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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.

Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.
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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.




TPCCafe S3 Ep 155 Jerking The Customer

Hey you. Yeah you guess who is back. Scott and I strap pop culture to a chair and slap it around to give you some news. We talk #KevinFeige #JephLoeb on Reddit. #AntmanandWasp Scott's thoughts on the #Netflix series #TheRain. We have a interview from this #CalgaryExpo with Ken Hall of #2Dogs games. Plus #LeaThompson and #HowardTheDuck Plus news about #DoomPatrol #GreenLanternCops #BobcatGoldthwait #Gargoyles and so much to make you cry, screams or hit the stop button.


TPCCafe S3 Ep154 The British Are Coming All Over Your Face Neck And Chest

WE talk #StanLee #ResidentAlien #JohnByrne Wookie Storm Troopers #TheCrow #JoseWhedon The new #BumbleBeeTrailer #TheJoker movie, barf. #Shadowhunters and adult asian movies. Plus so much more.


TPCCafe S3 Ep 153 Lame Canada

Well hello you there. Welcome back to show and this show we talk about #IceDragon #Netflix the #WestCoastAvengers Cable being in one of the hottest movies of the summer but not doing so well in comics, #Gable We also talk #StarTrek #WoodyHarrelson is in another genre film. #MorbiusTheLivingVampire coming to the big screen. Scott and I get side track when one of the patrons stops by and we chat. Oh about what you have to listen. Also talk to Andrew Smith from #Riftworld comic. This stuff...


TPCCafe S3 Ep 152 Thick and Wordy

Hey Gang what be happening. This show Scott and I get a little filthy again but hopefully rein it in a little. We have news on #HalJordonandtheGreenLanternCorps #Supergirl #Superman #Wolverine #Analog the comic getting adapted for a movie. #Batgirl Comcast still trying to get Fox. #Batwoman #Thundercats Jake Gyllenhaal for Spider-Man. #BoosterGold #HanSolo and so much more.


TPCCafe S3 EP 151 Well That Was Filthy

Well back in the comic shop Scott and I get back to into the grove. We also get a little silly. We jump all over the place this show but give you the news that you have come to expect. That is right hard hitting news from to old fart. Scott also introduces a new segment, I'm Still Standing. Instead of who died Scott tells the people celebrating 65 and older.


TPCCafe S3 Ep 150

Well this is Ep 150 and to be honest I never thought I get this far. This show Paul joins Scott and I and they have a lot to say about the DC shows on the CW. I am barely on this show but poor Paul has no one to talk to about the CW shows. Scott the same problem. So being a good Canadian I let those to have at it. Wink. So take a listen and thanks to everyone that listens and subscribe. Cheers


TPCCafe S3 Ep 149 The Calgary Expo Wrap Up

The finale thoughts on the years Calgary Expo. General chat on day 3 and 4. Also Scott and I hit on some recent pop culture news.


TPCCafe Calgary Expo Bonus Show Day 2

Well Day 2 is over and the day actually went by pretty fast. Scott and I where able get some interviews that we will be putting up later. But take a listen to your thoughts and Scott adventure in the bathroom


TPCCafe Calgary Expo Specical Day One

This show Scott and I talk about Day One of the 2018 Calgary Expo. So take a listen and thanks for listening


TPCCafe Bonus Show

This is a bonus show for no other reason then Scott and I recorded a show for the hell of it. We set up the recording equipment while the owner of Comic Fever had someone in the shop recording video for a Facebook ad. So like the good leaches we are we jump on board. Scott and I just talk about what ever. I added some old British TV commericals and a couple of joke songs. So enjoy


TPCCafe S3 Ep 148 Mouse In A Bottle

This is the last show before Scott and I head down to Calgary for this years Calgary Expo. But before we head down have some news from the world of pop culture. SCTV Doc coming to Netflix Jack Kirby's The Eternals Star Trek: Discovery/Spock Unnatural from Image Dan Jurgens Aphrodite V from Top Cow V-Wars coming to Netflix Agent Carter Mark Hamill on The Big Bang Legacy Virus coming to X-Men Gold Stan Lee Lost In Space on Netflix plus so much more


TPCCafe S3 Ep 147 Full Metal Joker

This show Scott and I have news on - Lost and Space TJ Miller The Simpsons Russo Brothers/Secret Wars Y The Last Man Zoe Saldana and Hollywood Elite Anson Mount/Christoper Pike Nickolas Cage/Joker/Doctor Doom Batgirl Plus reviews of Breathless, Analog,Tinseltown, New Mutants-Dead Souls #2, Doctor Star #2 Plus so much more


TPCCafe S3 Ep 146 How They Make The Sausage

This show Scott and I are joined from our buddy Paul from across the sea. The home of Monty Python, beans on toast and the Beatles. Paul had nothing to do with any of those. But Paul and Scott have a very go talk about the CW/DC shows and The Walking Dead/Fear Of The Walking Dead. Plus so much more


TPCCafe S3 Ep 145 Killing The Twitter Bird

So Scott and I hit another magic number in what I thought this show would never reach. This episode we talk about Rom the movie moving forward. Scott goes off about Twitter and the garbage on it. Mythos Studios purchase of Aspen Comics. Astro City being developed for TV. Is Chris Evans ending his run as Captain American ? No Deadpool on FX. Plus so much more.


TPCCafe S3 Ep 144 I Fart In Your General Direction

Once again a Friday dump of news from around the pop culture world. This show Scott and I talk about. Star Trek Ash vs Evil Dead Ghost Rider Matt Helm Reboot Muppets Avengers Infinity War Walking Dead Deadpool 2 Plus comic reviews The New Mutants - Dead Souls #1 Infidel #1 with more news than you can shake a stick at.


TPCCafe Ep 143 The Phellic Dune Worm

Well gang I made a little mistake and said this is Ep 142 it is actually 143 so forget what the moron said. Hey but once the show gets going Scott and I slap you upside he head with news and from the world of pop culture. So thanks for listening I hope we entertain and give you couple of giggles. This show: Joss Whedon Kevin Smith Wolverine: The Long Night Kirsten Whig as Cheetah Agents of Sheild Wrinkle in Time Extreme Universe on Netflix Plus so much more.


TPCCafe Ep 142 Val Kilmer Manatee

Well gang Scott and I are back but this time the sound is a little off. I still hope you enjoy the show. Also I have forgot my cheat sheet so I forgot what stories we talked about so.......surprise. Enjoy the show.


TPCCafe Ep 141 No Butt Kissing Here - 2018-03-01 6.07 PM

Well Scott and I are back with another earth shaking show. What, you don't believe me. Well you will see or hear for yourself. This show: Blair Witch Dark Phoenix Batgirl New Mutants Kevin Smith Mark Hamill Bloodshot Stargate Origins Captain America Agents of Shield Plus so much more............


TPCCafe S3 Ep 140 Marvel A Fresh Fart

Once again Scott and I are report from the comfort of Comic Fever. We have stories aboot; Invincible The New Mutants X-Men The Black Panther Sony and the Marvel movies that got away Firefly Novels Marvel's Fresh Start.............again?? Venom Fraggle Rock The Walking Dead Comic Book Reviews Kick Ass #1 Death of Love #1 Daredevil #598 Silencer #1 plus more


TPCCafe S3 Ep 139 The Black Panther Paradox

Back to your regular schedule program. Scott and I return with more news and thoughts on pop culture. Comic Reviews on VS from Image comics and Motherlands from Vertigo comics. Also: Black Panther The Punisher Disney Streaming service Star Trek:Discovery Diamond Sales Stats for January 2018 Lobo Movie DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio Titans TV Series and The Doom Patrol plus more