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The Doc G Show, July 10th 2019 (Featuring Bones)

The Doc and Burls muse over whether the Cheetos KFC Chicken Sandwich is better that the Doritos Locos Tacos. The synopsis is they both alter the course of life as we know it. Meanwhile the Doc invites BONES on the show!! They talk about their new album, working with Jeff Beck, scary movies and Bonnie Aaron being in their video. Plus great tunes from their new album!! Listen now!! Track List Monologue: 1:04 Birthday Suit 1: 9:14 Millards Still Exist: 11:30 Ripped from the Headlines: 14:14...


The Doc G Show July 3rd 2019 (Featuring Jason O of My Hero Zero)

The Doc invites Jason O from the band My Hero Zero on the show! The two talk about new recordings, college majors, college interns, and of course the best places to eat in Jason's hometown. Plus the Doc brings the controversy in the segment Master Clickbaiter and two songs from My Hero Zero. Listen now! Monologue: 0:27 Birthday Suit 1: 10:55 Previously on The Doc G Show: 14:10 Millards Still Exist: 15:11 Ripped from The Headlines: 19:30 My Hero Zero - Speaker: 33:45 Shoutouts: 37:50 Birthday...


The Doc G Show June 26th 2019 (Featuring Hirie)

The Doc invites talented songwriter and reggae performer Hirie (aka Trish Jetton)! The Doc and Trish talk about music on Hawaii, how essential sax players are in the band, the new album, the tour and how Trish may be the best napper on the tour! All this while Dave feels pretty content with his manliness. Listen now! Monologue: 0:38 Birthday Suit 1: 9:06 Ripped from the Headlines: 12:36 Hirie - Renegade: 29:56 Mozambique Update: 36:57 Shoutouts: 38:50 Birthday Suit 2: 40:56 Why Would You...


The Doc G Show, June 19th 2019 (Featuring David Hinds of Steel Pulse)

The Doc invites grammy-winning group Steel Pulse on the show! The Doc and David Hinds talk about getting spit on by punks, fighting 40 year-old fights, going to Pinnacle in Jamaica and the best Steve Winwood songs! Not only that but they play some of Steel Pulse's new songs. And AND the Doc premiers a new segment called "The Master ClickBaiter." Listen now! Monologue: 1:11 Birthday Suit 1: 8:28 Millard's Still Exist: 11:40 Ripped from the Headlines: 15:56 Steel Pulse - Thank the Rebels :...


The Doc G Show June 12th 2019 (Featuring London Brown and music from Tropidelic)

The Doc is going small screen big time actor with London Brown who plays Reggie on HBO "Ballers." The Doc and London talk violence in LA, differences between theater and TV, the benefits of dressing classy (and why the Doc dresses like a hobo), and the upcoming season of Ballers! This episode also has new fantastic music from Tropidelic! Listen now! Monologue: 0:50 Birthday Suit 1: 9:29 Millard's Still Exist: 13:23 Ripped from the Headlines: 17:50 Tropidelic and Bumpin' Uglies - Impossible:...


The Doc G Show June 5th 2019 (featuring Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel)

The Doc invites Ryan Newell of Sister Hazel! The guys have been rockin' the world for 26 years and Ryan was nice enough to talk to the Doc! Ryan and the Doc break down the new EP's, the rock boat, the hazelnuts, and of course watching Andy Frasco play live. Listen now Monologue: 0:25 Birthday Suit 1: 8:47 Previously on the Doc G Show: 13:03 Millard's Still Exist: 15:47 Ripped from the Headlines: 19:28 Sister Hazel - Small Town Livin': 38:03 Shoutouts: 42:29 Birthday Suit 2: 45:42 Sister...


The Doc G Show, May 29th 2019 (Featuring Ewan Currie of the Sheepdogs)

The Doc invites Ewan Currie from the Sheepdogs on to the show. The two talk about playin' the clairinet, wearin' nudie suits, reppin' for the raptors, touring with the rival sons and much much more. Not only that but the Doc is still busy provin' Millard's still exist! Listen now! Monologue: 0:23 Birthday Suit 1: 8:10 Millard's Still Exist: 11:10 Ripped from the headlines: 15:56 The Sheepdogs - Nobody: 32:46 Shoutouts: 38:43 Birthday Suit 2: 41:46 Things that Don't Suck: 44:42 Ewan Currie -...


The Doc G Show May 22nd 2019 (Featuring Matt Stonie and music from Roc and Yella)

The Doc invites competitive eater Matt Stonie on the show! They talk about dethroaning Joey Chestnut, eating over 20lbs of pie, Kobayashi's impact, trying to eat 350 packets of pop rocks and so much more! Not only that, but the Doc has new music from Roc and Yella!! And, AND Claude Lathan as guest co-host. Listen Now!! Monologue "Tom Brady turned us Down - 0:23 First Birthday Suit - 7:33 Millard's still Exist - 10:43 Ripped from Headlines - 14:30 Roc and Yella - Do it - 31:45 Shoutouts -...


The Doc G Show May 15th 2019 (Featuring Roger Mooking)

The Doc invites Roger Mooking host of Man Fire Food on the show. Roger and the Doc talk about Roger's time with Bass is Base, his multiple cooking channel shows, his restaurant Twist and his new album Eat your Words. Meanwhile the Doc and Dave do important things like rate the most annoying snapstories. Listen Now!! Monologue: 0:22 Birthday Suit 1: 11:12 Millard's Still Exist: 13:34 Ripped from the Headlines: 16:22 Roger Mooking - Not This Again: 30:31 Shoutouts: 34:54 Birthday Suit 2: 37:04...


The Doc G Show May 8th 2019 (Featuring Chris Turpin of Ida Mae)

The Doc invites Chris Turpin from Ida Mae on the show straight from their tour with Greta Van Fleet!! The Doc and Chris talk about seeing the United States, eating mushy peas in Norwich, meetings with Secret Agent Sasquatches and much much more. Listen now!! Contents: Monologue: 0 Birthday Suit 1: 7:10 Ripped from the Headlines: 11:28 Ida Mae - My Girl is a Heartbreak: 31:54 Ida Mae - Boom, boom, boom: 35:40 Shoutouts: 40:25 Birthday Suit 2: 42:42 Why would you review that: 45:42 Ida Mae...


The Doc G Show May 1st 2019 (Featuring Comedian Josh Johnson)

The Doc invites fantastic writer and comedian Josh Johnson on the show! They commisserate about horrible job offers, and plan fat fantasies to Thai Pastry in Chicago. Listen Now Monologue: 0 Birthday Suit 1: 8:16 min Millards Still Exsist: 11:45 min Ripped From the Headlines: 16:44 Josh Johnson Standup 1: 34:05 Shoutouts: 37:25 Things that Don't Suck: 41:00 Quote of the Day: 44:38 Josh Johnson Standup 2: 46:08 Josh Johnson Interview: 48:21 Josh Jonshon Standup 3: 1:18:38 Birthday Suit 2:...


The Doc G Show, April 24th 2019 (featuring Claude Lathan)

This the week the Doc is graced with the prescence of one fly mofo known as Claude Lathan. "Fly till I die" breaks down all the playoff series, and lets the Doc know his beard is straight trash. And of course dope mother effin' tunes from Bellavida. Listen Now!!


The Doc G Show April 17th 2019 (Featuring the Common Kings

The Doc starts off the show by losing every listener at the start of the show by trying to recite presidents...Luckily he redeems himself by inviting the Common Kings on the show! Big Rome, Uncle Lui, and Mata talk about big shows, challenging Justin Timberlake to a basketball game, where to eat in southern California. PLUS great the Doc plays great tunes from their new EP!!! Listen Now!


The Doc G Show April 10th 2019 (Featuring Cody Braun of Reckless Kelly)

The Doc invites Cody Braun of the band Reckless Kelly on the show. The Doc and Cody talk about exciting bands in Austin, the Grand Ole Opry, The Reckless Kelly Celebrity Softball Jam, best places to eat in Austin and so much more! Listen now!


The Doc G Show, April 3rd 2019 (Featuring Tim Baker)

The Doc, Virg and Burls go through the list of rejected and accepted vanity license plates in California. Spoiler alert, ONW2BYB din't get accepted. Along with license plates the Doc also invites Canadian singer and former frontman of Hey Rosetta! Tim Baker on the show! Tim talks about his new album and his upcoming tour! Listen Now!


The Doc G Show, March 27th 2019 (Featuring @420oldfatlesbians)

The Doc invites Sue and Lee from the viral instagram page @420oldfatlesbians on the show. The Doc discusses medicinal marijuana, opioid abuse, pain management and of course the places to eat in Maine. In addition to Sue and Lee, the Doc has a world premiere from Bella Vida!! Listen now!!


The Doc G Show, March 20th 2019 (Featuring Big Thunder and The Rumble Fish)

The Doc and Virg are riding without Burls this week. They get to the bottom of the best St. Patricks parties and Florida llamas. The Doc invites his longtime friend a lead guitarist of Big Thunder and The Rumble Fish Heath Smith. They talk Sears, Guitars, Tacos, Chicken tenders and Dave Navarro.


The Doc G Show March 13th 2019 (Featuring Big Thunder and the Rumble Fish)

Great music from Big Thunder and the Rumble Fish. New segments like the quote of the day and previously on the Doc G Show. It's what critics would call their 101st show....mainly because it's their 101st posted show. Make sure to listen now!


The Doc G Show March 6th 2019 (Featuring Tyson Meade)

The Doc and virgin bat are back to a duo on this episode. The Doc invites the "Godfather of Alt Rock" Tyson Meade on the show and they talk about everything! The best food in Oklahoma, who Barry Switzer likes to fish with, being an influence to Kurt Cobain, being lead singer of the Chainsaw Kittens and of course his new album!! Listen now!!


The Doc G Show February 27th 2019 (Featuring Carbon Leaf)

The Doc invites Carbon Leaf's lead singer Mr. Barry Privett on the show for the second time. They talk about Carbon Leaf's 25th anniversary, the release of Gathering, good places to eat across the country and of course the club that the Doc can't get into. Listen Now