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Video Game enthusiasts, we blog, podcast, review, and let's play, check out our youtube, and our twitter to follow us for future updates and uploads.

Video Game enthusiasts, we blog, podcast, review, and let's play, check out our youtube, and our twitter to follow us for future updates and uploads.
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Video Game enthusiasts, we blog, podcast, review, and let's play, check out our youtube, and our twitter to follow us for future updates and uploads.




GD Podcast 78 - Spooky(And Non Spooky)Holiday/Timed Events in Gaming

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! With the holidays upon us, we take some time to talk about our thoughts on holiday events in games, as well as just special events/weekends, and look at how developers have handled them over the years. Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Anthony Tyson, Zane Coppedge SHOW NOTES - Pokemon Corner - Starter Final Evolutions Officially Revealed, Battle Tree Announced, & More Sun/Moon Hype - 3:00 Incredibles 2 Release Date Moved up to 2018, Toy Story 4 Back to 2019 - 17:08 John...


GD Podcast 77 - Ol' Nintendo Switcheroo

THE NINTENDO SWITCH (NX) HAS FINALLY BEEN REVEALED! What are your thoughts on this CRAZY console? Casters - Zane Coppedge, Kody Spitzlberger, Anthony Tyson, Jean-Luc Navant SHOW NOTES Donald Glover Cast as Lando In Han Solo Star Wars Movie - 2:08 Pokemon Corner - Demo Thoughts, No More Megas, HM Changes - 3:23 D.VA Announcer Coming to Starcraft 2 & Overwatch Referenced in Agents of Shield? - 13:30 Baby Marvel News Round-Up - 15:40 Red Dead Redemption 2 Announced - 20:34 Razer Acquires THX...


GD Podcast 76 - Gamers Getting Old

As we get older, there are quirks and aspects of gaming that we are tired of. And since we're ancient (23 & 25), we are absolutely experts on the subject. Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Anthony Tyson, Kody Spitzlberger SHOW NOTES - Pokemon Corner - Newest Trailer, Newest Generations Episode, and New Fighter Coming to Pokken - 3:08 Power Rangers Trailer Released at NYCC - 9:02 Dark Tower Trailer Leaker - 11:45 Ghost in the Shell Anime Getting Theatrical Release - 13:38 Mira (Justice...


GD Podcast 75 - Raids Are The Best Part of Destiny

This is it. The final podcast focusing on Destiny...Until Destiny 2 is announced. And then we will gush about it more. Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge SHOW NOTES: Wolverine 3 Officially Titled "Logan" - 3:12 Gears of War Movie In Production - 5:24 Suicide Squad To Get An Extended Edition - 10:19 Netflix's Lemon Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events To Premiere 1/13/17 - 12:31 Netflix's Iron Fist TO Premiere 3/17/17 - 14:37 Thoughts on Luke Cage So Far - 15:32...


GD Podcast 74 - When to Pre-Order, and When to Not.

Pre order talk is popular these days. To do or to not...In this episode, we try to answer the question of when pre ordering is ok, and when it is not. Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Anthony Tyson SHOW NOTES - "Fans" Petitioning for Shia LaBeouf to Be Casted As Jason Todd/Red Hood in the DCU - 3:23 Ghost in the Shell Mini Teaser Trailers - 6:18 Dark Tower TV Series - 13:48 Star Wars Battlefront Death Star "Review" - 18:51 Destiny:Rise of Iron "Review" - 30:51 TOPIC - What...


GD Podcast 73 - Destiny Rise of Salt

The next Destiny Expansion is upon us! Should you be hyped for Rise of Iron? Turn in to find out! Casters – Anthony Tyson, Zane Coppedge, Kody Spitzlberger The Last Guardian Delayed…Again – 2:40 South Park: Fractured But Whole Delayed – 4:33 New KH 2.8 Trailer – Release Date – 5:31 AC Ezio Collection Confirmed – 7:52 Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC Trailer – 11:22 Michael Giacchino (Star Trek) Now Composing Score for Rogue One – 16:12 Mass Effect Andromida Fan Contest – 18:11 Pokemon...


GD Podcast 72 - PS4

The PS4 Pro - previously known as the PS4 Neo - has been announced! What are our thoughts on it? Is it everything we ever dreamed it would be? Or did it fall short of the hype? Casters - Zane Coppedge, Kody Spitzlberger SHOW NOTES - Return to Arkham Renounced, Releasing Oct 18th - 1:56 New Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer - 4:37 Constintine Being Released on Blu-Ray/DVD - 12:57 Super Mario Run Coming to ISO - 14:33 Joe Manganiello Cast as Deathstroke (Batman Solo...


GD Podcast 71 - No Man's Refund

Have you ever tried to return something after using it for a long period of time? Well we talk about people like that today, and things get interesting. Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Jean-Luc Navant, Anthony Tyson SHOW NOTES - YouTube Attempting to "Censorship" Channels - 2:50 Deathstroke Teased for Justice League/Solo Batman - 8:03 9/1/16 Nintendo Direct WrapUp - 10:27 Metal Gear Solid 5 Definitive Edition Announced - 16:01 Gene Wilder Passed Away - 18:01 Battlefield 1 Beta - First...


GD Podcast 70 - Preparing for Legion

YOU ARE NOT PREPARED FOR LEGION! We will help you get prepared. We're good at preparation... Oh lord, why did you do this to us Blizzard... Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge, Andrew Denike SHOW NOTES - Halo 5 Forge Coming to PC - 3:12 Sony Leaks/Announcements - PS4 Slim, New Controller, PS-Plus Price Increase, PS-Now Coming to PC, Controller Adaptor for PC - 5:04 Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders - 10:34 Flash Movie Villains Leaked/Rumored - 12:37 TOPIC - Recap of New Content...


GD Podcast 69 - Shooting Frenzy!!!

This fall, A TON of shooters are being released. Da bois talk about each, and discuss the shooting genre as a whole. Casters - Andrew Denike, Anthony Tyson, Kody Spitzlberger SHOW NOTES - Gamescon 2016 News - Prey Gameplay Trailer - 3:28 New Overwatch Map - 7:54 Machines of War Event for Heroes of the Storm Announced - 11:06 WoW 7.1 - Return to Karazhan - 15:35 Destiny: Rise of Iron - Private Matches Incoming!! - 21:18 Metal Gear Survive Announced - 22:41 Injustice 2 - Harley Quinn and...


GD Podcast 68 - Does Size Matter?...In Gaming.

Size matters guys. Don't tell yourself it doesn't. You're lying to yourself. And the world. Or worlds, in the case of No Man's Sky. Idon'tknowwhatI'msayingsendhelp. Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge, Anthony Tyson CW News - Musical Crossover Announced for Supergirl and Flash - 5:06 Kevin Smith to Return to Direct Episodes - 7:41 Statement on Constantine - 8:33 Brandon Routh Funny Pic - Star Wars News - New Rouge One (Star Wars) Trailer - 15:35 Kenny Baker...


Zane's World: SDCC Wrap Up Thoughts and More DC Rebirth

This week Zane sat down with Zach once more to discuss all of the geek tv and movie news from SDCC in a quick wrap up. The two then dive deep into how Rebirth is going after a month. Listen to get caught up.


GD Podcast 67 - Is the Wii U a Success? Or a Failure?

Nintendo has a special place in all our hearts, but has the WiiU really been the console we deserved? Find out our thoughts on the Wii U now! Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge, Anthony Tyson, Andrew Denike SHOW NOTES - SDCC Wrap Up - CW Trailers (Legends, Flash, and Arrow) - 1:31 Dr. Strange Trailer - 13:19 Blizzard News - Blizzcon Virtual Tickets Now Available (Can Buy Blizzcon Box) - 20:42 Demon Hunters Coming to WoW 8/9 - 22:31 Hearthstone - One Night in Karazhan - 23:25 Marvel...


GD Podcast 66 - San Diego Comic Con Shenanigans

The boys recap (most of) the news coming out of San Diego Comic Con, including Marvel's TV ventures, and DC's upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League movies. Casters - Andrew Denike, Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge This podcast was recorded prior to the end of the convention - we are missing out on news from two large panels - Marvel Movies and Pokemon Go; they will be discussed in a later episode. Link to a recap of the convention -...


GD Podcast Episode 65: Anthony Likes Star Wars...And Sand

Star Wars Celebration is upon us! The boys (Anthony) bring you all the glorious news coming out of the event. Casters - Anthony Tyson, Kody Spitzlberger, Jean-Luc Navant SHOW NOTES - New Overwatch Hero - Ana - Announced and Big Hero Changes - 2:26 Darkrai Announced for Pokken Tournament - 8:20 Mini NES Announced, Releasing in November - 12:58 Jean-Luc Gushes About Nightwing Rebirth #1 - 16:39 Mark Hamill - Killing Joke Not His Last Appearance as the Joker - 19:27 TOPIC - News and...


GD Podcast Episode 64 - Pokemon Go!!!...To The Bathroom

Pokemon Go is a thing that people like, and we talk about things that people like, so were gonna talk about Pokemon Go because people/we like it….Ok. Casters – Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge Constantine Now Streaming on CW Seed – 1:47 John Barrowman Now Regularly Appearing on All CW – 2:24 Nuka World is Fallout 4’s Last DLC - 3:47 Evolve Now Free To Play on PC – 7:39 Iron Man Comic Shenanigans – 8:27 WoW Legion Pre Patch Incoming VERY SOON – 17:34 BvS Extended Edition...


GD Podcast 63 - OOOOOOOH! Zelda Retrospective!

The gang tackles whats been going in their lives and talk about their favorite aspects of one of the most beloved franchises of all time - Legend of Zelda. Casters - Anthony Tyson, Zane Coppedge, Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger SHOW NOTES Catch up - What have we been doing? - 2:45 News - Return to Arkham Delayed Indefinitely - 33:51 Bioshock Collection Confirmed - 34:51 Attack on Titan Season 2 Releasing Spring 2017 - 36:53 Star Wars VIII Almost Done Film - 40:32 Daredevil Season 1...


GD Podcast 62: Real Lives and E3 2016 Wrap Up

We FINALLY talk about Nintendo's E3 conference, and give our final thoughts for E3 2016. Casters - Jean-Luc Navant, Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge Justice League News - 6:20 Pre E3 Announcements - Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Trailer - 11:47 Destiny: Rise of Iron - 18:16 Injustice 2 - 24:27 Nintendo E3 Conference Thoughts - 37:44 Zelda - Breath of Wild - 52:58 E3 2016 Final Thoughts - 75:47 Link directly to E3 onslaught casts - Looking for more content?...


Zane's World: DCU Rebirth!

This week, Zane sat down with his good friend, Zach Lund to discuss the new slew of DC comics under their Rebirth header. They initially go through the main Rebirth relaunch title then address several of the individual Rebirth titles including Batman, Superman, Action Comics, and The Flash, just to name a few. Please enjoy and share around. Join the Discussion below


Geek Domination E3 2016 Onslaught - Part 5 - Sony

E3 IS HERE!! We will be doing a number of minicast's throughout the week to talk about each conference. Sony came to play. Hard. And boy, they kicked some MAJOR ass. God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and a Crash Bandicoot reboot? Yesssssss. Casters - Kody Spitzlberger, Zane Coppedge Looking for more content? Check out the links below!