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The Stand

Another adaptation...this one proved controversial! The Stand mini series, quite well reviewed at the time but lets just say it hasn't aged well. let us know your thought by emailing in to and please do subscribe.


Castle Rock Critical Bonus Episode - The Haunting Of Hill House

A bonus episode here dissecting the excellent Haunting Of Hill House! Just Len and Gaz in this episode as the others were literally too scared to watch the show...make of that what you will...The show blends excellent horror sequences with a real emotional gut punch that left us reeling by the time it had finished. Let us know your thoughts on it by emailing us at


Castle Rock Stephen King Retrospective - The Dead Zone

Well this is meant to be one of the best SK adaptations...we aren't so sure. Lacking any real horror or tension the gang felt a little flat after watching this one and Emma has a lot to say about the source material too. Let us know your thoughts email us at and please do subscribe if you have enjoyed.


Castle Rock Stephen King Retrospective - Misery

The best adaptation we have seen so far! It is truly excellent, the acting is of a very high standard and the amount of tension and horror created is just perfect. So come on you Cockadoodies, give this a listen with a glass of Don Perignon! Let us know your thought at and please do subscribe if you enjoyed.


Castle Rock Stephen King Retrospective - Pet Sematary

Yes another animal based (sort of) Stephen King adaptation! The book Pet Sematary is a very good Stephen King novel, the film however doesn't follow this as closely and doesn't capture the same tone. We did have a lot of fun watching this though so grab a drink and join us as we dissect Pet Sematary. If you want to send us any feedback please do email us at and please do subscribe if you enjoyed the pod.


Castle Rock Stephen King Retrospective - Cujo

We are back and starting on our Stephen King retrospective! This week we bring you the latest Castle Rock news as well as a review of the book and film Cujo. Lets just say we had a lot of fun in this pod and we hope you enjoy it too! In two weeks time we will be covering Pet Sematary so get watching that or read the book as that is sure to be another hilarious podcast! If you have enjoyed please do subscribe and feedback is open so email us at


Castle Rock Season 1 Wrap Up

We gather to talk all things season 1, our highs and lows, favourite characters, least favourite characters plus we answer very factually all the unanswered questions that were left hanging by the show...pour yourself a drink as we wrap up our season 1 coverage. We will be back in 2 weeks at the same time covering Cujo! please join us for will be hilarious. send any feedback into


Castle Rock Live Finale Discussion!

Before our season wrap up we teamed up with our pals over at Castle Rock Historical Society do dissect the finale with live participation from our listeners! It was a lot of fun and we will be doing more in the future. If you have enjoyed please do subscribe, we'll be back this week with our season wrap up cast and feedback is open so get your thoughts and theories into us email


Castle Rock Episode 10 - Romans

It's did that finale make you feel? Lets just say this is going to be divisive and so it proved to be in our podcast...there were a lot of different blueberry ratings this week. They threw a lot at the wall and some stuck but some just didn't. Overall though, this show has been excellent and we gather once more to recap the final episode this season at the Mellow Tiger. Please do subscribe if you enjoy. We are doing a live Q&A this Sunday at 1pm EST check our social channels...


Castle Rock Critical and Castle Rock Historical Society Live Q&A ahead of the season 1 finale!

We teamed up with our friends over at Castle Rock Historical Society to take your questions and to try to make sense of this show before the finale. We had some beers and some laughs and the questions from you listeners were fantastic. We will be doing another team up after the finale so be sure to check that out too, but until then, lets hope this show can stick the landing and deliver us a satisfying ending! Please do subscribe to both podcasts if you enjoy!


Castle Rock Episode 9 - Henry Deaver

The penultimate episode answers a lot of our questions...but does it ask a lot more? The whole gang are together this week to discuss this excellent show. But not all of us are thrilled with the alternate reality idea. As usual we deep dive into the episode and give you all the Stephen King links as well as answering your emails and theories too. If you have enjoyed then please do subscribe and if you want to get in touch with us for any theories our email is


Castle Rock Episode 8 - Past Perfect

We are on the home stretch and this episode delivers another strong showing. After last weeks beautiful and season high episode 'The Queen' we revisit our other major characters as Henry is freed from his Schisma prison. Not only that but we get an excellent shift in focus to two new'ish' characters who steal a lot of the limelight this week. If you enjoy please do subscribe and for any theories and feedback please email


Castle Rock Episode 7 - The Queen

Wow...the best episode of the season...or the best episode of television this year? Len loves it as does Gareth and Lucy but John and Emma have some doubts...It's extremely tragic as we see one of our most beloved characters on the show leave us and we watch the horrors of dementia through Ruth's eyes. So come and listen and raise a glass to the the white knight of Castle Rock.


Castle Rock Episode 6 - Filter

Over the halfway stage of the season and we are starting to get answers. The 'Voice of God' is talking to us...or at least thats what Reverend Deaver thought, Odin our new mysterious scientist has a more technical answer and Alan Pangborn makes a deal with the 'Devil' to try and save his Ruth.


Castle Rock Episode 5 - Harvest

The strongest episode of the season impresses the Castle Rock Critical gang. Some excellent plot developments mixed with some sinister nightmarish sequences leave us wanting more. We find out more about The Kid and finally we start to see the caring and very sweet relationship between Alan Pangborn and Ruth Deaver. Instagram is @fan_critical Twitter is @fancriticalpod Great CR groups on Facebook: Castle Rock Hulu Territory and Castle Rock A Hulu Original Official Fandom


Castle Rock Episode 3 - Local Color

The third episode continues to build strong foundations for the season. We focus this week on the character of Molly Strand and her psychic or empathic abilities. We see a lot more of her and Henrys relationship and get a shocking reveal about her past! If you have enjoyed this podcast please subscribe and follow the show with us. We are on instagram @fan_critical Twitter as @fancriticalpod and search ' Fan Critical' on Facebook


Castle Rock Episode 2 - Habeas Corpus

The second episode builds upon the excellent pilot whilst continuing to give us more mysteries to solve! We learn more about former Warden Dale Lacey and we discover that his relationship with former Sheriff and Stephen King mainstay Alan Pangborn is much more important than we first thought! If you enjoy this episode and want to hear our thoughts on the rest of the season then please subscribe to us via iTunes, any podcast app or Spotify. We are on Instagram as @fan_critical Twitter as...


Castle Rock Episode 1 - Severance

It's finally here, we recap on what we think is an excellent pilot episode! The tone is firmly established and the hidden easter eggs aren't intrusive whilst adding an excellent sneak peek into the Stephen King universe. If you like what you hear please subscribe we will have the next two episodes covering episodes 2 and 3 in the next few days! If you want to follow us on Instagram its @fan_critical Twitter is @fancriticalpod we are on Facebook too just search 'Fan Critical'


Castle Rock Update and IT podcast

While we wait for the show to begin on July 25th here's our IT podcast from last year. IT is a fantastic Stephen King novel and the most recent adaptation was excellent. Our first episode covering Castle Rock will be out 3 days after the shows premiere. If you have enjoyed our preview podcasts then please do subscribe via iTunes or any podcast app and Spotify. Thanks.


Castle Rock Preview

We preview our thoughts on the show which premieres later this month. We are spreading our podcasting wings and are very excited to be covering this show which looks to combine some of our favourite Stephen King works in one centralised location.