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A fast-paced, topical blend of pop culture, current events, comedy, sports and entertainment. Unconventional. Unfiltered. Uncensored.

A fast-paced, topical blend of pop culture, current events, comedy, sports and entertainment. Unconventional. Unfiltered. Uncensored.
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A fast-paced, topical blend of pop culture, current events, comedy, sports and entertainment. Unconventional. Unfiltered. Uncensored.






Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 172 - 11/10/2018

Episode 172 topics... 1. The real heel in Willy Wonka 2. LSU coach headbutted a player without a helmet on 3. Chris Sale has a belly button ring 4. People with nipple rings love taking their shirt off 5. Dead Dennis Hof won a state assembly seat in Nevada 6. People on Linkedin who ask you to endorse their skills 7. Everyone lies when giving references 8. Old ladies who call your male friends your "boyfriends" 9. A guy at Culver’s was weird when Abe ordered extra mayo 10. Snoop Dog erectile...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 171 - 10/18/2018

Episode 171 topics... 1. Where has Sam been 2. Fantasy Football 3. Dennis Hof Death 4. Ron Jeremy and Ronnie From Jersey Shore mix-up 5. More on Dennis Hof 6. Abe almost died eating pizza 7. The worst way to die 8. Scooby Doo ending


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 170 - 9/24/2018

Episode 170 topics... 1. Failed Facebook Live session 2. People who always talk to you about the same thing 3. Abe and Bass have an interesting relationship 4. Bert and Ernie 5. Ridiculous Bradley Cooper line about looking at Lady Gaga 6. Abe's stock mishaps 7. Abe has a neighbor that leaves its dog outside 24/7 8. Sway couldn't spell Eminem's name 9. Ben Roethlisberger is gross 10. Suge Knight in prison eats everyone's pork chops


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 169 - 9/21/2018

Episode 169 topics... 1. Free food always tastes better 2. Worst places to use the bathroom 3. Sites that don't have a door on the bathroom stall 4. Airport bathroom dilemma 5. The old son that walks around with his mother 6. Strip clubs, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties 7. Roker collects loyalty points and does not spend them 8. Bunny Ranch is like the surreal life 9. Gambling boats that went out into the water 10. Ken, the weirdo that let us play pool in his basement


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 168 - 9/4/2018

Episode 168 topics... 1. Guys who call Abe with wise guy gambling picks 2. Abe's game of phone chess with gambling guy 3. Old school blocked calls 4. Getting killed and buried in a hole in Vegas would suck 5. Bass went to buy toys off Facebook Marketplace 6. Find my friends app 7. Cool and not cool police officers 8. Abe would overcompensate as a police officer 9. Kids that wrote names on the chalkboard 10. Jobs that change the rules after you start 11. People who burn jerseys and clothes...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 167 - 8/20/2018

Episode 167 topics... 1. Spam Calls 2. People who mess up basic names 3. Winning money playing craps 4. Sports betting will be legal in all states soon 5. People's mindset in Vegas 6. Places where you can get killed and no one would care 7. Social media mistakes 8. Exceptions that racists make


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 166 - 8/9/2018

Episode 166 topics... 1. Weird radio people 2. Suburban kids at Lollapalooza 3. Radio people love to recite their resume's and retweet compliments 4. Music festivals shouldn't be as long 5. Kids try new drugs at Lollapalooza 6. Why does everyone dump Kardashians 7. Undertaker appearances and Undertaker podcast party 8. Who is our richest listener 9. Stripper perfume 10. Guys who have women who leave them to move to another state always deserve it


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 165 - 7/24/2018

Episode 165 topics... 1. Abe's new bidet 2. Abe once held a jet ski hostage 3. People who always claim to have a side company besides their job 4. The bidet in full detail 5. The word "literally" needs to go 6. Jaguar attack at the zoo 7. Abe's running list of animals to avoid 8. A Chris Benoit and kangaroo comparison 9. piercings and circumcisions 10. Bristol Palin going on teen mom to supposedly inspire women 11. Carrie Champion said the WNBA is just as good as the NBA 12. A racist reality...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 164 - 7/10/2018

Episode 164 topics... 1. The band Tesla looks weird in 2018 2. Is Phil Collen from Def Leppard on steroids 3. Players in the locker room and their huge junk 4. Locker room reporters 5. Slob Blog 6. Panda Express Orange Chicken technique 7. People who ask for samples 8. Abe's parmesan cheese incident 9. Vacuuming kitchen floor technique 10. Starbucks is getting rid of straws 11. Starbucks bathrooms have taken a turn for the worse 12. Sam went to the worlds greatest bathroom 13. The yelling at...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 163 - 6/28/2018

Episode 163 topics... 1. Lebron James free agency is like the hot girl with a bunch of fat guys 2. Three tragic deaths this week 3. Vinnie Paul strip club incident 4. What are omen who showed boobs at Pantera concert up to now 5. David Lee Roth groupies versus Phil Anselmo groupies 6. Sam and Abe saw a white kid dressed as Prince in blackface 7. Elvis concert with multiple Elvis's 8. New Roseanne spinoff looks horrible 9. On our way to 100,000 listeners


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 162 - 6/13/2018

Episode 162 topics... 1. Abe's great basketball achievements 2. Watching people fall stops being funny at fifty 3. Tekashi 69 ridiculous video 4. More thought should be put into who people have kids with 5. Jamie Foxx accused of hitting someone in the head with his junk 6. Peyton Manning junk story 7. People who lose weight wear stuff that is too tight 8. The divorce lottery


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 161 - 6/12/2018

Episode 161 topics... 1. Forrest Gump's mom having sex with the principal at the school 2. Getting out of tickets 3. Life hacks 4. The key phrase to say to get out of tickets 5. Los Angeles bad neighborhoods look good because of the palm trees 6. Maps on the phone have made us stupid 7. Memorizing numbers 8. People who lose their hand usually deserve it 9. Losing feet and feet that fall asleep 10. Abe's constipation life hack 11. Abe's clean bathroom retail space idea 12. Every business...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 160 - 5/23/2018

Episode 160 topics... 1. Ryan's wedding 2. Sam's wedding 3. Getting a horrible call at Sam's wedding 4. Sam and Bass knew that show was going to get canceled 5. Coast to coast in a week 6. Misfits concert in Newark 7. Abe's tip for getting a good seat on a flight 8. Abe's pathetic actions in hotel and airport 9. Abe had a very embarrassing moment in Newark hotel 10. Elon Musk's email to his workers 11. Guys who wake up with a hangover every day 12. Royal sham wedding 13. Harry will never be...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 159 - 5/8/2018

Episode 159 topics... 1. The unemployed routine 2. Jersey Mike's obsession 3. Jimmy Johns new giant subs 4. Acting like assholes with money when we shouldn't 5. Gambling strategy 6. Bad things only suck when they happen to you 7. Non compete clauses at fast food places 8. Elastic men's pants 9. Fat guys love calf tattoos 10. Bad people usually get what is coming to them 11. The richest person you know should be your kids Godfather 12. WTF is the Met Gala


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 158 - 4/25/2018

Episode 158 topics... 1. Abe was forced to pay $4 for a copied "Purple Rain" cassette 2. Guys who buy rap Cd's from rappers walking on Michigan Ave 3. Guys in Green Bay Packers clothing usually get ripped off 4. Why do racists have so much confidence? They always look gross 5. DM's From Creeps 6. Douchebag Power Rankings Heat Seeker - Guy at ice cram shop who used the term "greedy" 5. People who mark themselves "safe" on Facebook 4. Legends Football League 3. People who send Abe food pics...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 157 - 4/12/2018

Episode 157 topics... 1. Girls who date Trevor and Todd 2. Why a lot of women like jerks 3. Tristan Thompson cheating on Khloe Kardashian 4. NBA players who have sex with Instagram models 5. NBA equipment managers really just check messages 6. Bathroom hand dryers are gross 7. Abe hates people who smell like food 8. Eating with no shirt on 9. Andre the Giant documentary


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 156 - 4/2/2018

Episode 156 topics... 1. A major return to the podcast 2. Abe's Los Angeles trip recap 3. Abe left behind a trail of paper towels and water bottles 4. Abe's airbnb issue 5. Crazy lady in San Diego 6. Using a crazy lady to cut lines 7. The way San Diego was described to Abe made no sense 8. Me Too accusers should get the job of the person they accused 9. Abe's deal that included a jet ski 10. Abe's time in Miami 11. Guy on train tried to do electrical work for Ryan and Abe 12. Abe got a Snake...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 155 - 3/21/2018

Episode 155 topics... 1. Abe created the selfie 2. The time Abe worked out with Hulk Hogan in South Beach 3. Meeting celebrities on the street 4. A telemarketer called Abe looking for Snake Sabo 5. Bass' time as a telemarketer 6. The new tell three friends rule for this podcast 7. People who give a "portion" to charity 8. If someone watches Maury, they probably don't have a job 9. People who sue their employers 10. Bass came into money at 21 11. Homeless guy told Abe he didn't want beans or...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 154 - 3/11/2018

Episode 154 topics... 1. Abe wrote a punk song 2. Abe bought a ball and string that you tie to your head 3. Goodbye to 97.9 The Loop 4. Abraham, Samuel, and Daniel Christian show 5. Abe has to take a workshop class for unemployment 6. Bass doesn't mind age insults 7. Abe's excuses to not do stuff 8. Suge Knight story with new details 9. Abe creating the selfie 10. Suites with hot tubs are gross 11. People who got fired pre 2015 for sexual harassment are deviants 12. People who suck on feet...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 153 - 2/13/2018

Episode 153 topics... 1. Beta test only for listeners of this podcast 2. Ric Flair sex agreement for sale on his website 3. People with near death experiences usually do not change 4. taxes 5. Women who post half naked pictures with inspirational quotes 6. Sports Illustrated posted naked women with inspirational quotes 7. Abe's online blueprint is like a neck tattoo 8. Abe entertained himself with comment at tuxedo shop 9. Abe apologizes to Bass after eating incident 10. Alarming amount of...