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83: "The Wars to Come" (S5E01)

Burn the king of lies with Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel as they dig deep into S5Ep1 "The Wars to Come" in GoM 83, continuing our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch. The chaos begins to settle at The Wall as Stannis lays down the law. Young Cersei meets a woods witch, Mance Rayder refuses to bend the knee, Melisandre asks Jon the only important question, the Sons of the Harpy strike in Meereen following the destruction of the Harpy atop the Great Pyramid, and more in this epic season opener....


82: "The Children" (S4E10)

Burn all the dead before nightfall as we break down all the juicy details and intrigue of the Season 4 Finale of #GameOfThrones, "The Children", in GoM 82, part of our #SeriesRewatch. In a truly pivotal episode of GoT, things will never be the same as we witness drastic alteration of (and in some cases, advancement on) the paths of many of our main characters. After the brutal murder of Tywin Lannister, the seeming death of The Hound, Stannis's "deus ex machina" arrival at The Wall, Bran's...


81: "The Watchers on the Wall" (S4E09)

Hold the gate in Ep81 of GoMPodcast, on our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch! Heroes rise and giants fall. Lord Stirling and Lady Rachel break down it all. Black brothers fight, and loves reunite. A great fire lights the up the dead of the night. They last till the morning, through sorrow and mourning, and Snow's course is North, despite Samwell's warning. We hope you enjoy this coverage of the penultimate episode of Season 4, "The Watchers on the Wall". Check out Ser Duncan and Archmaester...


80: "The Mountain and the Viper" (S4E08)

Smash some beetles and skulls on Ep 80 of GoM, on our #SeriesRewatch of #GameOfThrones! Joined this week by Archmaester Stitches from the Luminescent Citadel on the Siren Isle, Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel deep dive into one of the most thrilling and infamous episodes of the series, S4Ep8 "The Mountain and the Viper". We examine the deeper meanings behind the allegory of Orson Lannister and his smashing of the beetles of Casterly Rock ("Smash em!"), visit the Eyrie as Sansa mixes truth with...


79: "Mockingbird" (S4E07)

Take a trip through the Moon Door on this ep of GoM's #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, as Lord Stirling and Lady Rachel break down all the minutia and intrigue of this highlight of HBO's hit series, S4Ep7 "Mockingbird"! LF has only loved one woman his entire life, and *spoiler* its NOT Lysa Arryn! There's something for everyone in this episode as we get back-to-back man-butt and sorceress-boobs, extreme domestic abuse (uxoricide), the introduction of the best actor yet to portray The Mountain...


78: "The Laws of Gods and Men" (S4E06)

On this ep of our #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel cover the series' second trial of Tyrion Lannister, in what amounts to one of the highlights of the show, breaking down all the important details and implications. With stellar performances from actors Alfie Allen and Peter Dinklage, this episode is a pivotal moment for Westerns, signifying the crossing of an event horizon from which things can never return. The destinies of main players are set in motion in this...


77: "First of His Name" (S4E05)

On this episode of #GoMPodcast's #GameOfThrones #SeriesRewatch, a new King rises as Lord Stirling and Lady Rachel cover S4Ep5 "First of His Name". Tommen is crowned King, Arya tells the Hound she plans to kill him, Bizzaro-world Cersei infiltrates the show and is friendly to everyone, revelations come to light about who killed Jon Arryn, and the state of Casterly Rock's gold mines. Sit back and relax for a 2hr38min48sec episode ;) Check out Ser Duncan on SIRENICIDE, the serial horror...


76: "Oathkeeper" (S4E04)

On this ep of our GoM Series Rewatch, Dunc and Lady Rachel dive deep into "Oathkeeper", S4Ep04 of Game of Thrones. On this iconic episode, the Meereenese kill their masters, Margaery wraps her tendrils around Tommen, Brienne and Pod are both gifted weapons with special significance to them, Olenna and Baelish confess their darkest secrets to their closest confidants, and the Night King meets Craster's last son, in a wordless last scene that left even book readers speechless! Kick back and...


75: "Breaker of Chains" (S4E03)

On this episode of GoM's series rewatch Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel break down S4Ep3 "Breaker of Chains". In this ep, Meereen's Champion farts in Dany's general direction, the Hound becomes a thief, Jaime visits Tyrion, Tywin schools Tommen and tries to bring Dorne back into the fold. All this and much more in this jam packed coverage of Game of Thrones! Check out Ser Duncan on SIRENICIDE, the serial horror drama podcast, as Malak Husto!! Go to or download it wherever you...


74: "The Lion and the Rose" (S4E02)

Another day, another wedding, another murder ;) In this week's Game of Microphones Series Rewatch of Game of Thrones, Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel dissect the Purple Wedding, S4Ep02. Kings truly are dropping like flies as we reach this masterful episode. Bran has a vision, Olenna lives the thug life, Tyrion is tormented, and a royal wedding goes awry! The one true King, beloved Prince Joffrey, is dead. Sit back for a full breakdown of all the details! Check out Ser Duncan on SIRENICIDE, the...


73: "Two Swords" (S4E01)

What the f*ck salami? This week on our Series Rewatch of Game of Thrones, Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel dive into the Season 4 premier, "Two Swords". Rumors of the end of House Stark are greatly exaggerated as Tywin melts down their family heirloom "Ice". Arya gets needle back, plus a pony, and Sandor eats some chicken. The Red Viper slithers into King's Landing and doesn't waste any time before striking his first victim. All this and much more in this Game of Microphones' coverage of this...


72: "Mhysa" (S3E10)

*Audio glitch fixed* Please delete and re-download! :) Join Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel as they dig into "Mhysa", the Season 3 Finale of Game of Thrones on the Game of Microphones Series Rewatch. This week Jon, Sam, and Jaime all arrive back to their homes, Davos outshines Melisandre as word of the White Walkers is sent by raven to 44 major seats of Westeros, Bran survives the Nightfort, telling the tale of the Rat Cook, and crossing beyond The Wall, and Dany is named "Mhysa" (Mother) by the...


71: "The Rains Of Castamere" (S3E09)

This week on Game of Microphones we have a huge episode for you, featuring a round table of 5 hosts. Ser Duncan is joined by new special guest Johnny Stitches, as well as Lady Rachel, Ser Patrick and Ser Travis to cover The Red Wedding, S3Ep09 "The Rains Of Castamere" on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch. An episode full of hope and heartbreak, Edmure meets his bride and sorrow ensues as we witness the brutal murder of the first King in the North in centuries, as well as many of his direct...


70: "Second Sons" (S3E08)

This week on Game of Microphones, join Ser Duncan and Ser Patrick of Hindsight as they break down S3Ep08 "Second Sons" in our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch. In an episode packed full of huge events, a Wolf Pup marries a Lion, Arya and the Hound begin their adventures, Gendry gets to experience one of the greatest fears of all men (fellatio by leech), and we have the introduction of Daario Naharis (v 1.0). No boombox outside Dany's window, just a bag full of the severed heads of her enemies!...


69: "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" (S3E07)

"Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated!" Much like Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion, I'm back. In the flesh. That's right, Ser Duncan and Game of Microphones have returned to bring you continued weekly coverage of Game of Thrones, resuming our series rewatch where we left off. This week Lady Rachel of House Fox joins Ser Duncan to discuss GoT Season 3 Episode 7,"The Bear and the Maiden Fair". This week both Game of Microphones and Jaime Lannister go back to Harrenhal to retrieve something...


Rider In The Night BONUS EPISODE 1 - Ser Patrick -

Join Ser Patrick of the Hindsight and take a ride in his green Lamborghini and deep down into the rabbit hole of Westeros, Atlantis, Lemuria, “deus ex machina”, volcanic eruptions, hollow earth, GRRM inserting his favorite crazy/cool real world theories into his writings, Hardhome, Beyond The Wall and major windging from the fan community, water/R’Hllor-related resurrections hidden in plain sight, Jon waking the Dragon (Dany) from stone (Dragonstone) and being reborn amidst salt as smoke and...


68: "The Climb" (S3E06)

This week on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch, Ser Duncan and Lady K cover Season 3 Episode 6 "The Climb". Chaos is a ladder and all the occupants of Westeros are desperately scambling to climb it in their own ways. Lots of great things to talk about this episode including the epic showdowns of Tywin and Olenna, and Meera and Osha, a poignant monologue by Thoros of Myr, a cryptic prophecy about Arya by Melisandre, a kiss atop The Wall, and much more. Kick back and relax for a fun listen!...


67: "Kissed by Fire" (S3E05)

Join Dunk and K on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we break down S3Ep5 "Kissed by Fire" in detail. We analyze the theme of confession that permeates the entire episode, and cover everything of importance from The Hound's trial by combat, Jaime's Kingslayer revelation, the shocking truth of Beric Dondarrion's resurrections., and so much more! Sit back and relax for another 'cast of epic length, clocking in at over 3 hours! Thanks for listening, everybody! Check out Duncan's voice...


66: "And Now His Watch Has Ended" (S3E04)

Join us on this weeks installment of our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we break down S3Ep04 "And Now His Watch Has Ended" with special guest Rima Jo from Podcastica's Strange Indeed podcast. Lots of fun things to discuss this week as Dany roasts a grody slaver, Varys tells his deepest secret, people listen to the angels and devils on their shoulders, and lots of really cool stuff happens in general :) Hope you enjoy this mega 3hr3min33sec podcast! Check out Duncan's voice acting debut...


65: "Walk of Punishment" (S3E03)

Join us on this weeks Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we cover Season 3 Episode 3, "Walk of Punishment". This in depth look covers everything from Pod, the Love Guru, to the Death of the Kingslayer and Rebirth of Jaime as Locke cuts off his hand... We notice a trend of patience and impatience all throughout the episode, and thoroughly enjoy watching Dany play Krasnyz like a silver stringed harp. Enjoy! Check out Duncan voice acting on SIRENICIDE!!! Please *support...