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Actress Susan Chambers on what it’s like being a stand-in, flirting with Emilio Estevez and acting in weird commercials

With Kevin still gone, actress Susan Chambers steps in as a replacement. Susan was a stand-in for Kathryn Erbe in D2. She talks about what that actually entailed, what she took from it, rejecting Emilio Estevez, and weird commercials she has been in. Show Notes Thanks to Susan for coming on. You can get more info on her at see her reel -- including the weird commercials -- at Also, here is her IMDB. Susan Chambers: Kathryn Erbe: Here is the trailer for In the Name...


Mighty Ducks Minute No. 83: The Ducks vs. Hawks staredown

With Kevin in Japan, Mike and Tommy take a look at another Mighty Ducks minute. This time it's the staredown between the Hawks and the Ducks before the state championship game. Who has the best mean mug? Hair? Also, did Goldberg ever want to play hockey? Show Notes Thanks to everybody who is using the Amazon link! It's helping! Someone actually bought this sweet treadmill off of it. Why are they standing side-by-side? (Also, the NH stands for New Hope. It is this rink on Google Maps.)...


Why was Iceland the villain in D2? NPR’s Only A Game investigates

We're switching it up this week and handing the reins over to NPR's Only A Game Podcast. Producer Martin Kessler interviewed Mike, Tommy, and Kevin for his story on how Iceland became the D2 villain. In this episode we play Martin's entire story. Show Notes Thanks to Only A Game, especially Martin, for letting us be a small piece of the story. Follow only a game on Twitter: @OnlyAGameNPR, and on the Facebook page. Also give our man Martin a follow at @MartinKessler91. Keep using that...


Scott Whyte a.k.a. Gunnar Stahl a.k.a. Scooter the goalie talks becoming a cult hero, whether Gunnar misssed on purpose

Scott Whyte joins the podcast to talke about how he went from a Slim Jim commercial with Macho Man Randy Savage to playing both Gunnar Stahl and Scooter the goalie. He explains learning an Icelandic accent, what he said to Jesse Hall, how he almost added "Crazy Dave" the comic relief guy to his roles in D3 and much, much more. Show Notes Thanks to Scott Whyte for being a true scholar and a gentleman. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram and his YouTube channel. Here's his IMDB. You've...


Dissecting the D3: The Mighty Ducks novelization, including the debut of ‘Gary Goldberg’

Mike and Kevin tackle the D3 novelization while Tommy celebrates his anniversary (allegedly). In the book they meet 'Gary Goldberg', find Charlie to be even worse than before, and ponder if anything was going on between Mendoza and Julie 'The Cat' Gaffney. Show Notes Thanks to everyone who is buying stuff through our Amazon link. If you haven't already, bookmark this link and use it every time you use something through Amazon. The most interesting thing someone has bought? This bamboo...


Ryan Wotherspoon a.k.a. “Excited Fan” in two of the Mighty Ducks movies, talks Emilio Estevez’s poor memory, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ryan Wotherspoon, also known as "Excited fan No. 8" (or No. 10, or No. 1), joins the pod to talk about life as an extra during Minnesota's film explosion. He dishes on Emilio Estevez's memory, sitting with dummies, Arnold Schwarzenegger cursing at him, and more. Show Notes HEY! Buying something on Amazon? Click through our link. Here is Ryan's IMDB. Check out his work at Speed Bump Intros. He's the male vocalist on the 80's, Country, and Oldies jingles on the site. This is him singing....


Taking down Deadspin’s takedown of the Mighty Ducks

On Tuesday, Deadspin released a blasphemous video that called the Mighty Ducks "mediocre." Mike, Tommy, and Kevin examine the break down the video point by point, to show just how off the mark the video is. Show Notes Again, bookmark the Amazon affiliate link. Use it anytime you go to Amazon. Here is the link the Deadspin review of the Mighty Ducks. There are multiple podcasts about The Simpsons out there, including The Simpsons Show , Talking Simpsons, and Four Finger Discount. The...


The conclusion of the D2: The Mighty Ducks novelization, including an international love triangle and a beach brawl with Iceland

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin talk way too long about young Gordon Bombay's cryptocurrency operation and Kevin's cratering investments before getting into the conclusion of the D2 novelization. Once they get there they discover a love triangle and a brutal crime. Show Notes Our Amazon affiliate link again. Here is John Oliver going after Brock Pierce: An open letter on Medium from EOS mentioned that Brock Pierce was no longer with the company. Apparently Pierce was no longer with the company by...


Part 1 of the D2: The Mighty Mighty Ducks novelization, in which Gordon Bombay tries his best fo flirt with Michele McKay

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin are back discussing the Mighty Ducks novelizations. The D2 version is so good it had to be split into two different podcasts. In part one they discover a feud over Connie between Guy Germaine and Luis Mendoza. Elsewhere Portman loses his Nirvana tape. Show Notes Use this link to shop at Amazon. Bookmark it. Use it as often as you can. Thanks in advance. Go to the shop. Use SHIP18 for free shipping. We talked about the novelization of D1 in Episode 151. Did Bombay...


Ep. 151: Breaking down the important revelations from the Mighty Ducks novelization

Mike, Tommy and Kevin dive deep into the rarely talked about novelization of the Mighty Ducks. They learn a number of new background facts, spot some contradictions and question why author Jordan Horowitz hated Karp as much as they do. Show Notes If you haven't filled out the listener survey yet, you can fill it out here. As for the affiliate links, we've been approved by iTunes. Will work on getting Amazon. How it works: we provide our link and a small portion of the cost of what you buy...


Ep. 150: Mighty Ducks minute No. 118, when Fulton Reed assaults three Hawks players

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin tackle another Mighty Ducks minute. This time they look at the Hawks' attempt to foil the Ducks' roundup, how Fulton Reed assaulted three Hawks players at the same the time, and whether there was some product promotion hidden in D2. Show Notes Mighty Ducks quote of the day: "They won't know what hit them." Please click this link and fill out this survey Thanks again to Lesley Goldberg (@Snoodit) for answering our question. Kevin was wrong and right: It was NBC, not...


Ep. 149: What we know know about the in-development Mighty Ducks TV series

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin convene for the first time since the biggest news story since Watergate broke: There is a Mighty Ducks TV series in the works. The crew shares what they know, reveals some rumors and discusses what they'd like to see out of the series. Show Notes Mighty Ducks quote of the week: "The Quack Attack is back, Jack!" Good work by Lesley Goldberg to break this story. Follow her on Twitter: @Snoodit. You can read the full Hollywood Reporter story here. Disney's SVOD service...


Ep. 148: #QuackQuestion of the year winner Zach discusses how closely the Minnesota Vikings resemble the Mighty Ducks

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin welcome in 2017 #QuackQuestion of the year winner Zach to talk about how he got so many votes so quickly, his Angels in the Outfield/Mighty Ducks crossover and life as a traveling salesman in Iowa. They then pass the torch and take on a #QuackQuestion. Show Notes Mighty Ducks quote of the day: “You’ve got the fast glove.” Thanks to Zach for joining the program. He won #QuackQuestion of the year with 72 percent of the vote. Zach's #QuackQuestion came during the Turkey...


Ep. 147: What happened in the overtime after Gordon Bombay missed the penalty shot?

In their first podcast of 2018, Mike, Tommy, and Kevin break down exactly what happened in OT of the 1973 Minnesota Peewee state championship game after Gordon Bombay missed his penalty shot. They also reveal the winner of 2017 #QuackQuestion of the Year. Show Notes The article by @joyceeng61 was Which TV Kevin had the best 2016? The Oscars are March 8. JAC Redford, from Episode 139, arranged and orchestrated Skyfall, which won the Oscar for best original song in 2013. Don't thing he...


Ep. 146: The nominees for 2017 #QuackQuestion of the year

We've reached the end of the year. That means it's time to decide the #QuackQuestion of the year. Meet the five nominees and vote determine the 2017 winner. Also, thanks for another great year. Show Notes The #QuackQuestion of the year nominees: Zach Grouwinkel: "Did Roger see an angel with Julie the Cat and is that the real reason Bombay put her in goal to stop Gunnar?" (Episode 113) Altin: "Whatever happened to Terri the cocktail waitress in D2? Did she ever become head of production for...


Ep. 145: The breath-taking, dramatic Mighty Ducks trivia finals

Mike, Tommy and Kevin welcome Marsh and Brian back for one final round of Mighty Ducks trivia. This time though, it takes on a whole different format. Both worthy competitors battle it out but only one can go home with the coveted No. 1 Quackolyte mug. (Unless the other just buys it from our shop.) Show Notes Here's an episode of Win Ben Stein's Money. We were kind of/sort of replicating the final round: "Whoomp! There it is" was the soundtrack of the 90s: Here's Hans' cash register with...


Ep. 144: A shortened pod, but at least it’s the Mighty Ducks trivia semifinals

[powerpress} Mike, Tommy and Kevin recorded a normal podcast, but decided after that it could use a little more work. Because of that, this abbreviated pod is solely the trivia semifinals between Marsh and Nick. Who will win and be one step away from the No. 1 Quackolyte mug? Show Notes The shop promo code is: CHEERf5b49d. Here is the Washington Post story Tommy talked about at the top of the show. Thanks in advanced for understanding. If we can the right people it should be good. Thanks...


Ep. 143: Who is the MVP and LVP of the Mighty Ducks’ Thanksgiving?

In this special Thanksgiving episode, Mike, Tommy (remotely), and Kevin discuss what a Mighty Ducks Thanksgiving table would look like. Charlie seems like he can cook. Is that true or a mirage based on limited sample size? Which Duck brings what dish? Happy Thanksgiving! Show Notes Addams Family Values: surprisingly good move. It has a 73 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Charlie's cooking abilities: Jan's Hasenpfeffer and Eggs: Here's the fateful Hey Arnold pizza puff explosion. The Turkey Leg...


Ep. 142: How do the Mighty Ducks end up at the same school?

Mike and Kevin -- Tommy is absent -- take a look at the original Mighty Ducks and how, despite saying they're from different places in D2, they end up in the same school. Are they just saying where they were born or is there a more complicated solution? Also, the semifinals of trivia finally commences. Show Notes Just a reminder, free shipping in the shop with promo code CHEERf5b49d. Shoutout to Kevin's sister Megan for covering our travel expenses to Europe to meet Andy. Thanks to Sara...


Ep. 141: Adam Banks transitions from the Mighty Ducks to a Playmakers-esque spinoff

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin go back to giving different Mighty Ducks characters spinoffs. This time they focus on Adam Banks and pick up his story as he stuggles to stay in the professional ranks while being addicted to painkillers. Also an internet outage derails trivia but the trio discovers some new internet mysteries. Show Notes Thanks to Andy for the email. We talked to Steve Brill in Episode 63 and Episode 64. We talked about previous spinoffs in episodes 127 and 134. Mike accidentally...


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