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MTG for You and Me Troll And Fairy is the podcast you never knew you wanted about everyone's favorite pastime Magic: The Gathering! They talk about Limited, Constructed, and everything in between! Check it out for a full blast of card gaming salt.

MTG for You and Me Troll And Fairy is the podcast you never knew you wanted about everyone's favorite pastime Magic: The Gathering! They talk about Limited, Constructed, and everything in between! Check it out for a full blast of card gaming salt.
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Redwood City, CA


MTG for You and Me Troll And Fairy is the podcast you never knew you wanted about everyone's favorite pastime Magic: The Gathering! They talk about Limited, Constructed, and everything in between! Check it out for a full blast of card gaming salt.






Troll and Fairy Episode 15 - Dominariated!

Back at the sealed game again, this time with Dominaria! Hear the boys review their pools and the archetypes that are dominating Dominaria limited. HEAR THE LAMENTABLE TALE! All here on Troll & Fairy!


Troll & Fairy Episode 14 - Dominaria Spoiler, Pt 2!

Remember the Tempest block of MTG? These two do! And boy, won't they just shut up about it. Check out the nostalgia and the newstalgia over the second set of spoiled cards reviewed on Troll & Fairy!!


Troll & Fairy Episode 13 - Dominaria Spoilers, Pt 1

The boys review the new mechanics and first leaked cards of Dominaria!!!


Episode 12 - How Good Are We? ...We're About Standard.

And lo, this episode reminds us: even gods may fall. Your heroes get vulnerable after some patently difficult Due to less-than-favorable recording conditions, the first half of the episode is not the best sound quality. You can just to 21:06 if you want to hear our post-Friday Night Magic tournament post-mortem. Want to see the decks we're playing? Cole's Deck, Standard Sultai Energy (you can read the Channel Fireball primer on the deck here) DLo's Deck, Modern Abzan Midrange (this is...


The Boys Open Their Packs!

We here at Troll & Fairy relish the opportunity to deliver every experience of the human drama, including but not limited to the emotionally charged act of OPENING THIS WEEK'S BOOSTER PACKS for their sealed league! DLo cries as Cole just sighs and the MTG hijinks continue in this episode of Troll & Fairy! The boys are also competing in a three-person team tourney in January, they need opinions on Standard, Modern, and Legacy decks to play! Drop us a line @TrollAndFairy with your votes


Troll and Fairy Episode 11 - Sealed in Sorrow!

In this episode of Troll and Fairy, DLo and Cole go in-depth with their current Ixalan sealed tournament card pools while also ranting about card selection and deck construction (they're great at complaining!) Also, the lads recap their most recent standard FNM on Ixalan release night at CFB. How did they do? Listen to find out! (Hint: it's mediocre.)


Live from Channel Fireball! Ixalan Prerelease Tournament

This episode is a little late because Cole and DLo had to spend a week sleeping after being up til 4:00 am playing Magic. But they did it for a good reason--to record live from the Ixalan prerelease tournament at Channel Fireball! Without giving anything away, let's just say one of our heroes wishes he were dead and never had to play another game of Magic again while the other left the experience relatively unscathed. Which was which? You have to listen to find out!'s Cole. Cole...


Ixalan Spoilers Pt 3!

This week's Troll & Fairy separates the nerds from the losers as DLo tries to convince Cole that flip lands are worth getting excited over. The boys take on the most recently spoiled Ixalan cards, and also discuss the state of play for standard after the recent standard Championship in Japan. Watch Cole try to explain how his standard deck is supposed to work and listen as DLo attempts some Japanese names (neither of them succeed)! EPILOGUE: We love making this podcast and would love it...


Ixalan Spoilers Pt 2

Enrage: the mechanic to watch out for or a tired carry-over from Hearthstone? Vampires: what even is going on with these bloodsuckers? Join the boys as they take a crack at predicting the value of the released Ixalan cards! Cole continues his unbroken streak of being absolutely wrong about everything and DLo manages to keep his mic recording for the entire episode! Theme music by DDRKirby, check out more 9-bit tunes at


Troll and Fairy Episode 6 - Ixalan Spoilers!

Are you excited? WE CERTAINLY ARE. Get woke or get trolled on Troll and Fairy! Hot Jace, frigid Vraska, and an endless stream of bullshit dinosaur cards! Ixalan is shaping up to be a really exciting block! Cole hopes for more shirtless planeswalkers, while DLo (ever the contrarian) disagrees for some stupid reason. The boys finally figured out how to use their microphones! But DLo couldn't manage to keep his shit together long enough after that victory to record his whole side of the...


Troll and Fairy Episode 5 - MTG Book Club! "Origins"

FIRST of all, thank you to DDRKirby for our new theme music, "Digital Quintessence"! Check out the track here, and check out more of DDRKirby's awesome 9-bit music and some of his games here. In this, the first episode of Magic: The Gathering Book Club, Cole and DLo astound with their reading comprehension! In tackling the multivariate narrative cluster of "Origins", we take a look at the way in which the main five Gatewatch (sorry, Ajani) got their start as Planeswalkers. Main...


Troll and Fairy Episode 4 - Ramunap Ramble!

Inferno Jet cements its place as the Most Hated Card in Sealed, the boys gear up for Friday Night Magic, and there are just NO cards in this set that are pronounced easily. Also, Troll and Fairy are proud to announce MTG BOOK CLUB! We will have special episodes reviewing and discussing the ebooks put out by Wizards of the Coast that chronicle the adventures of their beloved planeswalkers (and other MTG characters!) The first piece of lore we'll be reviewing is for Magic Origins, a set...


Troll & Fairy Episode 3: Sealed Pools and Strategies

MTG makes promises it can't keep, DLo builds a mill deck for sealed (?!), and Gideon ruins the party again! Also the podcast makes a pretty serious hardware upgrade with a professional microphone! Hopefully it sounds better. If you like the difference, re-post the episode! If you think it's trash, re-post the episode! MTG Primer on Sealed Tourneys Ixalan Mythic Spoiler


Troll & Fairy Episode 2: Hour of Devastation Prerelease Tournament!

Cole and DLo spend this episode name-dropping in all the wrong ways! Hear our stories of success and failure (respectively) from our local store's Hour of Devastation prerelease! We're getting a better mic, we swear to you. Also, as promised, here is my dog, Margaret Atwood:


Episode 1 - Hour of Devastation Set Review!

Can someone explain to us why Samut, when suddenly granted the ability to travel the planes of the multiverse, had to get nerfed so fucking hard? Or why that Criosphynx monstrosity is supposed to be so damn good? Okay, maybe we were wrong about the Criosphynx. It's Troll and Fairy! Listen to a spicy cis het and a salty cis homo talk about their take on the newest Magic: The Gathering set Hour of Devastation.