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Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.

Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.
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Welcome to theDIBB's Disney Podcast. Brought to you by a small dedicated team of Disney loving Brits. This podcast has Disney from a British viewpoint. The DIBB Website's (The Disney Information Bulletin Board) slogan is Disney With A British Accent. Come and join us for a regular look at Disney from a Brits viewpoint.






DIBBcast #199 - 7th May 2019 - The Grand Finale

This is it, the end is here. With the Final show of the DIBBcast upon us, presenters old and new gather at the DIBBcast Dinner table for one last hoorah! Fashion icons sporting new backpacks along with bookings being taken at the Happiest Place on Earth, the show is full of laughter. Reminiscing on shows gone by is also on the agenda. The final episode is brought to you (just like the last 198) in the DIBBCast's famous British Accent.


DIBBcast #198 - 1st January 2019 - The Jezza January Special!

On this month's show, Jezza takes the helm on his lonesome while the Glowtini Girls are off sipping their signature cocktail. He goes through some of the news that has come out of the Disney Parks along with bringing back a special segment and wraps up the Disney and DIBBcast year. As always, it's brought to you with the signature British Accent.


DIBBcast #197 - 1st December 2018 - We Wish You a Merry Christmas

It's December and it's starting to feel like Christmas. The Grand Hall at DIBBcast Towers is sparkling with a festive tree and is festooned with garlands. Rachel takes the helm for this festive cracker where the whole team gather with a Mince pie (not for our Jezza though!) to discuss the latest news from the Disney universe and we chat about what we love about Disney at Xmas in Dibbers Corner. There is loads in the Christmas stocking so pull up a chair and relax. Sherry anyone?!


DIBBcast #196 - 1st November 2018 - We Three Meet Again

With the boy of DIBBcast Towers missing in action, Anna takes the helm and leads the Glowtini girls through some big changes coming, including an icon disappearing for a year or two, hotels built on swamps and naturally there's talk of drinking at breakfast! We even invite a listener to the Great Hall to talk about a favourite extinct attraction. Now that the clocks have gone back, it's the perfect cocktail for a dark winters night... all with a British accent!


DIBBcast #195 - 1st October 2018 - News a Plenty!

On this month's show, Jezza claims he is fighting off the DIBBCast cold (but secretly, the ladies aren't convinced). He guides the way suited as the Ghost Host with Auntie Mel, Anna and Rachel fighting it out about who can be which Sanderson Sister. News is a big focus with all that has been coming out of Walt Disney World recently along with a DIBBer Question to once again put the team on the spot. This frightful episode is brought to you in the DIBBCast's famous, ghoulishly delightful,...


DIBBcast #194 - 1st September 2018 - Whos Party is this anyway?

In this months episode of the DIBBcast, Anna takes control of Rachel and Jezza. They talk food, buses, food, someone having a party and more food! DIBBers Corner returns with talk of underrated attractions and a future DIBBers Corner segment is already in place! With all that being said, enjoy the show which is brought to you as always with our signature, British Accent!


DIBBcast #193A - 21st August 2018 - Chat with Steve Riley

This month Rachel and Anna are very excited to be joined at Dibbcast Towers by Steve Riley from Dedicated to DLP! Having both listened to the Dedicated to DLP podcasts for several years there is the occasional risk of fan-girling, they mostly talk about Disneyland Paris, the past, present and future of our beloved park. What was it that first made us fall in love with Disneyland Paris? What is it that keeps us coming back? What are we most looking forward to in the future? All these...


DIBBcast #193 - 1st August 2018 - On the Spot

Jezza is back at the helm of the DIBBcast and is joined by Darrin, Anna and Rachel in the Grand hall (with air-con). Fashion news is provided along with bluetooth room keys, ice cream parties and VIP's. Darrin reports back on the newly opened Toy Story Land and the team are put back on the spot in DIBBer's Question Time so enjoy all the shenanigans... all with a British Accent!


DIBBcast #192A - 20th July 2018 - Interview with KrispySmore - All things Tokyo!

In this special episode of the DIBBcast, Anna and Jezza are joined in the DIBBcast gardens by fellow DIBBers and Youtube Vloggers Stephie and Dave also known as KrispySmore. Various topics were discussed including dinosaurs, food, Tokyo and toilets! Of course, this is brought to you with the DIBBcast's famous British Accent.


Item Title: DIBBcast #192 - 1st July 2018 - Glowtinis on the Catwalk

With Jezza off watching the World Cup football, the show is left in the hands of the Glowtini Girls. With talk of Gondolas, Bus times, mugs and edible Mickey ears, be sure to have a drink to hand while you listen. As always, the show is brought to you with it's British Accent.


DIBBast #191A - 22nd June 2018 - Interview with a Cast Member

While the Glowtini Girls are enjoying the beautiful weather at DIBBcast Towers with their signature beverage, Jezza is joined at the DIBBcast Coffee table by Disney Cast Member, Danielle Laura. He asks a few Quick Fire questions along with some questions about applying and the life of working for the "leader of the club that's made for you and me!"


DIBBcast #191 - 1st June 2018 - From Marne-la-Vallee to Main Street USA

In this month's bumper episode, the team get together with special guest host Darrin to discuss some of the news released from around the Disney parks and some HUGE news coming to Disneyland Paris! Jezza and Anna bring some of the history to life from the Magic Kingdom's Main Street USA along with some trivia to boot and as always, we see off the lucky DIBBers jetting off to places near and far. As always, it's brought to you with a British Accent.


DIBBcast #190 - 1st May 2018 - Goodbye to a friend

DIBBCast Towers lowers it's flags to half mast. Dear co-host and DIBBCast Family member, Geoff, lost his battle with cancer. The Team chat through your segment, DIBBer's Corner, then talk about some of their favourite memories of Geoff with a special guest voice or 2. Geoff always said "the show must go on" and the team aim to do just that and as always, with their British Accent.


DIBBcast #189 - 1st April 2018 - More Marvelous Machinations

Anna takes the reins for this month's extravaganza where together with Jez and Mel they look at T shirt terminations, see Redd with Pirates, squash into Minnie Vans, expand universes and don sackcloth and ashes over a cubic mate. You, our listener, come up with some amazing hotel suggestions in Dibbers' Corner, many of which the team want to stay at! So, pull up a chair, your favourite tipple in hand and imbibe all things Disney with a British Accent.


DIBBcast #188 - Mid March 2018 - The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head

The DIBBcast team (Jeremy, Anna and Geoff) have the opportunity to interview Benjamin Lancaster, producer and director of an upcoming feature - "The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head". He discusses his park likes and dislikes and then tells us about producing the film.


DIBBcast #187A - 3rd March 2018 - DLP Expansion

With our friend Bob Iger, head of the Walt Disney Company making a huge announcement about the 2 billion euro investment at the Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris, Rachel and Anna just couldn't contain themselves. They need to share their excitement and with them is the DIBBCast's local geek, Jezza, to help them along with his opinion of the Star Wars and Marvel arrival. As usual it's all done with a British Accent.


DIBBcast #187 - 1st March 2018 - A Marvelous birthday celebration

Well, it seems some people have had one or two Glowtnis too many! Auntie Mel is demanding a personal meet and greet with Thor in Disneyland Paris. Anna has turned into a Tower of Terror suffragette and Rachel is roping off a lake. When Jeremy extols the X Wing Starfighters at Hollywood Studios they get dismissed as mere aeroplanes! Geoff pulls them all together and tries to make sense of it all amid the 8th birthday celebrations. He takes a look at the DIBBcast experience and some of our...


DIBBcast #186 - 1st February 2018 - A Marvel... ous Adventure

The Glowtini Girls are re-united after their gallivanting in Disneyland Paris to host the show. With Anna leading the way, there is plenty to chat about including Spider-man talk, Minnie-Vans and dogs meeting their heroes. As usual, it is all very much with a British Accent.


DIBBcast #185 - Mid January 2018 - So Long, Farewell...

Auntie Mel is acting as nursemaid as Anna and Rachel cough and splutter away with doses of flu so Jeremy and Geoff are the dynamic duo who guide the show looking at quite a few rumours as well as news, the rides and foods some of us have never tried and some very "in house" Bon VoyagEEs. Sadly, we also say cheerio to two stalwarts of the show but look to the future at the same time. As usual it is all very much with a British Accent.


DIBBcast #184 - 1st January 2018 - Ring in the new

It's 2018 and whole new Disney year before us.The gang are sleeping off the night before celebrations but Geoff has found a nice quiet corner and with the aid of an egg nog he eases us into the news and rumours. There are, of course, the Bloopers - those moments that the Dibbcast team would rather you don't hear. There is also a reminder of a great interview we've done recently with Ron Schneider, the original Dreamfinder at Epcot. So sit back, drink at hand and enjoy...