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Losing Money, Producing, and Editing

This episode is short one about a few things I learned about the entertainment industry, specifically in the Film Industry and even more specifically, on Producing and Editing. I want to share them because they can save time, they can save money and they can reduce a lot of stress. I hope you find this episode helpful and as a reminder of how important efficiency, effectiveness and protecting yourself in the entertainment industry is. Show Notes: Amazing Lighting Luminys...


Dan Mirvish - Slam Dance, Feature Films, And The Academy Awards

Episode 18! I have another special guest who is the co-founder of the well known Slam Dance Film Festival, who have beautifully spawned some phenomenal filmmakers who have made big marks in cinema. Dan is also a film Director, Producer, and Screenwriter with a recent movie out called Bernard and Huey. He is also the only filmmaker that I know of who produced a feature film for the sake of getting his previous feature film up for consideration by the Academy. He tells the captivating story...


Throwing Away Pawns, Building Levels, And Hunting The Big Game

This episode is different because there will be no guest. Instead, I wanted to share a recent addition to my career. It has taken quite some time to finally relieve some career stress and I wrote down a short antidote that I hope will be useful to anyone listening. My thesis statement: You don’t have to give up, but sometimes you must throw away your pawns in order to make your way to the Kings and Queens. Please, enjoy! Show Notes: 1:30 Antidote starts 10:10 Airbnb Endeavors Become...


Jon Carlo - Bridging Emotions, Writing, and Saying No

Today’s guest is Jon Carlo @iamjoncarlo on instagram. He is a working actor, scriptwriter, and producer in the film Industry. He recently wrote the film First We Take Brooklyn starring Harvey Keitel and he is on his way to shoot his second feature in New York City this summer. We have nice chat on the uniqueness of the film business as well as what it looks like when Jon Carlo is writing like a maniac. If you hear some creepy chewing here and there in this episode, sorry about that. Jon...


Annalisa Cochrane - Balance, Growth, and Cobra Kai

Annalisa Cochrane @annalisacochrane is a Hollywood actress who plays Yasmine in the new YouTube RED series, Cobra Kai. I really loved it and I binge watched it! She also has roles in TV shows such as; It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Heathers, The Young and Restless, Broken Visions, and Days of Our Lives to name a few. She spent some good years growing up in India and made the move to LA to pursue her acting career. We talk about performing, auditions, habits, and we got really off topic...


John Wheaton - Designing Deformities, Creatures, and Monsters

John Wheaton has over 25 years in the film industry and is a top Special Effects Makeup Designer and Sculptor. John has won 2 Primetime Emmys for outstanding makeup in a series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and one of my favorite shows ever The X-Files. He is more recently known for TV shows such as Legion, Preacher, I am Number Four, and Babylon 5 as well as films like The Book of Eli, Suicide Squad, and Predators. It is with honor, that I present to you a special effects makeup master, John...


Danny and Tony - Classic Film Talk, The X-Files, and Late Night Laughter

Disclaimer: This episode is very different than the traditional format of the show. If you’re a film buff or into film & TV excitement, I hope you’ll enjoy this one. This week I'm sharing a late night conversation with a best friend of mine who I had not seen in years. His name is Daniel Aceves A.K.A. "Danny Legs” (he has these freakishly long legs). He is a Video Game Advertisement Designer, Masking expert, Film Historian, and a well versed Vintage Photographer. Legs and I got into a lot...


Ryan Connolly - Film Riot, Privilege, and Memories

Ryan Connolly is an American Filmmaker and the Creator/Host of Film Riot, a DIY filmmaking youtube channel with over 1 million subscribers. Besides producing over 800 plus episodes for his show, Ryan has also written & directed several notable short films and also runs the Triune Store (Online Film Assets). His filmosophy and dedication are truly inspiring. Please enjoy! Show Notes [2:30] Interview starts [4:30] Early film equipment struggles [8:00] Dean Cundey stories [13:00] What...


Jake Staley - Film Scoring, Connecting, and Perspective

In this episode, I interview Jake Staley (@donblake). He is a professional Composer, music Producer, and Drummer. You’ve heard his work in network TV shows, films, video games, and commercials. Most recently he did the score for CW’s military drama, Valor. Jake is also known to throw awesome annual Cookie and Booze Parties in Down Town LA. For years I kept missing them. Last year I finally attended and it was phenomenal. I don't drink alcohol much, but cookies on the other hand—get me...


Richard Baratta - Honesty, Producing, and The Irishman

Richard Baratta is one of the Executive Producers for Martin Scorsese's film, The Irishman. We get into all that as well as his in-depth insights and his outlook on the industry. Richard has over 40 IMDB credits and has produced and worked on many of my favorite films like Last Action Hero with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Donnie Brosco with Johnny Depp. He worked on the Spiderman movies and he even co-produced The Wolf of Wall Street which is incredible. Please enjoy, listen, and learn as I...


Blake Donaubauer - Precision, Audio Gear, and Throwing Up

This episode is all about sound in the entertainment industry. My guest, Mr. Blake Allen Donaubauer (B.A.D) is a professional Audio Mixer for TV and Film with a lot of set experience and a huge musical background. He started as a Production Assistant in Los Angeles for some years, which allowed him to transition into a career of sound, establishing himself in New Orleans. We talk gear and we talk about how he stayed humble through the entry-level gigs while steadily climbing the ladder...


Joseph Hovsepian - Reputation, Ridicule, Redemption

My guest today is a director & producer who operates hisJFA Studio in Burbank California. We talk about how he made his first film as a refugee from Iran with other refugees, his award-winning (multiple) documentary A Cry From Iran, and how he struggled from editing in a small shared room to finally a huge film studio. We even touch on some unique sleeping tips. Please listen, learn and get inspired I did with Mr. Joseph Hovsepian Show Notes Sleep with Rocket ShipsA Cry From...


Danny Meyer - Creating Gigs and Lubricating the Scene

Danny Meyer is a working bandleader, jazz, blues and soul singer, guitarist, bassist, and teacher who not only performs live as a bandleader all over Los Angeles but also creates music for Film & TV. He is a major contributor to the art community with such endeavors like creating affordable music lockouts as well as artist complexes. In this episode, we talk about creating your own gig, various ways to earn money as a musician, and unique confidence strategies. Please enjoy! Show...


Gina Ann - Child-ability, creativity, and vulnerability

My guest today is a young woman who wears many hats, some include her as an Author of three beautiful children's books (she reads them to kids across the nation), a teacher for over 16 years, an actress, a spiritual psychologist, and probably the most difficult job of all, a Mom. We had a lotta fun and got into how to get out of depression within creativity as well as how to get vulnerable. I am proud to have her on and now, Please enjoy my interview with Miss Gina Ann. Show...


Jay Della Valle - Mustaches, Performing, and Action

In this episode, I interview an amazing performer who has the ability to light up any room he enters. He's an extremely talented songwriter, Actor, and owner of one of the best DJs companies I have ever heard in the US. He has toured all over the world promoting multiple albums, movies, and mustaches. We discuss things like crashing auditions, getting kicked out of acting class, back to the future, and specifically toward the last quarter we talk about how to create and distribute a film...


Sacha Riviére - Broken Bones, Mindfulness, and Business

In this episode, I interview a mindful man with multiple businesses in the magical world of cinema. If you love the camera, film sets, and tech talk as I do, we get into all of those things. He is also a phenomenal Director of Photography in the feature film and commercial world. We also explore how breaking his leg in 5 places was a good thing, and why actively taking a pause throughout the day can save you a lot of trouble. Please enjoy a rewarding conversation with one of my dear...


Joey Chu - Documenting, Listening, and Learning

In today's episode, I interview a new friend of mine I met on an Airplane ride from New York to Los Angeles. She is an award-winning film Director & Producer for her recent Documentary film, $30 Dollars to Antartica. We discuss how traveling the world can inspire filmmaking and vice-versa, along with how listening & learning go hand & hand. I’m really excited to present this completely impromptu episode. Literally, a few hours after getting to know one another on the plane, we recorded...


Citizen Shane - Acting, Suffering, and, Traveling

In this episode, I interview a working actor and entrepreneur in Los Angeles who has created over 170 side Vlogs involving absurd skits filmed in locations throughout California. He is also one of the top Cyclists in Los Angeles and we get into a little bit about how that plays a meditational role in his life. We talk about acting in the film industry, the benefits of suffering, and how labeling one’s self as sole “this” or “that” can be damaging. We have some laughs, Shane makes fun of...


Chad Nelson - Wonder in Water, Magic, and Teaching

Chad Nelson (@wishwonder) is a remarkable Los Angeles Magician and Entrepreneur. Chad has invented many magic techniques used by thousands of performers out there. Most notably, the Clip Shift https://www.artofmagic.com/products/clip-shift has been a game changer in magic. At age 12, he was accepted into the prestigious Magic Castle in Hollywood and has since been inventing and contributing to the magic community. Amongst several topics in this episode, we talk about teaching--the...