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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.

Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.
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Yes another pop culture show. I talk about all the things that are involved in the world of Nerd or Geek. News,comics,movies,TV,comedy,books,games. Come join me your host John "Stoney" Burke and lets have some fun.




TPCCafe S5 Ep 175 Off Your Nuts

Well things are sounding clearer and hopefully you will enjoy the latest show. Scott and I talk about and go off topic on - So grab a donut ring and get comfortable.


TPCCafe S5 Ep174 Humping Wiener Dogs

That is right we are back. Sorry


TPCCafe Bonus Show 876 Oh The Spoiler We Got

So if you read this you will see before you listen to the latest show then I will apologize for the sound. If you have listen to the show already well that is your fault. Part 2 is the end of the that really long show we did with Paul. So sit back, sleep or taking a bit dump and enjoy. Geezz is hopes so.


TPCCafe Bonus Show 678 The Queen Cooks A Biscut

Hello boys and girls. So while Scott and I take the month off we do have some canned shows that we recorded. This is the first of a chat with the other stooge in the TPCCafe family of the slow and dim. Paul stops in and we chat all kinds of stuff. So enjoy this show and tune in next week the rest.....please?


TPCCafe S4 Ep 173 Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Cinema

Another new TPCCafe is here to make your ears bleed. #TomFelton #Flash #DC #TV #Netflix #Millarworld #Reveiws #Boom #Image #DarkHorse #Lightsteps #SourcePointPress #Middlewest #HighHeaven #AhoyComics and all kinds of stuff.


TPCCafe S4 Ep 172 I Don't Think So Mr Maher

What the hell is on the bottom of my shoe? Well I will worry about that later. So this show is a light one. As we close in on the end of Season 4 we lighten our load and just chat about a few subjects Plus a few other chat about this and that.


TPCCafe S4 Ep 171 Tuck In Your Manhood

Don't stick that there. Wait, sorry thinking of something else. Well welcome back and don't drink the water. Scott and I of course talk about the passing of the legend/icon Stan Lee. We try to be fair about your thoughts on the man that no matter how you felt about did help bring comicbooks into the four front of pop culture. Also we talk and also who is Still Standing


TPCCafe S4 Ep 170 Tickle The Taint

Another lovely and some what a entertaining The Pop Culture Cafe is here. Don't panic. This show Scott and I chat aboot, Plus reviews of #HouseOfCards, #AvengersHalloweenSpecial, #HexWivesDC, #BohemianRhapsody, #Psychokinesis, #AdamSandler100%Fresh Plus so much more


TPCCafe S4 Ep 169 The Lizard Drainer

What you looking at? Oh yeah what Scott and I chatted about on the latest show. Plus more. Yup more.


TPCCafe S4 Ep 168 If My Pants Weren't Tight Enough

Well how you doing? Scott and I are once again coming to you from the warm soft welcome arms of Comic Fever. Devon and the Dong jump in a couple to times. We spew info all over you neck, face and chest. Plus so much more. Yeah sorry


TPCCafe S4 Ep 167 Swedish Terrorist Yumpin Yiminy

Hey gang once again Scott and I give you a amazing, wonderful oh so world rocking show. HHHAAAAAA what bull. But have a fun time listening. This show we talk, Plus a bunch of silly stuff.


TPCCafe Bonus Show Canadian Bandidos

Welcome to a bonus show. Paul from across the pond joins Scott and I and well talk pop culture. Shows, movies and yes games.


TPCCafe S4 Ep166 I Was Just A Mess

Well there is quite a bit of sound quality going on once again on the this show. Damn. Well someday I will get it right. This show Scott and I talk about: James Bond Stan Lee James Gunn Morbious The Living Vampire God Country Review of the first part of Daredevil Season 3 Bat Penis McFarlane Venting about Spawn Venom Review and Devin and The Dong stop by.


TPCCafe S4 Ep 165 I Took A Boom Boom

How you doing? This show we bounce around but still give you a tons of news. Movies, comics, TV, reviews and thoughts on the world of pop culture. #Netflix #Heroes In Crisis #Venom #Hellboy #Star Wars TV #Kathleen Kennedy #David Cronenberg #New Amsterdam #Fear of the Walking Dead and so much more


TPCCafe S4 Ep 164 Devon And The Dong

Ep 164 Scott and I give your thoughts of the Edmonton Expo 2018. Also the big Batman Dong scandal that has DC wanting copies of Batman - Damned back.Telltale games massive layoffs. Bethesda making a Wolfenstein 3 game to finish the story. The Chucky reboot and Katherine McNamara joining The Arrow. Plus Shatner news, Disney, Daredevil and more.


TPCCafe S4 Ep163 Cat In The Mailbox

This show we talk #ThePredator #Disney #SteveMartin #MartinShort #LowRoadWest #TheWrongEarth Plus William Shatner, Captain Marvel and those stars that are still with us.


TPCCafe S4 Ep 162 Apocalyptic Coronation Street

Paul from the land of Harry Potter comes back to record with Scott and I. After much discussion Scott and I decide that we will take a chance again on that old limey. We start of the show with a discussion on the second season of Iron Fist. I talk about Big Finish and the audio stories of Doctor Who. Also #Predator is up for a chat and #CaptainMarvel. #Solo and how we all agree was not that bad. Paul and I talk about #Preacher Season 3, Jason Momma coming the #EdmontonExpo. Zombies,...


TPCCafe S4 Ep 161 Rocket City Trash Pandas

This Scott, Andrew and I finish I conversation about why comicbooks are not more popular. Andrew had to roll so Scott and I continue and we talk about Marvel's Darth Vader and the new ark. I talk about a minor league baseball teams name that is movie related. We talk about the upcoming @EdmontonExpo. The Christopher Reeves, 1978 Superman returning to theatre. Swamp Thing and the Captain Marvel pictures. Scott gives his thoughts on Volition #1 and Pearl's #1. Plus a whole lot more.


TPCCafe S4 Ep 160 A Pennyworth For Your Thoughts

Well what you been doing since the last time you came here to listen or download this lovely podcast. Scott and I have news hopefully that you have not heard. Plus one of the regular to the comic den, Comic Fever, Andrew joins us. So thanks for downloading and have fun. LLAP. News on Alfred Pennyworth TV series Joe Carnahan Thoughts On How to Fix GOTG Vol 3 DC Daily Darth Vader Why Aren't People Buying Comics Rotten Tomatoes The Defenders ComicsGate and so much more


TPCCafe S4 Ep 159 The Resurrection Of Picard

Well howdy hoe there good neighbour. Welcome back to another hot and exciting Cafe. So take a few minutes from scratching your private parts and take a listen. Well you can keep scratching if you like. Some of the news Patrick Stewart returns to Star Trek Fox doing business as usual No Batman in the Arrowverse Disney's demands for Drive Ins Casting News Plus so much more