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The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a new talk show from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin, discussing all things horror as well as other niche genre fare. Their first episode covers spaghetti westerns.

The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a new talk show from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin, discussing all things horror as well as other niche genre fare. Their first episode covers spaghetti westerns.
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Gloversville, NY


The Blood and Black Rum Podcast is a new talk show from Ryne at and his friend Chris Martin, discussing all things horror as well as other niche genre fare. Their first episode covers spaghetti westerns.







Our Festivus Series continues, and so does our yearly coverage of the Silent Night, Deadly Night series. We're onto part 3, subtitled Better Watch Out!, and we're talking about the lack of Christmas in this film, the poor continuity from the previous movie, the horrible direction and slow pacing, and a whole lot more flaws in this barely-holiday film. Also, we've got Brown's Brewery's Rauchbier on the show! Approximate timeline 0:00-12:00 Intro 12:00-25:00 Beer talk 25:00 - end Film review...


Episode 93: THOR: RAGNAROK/Budweiser 1933 Prohibition Repeal Amber Lager

We're back with a new superhero episode! We're talking about the new MCU film THOR: RAGNAROK. We discuss the weird plotting issues that plague the film, Jeff Goldblum's presence, the colorful synth-y new world that Taika Waititi has built, and the more comedic aspect of this release. We also discuss Budweiser's new 1933 Prohibition Repeal Amber Lager! Approximate Timeline 0:00-10:00 Intro 10:00-15:00 News 15:00 - 25:00 Beer talk 25:00 - end Film discussion //Subscribe to us on iTunes:...


Episode 87: Remakeoween V | EVIL DEAD (2013)

In our fifth Remakeoween episode we take on Evil Dead, the 2013 remake from Fede Alvarez that is not exactly a reboot and not exactly a remake. We talk about how it sits somewhere in between, discuss the attempts at homage, the increased violence, the poor acting, and the new plot involving drug addiction and metaphorical demons. We also talk about Kelso Brewing Company's IPA. Approximate timeline 0:00 - 16:00 Intro 16:00 - 25:00 Beer talk 25:00 - end Evil Dead //Subscribe to us on iTunes:...


Episode 82: Tobe Hooper Retrospective/THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE

On episode 82 we pay tribute to the late Tobe Hooper with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. First we take a look at Hooper's films, then we get into TCM itself: the lengthy scenes, the noise soundtrack, the creepy Leatherface appearances, and the mental health illness of just about everyone in the film. We also tackle Genny Grungeist Pale Ale for the beer this week. Approximate timeline 0:00-20:00 Intro/Retrospective 20:00-40:00 Beer talk 40:00 - end The Texas Chainsaw Massacre //Subscribe to...


Episode 80: THE MANGLER/Olde Saratoga Death Wish Nightmare IPA

We take on The Mangler for episode 80 of the podcast, talking about the ridiculousness of Tobe Hooper's 1995 horror film. We discuss the 1800s working conditions of the laundry factory, Robert Englund's terrible makeup and over-the-top acting, Ted Levine's constant cursing, and the film's horrible CGI - and yet we loved it! We also briefly touch on DUNKIRK and talk about Olde Saratoga Brewing Company's Death Wish Nightmare IPA.


Episode 79: MAKO: THE JAWS OF DEATH/Big Elm 413 Farmhouse Ale

We cover the sharksploitation film MAKO: THE JAWS OF DEATH for episode 79 of Blood and Black Rum Podcast. Unlike its poster the film is very different from its obvious inspiration JAWS, with a plot about a man whose special talisman controls sharks to do his bidding. While we don't have a lot of great things to say about it, we talk about the overbearing soundtrack, the film's ridiculous plotting, and contemplate if it's so good it's bad. We also drink Big Elm Brewing's 413 Farmhouse Ale....


Episode 78: ATOMIC BLONDE/Denizens' Lowest Lord ESB

We're talking the new action/spy thriller ATOMIC BLONDE for our 78th episode! We discuss Charlize Theron's and Sophia Boutella's nudity, the context of Cold War spy games, James McAvoy's Green Street Houligan's haircut. and then we debate whether Charlize Theron's character actually has feelings for her female counterpart. It gets pretty heated. Beer on the show is Maryland brewery Denizens' Lowest Lord ESB. Approximate timeline 0:00-20:00 Intro 20:00 - 30:00 Beer talk 30:00 - end Atomic...


Episode 77: DREDD/Saranac Haus Lager

We talk about the 2012 action film DREDD for episode 77. We give props to Karl Urban, who manages to scowl for the entire length of the film. Speaking of length, we praise the 95 minute running time. We ponder whether Olivia Thrilsby actually does a nude scene or if it's a body double. We also talk about Saranac's new Haus Lager in their German Roots fall pack! Have a listen and let us know what you think! Approximate timeline 0:00-15:00 Intro 15:00-25:00 Beer talk 25:00-end Dredd...


Episode 76: George Romero Retrospective/NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD

We talk about George Romero on this retrospective for the late director, including his Dead series and other directed films. Then we get more specific with our discussion about NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD, including criticism of the shock-addled Barbra, a contemplation on the metaphorical element of casting a black man in the lead roll, and tackling the highs and lows of this classic zombie film. We also talk about Stewart's Shops High Cliff IPA. Approximate timeline 0:00-20:00 Intro...



We're talking about SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING for our 75th episode. We discuss the film's humor, the CGI action sequences, Marisa Tomei's hotness, how well this Marvel film fits into the universe, and more! We call it "the best Marvel film we've covered on the show;" that's some pretty high praise. We also talk about both Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood IPA and the Sam Adams Rebel Juiced IPA. Approximate Timeline 0:00-16:00 Intro 16:00-23:00 Beer talk 23:00 - end Spider-Man: Homecoming //Subscribe...


PSA & Preview: B&BR On Jay Movie Talk Podcast Covering Friday The 13th Parts 1 - 3

Jay Movie Talk Podcast was kind enough to have us take over one of his episodes covering Friday the 13th Parts 1-3, and this is a little preview of what you can find on that show! You can check it out Soundcloud: or on their iTunes page:


Episode 74: 2 Year Anniversary - ROBOCOP (2014) Audio Commentary

We're celebrating our 2 year anniversary on episode 74 of the Blood and Black Rum Podcast, and we're doing something different this time: an audio commentary of ROBOCOP 2014, a movie we have complained about for some time on the show. Watch along with us as we riff on the film, talk about this much maligned remake, and have a fun birthday bash. Thanks for sticking with us for two years! Start your film at 3 minutes 29 seconds. //Subscribe to us on iTunes:...


Episode 73: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL/Jeremiah Weed Sarsaparilla Whiskey

On our 73rd episode we tackle the 1959 horror classic House on Haunted Hill starring Vincent Price, a film that holds up surprisingly well despite some hokier scares. We talk about the ghosts and murderous twists, the excellent linguistics of Price, the treatment of women and their "hysterics," and the drunken antics of Pritchard. We also cover Jeremiah Weed's Sarsaparilla Whiskey! Approximate timeline 0:00 - 10:00 Intro 10:00 - 15:00 Jeremiah Weed Sarsaparilla Whiskey 15:00 - end House on...


Episode 72: BLACK CAESAR/Lagunitas 12th of Never Ale

We get serious on our 72nd episode with the blaxploitation film BLACK CAESAR, talking systemic racism in the '70s as well as today. We get into the cultural themes of the film, talk about Fred Williamson's awesomeness (cool sideburns!), the exposition provided from James Brown's soundtrack, and the impact The Godfather and '30s noir films had on it. Ww also cover Lagunitas' 12th of Never Ale, which is a deliciously refreshing pale ale! Approximate timeline 0:00 - 16:00 Intro 16:00 - 25:00...


Episode 71: THE MUMMY/Pilsner Urquell & Genesee Helles Bock

Blood and Black Rum Podcast covers the trainwreck 2017 film THE MUMMY starring Tom "Clueless" Cruise. It's a vapid, overblown action film that truly has nothing to do with the original Universe horror classics, and we talk about its stupid action scenes, Tom Cruise's obvious flaws as a scamp character, the idiocy of the film's multiple settings, and more! We also discuss Pilsner Urquell and Genesee's Helles Bock beers. Approximate timeline 0:00 - 16:00 Intro 16:00 - 30:00 Beer talk...


Episode 70: WONDER WOMAN/Guinness Irish Wheat

In our 70th episode we continue our coverage of the DC superhero universe with WONDER WOMAN. Obviously we compare it to the other films in the franchise, talk about the levity of the humor, harp on the overuse of CGI, and overall go over the positives and the flaws of the best DC movie so far. We also cover Guinness' Irish Wheat ale. Approximate timeline 0:00 - 14:00 Intro 14:00 - 25:00 Beer talk (Guinness Irish Wheat) 25:00 - end Wonder Woman Subscribe to us on iTunes:...


Episode 69: (Not) '90s Slasher Month (Finale) JEEPERS CREEPERS

We finish up our '90s Slasher Month with a film that is not from the '90s: Jeepers Creepers, the 2001 film from Victor Salva. We talk the Creeper design, Justin Long's outrageous reactions, the intentional and not-so-intentional campiness, a Miss Cleo knock-off, how the Creeper gets his vanity license plate, and more! Approximate timeline 0:00-10:00 Intro 10:00-25:00 Beer talk 25:00 - end Jeepers Creepers Subscribe to us on iTunes:…d1017126160?mt=2 Add us...


Episode 68: '90s Slasher Month (4) HALLOWEEN: H20

Ending our official '90s Slasher Month, we take on Halloween: H20 - one of the worst sequels in the franchise, so bad that we're not sure if it's worse than Halloween: Resurrection. We talk about Michael Myers' non-presence in the film, the awkward use of John Carpenter's original score, Joseph Gordon-Levitt's quick presence, Adam Arkin's mauling of Jamie Lee Curtis, and much more! Approximate timeline 0:00 - 10:00 Intro 10:00 - 20:00 Beer talk (Leinenkugel's Summer Shandy) 20:00 - End...


Episode 67: '90s Slasher Month (3) I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER

We talk I KNOW WHAT YOU DID LAST SUMMER for '90s Slasher Week part 3, including the film's lack of suspense, Freddie Prinze Jr.'s potential Razzy nominee, how we would have sex with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and the overall unmemorable nature of the film. We also talk about Founders' PC Pils beer and Genesee Brewing Company's Orange Honey Cream Ale. Approximate timeline 0:00-15:00 Introduction 15:00 - 30:00 Beer talk 30:00 - end I Know What You Did Last Summer Subscribe to us on iTunes:...


Episode 66: '90s Slasher Month (2) THE FACULTY

Continuing our '90s Slasher Month, we take on THE FACULTY, the 1998 body snatcher film about high school students battling killer aliens. We talk about the film's crazy soundtrack, Jon Stewart's and Christopher McDonald's matching goatees, Mexican cervezas, and awesome '90s names like Zeke and Gabe. Approximate timeline 0:00 - 10:00 Introduction 10:00-30:00 Beer talk (Victoria/Pacifico Clara) 30:00 - end The Faculty Subscribe to us on iTunes:...


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