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An Expanse Podcast. Part of the RandomChatter Network.

An Expanse Podcast. Part of the RandomChatter Network.


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An Expanse Podcast. Part of the RandomChatter Network.




TB 51: What Do We Become?

It's another rough week for everyone on The Expanse, and the Tightbeam crew is here to breakdown all the story beats of 508 "Hard Vacuum". Join us as we discuss the fate of Baltimore, the UN's response plans, the pressures that come from being under Marco's thumb, and Naomi Nagata, the biggest badass in space.


TB 50: One Giant Leap

It's our 50th episode! The Tightbeam crew looks back before diving right into The Expanse 507: Oyedeng, breaking down Holden's dubious decision making, Monica's tenacity, Filip being torn between father and mother, Marco's perspective of strength, and Naomi's difficult, heartbreaking, and entirely badass decision.


TB 49: Baltimore Bound

The Tightbeam crew discusses The Expanse 506, "Tribes", breaking down Amos and Clarissa's incredible journey, the consolidation of the OPA factions, Drummer's difficult choice, Marco's manipulation of Filip, and more!


TB 48: Barely Holden On

The aftershocks keep coming in The Expanse 505, "Down and Out". Join the Tightbeam Crew as they discuss the politics of retaliation, what makes a Belter, Marco's influence on Filip, and Naomi's actions returning to haunt her.


TB 47: Everything Goes to Hell, and There’s a Robot

After an episode that left quite an impact, the Tightbeam crew manages to break down Expanse 504, "Gaugamela", discussing the loss and chaos, the pain of being decked by a robot, and Marco Inaros's rise and his manipulations.


TB 46: The Mother of All…

Emotions? Traumas? Manipulations? Beatdowns? Bombs? Revelations? Join the Tightbeam crew as we wade through it all in our breakdown of 503, “Mother”.


TB 45: Stomach Churn-ing

Fans have been waiting years for a look into Amos' past, and the time has finally come! The Tightbeam Crew breaks down The Expanse 5.02, "Churn", tackling Drummer's Polyam Belter Fam, Amos' arc, Holden's impulsiveness, and verbal takedowns on Luna and Mars.


TB 44: Chorus of Yays for Season Five!

Season Five is finally here! Join the Tightbeam crew as they break down the S5 premiere, "Exodus", discussing the stunning visuals, Naomi and Holden's growth together, Amos and Chrissy, and more!


TB 43: Darth Vader Announces Season Six!

Soon Season Five will be on our screens, and The Expanse is hitting Firehawks with tons of news and promo content. The crew breaks down new S5 promo material, the S6 renewal news, and the upcoming premiere party!


TB 42: The One With the Trailer Breakdown

In this (surprise super-length) episode, the Tightbeam crew talks about Season 5's hybrid release schedule, breaks down the NYCC S5 trailer and what it all means for our favorite characters, and shares listener reactions to the panel and trailer!


TB 41: Widebeam Comic Con

NYCC Weekend is behind us, and we finally have info on S5! In the first of our two-part NYCC coverage, the crew discusses the panel, where characters we love have been and are going, and other news from the Expanse world.


TB 40: Holden: The Lost Leviathan

We're back for our 40th episode! The Tightbeam Crew breaks down all The Expanse news from the last few months, including the reveals for Book 9, Leviathan Falls, the upcoming Expanse comic series, and Dominique Tipper & Steven Strait rewatching some of their scenes for TVGuide's Top 100 Shows!


TB 39: Getting Moldy with the Moldy Filters!

The Moldy Filters, aka Chris, joins the Tightbeam crew for an interview and performance of his Lang Belta song "Seteshang Anderson" before diving into a fun discussion of our faves from Season 4 of The Expanse!


TB 38: We’re Fighting Our Wei

The Tightbeam crew finally reaches the top of the ruins! We discuss 4.10, "Cibola Burn", breaking down Holden's success (and failure), Avasarala's defeat, Ashford's blaze of glory, and the pieces all coming together in the Season 4 Finale!


TB 37: Social Distancing or: How Holden Learned to Stop Being Nice and Use the Alien Bomb

The Tightbeam crew is back, giving everyone on Ilus social distancing advice before breaking down 4.09 "Saeculum", including Murtry's plans and motivations, Holden on the edge, and the possible final end of a fan favorite character.


TB #36: What Doesn’t Kill You

Things are looking bleak as the Tightbeam crew breaks down The Expanse 4.08. "The One-Eyed Man"! Join Andrea, Fred, and Shannon as they find the "one-eyed men" of the episode, discuss the fallout of the Pizzouza and the surprise return of Fred Johnson, and ponder Miller's screams.


TB #35: All The Ways Ilus Will Kill-Us

It's an absolute buffet of possible ways to die as Ilus' death slugs make their grand debut and fusion just shuts down in The Expanse 4.07, "A Shot in the Dark". The Tightbeam crew also breaks down Avasarala, Amos, and Murtry's fear of losing control of their situations, Holden's trauma vs Elvi's scientific curiosity, and Naomi and Alex helping Lucia through their own experiences.


TB #34: The Next Right Thing

Plenty of decision making is put under a microscope as the Tightbeam crew discusses The Expanse 4.06, "Displacement", breaking down the consequences of Drummer's vote, Bobbie's new lease on life, and Holden's driving force.


TB #33: On Oppressor(s)

The Tightbeam crew tackles The Expanse 4.05, "Oppressor", breaking down Nancy Gao's debate reveal, Lucia's suicide attempt and Naomi's subsequent confession, and Holden taking charge on Ilus as tensions rise.


TB #32: Everything’s in Retrograde

The Tightbeam crew dabbles in astrology, wax-poetic about Holden punching a man, and discuss the motivations of antagonists Murtry and Marco in their breakdown of The Expanse 4.04, "Retrograde".