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Libertarian political podcast that explores today's political environment through a Libertarian viewpoint.

Libertarian political podcast that explores today's political environment through a Libertarian viewpoint.
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Dothan, AL


Libertarian political podcast that explores today's political environment through a Libertarian viewpoint.






44 Percent Of Americans Want A Theocracy

It is disturbing that we live in a time when 44% of American want a democracy. And an even higher percentage are in favor of eliminating the first amendment. On today's show we look at the stats and talk about what we can do as lovers of liberty to keep our first amendment strong. Subscribe on iTunes Subscribe on Google Play...


Prejudice Is Normal And Most Racism Isnt Malicious

Today I want to tackle the most difficult cultural and political conversation we can have in America. I want to talk honestly about racism and prejudice. I believe prejudice is normal and we need to get over it. And I believe racism is mostly just prejudice in the least, and at worst it's usually just non malicious.


Why Health Care Is So Expensive

It's not hard to figure out why health care is so expensive. The laws of economics do not cease to exist just because it's health care. The same basic principles of economics that apply to other products and services also apply to health care. Government intervention, artificially increasing demand while decreasing supply is to blame. It's just that simple. Let's talk about it.


One Question That Will Shut Anti Gun Liberals Down

I am so tired of debating liberals over the 2nd amendment. It's as if they live in some kind of fantasy world devoid of any common sense or reasoning ability. I think I have the answer. Don't debate gun control. Don't debate the 2nd amendment. Just ask your liberal friends this one questions and their own answer will shut them down.


We The Gullible People Of The United States Of America Part 1

Corruption abounds in America because the people are gullible. Politicians can say anything and people believe. This is part 1 of a series demonstrating how the people are gullible and how we can change that. If we ever hope to be free we are going to have to get people thinking critically and using reasoning skills. Subscribe on itunes or the Google Play store: Liberty Report with Brett Mason Download the free app: Brett Mason Media


Mitch McConnell Is A Tyrant Guilty Of Treason

Did anyone else watch Senator Mitch McConnell stand on the senate floor and abdicate the senate's responsibilities as laid out in the Constitution? These tyrants need to go. We either have a rule of law or we do not. Remove them all from power!


Bernie Sanders Claims About Sweden Are Lies

If you believe Bernie Sanders, Sweden is like Nirvana. With it's free health care, great paying jobs, and lack of income inequality, it's is something the U.S. should aspire to be. Right? Wrong! There are so many things wrong with the Sweden model it's hard to know where to start. Healthcare, incomes, poverty. The United States wins on all of them. If these sounds foreign to you, prepare to have your eyes opened to the truth!


Why Ted Cruz May Be A Sociopath

Ted Cruz is the most frightening candidate for president in my lifetime. Not only do I not think he should be considered for President, he shouldn't even be allowed in the Senate. His theocratic views, his willingness to do and say anything to win, and his blatant disregard for the Constitution are alarming. On today's show I lay out a pretty clear cut case why Ted Cruz may be a sociopath and why any lover of liberty would be crazy to support him.


Muslim Hate, Islamophobia, Fear, Power

The media and politicians have the hate propaganda machine cranked up to 10. Everyone I know is scared. People are willing to do anything right now to save themselves from certain death. Hold up. Slow down. Can we all just think clearly for a second?


Proof Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio are Liberals!

If you watched the Fox Business Republican debates you might have seen the moments that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio revealed themselves to be liberals. Both showed that they embrace the redistribution of wealth. And neither of them were ashamed of it. In fact they both defended their love of redistributing wealth proudly. We play the clips an debate the issue.


Anthony Bourdain Is Wrong About Donald Trump and Immigration

Anthony Bourdain said if Donald Trump got is way on immigration every restaurant in America would shut down. This shows a complete misunderstanding of how economics works. Period.We'll talk about the presidential debate too.


Republicans Have Abondoned ObamaCare Repeal Rhetoric

The Republicans have all but abandoned the issue of ObamaCare? What happened to that? We check all of the major candidates campaign materials to see if they are even mentioning it now. Sadly, you probably won't be surprised what we find.


DOJ turns on American citizens

Department of Justice announced today that Americans are more dangerous than ISIS or Al Queda and they will beging to focus on them.


Let's Stop Being Facebook Suckers

When will we stop believing and sharing everything we see on Facebook? Call in and be on the show 334-403-4500


Why Kim Davis Is Wrong

Christians need to see the bigger picture. If you support real religious freedom then you can't support Kim Davis. The same is true for Religious Stickers on Police cars. I know it seems counter intuitive but it's vitally important that we understand this principle of freedom. One country sheriffs department has removed religious stickers from their partrol cars. Apparently their lawyer advised them they would lose a case in court and it would cost the taxpayers a lot of money. Source of...


Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio Unfit To Serve

Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Lindsey Graham vote to increase Federal Spending $400 Billion This year. And they say they are conservatives. In fact they proved why they will do anything to be president. Nothing matters to them but power. Why Saudi Arabia is worse than any other Muslim Country but we don't bomb them. In fact we fund their terrorism. Jeb Bush proves he has no understand of taxes or he just wants to opress the middle class and make the rich richer.


The Pope Is The AntiChrist: Proof And Commentary

The evidence that the Pope is evil and quite possibly the anti-christ is overwhelming. This week I was presented with so many facts about how evil the pope is I decided to share them on this show and do an investigation. This is a 'must hear' show! Feel free to call and participate at 334-403-4500


Merle Haggards Greatest Hits Special

Friday Night Music Special. Merle Haggards Greatest Hits. With interview clips and the greatest Merle Haggard songs of all time.


We're Not Gonna Take It - The People Must Govern

We the people must stop blaming those in power, and take power back to the people. How do we do this? It's easier than you may think. How religion nearly beacame a part of our government and a real life example of how horrible it would have been. You must hear this law that Maryland tried to introduce in the 1800s (in the podcast I kept reading a line that said 1649 and being live I just didn't grasp there was no way that could be a right date)


Carly Fiorina Lied About Drugs In Debate

When Carly Fiorina said in the debate "My husband Frank and I buried a child to drug addiction" she mislead people into thinking it was related to marijuana. The facts will actually surprise you. Fact Checking the republican candidates.