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Looking at the Mighty Ducks movies through Adam Banks’ eyes

Mike, Tommy and Kevin, go back through the Mighty Ducks films -- mostly D1 -- and break it down through Adam Banks' eyes. In the process they realize what a lonely life Banks leads as his new team doesn't accept him and his old team turns on him. Show Notes Keep using that Amazon link. To be clear: Mike FORGOT an undershirt at Tommy's wedding. He didn't just choose not to wear it. The floss dance has its own Wikipedia page. What a time we live in. Adam Banks, bored after beating the Mighty...


Michael T. Ryan, supervising music editor for all three Mighty Ducks films, explains what he covered up, why there is so much Queen

(Editor's note: We had a bit of trouble with the audio. First, Mike didn't have Michael T. Ryan's line recording, so you miss the first bit of what he says. Michael says he has a degree in music education from Oklahoma State. He went out to California to be a high school band director. The audio picks up from there. You miss about 20 seconds of Michael talking. Also, Michael's line cuts out a couple times. Bear with it. He comes back quickly each time.) Michael T. Ryan, supervising music...


What happens at Connie Moreau and Guy Germaine’s wedding?

In honor of Mike's wedding, the group takes a look at the most likely Mighty Ducks wedding: the union of Connie Moreau and Guy Germaine. Which Ducks stand up in the wedding? Who makes a speech? Who don't Connie and Guy invite and who crashes it anyway? Show Notes Hey, if you'd like to help Mike out on his wedding day use that Amazon link. That way he won't spend any of his own money on the upkeep of the podcast. Make fun of Kevin's terrible investment, and monitor it in real time. Our best...


Mighty Ducks Minute No. 66: Gordon Bombay’s team speech

Mike and Tommy -- Kevin is gone -- tackle another minute from the Mighty Ducks movies. This time it's Gordon Bombay telling Ducksworth, Reilly and Phil Banks about the time his dad gave him a convoluted meaning to the word "team." Show Notes ONE MORE DAY FOR THE SALE IN THE SHOP. Get your gear now. Kevin is on a trip to the East Coast. He should be back on September 16. Until then Tommy and Mike are going solo. The Amazon link is still going strong. Bookmark it and click it every time you go...


What happened to the Eden Hall varsity after it lost to the JV Mighty Ducks?

In a continuation from last episode, Mike, Tommy and Kevin discuss what the Mighty Ducks movie doesn't show: the fallout from the varsity losing. Does Riley ever recover? What happens to Cole and Scooter? Is the varsity coach on his way out after an embarrassing loss? Show Notes Thanks to Bryan, David, Joyce and Luke for the donations. Previous times we've seen the varsity team struggle: Orion and the varsity coach seem to have no hard feelings: Cole is NOT an alternate captain: There are...


The Luis Mendoza, Mindy, Riley love triangle

Mike, Tommy and Kevin return from a two-week break to talk about t-shirts, bachelor parties and Shaun Weiss' legal troubles before diving into the real topic: Who was in the wrong in the Luis Mendoza, Mindy, Riley love triangle in D3? Show Notes The Bachelor Party fund is here. Follow Kevin's ongoing Kin Token investment. Buy your "Make America Quack Again" shirt. It's a great conversation piece. Keep clicking through the Amazon link. According to the Texas Department of Parks and...


A look at the Eden Hall varsity program and the politics behind it: what scandals were covered up?

Mike, Tommy and Kevin start talking about the varsity team but quickly delve into the politics at Eden Hall. How much cheating was going on during Eden Hall's 10-year state championship run? Should the Ducks and Eden Hall parted ways? Show Notes Keep using that Amazon link! Be sure to check out the newest feature on our site: Is Kevin a millionaire yet? The Carmel High School girls swim team has won 32 state championships in a row. Here more info on IMG Academy. The board reluctantly...


What should a realistic Mighty Ducks show look like? Introducing Los Patos Poderosos

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin return to the spin-off well. This time they take Adam F. Goldberg's advice on what the Mighty Ducks TV series would have to be to gain any traction and come up with a realistic series. Disney can just send them a check. Show Notes Keep using the Amazon link! Free shipping in the shop! Promocode: FREESHIP718 If you haven't listened to the Adam F. Goldberg pod, listen to it now. We have a new page: Is Kevin a millionaire yet? It allows you to track his Kin Token...


‘The Goldbergs’ creator Adam F. Goldberg on pitching Steve Brill on D4 at a Christmas party, Mighty Ducks vs. The Goonies

'The Goldbergs' creator Adam F. Goldberg talks about how he cornered Steve Brill at Christmas party and pitched him D4 and how that sort of set the stage for the in-development TV show. He goes deep on The Goonies vs. the Mighty Ducks in a fight. Show Notes Keep using that Amazon link! Thanks to Adam for coming on. Watch The Goldbergs and follow him on Twitter. Also, a special Duck call to Adam's assistant Hank, who was the unsung MVP of this episode. Here is Adam F. Goldberg's episode on...


Which Mighty Ducks are deserving of Wolf “The Dentist” Stansson-like nicknames?

In honor of Kevin's trip to the dentist and the Iceland soccer manager actually being a dentist, Mike, Tommy and Kevin examine possible nicknames for the Mighty Ducks based on their profession. Plus, they answer the question: blood, breath, or urine? Show Notes Keep using that Amazon link. The guy who thinks Bitcoin will get to 250,000 by 2022 is Tim Draper a venture capital billionaire. Bitcoin price as of this show is $6,134. That's a long way to go to $200,000 in four years. Heimir "The...


Mighty Ducks Minute No. 28, the alley scene with Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions

Mike, Tommy, and Kevin tackle another Mighty Ducks Minute. This time it's the scene in the alley where the Ducks find the Sports Illustrated swimsuit editions and have a run-in with the Hawks. Did the Hawks insults cross the line? How tall is Fulton? Show Notes The Hawks outfits: This is the is the cover featuring Ashley Montana (or Ashley Richardson). It came out in February 1991. Fulton towering over McGill and Larson: Jesse Hall's clothing: Karp's hat. I can't really make out what any...


Was there a documentary made about Gordon Bombay’s childhood?

Mike, Tommy and Kevin are back together once again. They hear about Kevin's exploits in Japan and how he almost became a trillionaire before discussing the footage of a young Gordon Bombay. Was it from a documentary? Was it a home movie? Show Notes Keep using that Amazon link., people. If you missed it last week: Quackolyte Sean created a Mighty Ducks edition of NHL 94 Mighty Ducks. Step by step instructions on how to download/play: Download the Gens Emulator. Download Sean's Mighty Ducks...


Grab bag! Pinpointing what day the North Stars-Whalers game was; Bash Brothers vs. Hanson Brothers

With Tommy and Kevin "honoring America", Mike rides solo for the first time in podcast history. With the help of the Quackolytes, Mike pinpoints exactly which North Stars game the Mighty Ducks went to and answers a few Quack Questions. Show Notes Keep using that Amazon link. Better yet, bookmark it and use it every time you buy. Thanks again to Quackolyte Sean for his creation of NHL 94 Mighty Ducks edition. Step by step instructions: Download the Gens Emulator. Download Sean's Mighty...


Actress Susan Chambers on what it’s like being a stand-in, flirting with Emilio Estevez and acting in weird commercials

With Kevin still gone, actress Susan Chambers steps in as a replacement. Susan was a stand-in for Kathryn Erbe in D2. She talks about what that actually entailed, what she took from it, rejecting Emilio Estevez, and weird commercials she has been in. Show Notes Obligatory Amazon click-through link. Thanks to Susan for coming on. You can get more info on her at see her reel -- including the weird commercials -- at Also, here is her IMDB. Susan Chambers: Kathryn Erbe:...


Mighty Ducks Minute No. 83: The Ducks vs. Hawks staredown

With Kevin in Japan, Mike and Tommy take a look at another Mighty Ducks minute. This time it's the staredown between the Hawks and the Ducks before the state championship game. Who has the best mean mug? Hair? Also, did Goldberg ever want to play hockey? Show Notes Thanks to everybody who is using the Amazon link! It's helping! Someone actually bought this sweet treadmill off of it. Why are they standing side-by-side? (Also, the NH stands for New Hope. It is this rink on Google Maps.)...


Why was Iceland the villain in D2? NPR’s Only A Game investigates

We're switching it up this week and handing the reins over to NPR's Only A Game Podcast. Producer Martin Kessler interviewed Mike, Tommy, and Kevin for his story on how Iceland became the D2 villain. In this episode we play Martin's entire story. Show Notes Thanks to Only A Game, especially Martin, for letting us be a small piece of the story. Follow only a game on Twitter: @OnlyAGameNPR, and on the Facebook page. Also give our man Martin a follow at @MartinKessler91. Keep using that Amazon...


Scott Whyte a.k.a. Gunnar Stahl a.k.a. Scooter the Goalie talks becoming a cult hero, whether Gunnar missed on purpose

Scott Whyte joins the podcast to talke about how he went from a Slim Jim commercial with Macho Man Randy Savage to playing both Gunnar Stahl and Scooter the goalie. He explains learning an Icelandic accent, what he said to Jesse Hall, how he almost added "Crazy Dave" the comic relief guy to his roles in D3 and much, much more. Show Notes Thanks to Scott Whyte for being a true scholar and a gentleman. Follow him on Twitter and on Instagram and his YouTube channel. Here's his IMDB. You've...


Dissecting the D3: The Mighty Ducks novelization, including the debut of ‘Gary Goldberg’

Mike and Kevin tackle the D3 novelization while Tommy celebrates his anniversary (allegedly). In the book they meet 'Gary Goldberg', find Charlie to be even worse than before, and ponder if anything was going on between Mendoza and Julie 'The Cat' Gaffney. Show Notes Thanks to everyone who is buying stuff through our Amazon link. If you haven't already, bookmark this link and use it every time you use something through Amazon. The most interesting thing someone has bought? This bamboo double...


Ryan Wotherspoon a.k.a. “Excited Fan” in two of the Mighty Ducks movies, talks Emilio Estevez’s poor memory, Arnold Schwarzenegger

Ryan Wotherspoon, also known as "Excited fan No. 8" (or No. 10, or No. 1), joins the pod to talk about life as an extra during Minnesota's film explosion. He dishes on Emilio Estevez's memory, sitting with dummies, Arnold Schwarzenegger cursing at him, and more. Show Notes HEY! Buying something on Amazon? Click through our link. Here is Ryan's IMDB. Check out his work at Speed Bump Intros. He's the male vocalist on the 80's, Country, and Oldies jingles on the site. This is him singing. He's...


Taking down Deadspin’s takedown of the Mighty Ducks

On Tuesday, Deadspin released a blasphemous video that called the Mighty Ducks "mediocre." Mike, Tommy, and Kevin examine the break down the video point by point, to show just how off the mark the video is. Show Notes Again, bookmark the Amazon affiliate link. Use it anytime you go to Amazon. Here is the link the Deadspin review of the Mighty Ducks. There are multiple podcasts about The Simpsons out there, including The Simpsons Show , Talking Simpsons, and Four Finger Discount. The Simpsons...