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Episode 75: Too Distracted: That Podcast Sucked!

Happy Hanukkah, why episode number 74 sucked, breakups can be a good thing, and the"Baby It's Cold Outside" backlash. Plus, Creed II and the most metal band breakup ever. Visit the Weapon of Self-Distraction website for more ephemera and other distractions. Holiday music Hanukkah Christmas heavy metal radio Creed II movies


Episode 74: New Old Music & Goodbye Sedans

A deep and rambling dive about the new Cheap Trick album of rarities and b-sides, The Epic Archive: 1980-1983. First Ford, now General Motors: GM's layoffs and their essentially ceding the sedan market to European and Asian automakers. And two Netflix series, The Kominsky Method and I'm Sorry For more about Cheap Trick visit www.cheaptrick.com Jalopnik and Vox have some great insight and details about General Motors' big layoffs and vehicle changes. More distractions and other ephemera is...


Episode 73: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly..."

Thanksgiving is around the corner, family and traditions beckon, as does the legendary, now 40-years old (!) WKRP In Cincinnati episode about the holiday. Also 40 years ago: Alice Cooper's From The Inside album came out. And seeing one of the funniest - and bravest - comedians, Gary Gulman. Plus, a new book on the history of Hot Wheels toy cars. Visit www.weaponofselfdistraction.com for more distractions. Here's some more Thanksgiving fun from that WKRP In Cincinnati episode For more...


Episode 72: Re-training My Brain and the Greatest Queen Song You've Probably Never Heard

The mighty Stan Lee, co-creator of Marvel Comics' greatest heroes and stories, dies at the age of 95. Plus, re-training my brain, i.e., being thankful, daily. And the greatest Queen song you've probably never heard. A great new book on Queen, QUEEN: ALBUM BY ALBUM comes out 11/27. For more info click here.


Episode 71: Distracted and Distractions

'Tis the season for the relentless barrage of campaign advertising and the dollar amounts are outrageous. The new book It's Saturday Morning is chock full of your favorite Saturday morning cartoons. And its called Making A Murderer, not Making OF A Murderer. Get outraged by the insane amount of dollars spent on political campaigns at OpenSecrets.org Find out more on the new book It's Saturday Morning: Celebrating the Golden Era of Cartoons 1960s - 1990s, including links to buy it,...


Episode 70: More Movies, Music and...Emotional Support Animals?

Episode 70? Indeed! The new book The Art of Being Bill: The Many Faces of Awesome is the largest collection of Bill Murray fan art; "Is This Power Pop?" (the answer is, of course, YES!), Charles Barkley doesn't wear underwear, Billy Idol gets sued, the Fall Movie Preview One Movie At a Time and a movie review. And "You Can't Make This Up" -a squirrel is not considered an emotional support animal. For more info about the new book The Art of Being Bill, click...


Episode 69: New York Comic Con, Another Fall Movie and More

Ostensibly live from New York, for New York Comic Con. The Fall Movie Preview, One Movie At A Time: A Star Is Born. Louis CK continues his "comeback" and "You Can't Make This Up": A drug-dealing drive-thru window. #podcast #NYCC #movies #NYC


Episode 68: A Favorite Sitcom Turns 40 Years Old

Getting back to a regular podcast schedule? A favorite TV sitcom, the funny and often-brilliant WKRP In Cincinnati is forty years-old this week. Small Victories: The True Story of Faith No More is the definitive biography of the band. And a truck carrying Axe body spray explodes and internet hilarity happens.


Episode 67: Finally Back At It

After a month away, the podcast returns. A new book on Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin: All the Albums, All the Songs - Expanded Edition looks at every song on every Led Zeppelin album. The Fall Movie Preview begins, one movie at a time; this week: Creed II. R.I.P. Burt Reynolds and goodbye to the short-lived new Oscar category, "Most Popular." New music from old guys: Steve Perry and Paul McCartney. And September is Happy Cat Month!


Episode 66: Weird Jobs, Clowns, Songwriting and More with Two Special Guests

This week there's two special guests calling in from Nashville: friend-of-the-podcast Brad and the amazing singer-songwriter India Ramey! We discuss the oddest jobs we've had (including being an actual clown), bad tattoos, songwriting and the power of words, and much more. India Ramey is an amazing singer-songwriter who Rolling Stone named as one of the "10 New Country Artists You Need to Hear." Visit www.IndiaRamey.com for music, tour dates and more.


Episode 65: Dead Malls, A Lot of First Dates and More

Did you know dead malls are a thing? Exploring the decline of shopping malls and the growing fascination with videos and photos of dead and dying malls. Plus, estimating the growing number of individual first dates, and some environmental news! www.weaponofselfdistraction.com


Episode 64: Anything and Everything

The tragic death of a close friend. Box office numbers and more about straws.


Episode 63: A Club I Want to Join/Membership Has It's Privileges

Back after a few weeks as its summer! Boycotting straws: did you know Americans use 500 million straws every day?!? Plus, those little roly-poly pill bugs do more than you think (and they're not really bugs)! Incredibles 2 is awesome...break-ups are easy/easier...and a club I really want to join.


Episode 62: "Was There A Connection?" and a Top 10+ List with Special Guest Brad

Exploring if there was a "connection" when Steve met his biological father. Plus friend of the podcast Brad makes a guest appearance with the Top 10+ Sayings/Phrases Nothing Good Ever Comes From!


Episode 61: The Latest Chapter in the Adoption/Ancestry.com Saga

What its like to meet your biological father for the first time. A new Cheap Trick single, "The Summer Looks Good On You" and a movie about SCTV - directed by Martin Scorsese!


Episode 60: Online Dating Photo Fails with a Special Guest

A special, hopefully regular guest: Steve's pal Brad, direct from Nashville, TN! Riffing on why Nashville is more than just a country music town and online dating profile photo fails. Plus, wondering what it would be like if Paul Stanley from KISS worked in your office. #podcasts #nashville #music #kiss #paulstanley #genesimmons www.weaponofselfdistraction.com


Episode 59: Special Guest Greg Prato, author of "THE YACHT ROCK BOOK"

This week the podcast welcomes a special guest, author/journalist Greg Prato discussing his new book, The Yacht Rock Book: The Oral History of the Soft, Smooth Sounds of the 70s and 80s. For more about the book, click here. Find out about Greg's books, including his newest book on Pearl Jam at Twitter, @gregpratowriter Podcasts and more, here: www.weaponofselfdistraction.com


Episode 58: The Second Annual RECORD STORE DAY Preview!

Its the second annual Record Store Day preview episode, recorded at The Electric Fetus in Minneapolis, MN. We talk about the genesis of National Record Store Day - now in it's 11th year - record retail, and preview several of the exclusive new releases that will be available on National Record Store Day, which is Saturday, April 21! www.weaponofselfdistraction.com www.electricfetus.com www.recordstoreday.com


Episode 57: A New Chapter in the Adoption Story

The Adoption/Ancestry.com story continues as a Google search leads to an obituary and Facebook friend requests. The passing of a stand-up comedy icon and the new HBO documentary about Andre the Giant. www.weaponofselfdistraction.com


Episode 56: Making Sunday Nights Not Suck

The retirement of a radio icon, an Ancestry.com/adoption story update, why Sunday nights suck, and all about the incredibly insightful documentary, The Zen Diairies of Garry Shandling. Plus, a book giveaway! #podcast weaponofselfdistraction.com