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72: "Mhysa" (S3E10)

*Audio glitch fixed* Please delete and re-download! :) Join Ser Duncan and Lady Rachel as they dig into "Mhysa", the Season 3 Finale of Game of Thrones on the Game of Microphones Series Rewatch. This week Jon, Sam, and Jaime all arrive back to their homes, Davos outshines Melisandre as word of the White Walkers is sent by raven to 44 major seats of Westeros, Bran survives the Nightfort, telling the tale of the Rat Cook, and crossing beyond The Wall, and Dany is named "Mhysa" (Mother) by the...


71: "The Rains Of Castamere" (S3E09)

This week on Game of Microphones we have a huge episode for you, featuring a round table of 5 hosts. Ser Duncan is joined by new special guest Johnny Stitches, as well as Lady Rachel, Ser Patrick and Ser Travis to cover The Red Wedding, S3Ep09 "The Rains Of Castamere" on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch. An episode full of hope and heartbreak, Edmure meets his bride and sorrow ensues as we witness the brutal murder of the first King in the North in centuries, as well as many of his direct...


70: "Second Sons" (S3E08)

This week on Game of Microphones, join Ser Duncan and Ser Patrick of Hindsight as they break down S3Ep08 "Second Sons" in our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch. In an episode packed full of huge events, a Wolf Pup marries a Lion, Arya and the Hound begin their adventures, Gendry gets to experience one of the greatest fears of all men (fellatio by leech), and we have the introduction of Daario Naharis (v 1.0). No boombox outside Dany's window, just a bag full of the severed heads of her enemies!...


69: "The Bear and the Maiden Fair" (S3E07)

"Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated!" Much like Jon Snow and Beric Dondarrion, I'm back. In the flesh. That's right, Ser Duncan and Game of Microphones have returned to bring you continued weekly coverage of Game of Thrones, resuming our series rewatch where we left off. This week Lady Rachel of House Fox joins Ser Duncan to discuss GoT Season 3 Episode 7,"The Bear and the Maiden Fair". This week both Game of Microphones and Jaime Lannister go back to Harrenhal to retrieve...


Rider In The Night BONUS EPISODE 1 - Ser Patrick -

Join Ser Patrick of the Hindsight and take a ride in his green Lamborghini and deep down into the rabbit hole of Westeros, Atlantis, Lemuria, “deus ex machina”, volcanic eruptions, hollow earth, GRRM inserting his favorite crazy/cool real world theories into his writings, Hardhome, Beyond The Wall and major windging from the fan community, water/R’Hllor-related resurrections hidden in plain sight, Jon waking the Dragon (Dany) from stone (Dragonstone) and being reborn amidst salt as smoke and...


68: "The Climb" (S3E06)

This week on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch, Ser Duncan and Lady K cover Season 3 Episode 6 "The Climb". Chaos is a ladder and all the occupants of Westeros are desperately scambling to climb it in their own ways. Lots of great things to talk about this episode including the epic showdowns of Tywin and Olenna, and Meera and Osha, a poignant monologue by Thoros of Myr, a cryptic prophecy about Arya by Melisandre, a kiss atop The Wall, and much more. Kick back and relax for a fun listen!...


67: "Kissed by Fire" (S3E05)

Join Dunk and K on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we break down S3Ep5 "Kissed by Fire" in detail. We analyze the theme of confession that permeates the entire episode, and cover everything of importance from The Hound's trial by combat, Jaime's Kingslayer revelation, the shocking truth of Beric Dondarrion's resurrections., and so much more! Sit back and relax for another 'cast of epic length, clocking in at over 3 hours! Thanks for listening, everybody! Check out Duncan's voice...


66: "And Now His Watch Has Ended" (S3E04)

Join us on this weeks installment of our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we break down S3Ep04 "And Now His Watch Has Ended" with special guest Rima Jo from Podcastica's Strange Indeed podcast. Lots of fun things to discuss this week as Dany roasts a grody slaver, Varys tells his deepest secret, people listen to the angels and devils on their shoulders, and lots of really cool stuff happens in general :) Hope you enjoy this mega 3hr3min33sec podcast! Check out Duncan's voice acting debut...


65: "Walk of Punishment" (S3E03)

Join us on this weeks Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we cover Season 3 Episode 3, "Walk of Punishment". This in depth look covers everything from Pod, the Love Guru, to the Death of the Kingslayer and Rebirth of Jaime as Locke cuts off his hand... We notice a trend of patience and impatience all throughout the episode, and thoroughly enjoy watching Dany play Krasnyz like a silver stringed harp. Enjoy! Check out Duncan voice acting on SIRENICIDE!!! Please *support...


64: "Dark Wings, Dark Words" (S3E02)

Join us on our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch as we cover S3E02, "Dark Wings, Dark Words". Lots of fun stuff to cover this week with Ser Duncan, Lady Kristin, and Lord Travis, including wolves & wargs, Brienne knocking Jaime into the dirt, the introduction of the beloved Queen of Thorns, the Brotherhood Without Banners, and also Jojen and Meera Reed. Thanks for listening! Please *support Game of Microphones for free* by trying Audible free for a month and getting a free audiobook at...


63: "Valar Dohaeris" (S3E01)

On this week's installment of our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch, Dunc and K cover the Season 3 premier, "Valar Dohaeris". This episode is chock full of goodness as we meet great new characters like Missandei and Mance Rayder, see our baby dragons growing up strong, and encounter a giant for the first time along with Jon Snow. So much fun stuff to analyze this week in an episode full of servitude, extreme emotional abuse, paranoia, and coping with defeat. We really do have a lot of fun...


62: "Valar Morghulis" (S2E10)

This week we have a special episode of our Game of Thrones Series Rewatch covering the Season 2 Finale "Valar Morghulis" and featuring the First of His Name, King Jason of Podcastica! We dissect this fantastic finale in great detail, and we hope you enjoy this, yet another in a long string of super-sized podcast episodes! This one clocks in at 2:48:48. Enjoy! Please *support Game of Microphones for free* by trying Audible free for a month and getting a free audiobook at...


61: "Blackwater" (S2E9)

Sit back and relax, because for Game of Thrones S2Ep9 "Blackwater", we knocked and loosed a barrage of flaming analysis at you in the form of a monster episode that will engulf a staggering portion of your fleet, ahem... day in burning Wildfire! This 61st episode of Game of Microphones, in our Series Rewatch, is the longest episode yet of our podcast. Obscenely long and chock full of fun at 3hr:36min:52sec, this is a thorough dissection of the Battle of Blackwater Bay and all the intrigue...


60: "The Prince of Winterfell" (S2E8) feat. Lady Anwen

This week on our Game of Microphones Series Rewatch, join Lord Stirling, Lady Kristin, and special guest Lady Anwen, First of Her Name, to dissect Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8, "The Prince of Winterfell". So much good stuff to talk about this week as we explore the themes of fear, honor, sacrifice, observe and quantify how our favorite characters paths are molded by those around them, question if Shae was a faceless man, witness Arya hoodwink the God of Death yet again, as just one...


59: "A Man Without Honor" (S2E7)

This week on our Game of Microphones Series Rewatch, murder that cousin that once squired for you, and join Ser Duncan and Lady Kristin to discuss Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7, "A Man Without Honor". In depth discussion ranges from Tywin/Arya Part 3, discussion of the History of Harrenhal and legacy, to honor on the show as it relates to our characters, Jon's learning curve and continued seduction, and Ser Barristan as a painter with a limited color palette. Too much awesome to...


58: "The Old Gods and the New" (S2E6)

On this weeks Series Rewatch, Ser Duncan and Lady Kristin discuss Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6, "The Old Gods And The New". There's lots to discuss in this episode of intrigue and prophecy. Do Tywin and Littlefinger know Arya is right under their noses? Qhorin predicts Snow's death, as well as his name being unknown by the masses. We talk about Theon's despicable betrayal, and hear our first mention of Ramsay Bolton. Joffery order's his people murdered during a riot, and Bran bends the...


57: "The Ghost of Harrenhal" (S2E5)

This week on Game of Microphones’ Series Rewatch, swear your sword to Ser Duncan & Lady Kristin, and you’ll always have a place in our Raven’s Calls section. We’ll also never ask anything of you that would bring you dishonor. Join us as we relive the death of “King” Renly and see its aftermath spread throughout the Kingdoms. We see Dany, Jon, and Theon all stepping up to each their places as leaders, we see Stannis and Dany and Jeor heeding wise council, Loras andBrienne dedicate themselves...


56: "Garden of Bones" (S2E4)

This week on Game of Microphones Series Rewatch, sneak-attack the Lannisters with Ser Duncan and Lady Kristin as they break down Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 “Garden of Bones”. Topics include discussing the strengths of our beloved female characters, comparing the similarities and differences of Robb and Jon, delving a bit into the history and lore of the accursed seat of Harrenhal and its importance, trying to figure out if an Onion Knight is rotten and taking a look at Stannis,...


55: "What Is Dead May Never Die" (S2E3)

This week on Game of Microphones Series Rewatch Duncan and Kristin cover Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 3, “What Is Dead May Never Die”. There’s lots of juicy material to analyze this episode as Theon betrays Robb amidst his constant identity crisis, we meet two strong women Brienne and Margaery, and rejoice at the respect that the series offers towards strong female characters. We remark on how Balon Greyjoy is a progressive and regressive as a leader, as he puts Yara in a position of...


54: "The Night Lands" (S2E2)

This week on Game of Microphones’ Series Rewatch, join Duncan and Kristin as they dive deep into dissection of Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 1, “The Night Lands”. This episode marks the introduction of fan favorite Jaqen H’ghar, and is just chock full of awesome moments like Jon Snow aimlessly trying to sharpen his Valyrian blade (which is impossible without Valyrian technology), and shadow baby impregnation on top of the painted map table at a Dragonstone. We examine the beliefs of...