our 'Brian & Sherri Spooky October' shows. We start off with local psychic medium Diane Pate who is an avid listener/fan of our show and has been with us for over a year now. Only when we talk to our listener's via Facebook Live do we learn more about the people watching and listening. Diane has been using her gift for many years and is proud of what she is able to do. She loves the fact that people come to her for help, which Diane only uses her gift...


Author Daniel Peyton

Hello everyone! Welcome to another great show! Tonight we will be talking with author Daniel Peyton. Daniel is no stranger to the show as he has a been a guest many times and has even co-hosted with Brian. Daniel will be be talking about his lastest book to be released in October, 'Earth's Last Starship'. We will also be revealing the new art cover of the book for the first time!!! So make sure that you tune in!. Watch the show on Facebook Live by going to...


Comedian Juan Carlos

Hello everyone and welcome to another fantastic episode! Tonight we will be talking with the talented and funny, comedian Juan Carlos!! We can't wait to welcome him to the show and start chit chatting with him and get to know him!. We are also excited to talk about our line up of guests coming on in the upcoming shows! You will have to listen in to hear who is coming on! Last we will be talking about how you can support our show buy buying a 'Brian & Sherri' t-shirt from our website which we...


The Wigwam Western Summit's Wayne Gelinas

Hello everyone and welcome to yet another exciting show. Tonight we speak with buisness owner Wayne Gelinas of The Wigwam Western Summit. We will be discussing his plans for the historical viewing destination, what we may find and do while people visit. Get ready Berkshire County ,a historical jewel is re opening and we have the scoop! For information about the western summit you can visit We are very excited to be speaking with him tonight. As...


Thursday with Brian & Sherri

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of our show. We have a lot to talk about and can't wait to start the show. Tonight we will announce who it will be that won tickets to the Big E which starts here in MA Sept 14th! You never know, you might run into Sherri and Brian there!. Make sure you grab that snack and enjoy the show!! More information can be found by visiting


Happy Birthday Sylvia Shults!! Actor Phillip Galinsky to Guest

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of the show. Tonight we have a lot to talk about, starting with our salute to the country of Japan. Learn fun facts about Japan with Brian & Sherri as they list off things you might not have known about this country. Also changes lay ahead for the month of November so stay tuned as they each talk about what it is. Ever have to deal with a stalker? Well these two dive into the topic of 'Stalking'. There is so much more you just never know what...


Actress & Stand Up Comedian Jody Oliver

A BIG Shout out to Billy Scrivens!!! Hello everyone! Tonight we will be chatting with actress, comedian and entertainer Jody Oliver. Jody has appeared in many films including 'Basket Case 2' (1990) and 'Delivery Boys' (1985) and has appeared on 'SNL'. We are pleased she will be chatting with us! Also we give a salute to the country Scotland! We entertain you with the best facts you need to know about this wonderful country. Our National Day is Sponge Cake, Mmmmm with Strawberries and whip...


Recording Artist Joel Crafton

Hello everyone and welcome to another exciting show! Tonight we have a lot to talk about including our saltue to Scotland! National Tell a Joke Day and much more. We will be also talking to International Recording Artist Joel Crafton. Joel Crafton Artist producer writer arranger singer piano player gained musical headlines at an early age singing in church and becoming one of the main ministers of music and called to sing solos at church revivals. As years of experience begin to take shape,...


Episode 25 With Brian & Sherri

Hello everyone and welcome to another episode of Brian & Sherri 4.0! We have a lot of fun stuff to talk about and some much needed changes that everyone should know. Do you have an idea or topic you think we should be talking about? Let us know by visiting our Facebook at You can always find us on the web by going to our website at We hope you have a great time time with us!!


Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! Long time no chat. Welcome back to the second half of Season 4! Tonight we will be talking about what we have been up to during our Summer Vacations, any changes to the show that we think you may need to know, what is in store for the rest of the season, and you never know what else happen on the show. You can now visit our website by going to for up to date info. And if that's not enough, you can also visit us on Facebook by simply visiting...


Episode 23

Hello everyone, well it's here the night we have been dreading! We have made the desicion to stop the show, yet there may still be hope after all, you are going to have to listen to find out why and what Brian & Sherri have in store for the show. Make sure to grab that snack, sit back and enjoy the show!! Remember to keep updated and to be come friends with us, visit our facebook page by going to


Season 4 Episode 21

Hello everyone! It has been a while since we lasted used Blog Talk Radio , yet have decided to give it another chance! Tonight we will be talking about changes to the show, new and exciting things Brian has been up to and answering any questions you might have for us the hosts!! We want you to sit back and enjoy the show!! ?You can visit our new website by going to Also to keep up to date with our show you can also check us out on Facebook at...


Tonight with Brian & Sherri

?Hello everyone! Happy New Year! Well tonight we kick off Season 4. We will be talking about what changes we have made and what we will be doing for this season. We will also be opening up discussions with our listeners to see if they have any ideas on what they would like to see this year, and for that you can watch the show via Facebook Live on our timeline by going to You can also listen right here on Blog Talk Radio and follow the show and get...