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A fast-paced, topical blend of pop culture, current events, comedy, sports and entertainment. Unconventional. Unfiltered. Uncensored.

A fast-paced, topical blend of pop culture, current events, comedy, sports and entertainment. Unconventional. Unfiltered. Uncensored.
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Chicago, IL


A fast-paced, topical blend of pop culture, current events, comedy, sports and entertainment. Unconventional. Unfiltered. Uncensored.






Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 169 - 9/21/2018

Episode 169 topics... 1. Free food always tastes better 2. Worst places to use the bathroom 3. Sites that don't have a door on the bathroom stall 4. Airport bathroom dilemma 5. The old son that walks around with his mother 6. Strip clubs, bachelor parties, and bachelorette parties 7. Roker collects loyalty points and does not spend them 8. Bunny Ranch is like the surreal life 9. Gambling boats that went out into the water 10. Ken, the weirdo that let us play pool in his basement


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 168 - 9/4/2018

Episode 168 topics... 1. Guys who call Abe with wise guy gambling picks 2. Abe's game of phone chess with gambling guy 3. Old school blocked calls 4. Getting killed and buried in a hole in Vegas would suck 5. Bass went to buy toys off Facebook Marketplace 6. Find my friends app 7. Cool and not cool police officers 8. Abe would overcompensate as a police officer 9. Kids that wrote names on the chalkboard 10. Jobs that change the rules after you start 11. People who burn jerseys and clothes...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 167 - 8/20/2018

Episode 167 topics... 1. Spam Calls 2. People who mess up basic names 3. Winning money playing craps 4. Sports betting will be legal in all states soon 5. People's mindset in Vegas 6. Places where you can get killed and no one would care 7. Social media mistakes 8. Exceptions that racists make


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 97 - 8/10/2016

Episode 97 topics... 1. Doo Wop could end gang violence 2. Abe accidentally scared a guy in parking lot 3. Boob guys 4. Thirsty guys at Bachelor parties 5. Perverted gymnastics coaches 6. Questioning liars 7. People who give their kids dumb names 8. Apple's equal pay initiative has one problem


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 96 - 8/4/2016

Episode 96 topics... 1. Abe and President Obama birthdays 2. New radio studios 3. Construction workers at radio stations with drills 4. Orlando Bloom junk pictures 5. Guys who take off their shirts at parties 6. Ass cleavage shorts 7. Ass to ass rock stars 8. Things that need to be updated 9. Warren Sapp is a relationship deal breaker 10. Relationship deal breakers 11. Angry hot dog chef 12. Abe was grossed out by elotes guy 13. Draymond Green junk on Snap Chat 14. Abe's lightning fast...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 95 - 7/27/2016

Episode 95 topics... 1. Levy Media Anniversary 2. Fake radio jobs 3. The internet is better than a lot of colleges 4. Sam explains why he wouldn't vote for Abe for President 5. Abe gives good advice to everyone himself 6. Skin tags grow back 7. Danny Gaga thought WWE draft was real 8. Danny Gaga makes return to podcast 9. Guy who doesn't let other men under his hood


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 94 - 7/19/2016

Episode 94 topics... 1. Brock Lesnar fails second steroid test 2. Old man from Pawn Stars death hoax 3. People who beg for free tickets 4. Guns N' Roses talk 5. People who aren't smart 6. Radio surveys 7. Abe's latest bathroom incident 8. Ariel Winter from Modern Family grosses us out 9. Elvis impersonator took dump at McDonalds 10. The age when tripping isn't funny 11. Abe saved a bird


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 93 - 7/6/2016

Episode 93 topics... 1. Dwyane Wade coming to the Chicago Bulls 2. Abe doesn't think players should be loyal to teams 3. People who are still shooting off fireworks 4. Amateur firework shows always end badly 5. Guns N' Roses concert recap 6. Fat guy was wearing see-through shorts 7. UFC 200 in Las Vegas trip 8. People who ask things that they could google


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 92 - 6/29/2016

Episode 92 topics... 1. The snooze button is like being a hostage 2. Morning mask invention 3. Sam's asshole 5AM text 4. If Sam had a kid, he would do a lot of screaming 5. Sam says that Abe sleeps like a dog 6. Abe wants to put up signs with rules at his gym 7. People who still use checks 8. Sludge sent Abe a creepy check with a virtual slap in the face 9. Game of Thrones finale recap 10. George RR Martin loves YouPorn


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 91 - 6/21/2016

Episode 91 topics... 1. Steph Curry's wife 2. Places that charge extra for BBQ sauce 3. Sam doesn't think McDonalds should give free sauce 4. Stephen A Smith's weird speech about Lebron James' wife 5. Sports radio debates never go anywhere 6. Sports radio callers are the worst 7. Chelsea Clinton gave kid the least presidential name 8. Abraham Clinton for president in 2024 9. Another guy mispronounced Abe's name 10. Having a kid in 2016 is dangerous 11. King of the castle guys are annoying...



Paul Stanley enjoys Abe Kanan's impression of him on the Mancow show on 97.9 The Loop in Chicago.


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 90 - 6/15/2016

Episode 90 topics... 1. Sludge returns to podcast and talks about Chicago trip 2. People who keep posting stuff about guns 3. Abe wants to get Sam the new Weird Al Yankovic box set 4. Bass disappears mid-podcast 5. Why did Ice Cube put Ricky on the couch in Boyz in the Hood 6. Sons of legends usually suck 7. Sludge lost his phone in Abe's car 8. Abe had to Fed Ex Sludges phone to Philadelphia 9. Abe and Sludges worst firings 10. Abe drove away from gas station with gas pump in car 11. People...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 89 - 6/7/2016

Episode 89 topics... 1. Guy put his fingers in communal container at restaurant 2. Abe's love of watermelon 3. Abe' online casino victory 4. Bathroom choice at work and identifying someone by their shoes 5. Sushi made by hipsters 6. Don West mystery boxes are like cutting open watermelons


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 88 - 6/1/2016

Episode 88 topics... 1. Guys who love guns and cigars 2. Abe and Bass played a pathetic game of basketball 3. Sam playing the game "HORSE" talk 4. Enrique Iglesias makes out with girls on stage during concerts 5. Has anyone been killed because of Enrique's tactics 6. People who get completely drunk at every event 7. Disturbed singer David Draiman's cheesy song intros 8. Gorilla tragedy and dumb mother 9. Abe knows how to survive against a Gorilla 10. Old school handshakes were intimidating...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 87 - 5/24/2016

Episode 87 topics... 1. Lady answered phone and asked Abe if he was hungry 2. Lawyer was talking about details of case while taking a dump 3. ATM machines give you subtle hints if you're a degenerate 4. Abe and Bass want to be each others food sponsors 5. Telemarketer butchered Abe's name 6. Bass worked as a telemarketer in high school 7. Four-hour diet and fad diets 8. People who speak all of their text messages 9. Abe's retention tip and an equally good new tip 10. People who speak the hip...


Abe Kanan on Fishing

Abe Kanan on Fishing. Subscribe to the Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Podcast on iTunes here... https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/abe-kanan-on-hold/id860445250?mt=2


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 86 - 5/18/2016

Episode 86 topics... 1. Facebook is full of useless information 2. Abe's pathetic trip to casino buffet 3. Guy was talking smack with chicken skin on his face 4. Guy with ponytail dipped the tip in water 5. People who tell you to wash your hands 6. Abe's mom always asks him if he has pressure in chest 7. The Misfits and other reunions 8. Rappers who stop you on the street and start rapping 9. Guys who used to sell speakers in parking lot 10. Guy sent a letter asking for gifts after wedding...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 85 - 5/10/2016

Episode 85 topics... 1. Sludge returns to the podcast and excites Sam 2. Fantasy football talk 3. Sam in Training Day scenario would be hilarious 4. Ripping people off in Fantasy Football is great 5. Gene Simmons' song Christine Sixteen has questionable lyrics 6. Gene Simmons' sex tape was even more pathetic than Hulkster 7. People who use Kickstarter for pools and other stupid stuff 8. People who ask for prayers for their dogs on Facebook 9. Sludge and Bass only talk on Facebook Messenger...


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 84 - 5/3/2016

Episode 84 topics... 1. Balls and bending over in gym locker rooms 2. Guys who work out wearing Bane masks 3. The naked 7-second rule 4. Ted Cruz drops out 5. Open shower should be abolished 6. People who eat on the same side of the booth


Abe Kanan:ON HOLD Episode 83 - 4/26/2016

Episode 83 topics... 1. Lazy payroll people 2. Abe feels bad for Possum's 3. Chyna porn got the same reaction as horse video 4. Hipsters ruin everything 5. What do hipsters and metal guys sleep in 6. Abe can't wait to refer to twenty dollar bills as "Tubman's" 7. People who wait in line for hours to save four dollars 8. Guy got arrested for stealing fountain drink 9. Worker who looks confused every morning when Abe makes the exact same order