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Juneteenth: The End

If you haven’t figured it out by now the #Peeps love celebrations and libations! What better way to wrap season one than by recognizing the most important celebration for Black people in this country? (HINT! -It ain’t July 4th!) Join us as we raise a glass to our ancestors, share our perspectives on the true meaning of freedom, look back on how far we’ve come on the porch and in society and discuss how much further we have to go! Til next time... PEACE! #Juneteenth #HappyJuneteenth...


Catch Flights Not Feelings

Summer is here and it’s time to put those passports and sky miles to good use! This week on the porch we talk all things travel! Tune in as we discuss our favorite destinations, most and least favorite modes of transportation, and encourage others to get bit by the travel bug! Before you hit the road this summer hit play on this week’s episode! Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! @PeopleOnMyPorch #Travel #Wanderlust #TravelNoir #Nomadness #BTM...


Let's Talk About Sex... Kinda Sorta

This week on the Porch the #Peeps talk about sex... kinda sorta. In our introductory episode about making the beast with two backs we discuss how it is better to give than it is to receive , take a walk down bad sex memory lane, and highlight the importance of communication before, during (if that’s what you’re into), and after sex! Tune in as we encourage you to keep your parts clean and talk dirty! #GetYourFreakOn #SexResponsibly #SafeSexIsGreatSex Don't Forget to #Follow #Share...


Squad Goals

This week’s episode is a tribute to our past, present, and future squad members! We reflect on how having a squad has made us better women, better workers, and better friends. To those who gave us good advice, good laughs, and good times this one is for you! Tune in and tag your current squad and some of your squad alumni and tell them, “thank you for being my friend”! #SquadGoals Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! @PeopleOnMyPorch #SquadGoals...


Storytime: The Drunken Ones

On this episode, the #Peeps talk about a time most of us have experienced at least once... being drunk. We discuss our fav drinks, the moment we knew it was time to give up the cheap stuff, and that one story that someone told us cause we were too drunk to remember. So gather round, pour up a cup and listen to our version of "one time at band camp..." Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! @PeopleOnMyPorch #Storytime #DrunkenStories #Drunk #Hungover...


Protecting Your Peace: A Conversation About Mental Health

It’s Mental Health Awareness month and the #Peeps are keeping it all the way real about mental health in the Black community. We talk about stigmas, self care, the historical implications around our resistance to seeking services and everything in between. #MentalHealthMatters and we’re here to tell you why! #ProtectYourPeace #SelfCareIsHealthcare Mental Health Resources: if you or someone you know is in crisis and needs immediate help please call 1-800-273-talk Want to know more about the...


The Black Experience: Black in the Media

To round out our Black Experience Series we talk about all of the Black people who made headlines since the last #PorchSession. We pay tribute to the victims of the Waffle House Shooting, give our take on Pill... we mean Bill Cosby’s sexual assault conviction, discuss Kelis’ allegations of physical abuse by Nas, shoutout Yoncé for putting on for the Black college experience, and Kanye being... well Kanye. Auntie Cass even hangs up her cape for the problematic rapper. This is an episode you...


The Black Experience: Black Love

In this episode, the #Peeps explore black love and relationships. We kick it off with a discussion of our favorite couples,love songs and movies. Shani takes us back to her Love and Basketball days, while Chris and Chauncey (@chauncey_writes) give us a look into how and why their relationship works for them. Tune in to find out why Black Love is important. Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! @PeopleOnMyPorch #BlackLove #Relationships #BlackMen...


The Black Experience: Manhood

This week, we continue the Black Experience Series with a discussion on Manhood. Chris, Joshua Love, Trevor Guinn (@trev_of_ev), and Jeff Owens (@jaohomes) join us to share their opinion on Fabolous, and what it means to be a black man. The episode kicks off with the fellas helping us rank which male artists can and can’t sang and concludes with a discussion on whether they feel that black women have given up on black men. Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and...


The Black Experience: Activism

In this episode, the #Peeps explore Activism and it's importance in the black community. Learn about the struggles of running a non-profit as @TheEquityAlliance joins to discuss how "the man" isn't the only hurdle in the fight for EQUITY. As well, we identify the need to properly strategize before putting our plans into action. Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! #ReligionAndSpirituality #Religion #Spirituality #BlackReligion #BlackSpirituality...


The Black Experience: Religion & Spirituality

On this week's episode #ThePeeps explore Religion & Spirituality in the black community. @TheJLuntzReport and @TheFashionChase join us as we discuss our current beliefs and the history of how we got there. We may not agree but we respect each others different views and that leads to a funny, yet real conversation. Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! #ReligionAndSpirituality #Religion #Spirituality #BlackReligion #BlackSpirituality #PeopleOnMyPorch...


The Black Experience: Black Wealth

On this episode, Barrington Gist (@eg_to_bg), Financial Advisor for Morgan Stanley, joins the #Peeps as we tackle some of the issues that hinder the prosperity of the black community. We also discuss group economics and investment groups, that pull funds together to create opportunities such as @UrbanStrengthNashville, the Trap Gym! Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! #GrowingUpBlack #PeopleOnMyPorch #POMP #PodBean #PodernFamily #BlackPodcasters...


The Black Experience: Growing Up Black

The Black Experience Series continues with Growing Up Black. The #Peeps discuss the Madness that is March. Brackets are busted and we’ve come up with an alternative that creates some nostalgia, and takes you back to the good ol’ days! From visiting Martha's vineyard to living in Martha's house, we talk our experiences of growing up black. Don't Forget to #Follow #Share #Comment #Like our social media and podcast! #GrowingUpBlack #PeopleOnMyPorch #POMP #PodBean #PodernFamily #BlackPodcasters...


The Black Experience: Girl Bosses

#WomensHistoryMonth is all about phenomenal women who have BOSSED UP and left their mark on this world! For most of us our mamas are our original Sheroes and role models and that’ll never change! However, our guests have been lucky enough to have dope women impacting their lives from the cradle, to the classroom, to their career paths and beyond! Tune in as our #GirlBosses, @HRConnectNashville @OutofmyMouth @MeetMckenzieMason @MoxieNash, tell us who inspired them, what motivated them to boss...


The Black Experience: Young, Black, and Professional

In this episode, the #Peeps are joined by Shana of @TheFashionChase and Jonathan of the 28th and Jefferson Podcast. We discuss code switching, being a black face in a white space and overall experiences of being black in the workplace. Shana , lets us in on some of the differences we see in style choices for black professionals vs their counterparts. She even provides tips on how to pull off the best work looks. Being young, Black and professional in the workplace is hard but someone has to...


Young, Black and Professional

In this episode, the #Peeps discuss code switching, being the only black person and overall experiences of being black in the workplace. Shana (@thefashionchase), lets us in on some of the differences we see in style choices for black men and women with some tips on how to pull off the best work looks. Being a Young Black Professional in the workplace is hard but someone has to do it… might as well look good while doing it! Check out the video below as @TheFashionChase partners with...


#InWakanda POMP is Life

This week on the porch we are closing out #BHM with a bang! From our favorite #InWakanda hashtags to a discussion of the Black Panther film we are taking a journey to the greatest fictional African nation EVER! (We still love you Zamunda.) There are spoilers all up and through this episode so if you haven't seen the film listen at your own risk. Join us on a pilgrimage back to the motherland where being Black is all we know and #POMP is life. #WakandaForever


The Range of Color

On this episode the #Peeps begin by breaking down who can SANG and who can’t! How did these artists achieve success? Would they be who they are if their skin was of a different complexion? Tune in as we explore colorism and beauty in the black community and beyond. Don't forget to comment, like and share! #PeopleonmyPorch #POMP #Colorism #BlackPodcasters #PodernFamily #WomenPodcasters


Do What Works For You!

On this episode the #Peeps discuss dating and relationships. Dating is hard enough, but not being on the same page will make things much more difficult. There was one common denominator we all agreed on... and we'd like to know if you agree. Listen and chime in! Listen, rate and review us on podbean, itunes, soundcloud and stitcher!


New Year... New Me?

Well now that January's over... so are resolutions. Are you still on your diet plan? Did you leave that friend in 2017? Are you practicing self care? In this episode the #Peeps are talking execution and hurdles on their journey to a "new me." It's not always easy but make sure you've packed your pineapples and you'll be fine!