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A smarter look at sports and politics
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A smarter look at sports and politics






Ep 162: Count The Damn Votes!

Cha's away so Obes the episode by himself. That's how that phrase goes right? Any who, this week Obes discusses the electoral tomfoolery in the southern United States, tells you why Michigan State and Houston are in desperate need of new assistant coaches, and openly wonders what J. Cole was thinking when he made that trash ass beat for Jay Z. All this and more, this week on The Chicken Social.


Ep 161: "You, Yourself, & Ya B!#ch A#$!!!!"

On this week's episode of The Chicken Social: Florida and Georgia are on the verge of making this a generational election, Michigan State does it with defense; what's going on in Columbus? and, how far will the Cavs sink without LeBron?


Ep 160: Two Piece, No Biscuit

This week's guest @Mariannoo joins us to talk two major basketball topics: The G League is providing a "professional path" for elite HS seniors, will this affect the way college basketball is played going forward; and, Obes' Lakers and Cha's Rockets got into a over what may or may not have been some spit from Rajon Rondo in the face of Chris Paul. Obes' gives the play by play. Apparently there was a game this past Saturday in East Lansing, MI? Obes and Cha talk about why it went down the way...


Ep 159: Whatever The Butler's Serving

Jimmy Butler is back, and he ain't goin back and forth with y'all. Elizabeth Warren may have (absolutely did) play herself by putting out a DNA test that says she may or may not be part Native American. Sears went Trump (meaning they filed for bankruptcy). Obes eats crow in the College Football Corner.


Ep 158: Black Samoans Playin' Foosball

Ashley (@Fatt_Stacks on your tweets) comes by to give a black woman's perspective on what Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation means for women. The New York Times (finally) comes for Donald Trump, is it too late? The Tide is rolling, can anyone stop them now that Tua Tagavailoa is destroying worlds at QB?


Ep 157: Ask An Attorney (Ford-Kavanaugh)

Legendary guest and attorney TeflonTeej aka @HumbleTeej is back to give his unique perspective on the last week's Senate hearings involving Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. We then turned our attention to the situation at Clemson where QB Kelly Bryant has transferred after calling his demotion a "slap in the face"; does he have a point? Last, but absolutely not least, Obes and Cha take a moment to acknowledge the recent tsunami devastation in Indonesia. All this and more,...


Ep 156: Beto For Congress (Kavanaugh For Correctional)

Beto O'Rourke takes on Ted Cruz in the first of 3 scheduled events. Who won the first one and what needs to change for Beto going forward? BostonJerry is back to Brett Kavanaugh. Is the judge's Supreme Court seat in trouble? Last but not least...yo is Tiger back? Is Tiger back? He really might be. All that and more, this week on The Chicken Social.


Ep 155: We Almost Pulled a Vontae Davis

Welcome back to the latest episode of the podcast you love to hate, wait my bad that’s another show’s tagline…The Chicken Social. It’s been a long time, we shouldn’ta left you. But we made a dope promo vid for you step to. WE BYKE!  Show Notes Le’Veon likes his money Botham Jean gets killed by police, then smeared by them Vontae Davis, American Hero Racism is ruining the lives of racists, finally


Chicken Poppers 9-14-18 (Hackthought!)

Comedian, documentarian, and longtime friend of the show Mike Fallek joins me to talk about his podcast Hackthought. And, we discuss a few hackthoughts along the way. Be sure to check out Mike's film Spiders Will Eat Your Face on Amazon Prime Video (it is NOT called Tarantula, though it is about tarantulas). In my opening monologue, I talk about the two times I ran into Greg Ward, Jr. during my tenure at the University of Houston and how short black quarterbacks can uplift the college...


Chick of Emergency: LeBron is a Laker!!!!!

You said it couldn't happen. You said it WOULDN'T happen...but it did! LeBron James is a Los Angeles Laker and Obes is here to talk shit to everyone who doubted that this could come to fruition. Also, Cha wonders, who will the Rockets get now that LeBron is off to Lakerland?


Ep 154: The Warriors Ruined Basketball

Welcome to another episode of your middle brother's favorite podcast (probably. I mean who's to say? He's always been fickle and maybe he's only binge-listening to the show this week. It could be something completely different next week, who knows? Anyway.) This week, Obes and Cha investigate the biggest question surrounding the NBA today, did the Warriors ruin basketball? Next, the baddest brothers you never did see wonder, aloud of course, why Eminem is in trouble for using gun sounds at...


Ep 153: The Hopelessness of Inevitability

On this week's episode, Obes and Cha look at how LeBron James deals with what Obes calls, "the hopelessness of inevitability". How do you continue to give your best everyday when you know your best won't be enough to win? Then, Obes and Cha look at the unique circumstances of Kyler Murray. He's a top 10 draft in this year's MLB Draft, he's less than ideal height to play QB in the NFL, and he got drafted to play in Oakland, CA and make millions of dollars, why is he talking...


Ep 152: LeBron, Too Soft for the 90s?

Sup y'all? Welcome back to the most luxurious podcast in the history of the world, The Chicken Social. Our main man HumbleTeej is back once again and he's brought his terrible food takes with him. Listen to him discuss why chocolate ice cream is trash, how he's never mixed cereals, and he came to be a one cereal at a time gentleman. He also took the time to speak with us about how he felt Game 7 between the Houston Rockets and Golden State Warriors was going to go (Lucky for you, you already...


Ep 151: Keep That Same Energy...

Welcome to episode 151, which is fitting because you have to be a little crazy to do this many episodes for free. Anyway, this week's show is your manses Obes and Cha by themselves. The way God intended. First things first, there was yet another school shooting in the United States, this one near Houston. We ask the question: why don't we look at how toxic masculinity is manifesting itself in gun violence? Next, Obes asks Cha why so many politicians espouse pro-marijuana views after getting...


Chicken Poppers 5-18-18 (Kingdom Hearts 3???)

Kingdom Hearts 3 is dropping, and I absolutely cannot pinpoint my emotion. I'm enraged. I'm thrilled. I'm apprehensive. Over one decade and two consoles, we've waited for this. Is it finally here? I also discuss moving out of my parents' house and why the suburbs are trash. This was a super last minute episode. I had no intention of recording Thursday night, but what can I say — the group chat came with some heat. As always, if you enjoy the show, please give us a 5 star rating on Apple...


Ep 150: The Sesquicentennial

Obes and Cha are back again, this time to celebrate their sesquicentennial. That's 150, if you didn't know. This week: The Houston Rockets are in the Western Conference Finals once again, and they're facing the juggernaut that is the Golden State Warriors. Will they win? Can they win? And, if they do, what would a win like this mean for the city of Houston? The future of the City of Houston. As the city continues to bounce back from Hurricane Harvey, how are things looking at present? In...


Ep 149: Thanos: Republican Candidate

Obes and Cha are back; and this time, they're not messing around. This week, United States Senate Candidate Shane Morris (D-TN) joins us to talk about his ongoing campaign. He tells Obes and Cha about the challenges of becoming a candidate, his platform, and what people think when he tells them he's running for statewide office. Obes and Shane then get into a more existential question: what does it mean to "sell out" and is selling out really even all that bad? Next, Obes and Cha take a...


Ep 148: 30 Years of Reaganomics

Welcome back to the latest episode of the podcast you love to hate, wait my bad that's another show's tagline...The Chicken Social. This week, Jerry's back and he's not messin' around. We're taking a deep look at Reaganomics: what is it, what did it do, who did it effect, and how does it persist today? Obes and Jerry also look at a more existential question: why do so many people continue to vote for Reagan era economic principles when we know they don't work? Next, Obes and Cha are pained...


Ep 147: Harden Hate

Welcome to the best episode of the best podcast in the history of the universe, The Chicken Social. This week Obes and Cha go it alone. That's right no guests, just like your childhood home on a school night. It's playoff time in the NBA, which means Cha's first place Houston Rockets were playing. It was a tale a two players though: James Harden played amazing and Chris Paul was outplayed by 2018 Derrick Rose. Are either of these thing sustainable and does CP3's performance give Cha pause...


Chicken Poppers 4-13-18 (Queer As Folk)

Welcome back to the greatest sideshow in the world, Chicken Poppers! This week I sit down with Houston rapper Santino Alcoser, better known by his stage name MC i Ckan Ryme. He walks us through accidentally headlining Frontier Fiesta, the roles of masculinity and femininity as a trans man, and staying motivated as a creative. Something we somehow forgot to discuss during the interview was "Tots for Tino." Before transitioning, Tino looks to freeze some of his eggs to one day start a family...