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Episode 69 – 69ing with Daine and Josh

Episode 69. The weather ruined some of the fun, keeping people away. But...that means more beer for us! Daine from Fridge Guys is here. He brought some awesome beers. Josh from BBB Printing is here. He brought some awesome shirts. And together, we did 69.


Fridge Guys Episode 9

On episode 9 Daine is joined by the brothers Eric and Travis co-owners of @MoransLiquor. We got to learn the history and evolution of one of the most iconic craft beer establishments in Lincoln. Many beers were drank during and after the episode was over. Have a listen and check out the new Facebook page for Fridge Guys! Cheers!


Episode 68 – Iowa Beers from Dave, pt 1

This is episode 68. It's nice enough. Nate Clouse is here. Turns out, he's a beer nerd! Who knew?! In this episode, we ended up talking a lot about beer. And beerfests. And babies and bettas and butterknuckles. We threw in some Sopranos, some video games, some parenting stuff. And we drank beers from Madhouse, Singlespeed, and Fair State (which is not an Iowa beer).


Fridge Guys Episode 8

This is a special one, folks. Daine from Fridge Guys and Mark from Three Beers Later are on location at White Elm Brewing for the release of this year's Champurrado! If that wasn't enough, a bunch of friends stop by the table to give their thoughts on the beer and to hang out with some fridge guys, plus a special appearance from Kolby and Sarah Wood, owners of White Elm, to round it out.


Episode 67 – Mike’s Iowa beers

This is episode 67. Mike Sciandra is here. And he brought beers from Iowa to kick off our month of Iowa beers. Who knew Iowa could provide beers for an entire month? Not this guy... In this episode, we take an analytical dive into our beer ratings. Then we take some sort of dive into Fyre Festival. Wiping asses. Smelling underwear. And a deep philosophical debate into the merits of "Just Do It." All while drinking beers from SingleSpeed, Confluence, NoCoast and Firetrucker.


Episode 66 – Lanny brings beers and a friend

Episode 66. For real this time. A couple of guests from Omaha showed up. Everyone say hi to Lanny Holstein and his friend. This episode starts hot. Sex positions within the first ten minutes. Have you ever tried b-d? What about d-b? Also....metric vs standard, boobs, hitting coaches, football vs baseball, and beers from from Clown Shoes, Knee Deep, Sierra Nevada and Empyrean.


Fridge Guys Episode 7

In Episode 7, Daine is joined by Kolby Wood the Owner and Head Brewmaster of @whiteelmbrewing. Kolby brings 2 crowlers of amazing stouts and they talk about his life in craft beer. Grab yourself a White Elm brew and enjoy the podcast!


Episode 65 – Coors Banquet and Vis Major

Episode 65 with Mike Schaefer. He's drinking this time. Well....kind of. He's drinking Coors Banquet. In this episode, Connor and Mike get geeky about baseball. Not until after Connor freaks out about Creighton blowing the game against Marquette. Mike tells us about his experiences with topless girls in Cancun and the drugs he didn't take in New Mexico. There's also an idea to expand the 3BL Media Empire with something called "The Chain Gang." All while drinking Coors Banquet and enjoying...


Episode 64 – Sponsored by Renegade Brewing (also with other beers)

Episode 64. The one sponsored by Renegade Brewing. Can you get Renegade in Nebraska? Not anymore! Is it really damned delicious? You bet it is! Our Executive Producer Shane (@Weeman402) came by. And then @MikeSciandra came by. And then @nilly21 came by. It was a party. Everyone wants some of Renegade's delicious beers! We talked about Joan Callamezzo. We talked about Kanye. We talked about small towns. And we drank an incredible Barrel Aged Coffee and Maple Pancakes Porter from Renegade, and...


Episode 63 – “7 Every 7” meets “Recovery 9s”

What do you do when two conflicting rules collide? You buy a big beer, you buy a little beer, and you throw everything else out the window. In this episode, we go to barbecue school with @DelltheDude. We learn what a "Bacon Explosion" is (eventually). More debates about KC BBQ, but it's all trumped by the grub at Chester's Grocery near Ft. Benning. Then...we follow little Jimmy to Sex Island. Little Jimmy will never be the same. We do all that while drinking Zipline Brewing's The Stout and...


Fridge Guys Episode 6

Episode 6 is Live! Daine is joined by @Doug_Palmer , @Fresh402 , and @BuryMeARoyal for a Blind Stout tasting. The group drank 6 different Imperial Porters and Stouts. Tasting notes and reviews were discussed as well as current local craft beer news. Cheers!


Episode 62 – Revenge of Chris Basnett

Episode 62 is coming on your speakers. Chris Basnett is here, and he has some qualms about last week's episode. In this episode, Chris talks about his dog's pancreatitis. And the time he almost died. And flight simulators. And the seven wonders of the world. All while drinking dark beers from Avery Brewing, Cosmic Eye and Empyrean.


Episode 61 – Renegade Brewing, part 2

Dear every brewery, Do you want to be cool? Then be like Renegade Brewing. Give us some beers to drink and talk about. Sincerely, 3BL In episode 61, we bring in Josh Peterson from the Omaha radio scene. As you might expect from a radio guy, he has some things to say. We talk about green text people vs blue text people. We talk about Connor's disturbing use of LMAO in tweets. We take a LONG time to talk s*** on other media members (specifcally Chris Basnett). Brett Kane called in while...


Episode 60 – Renegade Brewing, part 1

Episode 60 with Jack Mitchell and half of the beers provided to us by Denver's Renegade Brewing. Look at the picture. They're very pretty. In this episode, we yell about pizza (again). We break the red-clad rules. Jack raps with Run DMC, which fulfills today's part of the "26 Days of Jack". We all agree that the "pay-it-forward" chains at Starbucks are stupid. But Axe Body Spray? Not stupid. All while drinking some alcohol-laden gifts from Renegade Brewing.


Fridge Guys Episode 5

On Episode 5 of The Fridge Guys, Daine is joined by Matt the owner of The Happy Raven. They drank 4 different beers and talked about the craft beer scene in Lincoln and how The Happy Raven got started. A perfect podcast to listen to during your long Thanksgiving weekend! Cheers!


Episode 59 – Saro Cider sampler

It finally happened. Connor's gone. Connor's replacement backed out. So...Jake Sorensen makes his debut appearance on this podcast. We swore it wouldn't happen, but here we are. Also...Lanny Holstein! In this episode, Lanny tries to school us about the English language. And logical fallacies. Turns out, he works closely with a 'flat-earther.' We talk about wine, concerts, mouth herpes, and masculine toilets. Then Jake gets pretty heated about bear droppings and moose. All while enjoying four...


Episode 58 – Cosmic Eye, Boiler and Dogfish Head

Episode 58. We welcome back our good friend, Doug. Why is he our good friend? Partially because of his winning personality. And partially because he brought a couple of crowlers to share. In this episode, Connor and Doug explain Red Dead Redemption to Mark. Then a guy called to ask Connor about his Bridgestone tires. Spoiler alert....Connor is very satisfied with how the tires look. We discussed local taproom experiences. We talked about something called mukbang and other weird Youtube...


Episode 57 – Experimental IPA and Snow Beast

Episode 57. We welcome back a couple of old friends in Brett Kane and Kinkaider's Snow Beast. And we welcome in a brand new friend...Upslope's Experimental IPA. In this episode, we discuss the state of comedy in a post-comedy worlld. That leads to talk about defiling a bag of popcorn. The timeline there is a little rusty. Rating female celebrities based on looks. Rating male celebrities based on looks. games, Mr Feeny, and "Who would you kill?"


Episode 56 – 7Every7 x OchoCrowlers

It's episode 56. 56 is Robin Washut's favorite number. And that is why we waited this long to have Robin Washut on. And what a night to make a debut appearance. All of the rules get tested tonight! In this episode of Three Bears Later, we talk about underwear. We talk about poopy diapers. We talk about doctor's visits and how often a person really needs to go. Connor and Robin discuss concerts while Mark watches baseball. And we drink some delicious beers from Farnam House, White Elm and...


Episode 55 – Sampleven with Simba

According to the rules, we're supposed to drink a variety of beers every 11th episode. But, we do that every time now. So...I guess this is just like every other episode and there's nothing particularly special about it. Why are you even here? In this episode, we chat with our old day-job friend, Mike Welch. He's a big Hollywood star now, and he owes 100% of his success to the power of Google! Simba's back for a third appearance, we discuss his beard, haunted houses, Disney World and Florida...