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The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a new talk show from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin, discussing all things horror as well as other niche genre fare. Their first episode covers spaghetti westerns.

The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a new talk show from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin, discussing all things horror as well as other niche genre fare. Their first episode covers spaghetti westerns.
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The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a new talk show from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin, discussing all things horror as well as other niche genre fare. Their first episode covers spaghetti westerns.







Also known as The Stranger's Gundown when released with its English dub, Django the Bastard is a 1969 spaghetti western that is sometimes credited as being an important precursor of the supernatural element in spaghetti westerns. However, we mostly see this as a ripoff of the Man with No Name series, including Anthony Steffen trying very hard to be both Clint Eastwood and Franco Nero at the same time. We talk about the lack of Gothic elements that are supposedly in this one, the very lengthy...



We're taking a look at the second film in the web-slinging Spider-Man series from Marvel. Here Peter Parker travels to Europe and we are loving the washed-out, Eurocinema colors and the risks that have been taken with the character. We also talk about Jake Gyllenhaal's charisma, the teenage romance antics, Mysterio as a villain, the heavy CGI, and a whole lot more. Approximate timeline 0:00-10:00 Intro 10:00-end Spider-Man: Far From Home If you like our show, please think about donating...


Episode 141: CHILD'S PLAY (1988)

We were unable to get out to see the new Child's Play film, but we had always wanted to do the original first anyway. So we sat down to devote an hour to America's favorite murderous doll, Chucky, taking a look at the first film in the franchise. No Aubrey Plaza here, but we still remark on all of the great actors in this (Chris Sarandon, Brad Dourif, and his giant-dicked mural) as well as remarking on the kills, the relatively popcorn-esque nature of the film, and comparing this movie to......


Episode 140: The Scream Marathon (4) SCREAM 4

We're back to finish off our Scream Marathon with Scream 4, basically a type of meta reboot in the series. Ryne had only seen this film once so it was interesting to revisit it with fresh eyes. We talk about the new killers, the unique twists, Wes Craven's new references, the return of Kevin Williamson, Gale's normal hair, that other Culkin kid, and more! We do have to apologize for a couple of issues with this episode. You'll notice the quality is not the best this time - we had some major...


Episode 139: The Scream Marathon (3) SCREAM 3

We're onto Scream 3, the last of the initially "planned" trilogy and probably the worst film in the series. We discuss (obviously) Courteney Cox's hair, Dewey's limp, Neve Campbell's absence from the majority of the film, the impossible vocal effects, the overwhelming meta aspect resembling New Nightmare, and a whole lot more. This one's loaded! Approximate timeline 0:00-end Scream 3 ALL SHOW! If you like our show, please think about donating to our Patreon account, subscribing on a...


Episode 138: The Scream Marathon (2) SCREAM 2

We're back with part 2 of our Scream marathon, which means... yeah, Scream 2 (makes sense). We're here to talk about the inherent goofiness in this sequel, including the iconic intro, Ghostface's Scooby-Doo-esque flitting behind people's backs, and the Dewey/Gail love story unfolding throughout it all. We also talk Dewey's limp, the bland kills, Sarah Michelle Gellar getting unceremoniously yeeted off a roof, baby-face Jerry O'Connell, and Laurie Metcalf's pantsuit. That's a lot to fit into...


Episode 137: The Scream Marathon (1) SCREAM

We're starting our Scream marathon off with the original slasher of the '90s, possibly one of the best of that era. While we've done other '90s slasher films previously, this one from Wes Craven and writer Kevin Williamson is the one that made all of the others possible. While we note some flaws that stand out all these years later, we're both still pretty taken with the film as a whole, especially noting that the hour and 50 minute running time flies by. Listen in as we talk all things...



Of course we're going to cover one of the biggest film events in the last decade! We've done almost all of the others, and it's finally here: the great arc 1 finale. While both of us agree that Avengers: Endgame doesn't hit the vast highs of Infinity War before it, the entertainment value in this 3 hour stuffed film is quite epic. We talk about what could have been cut, what works and what doesn't within the character elements, that weird female team-up forced in, and Captain Marvel's...


Episode 135: PET SEMATARY (2019)

Going in with few expectations and no viewings of the spoilerific trailer, we found Pet Sematary to be an okay film that doesn't match the spookiness and cheese of the original. It's also not that offensive, which mostly translates to: it really has nothing new to say despite some of its plot flips and a changed finale. We found the acting to be fair besides John Lithgow, the scares occasionally effective, and the overall theme very muddled. We also get a Maine staple beer on our show that's...


Episode 134: SHAZAM!

Shazam! isn't an intensely popular DC franchise, so it was surprising to see it getting a fairly early release in the DCEU. But most of DC's bigger franchises have already been busts, with Batman and Superman getting poor reception and the Justice League going down in flames. So why not let Shazam out of the bag? We were pleasantly surprised with how well this movie captures the fun, fairly lighthearted spirit of the character, and we talk about Zachary Levi's portrayal, the juxtaposition...


Episode 133: APRIL FOOL'S DAY

We hope you enjoy this special Unsolved Mysteries episode wherein we take a look at the 1986 anti-slasher April Fool's Day. Neither of us had seen this before, so you get a fresh take on the film's final twist. We also talk about the cartoonish score, the various archetypes in the film, how the twist works throughout when the audience doesn't know it's coming, and more. We're also celebrating opening day of baseball with some Cooperstown Brewing beers. Approximate timeline 0:00-20:00...



Hey, you know what? There's a female superhero in Captain Marvel and it totally didn't ruin our viewing experience. Brie Larson's newest addition to the MCU is a pretty enjoyable film, there's no getting around that; but it does feature some of the same flaws that have cropped up in just about every new Marvel origin story. We talk about the generic plotting, the '90s setting, Samuel L. Jackson giving a cat some pets, Jude Law being Jude Law, and more! And if you're one of those people that...



You know, we do this every year. We know St. Patrick's Day is coming up, so we get excited to celebrate and we do a Leprechaun film and then we get disappointed that it's terrible. It's a cyclical thing, and Leprechaun 4: In Space is no different, not that we had high expectations anyway. This film is downright atrocious and a surprise considering Brian Trenchard-Smith directs this follow-up to his film set in Las Vegas. This time nothing makes sense, Leprechaun's limericks have been...


Episode 130: HAPPY DEATH DAY

We know that Happy Death Day 2U is already out and in theaters, but what's the point in seeing the sequel if you haven't covered the first one? That's why we're talking about 2017's Happy Death Day, a happy surprise from Blumhouse that adopts Groundhog's Day into a slasher film that emphasizes both wit and horror. While there are some differing opinions from our podcasters in this episode, both of them did enjoy the movie for the most part and talk about Jessica Rothe's bitchy character, the...


Episode 129: SUSPIRIA (2018)

It took us a long time to be able to do this episode, since Suspiria never got released to theaters near us, but we've finally watched all 150 minutes of this epic from Luca Guadagnino. Both of us enjoyed it for what it is, and on the show we talk about similarities and differences between this and Argento's classic, some of the flaws of trying to stuff historical context into an already crammed plot, and the occasional foray into Guadagnino's bloated ideas. But we're also big fans of some...


Episode 128: GOD'S GUN

We said we were doing a spaghetti western, but we didn't say it would be an Israel spaghetti western! We're tackling the fairly obscure Lee Van Cleef vehicle God's Gun, released in 1976 at the end of the spaghetti western craze. We're talking Van Cleef's ridiculous hair, the genericness of this revenge film, the tonedeaf premise of the whole thing, Jack Palance's perverted grandpa facial expressions, and more! If you've never seen this film, you can catch it on YouTube in potato quality...


Episode 127: AQUAMAN

We're finally back and so is the DC Extended Universe with Aquaman! James Wan's long-awaited entry in the superhero series sees Jason Momoa and Amber Heard fighting against a bleach-blonde Patrick Wilson for the rule of Atlantis. We talk about the CGI (so much CGI!), Amber Heard's red hair (yes please), Momoa's stilted acting, the unnecessary inclusion of Black Manta, and a lot more in this overstuffed episode matching Aquaman's overstuffed plot. Approximate timeline 0:00-15:00...


Episode 126: Festivus Series | LETHAL WEAPON

Our last (?) episode of this year's Festivus series tackles what is perhaps the most Christmas-y film of all: Lethal Weapon! I'm just kidding about that, but on this episode we truly ponder what makes Die Hard so much more popular than Lethal Weapon as a Christmas action film. Also, we talk about Danny Glover being not that old in this film despite his famous line, the amazing Mel Gibson mullet, fire hydrant water brawls, and more. Approximate timeline 0:00-12:00 Intro 12:00-20:00 Beer...


Episode 125: Festivus Series | THE SANTA CLAUSE 2

Festivus rolls on with a look at the sequel to one of the best Christmas classics, The Santa Clause. Here, many years later, Tim Allen tries to rekindle the magic of his Scott Calvin/Santa Claus character by giving him yet another clause in the contract - he needs to find a wife by Christmas day, 8 years after he becomes Santa? We talk about the logistics of the entire film's logic, Bernard being a chump, the plastic Santa sucking, and Elizabeth Mitchell looking hot! Approximate...


Episode 124: Festivus Series | SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT 4: INITIATION

Continuing our 2018 Christmas celebration, we tackle the somewhat deep cut Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation. This Brian Yuzna-directed film really has no bearing on the previous SNDN films, and it lacks a lot of Christmas cheer too. What it does have, though, are bugs, Clint Howard, and more bugs. It's a weird film, but we cover the hilarity of spontaneous combustion, talk about the film's Bond girl, and discuss the "war on Christmas." Hopefully it doesn't make your skin...