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Are Customer Expectations Too High?

I had such a great time sitting down and chatting with a good friend of mine, Adrian Eustaquio. Adrian is the host and producer of "Inside the Desert Oasis Room" a podcast recorded from his home tiki space of the same name. He is a long time Tiki enthusiast, an active member in the Tiki community and avid supporter of the current Tiki revival. In this episode, we talked a lot about customer service and the expectations that customers have when it comes to service and restaurants. We also...


Adapting Your Concept to Market Demands for Sustainability

It was such an honor to chat with this week's dynamic duo! Tracey & David are the owners of a new sushi & poke spot in New Orleans called "Aloha Lei" - located at 801 Magazine St. In this episode, we talked about the importance of adapting your concept to what the market demands, what it was like opening their first restaurant, how going into a multi-restaurant marketplace was an amazing first step for them & so much more! We even got a little personal and discussed their secret to making...


The ONE Trait Necessary To Succeed in the Industry

I had the opportunity to sit down with one of LA's top chef's who is in the process of opening 6 restaurants in 2018. In this episode; Chef Phillip Frankland Lee discusses the ONE trait that you need to succeed in this industry, how he was able to open up his first restaurant at such a young age, how he survived the first year of his restaurant without getting paid AND the importance of partnerships. How To Connect With Chef Phillip: Instagram: Chef Phillip's Instagram Scratch|Bar BOH...


The Epidemic That's Crushing Your Leaders and Team

I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down and talking with Rachel Sheerin. Rachel is a trainer, speaker, and sales coach who dedicates her life to helping hospitality professionals increase profits and happiness at the same time. In this episode; we talked about the epidemic that's crushing your leaders and your team, how to spot it and prevent it from affecting your team (& yourself). You can learn more about her at and say hello at Connect...


Create Stories That Fuel Your Brand & Culture

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mike Ganino who is the author of Company Culture for Dummies and an expert in company culture. Mike speaks around the world and helps companies create a culture that serves the business and the bottom line. Mike works with companies to help them from controlling the narrative and bring in stories that help them fuel their brand. In this episode; we talk about his new book "Company Culture for Dummies", the biggest mistake companies are making when...


Why Your Trainers Fail

I've been receiving a lot of emails from trainers that aren't seeing the results that they desire. In this episode, I talk about why most trainers are failing and the reasoning behind it. Connect with me on Social Media: Facebook: @hospitalityleadership Twitter: @andrew1110 Instagram: @andrewcarlson Connect with us in the group


What You Need To Be Doing With Your Social Media

In this episode, I sat down with Bruce Irving, the Founder & CEO of Smart Pizza Marketing. SPM is a full-service digital media company that helps pizzeria's market their businesses online. He is also the host of the Smart Pizza Marketing podcast where he gives you weekly insights into what's working with social media, he interviews successful business owners & focuses on getting you results. In this episode, Bruce shared the most important platforms that you should be focusing on, email...


How to Succeed as a Hands Off Owner

In this episode of Beyond the Restaurant, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking to Rudy Miick. Rudy Miick is an executive coach & facilitator; he's a restaurateur, writer, speaker, athlete & dad. He is a co-founder & curriculum creator for UCLA Extension's Hospitality.Management Program and was an adjunct professor there for 13 years. Rudy has led over 1700 successful restaurant projects including 350 restaurant start-ups, performance improvement, chain development &...


Why You're Hiring the Wrong People

In this episode, I discussed the 5 biggest reasons why you're hiring the wrong people and what we can do to improve the hiring process. It cost roughly $2500-$2800 to replace a minimum wage employee with an effective training program. If you're ready to stop hiring the wrong people and hiring the rockstar employees you dream of, this is an episode to pay attention to. If you want to join the conversation and dive deeper, join us in our private FB...


What It Truly Takes To Be A Leader In The Industry

Chef Chris Hill hasn’t always been in the kitchen though. He is a former marketing consultant who worked with top Fortune 500 Brands before he walked away to pursue his dreams to become a Chef. He is also the author of Making the Cut & Crush Your Career and speaker who has spoken around the country including the TEDx stage twice. As if that wasn’t enough, he is the host of the podcast “Making the Cut” along with our guest from episode 3 - Shawn Wenner. His message is focused on...


The Biggest Mistakes Restaurants Make With Their Training

In this episode, we covered the biggest mistakes that restaurants make with their training program. If you want to join the conversation and dive deeper, join us in our private FB group! Pick up a copy of my book, "Customer Service is the Bottom Line". My book talks about this subject in more detail as well and will help you create better training for your staff.


The Importance of Developing Your People

Jonathan Plowright is the Founder & CEO of the Hospitality Training platform Typsy. In this episode; we discussed what the Typsy platform is, why it will help you retain employees, boost morale, increase your sales and add to your bottom line. Jonathan dives into how Typsy got started and how your employees can learn from the world's best instructors so you can focus on other aspects of your business but still develop your employees on a deeper level. If you're looking to take your...


Creating a Brand That Gets You Noticed

Shawn Wenner is the creator & founder of Entrepreneurial Chef - the leading magazine for aspiring food entrepreneurs. In this episode, we talked about the importance of building your personal brand, the advantages of creating that brand, how to fund your restaurant, why having a business plan is critical to your restaurant success, and so much more! Resources from the episode: Small Business Association - Live Plan (purchase required) -...


Your Restaurant Sucks!

Donald Burns is THE Restaurant Coach and is the author of "Your Restaurant Sucks! Embrace the Suck. Unleash Your Restaurant. Become Outstanding." On this episode, he talks about how to achieve maximum results in 2018 in your restaurant and how you too, can become outstanding. Where can we find Donald? If you're ready to work with Donald, head over...


Collaborate Instead of Compete

Welcome to the first episode of the Beyond the Restaurant podcast! Andrew Carlson talks about the 2 things that restaurants need to do in 2018 to really create a thriving restaurant business. To join the conversation, join our Facebook group at: