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Join Vin Montello and Erik Stafford every Wednesday on Status Quo Radio. We're just a couple knuckleheads who enjoy each other's company... Listen in as we tackle important topics that have nothing to do with anything important.

Join Vin Montello and Erik Stafford every Wednesday on Status Quo Radio. We're just a couple knuckleheads who enjoy each other's company... Listen in as we tackle important topics that have nothing to do with anything important.
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Join Vin Montello and Erik Stafford every Wednesday on Status Quo Radio. We're just a couple knuckleheads who enjoy each other's company... Listen in as we tackle important topics that have nothing to do with anything important.






Episode #28: The sponsors, all the sponsors, nothing but the sponsors

Status Quo Radio will be back from our holiday hiatus next week with our regularly scheduled programming... But for now, please enjoy a very special "sponsors only" episode containing all of 2017's best sponsors! As you know, sponsors are the lifeblood of any podcast, so when you listen to this, you'll immediately understand that we're simply rolling in cash at the moment, like weird, chubby Scrooge McDucks. It's Status Quo Radio, baby! Available on iTunes and wherever podcasts are...


Episode #27: The Secret Sauce (With Tellman Knudson)

This week on Status Quo Radio Vin and Erik talk about building a business around your passions… And who better to share this topic than serial entrepreneur and master marketer Tellman Knudson. Tellman is a self-confessed “weird dude” who’s interests (and businesses) have ranged from hypnosis to comic books, barefoot running, and now… Hot Peppers. Strap into your chair with a glass of water and maybe some frozen toilet paper, because this episode is on fire! Literally. It’s Status Quo...


Episode #25: Rollo The Reindeer (and other holiday marketing stories)

Ever heard of Rollo The Red-Nosed Reindeer? This week on Status Quo Radio, Vin and Erik talk storytelling, and how it’s used in holiday marketing. We dig in to specific story types and plot formulas and share how to effectively use them this time of year. Vin shares his favorite holiday marketing story, and we wax poetic for a couple of minutes about Flat-Earthers and other friends and family members that you thought you loved and respected. Join us for a new episode of Status Quo...


Episode #24: A Steaming Plate Full

This week on Status Quo Radio, Vin and Erik dig into America’s favorite holiday... Or at least our favorite holiday involving turkey, football, and hanging out with relatives you may or may not actually like :-) That’s right... It’s Thanksgiving! In this episode we share a steaming plate full of our thoughts on what Thanksgiving means to us. We also share some marketing wisdom on Black Friday, offering discounts, marketing during the holidays, and being thankful. Thanks for listening...


Episode #23: The Art of the Apology

There's been lots of celebrities (and companies) making public apologies lately... Some have done it right, and others have botched the entire operation. This week, Vin and Erik take a look at how to handle an apology and also how to address damaging admissions in your marketing. How do you apologize well? HINT: It involves actually apologizing (Sorry Louis C.K.) and no, it doesn't involve coming out as gay (we're looking at you, Kevin Spacey) This week on Status Quo Radio: The Art of...


Episode #22: Politically Correct Marketing?

Harvey Weinstein. Kevin Spacey. And now, apparently, a global culture of men who have abused, objectified, and taken advantage of women. It’s a tough topic to talk about, for sure... A topic that lots of people have strong opinions and sometimes real pain around. How about gun control? Or gender, race, or politics? This week Vin and Erik talk about how to navigate these minefields... And how to deal with general political correctness in your marketing. Some try it with humor... Have...


Episode #21: Halloween Pranks, Skanks, And Tom Hanks

That's right, Status Quo Radio is live this week with our first annual Halloween Spooktacular! Actually... the show isn't scary at all. So scrap that. Maybe we should just call it our Halloween Special? Actually, it's not really that special either. Whatever. No matter how you cut it, this week our show is about that special night of candy, costumes, and devil worship. Now that both Vin and Erik have grown-up a little, Halloween has changed from an exciting evening of adventure, to...


Episode #21: Talkshow Hosts, Bitcoin Roasts

This week on Status Quo Radio we tackle a topic that seems to be on everyone's lips these days... Bitcoin. Is it a currency? Is it an investment? Is it complete bullshit? Tune in to find out! And if you actually work with bitcoin and know how to explain what it is in a way anyone can understand (and one that doesn't put us to sleep) make sure to let us know... We would love to interview you for a follow up episode!


Episode #20: Startups, Pivots, And Wasted Opportunities

This week on Status Quo Radio Vin and Erik briefly discuss the USA Mens National Soccer Team and their epic failure to qualify for next year's World Cup, whatever the hell that is. We also look back on our exciting adventures during the crazy Dot.Com gold rush of the late 1990's. Parties were attended, fun was had, and millionaires were nearly, hypothetically, almost made! Lessons were also learned...But what were they? And how do they apply to you? Tune in to find out!


Episode #19: Oriental Sauce, The Micky D's Double-Cross

This week on Status Quo Radio Vin and Erik discuss how a partnership between a cartoon and one of the largest companies in the world led to a delicious PR disaster. Wait though... Was it a misfire? Or was it brilliant marketing? And are the Golden Arches really our newest sponsor? Click below for answers to these questions and more in this week's episode of Status Quo Radio, and make sure to like us and follow us in all of the internet places: www.statusquopodcast.com


Episode #18: Goth Props, Hugh Hefner, Hurricane Rum

This week on Status Quo Radio we talk about the passing of Hugh Hefner... A man who created his own industry and dominated it for decades. Vin and Erik share the biggest marketing lessons they learned from his work, along with more than a few inappropriate jokes about his lifestyle and how much we both "enjoyed" his magazine. We also have a couple new sponsors, and we talk about the only export that will be coming out of Key West for quite a while... Low Pressure Hurricane Rum! Click...


Episode #17: Twice As Deadly, Maybe Even Gigante!

Welcome back to the new, improved Status Quo Radio! The debate is settled, and Vin and Erik are moving powerfully in a new direction. Actually, we're limping semi-confidently forward with another totally time-wasting episode, but whatever! This week, we hang a little with Vin's old buddy Mike Gigante, plus discuss the fact that Deathwish Coffee might just actually kill you. Or maybe it's just twice as deadly... Double strength. Want to know the new direction we're taking with the...


Episode #16: A$$ Bacon, And The Ghost Of Jerry Lewis

After a one week hiatus thanks to Mother Nature, Status Quo Radio is back like the world’s worst boomerang! This week we continue the discussion on what direction we should take with our fledgling young Podcast, including the feedback we received from all 12 of our loyal listeners, including our Aunt Sandy. We also give Jerry Lewis a hard time to mark his passing, and even have a bonafide cliff-hanger! You’ll just have to tune in to find out what it is :-) The latest episode of Status...


Episode #15: The Turning Of The Tide?

Vin and Erik are roughly ten weeks into the Status Quo Radio weekly podcast now, and are pondering the direction they should take in future episodes. On one hand, the guys love showing up and just talking shit and trying to crack each other up... On the other hand, they are both culture junkies and have toyed with the idea of doing a topical weekly show as well. Or maybe SQR becomes a straight talk show where people can call in and just ask the guys questions about branding, copywriting,...


Episode #14: The Fear Episode

This week, Vin and Erik break format to focus on one topic: FEAR. Is it us, or is there a lot more fear in the world today than there was when we were kids? It seems like these days everyone's afraid of guns, different food, different people, different political parties, terrorists, even the total eclipse. In this episode, we wax nostalgic about the good old days when we could run the neighborhood unsupervised for hours and hours (without worrying about getting killed or kidnapped) as...


Episode #13: Back To School, Band Rules, Suburban Fools

This week, Vin and Erik get into all sorts of middle-class white guy stuff, ranging from sending the kids back to school to living in private golf communities. We have some new sponsors, and we also answer the age old question: Should they keep the band together? Join us for another action-packed episode of Status Quo Radio! Available every Wednesday on iTunes, and available all over the social webs and at www.statusquopodcast.com. Call your friends.... Tell your wife! And make sure to...


Episode #12: Midgets, Racist Comments, And Inappropriate Jokes

This week we've taken a stab at offending every single race, minority, ethnicity, religion and sexual orientation on the planet. Hard work, but someone has to do it! If we've somehow not offended you, please let us know and we will make sure to do our best to offend you personally via Twitter or Facebook. We also have some special new sponsors and some stories from suburbia... It's Status Quo Radio! Subscribe, like, share, follow, and discuss around the water-cooler with all your friends...


Episode #11: Midget Ludacris, Best Night Ever, Jokes That Are Clever

Status Quo Radio is live again, at the very last minute. We're late this week because Vin went to New York to party with Ludacris (BEST NIGHT EVER!) and Erik's wrapping up the summer with his kids... But we crossed the finish line at the last minute with an action-packed episode filled with new sponsors, bad jokes, and racist comments. Don't forget to like us and subscribe on iTunes, and join the Status Quo subscribe tribe! https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/status-quo-radio/id1244598237


Episode #10: Relationships.

In this episode, we break format a little bit and talk one main topic: Relationships. Vin and Erik both travel back through time and tell the stories of how they met their partners, Maria and Wendy. You probably won't be surprised to discover that blind dates and online dating are involved. You will however be surprised to find out that both the guys wildly exceeded expectations by marrying beautiful, talented women. How have these relationships lasted so long? What's the secret? And who...


Episode #9: Back Pain, Bad Diarrhea, And A Genital Rash

Welcome back to Status Quo Radio, your weekly dose of worthless information delivered by way too many sponsors to count. This week we talk over the top of our new intro, which plays for way too long and is way too loud. It's hard to listen to, and we're pretty excited about that. We also chat about all sorts of ailments and problems, and share a new segment that has all 7 of our subscribers absolutely raving. It's Status Quo Radio! Like us on Facebook, subscribe on iTunes, and tell all...


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