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C&T Talk Episode 211 - Unintended Consequences - August 15, 2018

News roundup with comments. Some chickens have come home to roost in Phoenix and Alex Jones is no longer readily available. What does all of it mean? Listen in to find out on tonight’s show.


C&T Talk Episode 210 - Shiny Objects Can be Distracting - August 1, 2018

Mark Z and Elon M have exposed their true selves. Let’s go Back to Eden (bakery) that is. Russia is crazy like a fox and we take a different take on Putin and his motivations. Israel declares themselves to be Jewish and the Palestinian Authority doesn’t really understand we live in a Woke world. All this and more on tonight’s show.


C&T Talk Episode 209 - Reasonable Liberalism - July 16, 2018

Open Theism and Progressive Christianity, what are they and why should you care? Peter Strzok has his time in the spotlight. Did he make the best of it? We have talked about Liberalism as a difference from Progressivism. We highlight what it used to mean to be Liberal. Finally, we discuss two stories that point at the the tipping point for society. All this and more on tonight’s show.


C&T Talk Episode 208 - Hamlet Exits Stage Left - July 9, 2018

Justice Kennedy is retiring and everything should be smooth sailing from here, right? We bring you updates on past stories. The IRAN deal gets worser and worser and finally we discuss the NBA, we mean LeBron. This one may surprise you. All this and more on tonights show.


C&T Talk Episode 207 - Moral equivalence should not be public policy - June 25, 2018

Rep. Maxine Waters proclaims the resistance while the Trump Administration is targeted. George Will wants the GOP to act against its own best interests. MSNBC shows that they are not and have never been objective. Finally, we finish with the World Cup and the US role (or lack thereof). All this and more on tonight’s show.


C&T Talk Episode 206 - Enforcement of the law is not a crime! - June 18, 2018

No child left behind, unless you try to cross the border illegally. The IG report on Hillary emails comes out and everyone is unhappy. Finally, Trump sits down with Rocket Man and we come away with nothing. All this and more on tonight’s show.


C&T Talk Episode 205 - Where do you draw the line on sins? - June 11, 2018

Who knew that cake could be so divisive? We tell you why. You get a pardon, and you get a pardon and how about I take one of those for myself. I know that our listeners will be surprised, but the Obama Administration was even shadier with the Iran Deal than we thought. Wow, this stuff writes itself. Finally, we examine the world of sport and politics - spoiler alert Our Long National Nightmare has just begun. All this and more on tonights show.


C&T Talk Episode 204 - Surprise that a politician is acting politically? - June 2, 2018

Tommy Robinson and the chilling effect of government on critics. Comics and commentators are off the leash, but only some are truly held accountable. The Power of the Pardon is put to “political” use. What messages are being sent and is it the right thing to do? Finally, the Green Weenie Movement has hit a snag. We explain the hard truth. All this an more on tonights episode.


C&T Talk Episode 203 - The Constitution only matters when I say it matters! - May 26, 2018

The Constitution rears it’s ugly head again. Santa Fe failure and how to fix it. The Summit is off and the usual suspects are just as angry about it’s cancellation as they were about it’s announcement. Finally we discuss some new entertainment on the horizon and why you may want to avoid it. All this and more on tonight’s show.


C&T Talk Episode 202 - Another one bites the dust - May 12, 2018

The Obama Administration doesn’t understand that they are not in power (evidenced by Inspector Clouseau). Boys Scouts of America no more. Finally we have spoken about college costs in the past, but now some colleges are taking action to equate cost with value. We discuss this and more tonight on the show.


C&T Talk Episode 201 - I don't know the future, but the past keeps getting clearer everyday! - May 1, 2018

Its May Day, let all of the Communists rejoice. For the rest of us it is business as usual. I Like Ike. Baseball is our national past time and JFK is the son of some famous Nazi appeaser. In the I can’t believe it department, Israel shows off spoils from their scavenger hunt in Iran and some constitutional illiterate holds up a sign saying “Immigration is a Right”. This is going to be fun folks, join us for all this and more on tonights show.


C&T Talk Episode 200 - The Child is Father to? - April 24, 2018

GQ gives reading advice, but should you care. Let the indocrination continue with a Day of Silence. Finally, No Intelligence was used to start the process. Should it be ended. All this and more tonight on the show.


C&T Talk Episode 199 - Last Stand on Long Island - April 16, 2018

The Cohen Raid and the Comey Book, what more could you ask for? You only think about a coach when they are really good or really bad. Is it time to add females to the NBA coaching ranks (and other male dominated sports)? Finally, we look at the companies that appear to control nearly all of our lives. Is it safe for privately (publicly traded) companies to control so much? All this and more on tonight's show.


C&T Talk Episode 198 - Better Red than Ronin - April 2, 2018

The Census is coming up in 2 years with lots of controversy. A Supreme Court justice is touting civics, but may have misspoken. Finally, we delve into the NFL where it is always 1 step forward and 5 steps back. All this and more on tonight's show.


C&T Talk Episode 197 - The Elevator Incident - March 26, 2018

Stop me if you've heard this. Two politicians walk into a high school. One politician says something stupid and the other beats him up. No, then listen to tonight's episode. We also have a news round up, the Children's March and the Democratic Spending Bill. All this and more tonight.